Chapter 8

And now the significant Time has come for all mankind, when the most mature ones should begin the transition to the atmosphere of the conditions of active inhibition and active completion of the becoming, with transition eventually to the level of beginning of full-fledged predetermined activity on the Road of Eternity.

2. Now man should already learn to develop independently in himself true spiritual values, trying to worthily apply consciously-volitional efforts in one direction with the Will of the Great God.

3. Precisely consciously-volitional efforts, for you cannot apply the strength of the spiritual qualities, which you are still supposed to develop over a long period of time through persistent righteous labour.

4. And in order to make it possible to unmistakably apply consciously-volitional efforts concerning the true direction, by God’s wisdom has been created a peculiar mystery, due to which the Word of God can actually manifest itself within the human race’s environment through a live concrete image.

5. And now I have the opportunity, blessed by my Heavenly Father, to directly and concretely at the level of your consciousness determine for your good all the necessary guidelines and laws,

6. For the comprehension of which it is necessary that you simultaneously develop a great patience, as well as a strong will.

7. For I will not teach you how to get out of the medium of the fiery border in the most advantageous for your egoism way, which you have always done until these days, but will teach you how to pass decently the life-saving for you fiery purification.

8. I will teach do something, which you have never done for all the history of your existence (see Fig. 12).

9. The mentioned mystery of the fiery border is in fact a most serious, deciding considerably the living fate experience,

10. The true value of which is vitally important to properly understand.

11. Only through the correct passage of the educational and instructive fiery border it is possible to acquire true spiritual values.

12. Now I wish once again to touch upon one decisive circumstance while passing the fiery border, on which you should pay special attention.

13. The opportunity to face actually the living manifestation of God’s Word inevitably presupposes the probable need of conscious comprehension of some vitally important information,

14. Through which will be necessarily determined the need to fulfill concrete deeds, intended to bring a man out from the difficult for normal life activity, complicated, bearing great sufferings circumstances, created by the hands of man himself,

15. And not just words of relief that you are beloved and everything with you will be all right.

16. Only the small children and the spiritually immature ones need such comfort.

17. The spiritually mature ones need to be called to action.

18. Therefore, the opportunity to contact consciously with Heavenly Father’s Word becomes favourable only when the quality of the inner world of man has already the necessary foundation, using which properly you become capable of doing steps in full accordance with the Truth.

19. The entering into the fiery borders is marked mainly by a quickly increasing painful experience from the affected by the contingent fire definite attachment to an egoistic psychological attitude.

20. The quality of a man, who has a weak spirituality, and so, naturally, with pronounced strong egoistic attachments when falling into the fiery purification’s borders, forces the man himself, who began to almost instantly experience the emerging vivid painful sensations, to fall quickly under the full control of particularly excited definite sides of egoism.

21. In this case it can be said, that the consciousness of man is almost instantly blinded by the pain of the scorched egoism, after which in it inevitably proceed thinking processes exclusively pleasing the scorched sides of that egoism.

22. At that man maintains a supposedly clear understanding, that he continues to think allegedly soberly, but in fact he completely loses the ability to consciously determine a worthy solution.

23. And even if in this crucial moment such a blinded man is given from aside the necessary true clues, he will not be just unable to comprehend them correctly, but it will be extremely difficult for him to make even the slightest effort in the right direction.

24. This means that a man with such qualities of the inner world should not be persuasively given the responsibility for fulfillment of the Truth.

25. For even if in a calm sensual state he consciously positively perceives definite concrete laws of the Truth, which will already instantly place the corresponding responsibility for fulfilling these laws, then in the very moment when the hour for fulfillment strikes, and this is always the time of falling into the fiery boundaries, the consciousness of this man will immediately be blinded by the pain of the newly burnt egoism.

26. And regardless of the previous willingness to accomplish what’s true, he will slavishly and obediently follow the instructions of the especially excited sides of egoism.

27. Precisely such a quality of the inner world was inherent exclusively to every man in the initial period of becoming of the young human society throughout Mother-Earth.

28. And to this day, due to the manifested Glory of the Great God, the quality of the inner world of man has changed for the better, but anyway the spiritual world of the majority living on Earth continues to bear signs of the young immaturity and lack of experience in the good endeavors

29. And that means, of the inability to proceed to decent accomplishment of what’s predetermined in full compliance with the Truth.

30. But this is absolutely not a final tragedy, though the time of the main Hour has come, which will decide the fate of the entire human race.

31. For even if the majority is not able to make a direct effort in the decent fulfillment of the true, and will continue its life activity in conditions of semi-active inhibition, anyway on Mother-Earth has already appeared a sufficient number of mature people.

32. Only they are not mature to the extent that the worthy fulfillment of the predestined could be immediately guaranteed.

33. Such a maturation is characterized by the fact, that a man has gained a very little, but still a predisposition to the acquirement of full capabilities for the beginning of the worthy fulfillment of the laws of Truth, if he truly takes advantage of the accumulated yet little, but sufficient for this auxiliary values.

34. Which is intended to allow this small number of mature ones to begin to actively multiply inside themselves the true spiritual values in the accomplishment of the vitally important righteous work for the Salvation of all their brethren in the entire human society.

35. After which the Road of Eternity will be finally opened for all mankind.

36. When living in the conditions of semi-active inhibition the accumulation of the necessary auxiliary values, gradually strengthening the spiritual basis, increasingly creates favourable life-saving conditions in your inner sensational world.

37. Due to which you become capable of bearing a little easier the painful experiences from the disturbed egoistic attachment.

38. But the most important, life-saving is the fact, that precisely due to these conditions the intensity of the progressive, blinding you emotional experience is more and more significantly fading.

39. Besides you become not just able to more easily endure the culmination of the egoistic experience, but the onset of the dangerous line of blinding of your consciousness by this experience is also a little delayed,

40. Which forms a definite life-saving for you auxiliary interval in the peculiarities of your psyche,

41. Using which in the right way through definite mysteries of the Sacred Faith you will not just prevent the blinding of your consciousness, but will also obtain a real opportunity to make the first initial efforts in full compliance with the requirement of the Truth (see Fig. 13).


42. At that you have to understand correctly, that the quality of such conditional vitally important auxiliary interval is fully dependent on whether you make worthy efforts in fulfilling God’s Will or continue your life manifestations in the natural conditions of semi-active inhibition.

43. If at the moment of a new incarnation, thanks to the already accumulated necessary spiritual values, you obtain the definite good qualities of the mentioned conditional interval, then until you do not begin to make righteous efforts with constant persistence and diligence, you are always gradually losing these good qualities.

44. And then at your entering in the next fiery border every time you have less and less of the auxiliary basis, which you need to use for applying true efforts, called to protect you from getting blind.

45. The complete loss of the qualities of such an auxiliary interval will mean the full loss of real possibilities in the current incarnation to pass properly the mystery of the active modification in full compliance with the requirements of the Truth.

46. For in such circumstances, even if you continue to sufficiently correctly realize the truth of the efforts, which need to be made, when the hour of fulfillment of the necessary has struck you will be unable to do it.

47. Since, when you fall into the scorching breath of the fiery border, when exactly a true effort is needed to be made, you will be almost instantly blinded.

48. After which you will already obediently make the first steps as unworthy manifestations,

49. Which will right away inevitably lead to new spiritual losses.

50. So, from now on, become extremely vigilant and attentive all of you who are called up and responded with your heart to my Call.

51. From now on, you should learn in full measure to make efforts unthinkable for all of you so far,

52. Which at first will be displayed for you by a complicated sequence of great challenges with the passage of the special for you vitally important mysteries of fiery purification.

53. All of you, who accept me in their hearts and are ready to decently fulfill the Word of my Heavenly Father, from now on, are called up to cognize in full measure the fiery christening for the complete abandoning of their sins.

54. The forthcoming before the believers in the Truth of my Accomplishment sequence of fiery borders as a whole constitutes the essence of the Door in the Kingdom of the Truth of the Living God, the Great Heavenly Father of the human race.

55. And although this Door is able to let through itself all the mankind, verily I tell you: for the most of you it will seem extremely narrow.

56. But let your step do not falter, and the worthy effort not be lost!

57. In antiquity, during my First Accomplishment, I turned to some of you, saying: “If anyone wants to follow after me, deny yourself, take up your cross and follow me”.

58. And time has come for the devotees to cognize from now on the true fullness of what was once said.

59. What is to deny yourself, how not to reject completely what you’ve always falsely considered to be your true face.

60. During all the history of your existence each man falsely presupposes the formation into himself of a peculiar complex of ego-psychological attitudes as allegedly true formation of his real personality,

61. Manifesting at the same time his life activity in zealous devotional service to such conditional attitudes,

62. Having failed to worthily comprehend that in this manner he has accurately through his own hands chained himself tightly as a slave to the galleass of the king of the darkness.

63. Having formed in the essence of his inner world a mighty egoistic stronghold as a certain allegedly true foundation of personality, in the end, depending precisely on the manifestation of the regularities of egoism, man should inevitably put a ban on the invasion in his inner world to all his brethren,

64. Which has been intended to thoroughly protect his sensational world from probable, allegedly necessarily unfriendly efforts from outside.

65. Access to the inner world of such man have an extremely limited number of brethren, falling into the category of a friend.

66. But even in this case the access is in a way limited and is based only on the degree of confidence, that the one who comes into contact will necessarily respect and preserve what he is trusted to touch upon.

67. Where, violating such primitive conditions, a friend can easily become a non-friend.

68. Even if the efforts, violating these conditions, were actually bringing only life-saving benefit to the one, who passionately values these conditions.

69. Under such circumstances every effort of your soulmate, threatening the existence of even one single ego-psychological attitude, is taken as an attempt on the basis of the allegedly true prosperity, in which existence there is a particular egoistic interest.

70. And if at the threat of the existence of even one single ego-psychological attitude a friend, as a rule, becomes always a dangerous non-friend, then I verily tell you: my life manifestation in flesh is threatening immediately all abnormal egoistic psychological attitudes, on the basis of the great number of which proceed so far almost all your life manifestations.

71. Therefore the believers in the Truth of my Accomplishment should necessarily fully determine the chosen life road.

72. So that on the Road of Truth would remain just the ones, who are truly mature for the worthy fulfillment of what’s Predestined.

73. For it is impossible to comprehend the Road of Truth, infinitely indulging oneself only in empty sophistication and fantasies about something illusory-beautiful.

74. The Road of Truth, especially in the age of the present, deciding the fate of the human race Accomplishment, is above all titanic righteous toil for victory over oneself.

75. Which in the course of all your existence remained beyond your strengths, regardless of the loud names and titles that have burdened you.

76. In Truth I tell you, that you are even unable to imagine the whole difficulty, waiting for you on the Road of the Truth during this time period of your becoming.

77. And so, it would be greatest mistake to tempt you in order to artificially accelerate your arrival to the full-fledged comprehension of the Road of Truth.

78. For this reason I can only suggest to you to satisfy your life thirst with my life-giving Moisture.

79. And only the one, who has matured to the beginning of comprehension of that Blessing, would be able to feel inside a tender need to it.

80. But let him not miss this moment, betraying what’s God-given inside for the sake of false values.

81. Those who are eager to devote their life to dedicated service to the Truth of the worthy fulfillment of the Word of God from now on need to display a great willingness to apply all the necessary fullness of conscious and volitional efforts, as to reject from themselves all the false conventions, to which I will contrapose the true understanding.

82. Which in fact I should do almost against everything, that you created inside yourselves in the form of all sorts of false ego-psychological attitudes until my current active contact with your life.

83. This is precisely what is intended invariably and finally to lead the ones, who perceive decently my Word to spiritual birth for eternal life.

84. But this decent comprehension is possible only exclusively on the basis of the display of the true fullness of your Sacred Faith to my Word, to which Call your heart has once tenderly responded.

85. Remember, that when I contrapose any of your psychological conventions to the Truth, everyone who values his more than mine will not recognize me and will be unable to follow after me.

86. When you – with all your entity, through great efforts of righteous labour – completely acquire what’s mine, determined by my present Accomplishment, this will mean that the victorious moment has come, when the place, which has been occupied so far by the contingent prism of egoism, will be taken on merit by the crystal of spirit forever.

87. Instead of the prism of egoism, forcing man to perceive all the surrounding reality in a dangerously distorted sense for the true development of man himself, the crystal of spirit will be established forever, intended to make possible the perceiving of all the ongoing reality in the way, that should perceive it all children of the Great God on the road of accomplishing the predetermined mission in the Universe.

88. The coming of the significant victorious moment will determine the achieving of the called-up part of mankind of the level of beginning of normal life activity, predestined to the entire human race.

89. And then the long period of becoming, characterized by wild incessant shedding of blood and tears of the great multitude of wandering children of God, will finally come to an end.

90. The quality of consciousness and the sensitive world of all who have reached such a significant vital necessary level of the beginning of full-fledged life activity will reach full compliance with all the requirements of the predetermined Norm in this respect.

91. Whereas the manifestation of the qualities of the consciously-sensational foundation of man can be divided into three characteristic levels.

92. Level of the normal qualitative manifestation, which characteristic peculiarity is the circumstance, when the presence of just one conscious understanding of the necessity to perform a definite concrete true effort already creates in man’s essence a sustainable positive life activeness for accomplishing the necessary good deed.

93. That is, the driver of such activeness is the desire to perform only true efforts.

94. The two other levels constitute the essence of the period of becoming in the life activity of man and are basically equally characterized by the fact, that as a driving force for the manifestation of life activeness serves, in the first place, the understanding of the inevitable punishment for having derogated from performing of the true effort.

95. It means that the driver of such kind of activeness is mainly the unwillingness to face negative consequences.

96. Each of these two levels can be respectively conditionally defined as low primitive level and admissible level, which is transitive to the true characteristics of the level of the normal qualitative manifestation.

97. The primitive level of the quality of consciousness and the sensational world, to which now correspond the essence of life activity of almost all the representatives of human society on Mother-Earth, manifests itself by a characteristic feature of the emergence of unstable short-term life activeness in fulfillment of the necessary beneficence.

98. Besides the short-term feature completely depends on the existence of an obvious real probability of executing a certain punishing force against the one, who in the given conditions is continuously inclined to avoid the fulfillment of definite good rules, commandments or laws depending on the presence of primitive selfish interest in this.

99. The admissible level of manifestation of the quality of man’s essence is characterized by a duration of the action of the emerging life activeness in fulfilling the righteous efforts, which depends not on the probability of a near predetermined definite forceful punishment for a certain concrete violation, but on the depth of the realization that the unfulfillment of what’s true, once will inevitably bring certain unpleasant difficulties and even tragic consequences.