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Peace to you, my friends!
Peace to your home and your soulmates!

We will begin this meeting with the question of Svetlana, who is asking:

If a severe long-lasting disease is often an enhanced trial, does it make sense to fight it?
Does such a disease always proceed under the supervision of the Forces of the Light?
Is it possible that this trial comes to an end?

Let’s consider this question from the following side:

During his characteristic life activity man accumulates in his soul, in the form of a certain kind of information, some sensational experience … precisely sensational. This sensual experience is able to set a motivation of various degree, conductive to different manifestations.

But as a result of what kind of steps and efforts you will afford yourself to do, there will inevitably start to develop the corresponding course of events where a certain disease for someone can be a real possibility.

The probability of a severe disease, as a rule, is a consequence not just of certain specific manifestations, which man has been persistently doing in this incarnation. But also a consequence of some dangerous experience, which has been largely imprinted in his soul during his previous incarnation.

Such an experience captured by you, you can change only by yourself. And since such an experience inevitably sets a definite sensual motivation, which as a rule you are not inclined to oppose by your will, the opportunity to incarnate successively each time, is being predetermined for you specifically.

It is being predetermined in such a way,  that this would happen to be the most favourable for you. To the believer such a circumstance may mean that if he has fallen in difficult conditions, this definitely can only be something educational for him.

Through this he should not just obtain the missing wisdom, but through the correct passage of the difficulty to influence the procees of necessary change of the experience, imprinted in the soul.

The body of man is like an instrument with the help of which he has the chance not just to participate in an interesting way in the changing of the surrounding reality, but which he also should look after and which he should value.

If, by the Will of God, has been given this body, this should be regarded with gratitude.

There is a wise saying: Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth!
And only hopeless ignorance can urge the desire to radically change and use the body given to you, thereby demonstrating that you do not accept what God has given for your benefit.

But such demonstration has its own price, and I dare to assure you: one day this price will deeply upset such demonstrators.

But you make your own choices. And so, if your body is suffering from a serious disease, you will continue to be responsible for looking after it. You can show respect for the body that the Heavenly Father has given you only by taking good care of it.

Caring concerns not only the desire to make some physical efforts, but also the will to change properly your attitude to the ongoing reality.

For incorrect reactions at the sensual level inevitably lead to a failure in the energy information field of the physical body. This always leads to a decline in the protective properties of the organism and the beginning of some deviations, and afterwards – diseases.

Hence, the fighting against the disease may involve not only some auxiliary efforts
to strengthen the physical capacities, but most importantly – efforts to change your attitude to what in this case will upset you, both from what is already happening, and from what you can think back on.

Always remember:
as long as you live, there is an opportunity to change something, life-saving for you.
And for the believer, this may mean not only the desire to firmly hold on to this life, but also the effort not to create conditions that can reduce the length of this life.

Taking into account the nuances given it the question, I will add…
You don’t have to worry about whether some light forces are watching over you or not. It should be enough for you that everything that happens to you will always be seen by the Heavenly Father. There are no such moments when you can fall out of His sight!

And the challenge can only end when you have underwent the necessary changes.

It would be beneficial for you to always keep in mind that if you persistently refuse to change something important in yourself in the right direction, the challenges will successively manifest themselves with an increasing degree of difficulty. And the complex type of diseases will prove to be inevitable.

And in addition to the answer to the question asked, I will add a little:

When you allow yourself to get into a state of depression, and this is possible only when you become disposed to see only the negative aspects of the ongoing reality, then your life manifestation begins to be similar to the activity of a pathogenic virus.

For the energy-informational field around the person who experiences endless indignation, resentment, fears inevitably obtains destructive features.

Such negativity can easily notice anyone who comes into contact with such an unhappy man. In conditions when the number of such miserable people will exceed the norm allowed for the necessary balance, on behalf of Nature there will inevitably be displayed some response, designed respectively to influence such a negative excess.

And then it seems quite logical that there is a harmonious need for the emergence of some other virus, which will be primarily destructive to such your viral manifestation.

Try to pay attention to the state in which a man has been prior to his infection with the virus which still continues to rampage on the Planet.

As a rule, these states will mainly be related to the presence of many negative experiences on different occasions. The older people, in addition to the fact that they have a much more vulnerable physiology, as a rule, in the overwhelming majority have a very high predisposition to negatively assess everything that happens.

If you do not properly pursue your spiritual education, this negative predisposition will only increase as you become older!

Now you have entered a period of special experiences, predicted to you once, and I can only wish you to pay your full attention to the true human values, which can be defined in one word: humanity.

To do this now is a vital necessity!

To do this at the time of truly apocalyptic experiences, when people themselves, by their great ignorance, will be the creators of such, predicted to you once, extreme difficulties.

Barbaric savagery and ignorance, a massive lack of sanity and objective judgment is the banner that will now try to impose over the human civilization.

But over those who will try to affirm this, there is another Force, about which the ‘grief-imposers’ have a false idea.

And this is their fateful mistake!

And now we can succeed to touch one more interesting question of yours. It is from Mihail:

In the ancient philosophic traditions
the opposite beginnings cannot exist and develop apart from each other.
Yin cannot do without Yang,
the Light cannot exist without the darkness, and it turns out that good cannot exist without evil.
That evil is needed for the existing of good.

This question reminded me of the first period of the 1990s, when I had to hold a lot of meetings with all kinds of enthusiastic people.

People had a pronounced strong interest in paying attention to all kinds of information of an esoteric, mystical and religious character.

At that time it was possible to meet everywhere those who with sparkling eyes were trying to show the literature of all kinds of doctrines.

No one was chased by anybody for it, and therefore it was possible to find anything anywhere.

At that time, I met many times those who were saying exactly what was expressed in the question now. And among such people there were often those, 7who openly demonstrated their commitment to Satanism.

Precisely on the basis of such seemingly logical chain, they were firmly convinced that evil is a vital necessity.

I think a lot of people are still looking this way at the ongoing reality.

The logical chain is interesting when it is based on comparing some really existing facts.

But what are the real facts that concern what is meant by evil?

When there is a discussion about the inevitable coexistence of the negative and the positive energy, about the existence of light and darkness, about such categories as Yin and Yang, it is a discussion about the peculiarities, which are in the basis of the whole World of Matter.

Peculiarities that will invariably exist forever.

At that, it should be particularly emphasized that neither of these two opposite phenomena has a destructive character in itself.

Expressed in practical terms understandable to you, this is the same as to look at the coexistence of the masculine and feminine origin.

Two contrasting characteristics that are significantly different from each other.

But is it reasonable to consider any one of such principles separately as being definitely destructive. I can add a little bit that the current of energy coming from the center of the whole World of Matter, i.e. from the Creator of this World, would be more correctly conventionally designated as positive.

And all dense objects that you see in the form of all sorts of Planets, have a combination of positive and negative energy, where the basic one is negative.
Exactly the predominance in Being of such conditional negative energy, in interaction with the positive, creates conditions conducive to the process of densification of the free elements of the World of Matter.

The consequence of densification are all those objects that you become able to register and cognize.

Now, let us consider what is meant by evil.

Evil itself does not exist in the Universe at all.

The predisposition to act completely unreasonably, turned out to be characteristic only of man, who is endowed with nonstandardly extended sensational features, which he has not yet learned to use properly. Which, for many centuries now, has been forcing all the people to experience a great variety of suffering.

Evil is commonly referred to as those manifestations of man which contribute to the destruction of life processes.

If someone tries to draw a specific parallel, saying that without evil there will be no good, a fundamental error will inevitably be present in this statement.

Because by good it is more correct to be meant not some special act, but something that can characterize the normal life activity in general.

In the conditions of normal life activity, the use of the concept of good will disappear for being useless. The concepts of good and evil exist only as an opportunity to conditionally define the type of actions, where there are correct actions that contribute to normal development, and incorrect, which can have a negative impact on human development.

I am sure it will not be difficult for you to realizthat if you stop doing incorrect deeds, it absolutely can not contribute to the disappearance of the correct ones.
There will simply be no need to define the nature of the deeds from the positions of good and evil.

One day people will be constantly striving to take only those steps that can support their development. The viciousness should necessarily come to an end!

As far as some mystical creatures are concerned, which are defined by people as wicked evil spirits, it refers to specific energy-informational formations, which people themselves have happened to be able to create.

In this answer, I will not yet go into greater detail on this subject and will only add that such entities are not self sufficient.

As soon as people stop emanating experiences that have an aggressive peculiarity, all such specific evil viruses born by man will inevitably begin to fade out and disappear.

It is absolutely senseless to fight such evil spirits as long as you believe in their existence and – most importantly – continue to display even the slightest aggression, even if you do so under sublime slogans, referring to faith and love for God. In that case you can only feed these evil entities and make them stronger.
It is the aggressive energy flow, which man is able to release, is the nutrient medium
for all such peculiar artificially created evil creatures.

It is also necessary to realize correctly another circumstance, concerning one false traditional perception.

God cannot create the entity of an angel that would be able to begin to work against God’s Will.

This is impossible in principle!
So there is no such a mighty source of evil, which on its own would seek to take absolute power over you.

There is only someone that you created yourself, someone that you yourself allow to play a leading role in your life.

Try to avoid the loud, lofty appeals, that you still have unhealthy gravitation for, and try to do more modest, righteous efforts based on goodwill and friendliness, in doing so, of course, you should not expect anything in return!

Good days to you, friends!
Happiness to you!
See you!