Children of God!

Today you are given a new prayer, intended to unite all children of God regardless of their religious beliefs.
The prayer is the art of revealing the soul, and only due to this art can you strengthen the link of your soul with the Heavenly Father, which increases the inflow of God’s Blessing and helps to overcome the difficulties of evil opposition.

The common prayer helps uniting you into One Common Spiritual Family and gives you an opportunity to receive help, no matter what corner of Mother-Earth you might be in. Through this prayer God looks at His sons, who have stepped on the Road of complete Flowering and are ready to work hard for the sake of His Glory.
Regard the act of praying with due responsibility, because on this depend the purification of your soul as well as of Mother-Earth Herself.

Sit on your knees, straighten your spine. Then say the prayer with trembling heart and tenderness, trying at the same time to emanate warmth to the surrounding world and people.
Do your best to maintain this state whatever side-thoughts might interfere with you and try, if possible, to say the prayer in secret,

For your Father Who sees what is done in secret, will reward you openly.

Pray to God not less than two times a day, regardless of your mood – be it good or not.
In the morning – to prepare for the coming day. In the evening – to get rid of the dirt and recover the lost strength.

If you pray in an exalted mood, then the excess of blessing Force easily spreads to the surrounding people and considerably purifies the emotional dirt over you.
If you pray in a depressed mood, then God’s Blessing comes into you, neutralising the energy of the darkness and restoring your lost strength.
But if you pray only when you feel bad, this shows hypocrisy, for you think about God just in difficult moments.

After the end of the evening prayer you can add something from yourself and, recreating the image of a certain person, whom you wish to help, try to warm him with the warmth of your soul. The Blessing Force will flow into that person regardless of his will.
Do your best to warm any unhappy man, who has left a trace in your mind.

Pray. And may the Power of God be always with you!


The Prayer

1. My Lord! Gracious God!
2. Hallowed be Your Name in Heavens and on Earth,
3. From one end of the Universe and to the other!
4. Lord! Give us strength in opposing the force of the darkness,
In order not just to oppose it, but also to free Mother-Earth from this litter.
5. Teach us to discern good from evil and abide in peace and spiritual fortitude,
as to worthily fulfil Your Will amongst people.
6. Give strength to my brothers and sisters, both the close to me and the unknown ones.
7. Let them realise the true Glory of Yours and their hearts be imbued with love,
8. And to overcome the dark barriers on the Road to the Light,
9. And to join each other’s hands and boundlessly bestow the warmth of their soul.
10. Lord! May Your Will be done! And let on Earth be One Common Nation,
11. Loving its Mother – the Nature, connected with You by its love
and walking the Road of the True Spiritual Development,
resting on Your Last Testament.
12. In the morning: Bless, My Lord, the deeds of the coming day, and let its difficulties be met
as befits the ones who are walking under Your Light.
12. In the evening: Recover, My Lord, the strengths we have spent to do good, as to prepare ourselves for the future day.