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“Peace to you, my friends!

Peace to your home and your soulmates!

We will consider the question of Yurij.

The contemporary psychology says, that the feelings, emotions, if they are available in man, it is for a reason, i.e. if someone mistreats you and you feel anger, you need to respond –

either to “hit back” or to run away.

If you conceal the emotion, anger, this will lead to flesh disease.

What will the Truth say? How should we respond in the right way?

For a better understanding of the point raised in this question, it should be added

that concrete manifestations of emotions can either contribute to man’s development or create life-threatening for him consequences.

In this regard, it would be unwise to speak by analogy of what has been asked in the question,

that if there are emotional outbursts that create destructive consequences, they supposedly should not be concealed so as not to get sick.

But then, if we draw a simple parallel, it turns out that, in case of anger, the most correct way not to get sick is to harm someone else.

For any outburst of anger

is always connected with the release of destructive energy-informational flow,

which means that the infliction of some harm will be inevitable.

If the mentioned psychologist gives the recommendation stated in the question, it means that he or she definitely believes, that the main life priority for the listener is always the concern only about his personal well-being.

Such a recommendation can readily accept only a complete E-G-O-I-S-T.

Anger, as a very strong manifestation of discontent, is a sensual reaction, that can be characteristic only of the low level of development of the human personality.

And such reaction is connected with primitive manifestation of demands to those who you have to interact with.

When you come into contact with someone’s manifestations that you disagree with, you will inevitably experience some feeling of dissatisfaction, where the power of such dissatisfaction will depend on the extent to which you can let another person do what you think is wrong.

And the demand that you display implies that you do not at all allow another person to make the mistake you see, regardless of whether that person is ever capable of doing something that embarrasses you in another way or not.

Such a demand is always accompanied by a violent reaction of discontent!

Anger can significantly obscure the consciousness, tempting to act completely unreasonably.

Since a general circumstance has been raised in the question, I can give an answer which will show the principle, general orientation of the most favorable resolution of the conflict implied in the question.

When a person begins to pay due attention to his own self-education, he will be able to forget about the feeling of anger.

But, if a person is still able to feel strong emotions of this kind, it would be most correct from his side, when in response to a negative provocation he would try to apply efforts to express at least some degree of good wishes to the source of the provocation.

Thus, the one who makes such a righteous effort will be able to extinguish the incipient inside him anger, and will not only protect himself from the consequences of the negative emotions, but also will not show destructive aggression against someone else.

The flow of aggression poured out by you, regardless of what has become the reason for it, whether you have done it first or as a fair in your opinion response, is a kind of destructive impact on the energy-informational field surrounding you and therefore you will inevitably have to receive the corresponding reaction from this field.

A response of an aggressive character will always have a detrimental effect on you.

Therefore, if initially worried about your health, you follow the advice of the mentioned psychologist and respond to someone with aggression, you will anyway have to experience the detrimental energy-informational response.

And this will definitely affect your health.

I know that what you are being told right now is not inherent to the vast majority of you, and many of you will not yet be able to do that at all.

You may notice that everything I give you in the field of your relationship refers, as a rule, to steps, which are not inherent to you.

But I have said more than once that the true spiritual values cannot serve the egoistic interests, as they belong to the opposite pole of values.

Therefore, in order to make a really righteous effort, you will have to do something that you yourself are not inclined to do, which means that in order to achieve the desired goal you will need to make a great effort over yourself.

And that is what characterizes the thorny Path of the true spiritual development.

Now we will have a look at the next question,

the author of which is someone under the nickname “Leading to the Light”.

A good nickname!

It only remains to hope, that the movement proceeds really towards the Light.

And he is asking a kind of a curious question:

What is the right way to regard the information from our brothers in mind, which contains approximately the following:

“Within the last few month from the cosmic bottom some infernal forces have landed on Earth and they together with the globalists (the richest family clans in the world) have now begun the active destroying of all mankind

for the parasitic supply of a great army of aliens from the darkness and in order to conquer the planet, by creating epidemics, cataclysms, wars, financial crisis, preparing vaccination and so on.”

The given question disposes to penetrate into the fiefdom of ufologists.

Well, let us today delight and stir up these passionate people who are eager to carefully study the mysterious circumstances to which all of you will begin to pay great attention over time.

And at the beginning of the answer, I’ll put it simply:

Take all the information listed in the question, crumple it and safely throw it in the garbage bin.

The quality of this information can only be given by some low-level entities, which for some known to them reason see the need to interact with you in a peculiar way, giving you information that you are not yet able to verify, but which you are very prone to trust.

For such creatures it is not difficult to estimate your predisposition to trust some type of information.

And the information given in the question creates a false idea of the extraterrestrial reasonable activity and is more like an ordinary fantastic plot that people are able to invent.

In recent years, a lot of various fantastic works have appeared concerning the extraterrestrial life.

All sorts of intrigues and horrors can be faced in the expanses of such fantasies.

Precisely fantasies!

Now you have rather diverse ideas of the extraterrestrial reasonable forms of life, where even the religious activists have managed to voice their categorical judgments on this matter.

As a rule, among all the already formed notions about this topic, there are very few close to the truth.

It is still difficult for you to realize that the full-fledged reasonable type of activity can not dispose to the well-known to you psychological problems and insidious intricacies, which are symbolically characteristic only of human activity.

The reasonable civilizations in the Universe strictly adhere to the generally accepted laws designed to regulate their equal rights in their interaction.

None of them would even think of somehow bypassing the established laws in order to derive some benefit for himself.

In the same way has been regulated the possibility of interference in the life activities of the beginning to develop young civilizations.

Such kind of interference would be inadmissible if an obvious change in the naturally developing course of events is supposed, which could have a devastating impact on the development of the young civilization.

Due to the fact that the representatives of extraterrestrial Mind are not carriers of the soul, they have absolutely no connection with God, and they knew nothing about His existence.

Only after a long observation of some, in their view, strange course of development of the young mankind, once they could come to the conclusion that Someone is leading you.

And on the basis of the analysis of all sorts of circumstances in the life of people, they could identify the curious value that can characterize the Road of human development in the Universe, as unique and highly valuable.

Only, particularly valuable manifestations of separate people have been and are rarely met, while the unrestrained irrationality and barbaric savagery are being faced constantly and everywhere.

The capabilities of these observers have also made it possible to register multiple occurrence of aggressive energy-informational formations which people themselves were able to create at the moment when they show their aggression and belief in the existence of those who can be invented by linking with this aggression.

This circumstance has become the most alarming.

Such artificially created clots of aggressive energy are able over time to gain strength, absorbing the similar energy released by people everywhere.

And this began to contribute to the creation of conditions when these entities themselves began to acquire the ability to influence man’s sensual world.

These peculiar evil viruses began to be perceived by the observers as a dangerous phenomenon that can easily lead to disturbance of the Balance.

They have seen a possible threat to the existing Balance in the Universe if such an evil virus goes beyond the borders of Planet Earth.

And it is precisely the presence of such viruses, and the very predisposition of man to create them, has become the real reason why the different representatives of the extraterrestrial Mind have a different attitude to the vital activity of human civilization.

Due to the different levels of development and the specifics of the accumulated experience, some were able to see that there is a probability that people will be able to cope with the problem and will be able to take a unique place in the development of the Reasonable Worlds, while others could not see such a probability of positive outcome.

This circumstance, in its turn, influenced the ways, within the limits of the admissible norms, in which the representatives of these different views began to try to interfere in the development of human civilization.

Some try to help, others try to do harm.

Both are being done within the strictly permissible limits, without violating man’s freedom of choice.

At the same time, it is important to emphasize that the representatives of the conditionally hostile to you world are not malicious at all, and do not belong to any world of darkness that you imagine.

Any aggressive experiences are not characteristic of them and therefore it would be incorrect to demonize them.

They are only reasonably assessing the options for expediency in order to maintain the balance of Harmony.

Therefore, without intervening explicitly, they began to try to act in such a way that you yourself came to self-destruction.

The interference of the representatives of the extraterrestrial Mind may imply mainly an informational character, but man can only accept this kind of information if he shows his consent to it in either an explicit or implicit form.

Your choice plays an important, decisive role.

But the presence of the inherent to man powerful sensual stimulant, that is the curiosity, as a rule, easily deprives you of the ability to make reasonable choices.

The search for technological ways that would allegedly have helped to bring human society to prosperity is the most dangerous path for you.

The very technologies themselves are not inherently dangerous, just like a simple instrument for example a hammer.

But you wouldn’t say that a hammer cannot be used as a weapon, would you?

The same goes for technology.

You can be helped to create attractive technological things, but in doing so,

those who gently push towards such a creation, will be very well aware of how exactly these achievements will man be inclined to use,

given that he not only does not have the right idea of the spiritual values, but does not strive to pay due attention to it at all.

Good days to you, friends!

See you!”