Chapter 9

By the time of the beginning of the active purification, designed to actually and finally bring you out of the general stream of manifestation of the realm of power through the active transition to the stream of eternal manifestation of the peculiarities of the kingdom of the Soul, you have gathered together for collective comprehension of the Road of the Truth with specific diversity of unique qualities of your inner world.

2. In the common environment, created by my Word and Spirit, a definite combination of your characteristic individual peculiarities will create vitally important conditions for the most favourable comprehension of the mysteries of the fiery borders exclusively for each of you.

3. Which should necessarily be properly understood by each of you, in order to succeed in time worthily make use of such temporarily emerging auxiliary conditions,

4. Some of which can arise in your life extremely rarely, though they are able to modify positively your inner world very actively and quite significantly.

5. And sometimes, having responded unworthily to a certain rare key life experience of this kind, you can lose the opportunity for the necessary precisely for you comprehension of what’s true till the end of the life of your current incarnation.

6. This is intended to emphasize once again the utmost vigilance, which the believers should show from now on towards everything, which will abundantly and diversely manifest itself in contact with each of you.

7. All these life manifestations, decisive for your fate, will proceed in quality and intensity in full dependence on what I will create for the benefit of you and the whole human race.

8. And now I am waiting from you a worthy aspiration to show the real value of the Sacred Faith in my Accomplishment, which is being done today by the Will of your Heavenly Father to your Salvation.

9. For in Truth I tell you: to fulfill what’s predestined you’ll be able only manifesting worthily the Sacred Faith.

10. Your diversity, by the Will of the Great God brought to an attempt for perceiving what’s predestined in a common aspiration, can be conditionally divided into two categories:

11. Those, who is more capable and is called-up to display an example of worthy efforts,

12. And those, who are still more capable of bringing educational challenges to their soulmates through efforts, contrary to the Truth.

13. But the representatives of both categories are able to perform efforts of both qualities.

14. Where, against the background of the fact, that regarding most of the performed efforts all the believers are still able to mainly create challenges in the form of unworthy for the believer actions, depending on the degree of accumulated spiritual strength some are still able to do a lot of worthy deeds, others can do this on very rare occasions.

15. In the course of the true becoming the amount of challenges in the form of unworthy actions of the believers will be displayed less and less.

16. And over time, such circumstance will be characterized by the fact, that on the one side, within all the undertaken efforts the believers will become more capable of creating increasingly what corresponds to the Truth, and on the other hand – they will still continue for some time to do what does not comply with the Truth.

17. But this negative predominance of unworthy efforts with the progressive attempts of the aspirants will inevitably melt.

18. Remember, that your combination of various quality of the inner world, when getting into diverse life circumstances, is always intended to create for each of you the most favourable conditions for true deliverance from the unnecessary weakness, acquirement of true spiritual values and the necessary wisdom.

19. At that, the main thing is, in various life circumstances of your relations with each other, the extreme necessity both of the true understanding of your lower capabilities than the capabilities of your soulmate, and so, the increased predisposition inside you to create, above all, only challenges for your soulmates,

20. And also the worthy assessment of the increased responsibility, obligating the believer to make a true effort in educationally-instructive circumstances, created by your soulmate, when he has failed to cope with the weakness, displayed inside him.

21. The manifestation of humility in your continuous proper recognition of exactly your probable lower capabilities in relation to certain capabilities of your soulmate, is always intended to create favourable conditions for the true development of the inner world.

22. This is one of the fundamental rules, which, in the first place, should be decently comprehended by each believer in my Accomplishment.

23. The real step, leading to the active modification of the inner world, depends on the worthy assessment of the increased responsibility at a certain moment for the necessary obligation to make a step in full compliance with the Truth,

24. Where this righteous step someone from you, as a rule, should be the first one to do.

25. The increased responsibility on you in this case is determined by the responsibility for the fate of all those who are less capable of doing the necessary true effort, directly involved together with you in one or another manifested educational and instructive circumstance.

26. If the more capable person does not undertake the worthy effort, and therefore, inevitably begins to show weakness, then he inevitably increases the already existing temptation for the less capable, tempting them even more not to do the vitally important life-saving effort.

27. The spiritual qualities of your inner worlds are unrepeatably diverse.

28. And for this reason, getting together in any circumstances, you will always combine in any respect according to the qualities of the more and less capable.

29. But in order that you do not deal with the dangerous for your true development attempt to determine your own merits in relation to the merits of your soulmate, remember a simple, decisive for your life, supportive reference point:

30. As only in various circumstances, concerning your relations with your soulmates, you have consciously determined the incorrectness of the efforts, which the soulmate or soulmates continue to undertake, this means, that from this moment you begin to carry increased responsibility for the fate of these soulmates

31. And you become obliged to do righteous work for the true resolution of the circumstance that has emerged, no matter whether someone from your soulmates has ever done such a move or not, and whether he will do this afterwards or not.

32. All the keys for the active vitally important modification of all basic qualities of the inner world of each of you, are to be found in every point of interaction of your life interests.

33. Never forget in the interaction with each other both at the level of thinking, as well as in other conditions, that to become spiritually stronger in any respect is possible, only through the true resolution of the challenge, granted to you by the soulmate,

34. Who out of ignorance will grant on the wave of his weakness and incapability exclusively the most necessary challenge both for himself, and for all those, who are involved directly in that life-saving, educational and instructive circumstance.

35. Everyone worthily aspired to perceive the Sacred Faith in the Heavenly Father should properly understand, that the one who creates the challenge for his soulmates, based on the manifestation of his weakness, at that moment becomes a source of manifestation of the auxiliary regularities of the Harmony of the material World, which are preliminary considered and admitted by the Great God for the good of those, who are being challenged, and those, who challenge.

36. Those, who crave for dedicated fulfillment of my Word, necessarily should first to learn to properly understand the challenge, created for you by your soulmate, also in respect that precisely the abnormal qualities of your inner world, that you display, are the ones who above all begin – invisibly for you at a certain energo-informational level – to require the corresponding arising of definite educational and instructive circumstances.

37. For this reason, all those, who dedicate their lives to devotional service to the Truth, should gratefully accept everything, which is being done every day for your benefit, without hastily imposing on all this abnormal, pleasing to your egoism condemning assessments.

38. If there are those, who are able to create challenges for you, this means, that you need them.

39. As long as you need the necessary challenges, there will be those, who should create them for you.

40. Verily I tell you: extremely unreasonable is each of you, who, craving for entering the Kingdom of the Soul, makes efforts to distance himself from those, who is able to bring to you challenging difficulties.

41. This is possible only when it is completely consistent with the Word of the Truth, which I will be showing a lot through concrete, really displayed circumstances of your life.

42. For if on the way you will resolve the challenge granted by the inanimate Nature depends mainly just your life, then according to the way you will pass through the challenge, granted by your soulmate, undertaking a certain effort concerning him, will be decided not just your fate, but also the fate of your soulmate.

43. That is why the life efforts of the believer should by always applied in possibly full compliance with definite requirements of the Truth.

44. This is intended to create the necessary favourable conditions, in which the stronger one, becoming progressively stronger, will naturally provide true help to the weaker one.

45. And if the weaker rejects what has been provided for his good, then for the further painful consequences from his steps he will already bear the responsibility independently.

46. The building of true relations among the children of God, whose interlacing among themselves will always consist of comparatively more capable and less capable, should be based mainly on the obligatory righteous efforts of the more capable, which is designed to serve as an example for the lagging behind,

47. But not on the base of fighting the weaknesses of the soulmates, for in such fight is being manifested only the overall common weakness.

48. Be careful in your attempt to perform righteous effort with every step of yours!

49. But, having aspired to worthily comprehend the art of true relations among the children of God, do not forget, that a particular complexity of your understanding of the life manifestations of all your soulmates is also the unrepeatable variety of your sensational peculiarities, allowing all children of God to perceive the surrounding reality in a unique way, peculiarly,

50. And the still existing so far abundance of chaotic diversity of all sorts of psychological attitudes concerning identical life circumstances.

51. What precisely contributes to the emerging of abundance of abnormal distortions in the sensually-conscious foundation of man and forms an unsurmountable barrier for his independent abilities, which prevents the individual representatives of mankind, as well as the separated groups and all the isolated among themselves nations from uniform efforts in one uniform direction of the uniform predestined for the whole human race Road of the Truth.

52. In the scriptures an auxiliary image has been preserved, saying that the mighty human society, obtaining unexpectedly multilingual characteristics, found itself unable to complete its uniform intention to build a Babylon tower, in which should be expressed the mightiness of the uniform efforts of this society.

53. Those who have eyes and ears should heed that, only the eyes and ears that all had, were left closed and did not heed that wisdom.

54. Man’s independent formation of an abundance of varied false psychological attitudes, considered allegedly true, has made the still wandering children of God not just multilingual in the broadest sense, but also particularly interested in their multilingualism.

55. Which represents for mankind’s own capabilities a specific danger and insolubility of the life task, designed to allow all children of the Great God to finally unite in a Uniform Family of the striving to apply uniform in their root life efforts.

56. For precisely just through this should be manifested the real mightiness and true value of the human race, having appeared by the Will of the Heavenly Father in the World of matter, in order to translate forever the Sacred Intent of the Great God, called-up to transform the Universe, filling the Cosmos with the fragrance of the Holy Spirit.

57. The presence of all sorts of abnormal psychological attitudes, some of which have the very opposite concepts of the same phenomena of reality, creates a definite complexity in your relationship with each other.

58. For significantly prevents each of you from seeing one and the same life circumstance favourably closely in the understanding of each other.

59. From what it becomes extremely difficult to come to one common understanding even in relation to simple elements of the life phenomena.

60. The vivid manifestations of abnormal forms of egoism in the sensational world of man will always strive in controversial circumstances with the soulmates to preserve one’s own psychological attitude as the most valuable,

61. Displaying at that a powerful sensual rejection of the different perception, regardless of the degree of its trueness,

62. What precisely creates the peculiar blindness and deafness in those who have eyes and ears.

63. To extinguish such a sensual rejection can only the emerging definite degree of interest in a certain reasonable consideration of another, probably more true understanding.

64. Where this interest of the perceiving and necessary comprehension of the values of any new psychological attitudes occurs with the maturing of the inner world of man.

65. From what in the sensually-conscious foundation of man arises a predisposition to finding a definite personality with a set of peculiar psychological attitudes, where he will strive to borrow some parts of them.

66. An interest of this kind occurs and begins to grow only after the appearing of an ever increasing sense of a certain nonsatisfaction from what he already has.

67. The matureness itself may imply not only predisposition to transition from the more primitive to the more sublime, but also vice versa: from the more sublime to the more primitive on the basis of persistently displayed negligence.

68. The representatives of the same social level perceive one and the same life circumstance more closely to the perception of each other, than the representatives of different levels of characteristic difference of the inner world of man.

69. But as the sensational world of man is unrepeatable, which means that the shades of the independently affirmed inside set of psychological attitudes are also unrepeatable, then the degree of closeness in the perception of each other is always different between any two representatives even of the same social level.

70. Where most accurately can understand each other only those, who are living interestingly for some time in close proximity,

71. When there is an opportunity to repeatedly touch upon the same phenomena and get acquainted with the quality of perceiving of this phenomena from each other’s side.

72. Where even during a long co-residence with some of your soulmates, noticing some of his various life manifestations, you can repeatedly note, that although he seemed quite familiar to you, in fact, he is still unknown to you.

73. Such conditions concerning the most favourable recognition of each other are being formed, as a rule, only in the atmosphere of the natural family, that brings together a small group of people.

74. Where, even if the natural family has already been formed, it is possible to gain the greatest understanding of his soulmates only for the one, who has an inner interest for that.

75. And if only a certain part of the natural family has such an interest, then in this family there won’t be a common understanding.

76. But the closest common understanding among each other in all fundamental vitally important truths should necessarily have the entire human society.

77. Which will correspond to the level of the beginning of full-fledged life activity, predestined for the human race.

78. Therefore, to begin the formation of the basis of a normal human society can only those, who already have inside the true interest to understand each other just as this are intended to do the closest people of one family.

79. For this reason the conditions, in which all equally striving obtain the opportunity to have the greatest contact possible with each other in the work, rest and communication, are solely the most favourable ones for the normal becoming and flourishing of the true human nature.

80. The life manifestations of each representative of the whole human society always takes place according to the same principle, for they are based on the same characteristic features of the sensational world, thinking process and peculiarities of the physical body.

81. All the visible external expressions of life manifestations are quite the same and differ only in additional shades, characterized as rougher or subtler.

82. But in the basis of all outwardly expressed life manifestations always lies a specific, individually unrepeatable motive, which has always been and will be built on the attitude of man towards a certain phenomenon of the ongoing reality.

83. Where the uniqueness of the qualities of one or another motive can have either an insignificant difference, or directly opposite meanings.

84. The degree of spiritual maturation forms a definite quality of your sensational world, which determines your attitude to everything that takes place directly with you and around you.

85. And the quality of this attitude of yours is still completely determined by the quality of display of the abnormal forms of your own egoistic characteristics.

86. Precisely this manifestation of individual uniqueness of the egoistic features becomes the basis for the formation of a definite characteristic set of psychological attitudes in the human consciousness,

87. Under which leadership will be applied efforts, intended to satisfy the existing individual quality of egoism.

88. It is the attitude of man to the whole ongoing reality, manifested by concrete forms through a definite set of characteristic psychological attitudes, that constitutes the core of the motive, hidden behind one or another outwardly expressed visible life manifestation.

89. Precisely the value of the motive determines the true value of the externally expressed efforts of man.

90. The relationship of the children of God among themselves are being formed supposedly on the base of the assessment of the inner world of anyone of the soulmates according to his externally displayed life efforts,

91. When, having met for another time well-known to you outwardly expressed manifestations, you inevitably seek to compare what you see with your own psychological attitudes and the corresponding accumulated life experience.

92. After which you allegedly begin to guess the true motives, which are supposedly hidden into the core of the observed by you life manifestations of your soulmate.

93. Besides, as a rule, always having full confidence in your own conclusions, you do not try to clarify with your soulmate what have actually been the real motives in his actions.

94. Having inevitably done in this case a certain false assessment about the quality of the inner world of your soulmate, you, naturally, undertake efforts regarding him depending on the assessment made:

95. You either falsely pin hopes on him, or show absolutely inappropriate suspicions, which is characterized in this case by a certain bias.

96. And the biased view can be compared to the sight of the blind man, who also values his blindness.

97. Depending on the quality of the spiritual development, the quality of the bias is manifested in different ways.