The Last Hope - book of the Vissarion's Last Testament

Appeal to Modern Mankind

“The Last Hope. About The Father and The Son.”

These things I have spoken to you in proverbs.
The hour cometh when I will no longer speak to you
In proverbs, but will shew you plainly of The Father.
(John. 16:25)

  • Chapter 1

    THE LAST HOPE Appeal to Modern Mankind “The Last Hope. About The Father and The Son.” “These things I have spoken to you in proverbs. The hour cometh  when I will no longer speak to you in proverbs, but will shew you plainly of the Father.” (John. 16:25) Chapter 1 Mankind! Children of the One […]

  • Chapter 2

    Without going into too many details in this appeal, for this should be the next step, I will briefly touch upon a number of fundamental root peculiarities, giving you the right direction. 2. All the rest will be determined mainly by your choice, which, according to the Law, is forever free. 3. The life activity […]

  • Chapter 3

    So, one day, an epochal Event took place in the Universe – you began to be abundantly incarnated in little lovely infants, who were being born according to their native material laws. 2. The material body, which you obtained, was similar to an empty vessel, designed to be a bearer and guardian of the versatile […]

  • Chapter 4

    In the initial period of your abundant incarnation on Earth, the existing here and beginning its formation successive civilization of the versatile mind of the material World, suddenly experienced an unseen in the Universe transformation. 2. It was from this moment that the countdown of the formation namely of Man began. 3. At the moment […]

  • Chapter 5

    The natural sensual attachments, which you made yourselves absolutely dependent on since ancient times, began to continuously influence the activity of the evolving mind, forcing it to work only in the direction required by the burgeoning egoism. 2. The young mind is constantly being formed, and the direction of formation remains always one and the […]

  • Chapter 6

    But prior to this significant milestone, throughout the course of your existence, you had to show yourselves in bright diverse colours from a peculiar side of your life-activity, 2. The manifestation of which radically differs in quality from the similar manifestations of all representatives of the versatile mind of the Universe. 3. This peculiar side […]

  • Chapter 7

    On the way of increasing the capability to sense and perceive ever more subtle things – for such development only proceeds in this one direction – every stage that has been reached shows just the expanded capacity to perceive what has been passed hitherto. 2. This is a measure, which determines the range from the […]

  • Chapter 8

    So, the first incarnations took place, and the young human civilization unknowingly entered into the mystery of self-determination. 2. The Great Father saw that the young mankind – out of ignorance of the essence of what was being created – confidently planted the grain of the global egoism, which personifies the essence of the inevitable […]

  • Chapter 9

    And now, opening the next Page, time has come to reveal a great secret, reflecting an effort of the Heavenly Father for Salvation of his errant children. 2. In this appeal I will not touch upon your Father’s numerous efforts, created invisibly for you and always to your benefit, but for the moment I will […]

  • Chapter 10

    The qualitative foundation of my soul is somewhat different from yours and not so close to the subtle manifestations of the laws of matter. 2. For I am not supposed, like you are, to abide in constant connection with the material laws, and my appearance amongst you is possible only in circumstances that are exceptional […]

  • Chapter 11

    The level of development of the mind of the extraterrestrial worlds, having impact on you, exceeds your level by a myriad of orders of magnitude. 2. Therefore in the process of one or another attempt to affect your consciousness, you till the present day very easily succumb to the influence of temptations, which the ancient […]

  • Chapter 12

    Knowing that His children from the people of Judea abide in the state of false chosenness, the Heavenly Father pre-determined for my first appearance in your life to begin exactly with this nation, 2. In order to impose a definite auxiliary stamp on the whole forthcoming fate of the life of the Jews. 3. Taking […]

  • Chapter 13

    The extraterrestrial world, patronizing the people of Judea, assessed very quickly that some laws, established by me, are able to destroy the program – introduced by them and flourishing already for a few centuries through the efforts of that ignorant people. 2. Thereafter began multiple attempts to influence the course of unfolding events through the […]

  • Chapter 14

    The Great Father knew about this withering of the ineligible tree, out of which you, like the numerous leaves, occasionally fall and make a lot of noise, when the self-willed winds arise. 2. He was aware that if – by the time of the complete drying up – a new tree, and this time the […]

  • Chapter 15

    Something similar now should already necessarily happen also in the transformation of your perception of the ongoing reality. 2. Just not through the process of awakening, but through your titanic work within a short period of time to replace one prism, refracting the whole reality for you, by another one, which is true and eternal. […]

  • Chapter 16

    In this appeal I have briefly shown the difference between the laws of matter and the laws of the Great God, which you have never known, confusing and mixing disorderly what is heterogenous and incompatible throughout your history to this day. 2. Using your complete inability to distinguish correctly between the laws of the spirit […]

  • Chapter 17

    Soon after my awakening and the beginning of the predestined Accomplishment I dived into the vastness of unique manifestations of your characteristic features, 2. Getting into a close contact with a great diversity of your varied, good and not good, egoistic efforts. 3. For even your good deeds, according to an existing regularity, are firmly […]

  • Chapter 18

    Being awakened by the time of the crucial Hour, decisive for the fate of all your race, by the Will of the Great God I have visited many places of your various isolated societies, where I’ve seen one common characteristic form of vital manifestations in all of you, regardless of the belonging to one or […]