Chapter 5

And now, at last, the significant Event for the whole mankind took place, which I have been waiting for a long time.

2. Although very few of all people living on Mother-Earth have so far been able to worthily figure out what is actually Happening in this corner of the Siberian land.

3. Now I begin to create for you specific conditions for the active modification in the true direction of the sensationally-conscious foundation of those who follow me.

4. And this means, that the common fateful life-line of all worthily striving to comprehend God’s Word, that came again, will start to change in quality, and so, in direction as well.

5. That means, that by direct and concrete revealing in due measure all the spiritual key points, I will lead the aspirants in direction, opposite to the one that you reliably follow throughout your history, persistently trying to go away from Harmony.

6. And the opposite side will be determined not by your moving along the beaten track, but by your obtaining a Road of a qualitatively different character.

7. For this reason it is necessary to turn away from the common stream of characteristic life manifestation of mankind and start the active forming of true vital qualities in the core of your human entity.

8. That requires greatest efforts, which are actually able to make only those, who have profoundly and completely dedicated themselves to the aspiration to worthily comprehend the Sacred Faith.

9. Taking into account the inherent to the life manifestations of man definite inertial force and the gradualness of the incorporation of the spiritual key points into full-fledged work, I would say, that the acquiring of the Road of Ascent itself will not take place immediately, though the beginning of the pivot from the previous road may already have been undertaken (see Fig. 10).

10. After passing through the beginning of the Pivot, the utmost attention and vigilance with the same maximum tension of righteous efforts will be required, for the passage of the extremely complicated part of the road to the starting point of Ascent will begin.

11. On this segment of the road the sensual world of man naturally will be influenced by a very high inertial pressure, which he did not experience moving in the common habitual stream of the vital characteristic manifestation of human society as a whole.

12. Under such pressure is meant the power of impact of the root peculiarities, developed over a long time, which make appear the characteristic reactions, becoming inherent at perceiving the necessary vital instructive-educational psychological medium, when will be made all efforts towards the correct comprehension and reaction on the ongoing reality on besides of the sincerely aspiring to perceive the Truth.

13. At any point of the discussed segment of the road from the Pivot starting point to the starting point of Ascent the features of the inner world of man will preserve the probability in moments of regular display of negligence to fall in the direction of the common stream of display of the kingdom of power.

14. Such a probability will inevitably melt away with the approaching of the starting point of Ascent, where the process of falling ceases and comes a state of life-changing balance, at which the inner world of man continues to have an ever-increasing favourable predisposition to further true development.

15. The next of the road from the starting point of Ascent to the point of the beginning of straightforward Ascent, which can rightfully be called the beginning of the Kingdom of the Soul, corresponding to the level of the beginning of the predetermined full-fledged life activity, will be the end of the mystery of the Pivot.

16. During this final period the regularities of Ascent begin to act more and more, while a definite progressively fading force of the inertial pressure continues its influence to the point of the beginning of the Kingdom of the Soul.

17. The approaching of that point of beginning of Soul’s Kingdom for you is like approaching of the threshold of your own home, where you have been dreaming to return to for ages.

18. Upon reaching this point you will finally complete the vitally important solution of the first main task, set before you by Eternity.

19. And first main task, set before mankind at the initial stage of formation, is the need to necessarily cognize its true essence, the true relationship with its Heavenly Father and its true attitude towards the surrounding reality.

20. Only after that mankind may proceed to the full-fledged accomplishment of the predetermined for it by the Great God unique mission in the Universe.

21. During the first seven years of my current Accomplishment from the manifested by that time specifically prepared social medium, preserving possibly man’s full freedom of choice, through the efforts of the Great God, I should mainly gather precisely those, to whom it would be once favourable to grant the beginning of fulfilment of the first active moves to formation of the foundation, from which will proceed the true predetermined becoming of mankind.

22. Through my appeals to you, which carried peculiar for this character, during these first seven years I was creating for you the required corresponding characteristic environment of moderate activeness regarding the necessary radical modification of your inner world.

23. At the same time this was creating conditions of most favourable inhibition, in order that later you could successfully make use of the fateful Pivot, after which will begin to progressively emerge the features of a psychologically totally different life.

24. Now, as you already know from my latest appeals to you, the beginning of the significant Pivot has come, and now I want to remind once again this vitally important for you event, particularly emphasizing it.

25. Begins the primary fateful period of your life decisions, which now should either be taken in full correspondence with the Truth and respectively should be successfully cognized the mystery of Pivot, or should continue to flow in the previous stream, established historically for human society.

26. In this case I see the need to repeatedly emphasize one more thing, which should be remembered: the successful passing through the mystery of Pivot is always based on the greatest possible effort to perform each step as befits the believer, but not on counting your victories or failures you have allegedly seen.

27. Such counting is always connected to an inner inclination to compare what’s counted with the victories and failures of your soulmates.

28. And this is exactly a manifestation of the egoism, the abnormal growth of which inside you it is necessary now to finally avoid.

29. In order to keep the believers within the admissible limits of the pivotal arc and help you to move along it without getting lost, my addresses to you begin to have the appropriate for this, peculiar character.

30. You should be extremely careful for everything, that I will suggest and define.

31. Now I have already begun to weave for you an environment of the necessary activeness regarding the fundamental modification of your inner world to its full compliance with the requirements of the Truth, when you will acquire a solid basis for normal constant development.