The Teaching of Vissarion

The Last Testament, 2001, 50×70 cm

“Once you were told, that The Kingdom of God is like yeast, which a woman put in three measures of dough, until it leavened.

This is the secret of the three Testaments, meant to bring the children of God to The Kingdom of Heaven: The Old Testament, The New Testament and The Last Testament.

These are respectively the secrets: Hope, Faith and Love.”


“The Last Testament is given to you in a critical moment of your development. It is given in order to make the great Sacred Reunification of all the existing religions.

The Last Testament will help to open the closed souls, to give drink to the thirsty and gather in One Holy Bosom the scattered children of God. After that the young mankind will step on the road of Maturity.

The Last Testament will lead to the complete opening of your soul and the due reunification with God, which was impossible to happen earlier. If you don’t like this, stay where you are.

The Last Testament is intended to bring to Salvation those children, who are able to pass through the Gates of God’s Kingdom.

The Last Testament takes into account the required intellectual capabilities. This is extremely important for the transition to a qualitatively higher stage of development of human thinking, which is needed for entering The Kingdom of God.

If you want to stay at the level of comprehension, which you had two thousand years ago, then stay, where you are.”


The Last Testament books
The Last Testament books

The Last Testament includes the Word of Vissarion and Vadim’s Scriptures about the meetings and travels of The Teacher, about important events of his life and the life of the Community. New chapters of the Last Testament are published in separate parts.

Today The Last Testament holds thousands of pages and contains a significant amount of information, accumulated during Teacher’s life on Earth. It has been originally written in Russian language. The translation of some of the materials has already been completed, but a large part of it is still to be translated. 

Here is a link to the full collection of The Last Testament in Russian:        

Translations of the Last Testament

The Last Hope - book of the Vissarion's Last Testament

Vissarion’s Personal Blog

“I am trying to be helpful in Man’s becoming”

The Last Hope

Appeal to Modern Mankind. About the Father and the Son

Pivotal Time

“a particular need to underline once again and more profoundly the crucial period in your becoming, on the sound understanding of which fully depend the favourable active transformation of your entity and the fate of the whole human race.”

The New Common Prayer

“Children of God!
Today you are given a new prayer, intended to unite all children of God regardless of their religious beliefs.”