Vissarion in Detention

On September 22, 2020, a terrible event took place – Vissarion was detained and taken into investigative custody by Russia’s special security forces.

From that moment to this day, attempts to find evidence in order to indict and hold a trial have continued, but without success.

The reason for the Teacher’s detention stemmed from absurd accusations ranging from causing “sleep disturbance” to two people to having huge amounts of money being hidden in some unknown place…
For almost a year now, of course, no verifying evidence of the accusations has been found, which in itself speaks of their inconsistency.

Disciples, followers and supporters, as well as just well-wishers from around the world are anxiously awaiting the expiration of the maximum time of legal detention, hoping and believing that justice will prevail and the Teacher will return to his honoured place!

Here we publish some of the most important letters of the Teacher from His detention period.