Chapter 7

And now the time has come! And, as much as it was possible, I gathered those who responded to the fulfilment of what’s predetermined for the Salvation of the human race.

2. Only to agree to fulfill and to begin the worthy fulfilment is not one and the same.

3. Who really – from the ones who believed in the Truth of my Being, as the live Word of the Great God – will fully commit to passing the borders of fiery christening, without releasing my hand?

4. In order to be revived to true life by purifying fire.

5. In order to, having decided to fully manifest the Sacred Faith in complete confidence, finally rise from the dead to all-flourishing eternal life.

6. For it is only the uniform live Word of God that is able to bring you forth through the Road of Truth.

7. Where should not just completely burn the pernicious impurities inside you,

8. But you should also show the true face of yours.

9. By which you should be recognized by the Universe.

10. Just get ready now to truly cultivate a lot of will and patience.

11. The Road, which are now going to walk the ones who are eager to finally get out of the common stream of the realm of power, is like some path, on which will occasionally, individually for everyone, flash a definite fiery segment with an unknown for the passenger length.

12. It will not be seen in advance by the one, who is walking, and he will suddenly observe it only when enters its burning breath.

13. And precisely from this instant it is necessary to begin making decisive true vitally important efforts.

14. Such an educational-cultivating mystery takes place also in naturally occurring conditions in the life activity of each man, creating for him natural conditions for semi-active modification.

15. But for those striving to follow the Word of God, the emerging of such fateful borders will proceed with a peculiar character and rhythm, manifesting itself in direct dependence of the favourable for your active rebirth energo-informational medium, created by my efforts.

16. And if in usual conditions, being in deep ignorance of the Truth, man, as a rule, does not respond correctly to such naturally occurring burning circumstances, this significantly extends in time the probability of the onset of the normal transformation of his inner world.

17. For sometimes for the independent acquiring of even a small positive wisdom man needs to use the life of the whole incarnation.

18. And for you, due to the efforts of the Great Heavenly Father, have been created the most favourable conditions for applying in the decisive moment the necessary vitally important efforts in full compliance with the laws of Truth,

19. Which I will abundantly form for your true Becoming as direct clues in regard with all key newly emerging vitally important difficulties.

20. At the same time, you should forever realize one particularly important circumstance, locked in the fact, that only the immediate beginning and development inside you of burning sensual experiences from the contact with any ongoing reality, creates the single favourable opportunity for real active modification of the qualities of your spiritual world either in the true direction, or in the opposite one.

21. The victorious, corresponding to the Truth action should necessarily be accomplished, until is proceeding the event, which arises negative experiences with the need to perform accordingly an effort in response.

22. Exactly in these crucial minutes, when inside you is increasingly excited the natural need to make an inherent to you effort , which, as a rule, will be dictated by the features of the unrestrained egoism, it is extremely necessary to come to your senses as soon as possible, trying to recall in your consciousness the blessed minutes of your merging with me with a hearted appeal to me.

23. Which is designed, in the first place, to protect you from the rapidly increasing blinding by the actively progressing negative emotions.

24. And this will already be a great victory for you, even if you cannot later correctly further determine the necessary practical efforts.

25. This is the single first step, solely from which one can move towards the achievement of a full victory over the display of any inner weakness.

26. The first step, which few of the today’s believers happened to be able to make in a worthy way.

27. The rest of the majority reacted quite superficially to my clues and, breaking themselves together on the quivering basis of their self-confidence, easily become unable to normally control their emotional egoistic manifestations.

28. When you begin to hold under due control the development of negative experiences in full confidence in the Leader, you should make every effort to possibly most decently and accurately carry out what’s necessary, in full compliance with the Teaching, which I am already forming and will continue permanently to do this, regarding various vitally important for you circumstances.

29. You should remember, that as soon as you suddenly and unexpectedly find yourself into the next conditionally pronounced fiery segment, a vitally important decisive task for you should also become the attempt not to consider the pain of the singed egoism of higher significance than your Sacred faith.

30. Otherwise you will allow the pain to blind you, after which, losing the control over your emotional display, you will obediently perform the effort, dictated to you by the consciousness being under the complete impact of your affected egoism.

31. Which will be displayed by unworthy for the believer manifestations either only in the thoughts, or in thoughts and words, or also through rude physical efforts with the natural consequently inevitable related physiological deviation in the direction of self-destruction.

32. Remember that if, having fallen into the fiery purifying segment of singed egoism, you put the pain of the singed egoism in significance above you Sacred Faith, then you will necessarily cease movement into the required direction.

33. Your movement will turn into a state of chaotic jumping from side to side in search of quick relief of the painful experiences.

34. And then the fallen weak believers will try to reach such relief through the naturally inherent to egoism step of active condemnation of the source, having allegedly created an insurmountable obstacle, diligently emphasizing in all possible ways the allegedly present in it negative qualities.

35. And this will mean, that the common stream of the realm of power is still succeeding to hold such fallen person in the direction of its movement.

36. As a result once again you lose for an indefinite time the opportunity to actually modify yourself qualitatively in the necessary true direction, concerning a definite concrete side of your inner world.

37. That is why, having fallen again in the segment of the crucial fateful fiery border, you have to not just necessarily preserve positive control over your inner impulses and efforts, which should be always facilitated by holding in the consciousness the minutes of your blessed merging with the Teacher as an unshakable basement, but also to necessarily really, practically make every effort in the direction, accurately marked by guidelines of the Teacher himself.

38. When a certain part of your body contacts the fire, then, sensing the burning, you abruptly pull this part out of the fire.

39. This is reasonable and necessary, for the painful signal has warned about a violation of the established by Nature norm in the life of the cells of your body.

40. But if this concerns the pain from the singed egoism, then you should by no means try to get rid of the scorching breath.

41. For if such fire has touched you, then in any case you won’t be already able to get rid of the painful experiences quickly,

42. Moreover during the time, when the very circumstance, creating the burning breath is still proceeding.

43. And therefore in this case decisive for your fate circumstance will be the character of the efforts, which you will make under the influence of the painful experience.

44. And if you are primarily obsessed by the egoistic idea how to faster and more conveniently get out of the scorching environment, then you will necessarily begin to notice in the first place only the related landmarks, which are inherent to the features of the common stream of the realm of power.

45. Be at such decisive moments extremely vigilant and attentive!

46. For precisely at these moments begins the resolution of the true prosperity of your life manifestation in general.

47. If the abnormally overgrown sprouts of egoism began to burn, then the more they will burn, the less will be left from what is necessary to burn out completely, in order to give way to the cultivation of truly blessed fruits.

48. The believer – having affirmed himself also by this perception of such a natural regularity, which will additionally help to protect from the egoistic reaction aimed at just relieving the painful sensitive experience – should necessarily begin with all his carefulness and patience to discover the landmarks of the Truth and to worthily fulfil the laws, determined for the true overcoming of the given fiery experience.

49. The true life effort, intended to actually and actively modify qualitatively the inner world of man in the necessary righteous direction, should be expressed by the attempt to correctly pass through the mystery of the fiery purification, and not in striving by all means to avoid it or get rid of it with the false understanding that in this way will be allegedly saved the true personal basis, without which will be supposedly impossible to live.

50. Such a righteous, required from the believers effort will always very quickly give a blessed fruit,

51. In the benefit of which you do not need to be convinced, for, having lived the necessary life until these days, you will be easily able to independently determine the true value of this fruit.

52. Which so far just some of you could already eloquently see, deciding decently to do a move in accordance with the Truth, which I give to you.

53. But remember, that the victorious righteous step, actively transforming your sensitive world, multiplying spirituality, is really possible, exclusively when the fiery border is still continuing to directly scorch you.

54. If you undertake steps incompatible with the Truth for solving the emerging life task and it has solved by itself through its natural transformation into another life circumstance, releasing you temporarily from the next fiery experience, then in your sensitive world can be for a long time preserved a peculiar fiery trace,

55. Which feature will consist of a negative environment, which will not allow for a long period of time to grow in this place any beneficial sprout.

56. The painful experience of the harmed place can be significantly relieved by correct comprehension of the manifested inside you mistake, and the relief can be further reinforced by the emerging hope that in the next similar situation the right step can be made.

57. But regardless of the fact how deeply and widely you have succeeded to comprehend the character of the mistake you have made and the true nature of the steps, necessary for the worthy resolution of a certain circumstance, such work done on the level of consciousness facilitates the creation of only auxiliary psychological conditions, conducive to the probable performing of the victorious step.

58. To really change the quality of your inner world in the right direction by such conscious efforts is impossible.

59. Despite the quality of the theoretically acquired correct understanding, you will as previously retain the probability of repeating exactly the same or a similar mistake.

60. The crucial educational-instructive events always occur in full dependence on the quality of life dialogue of the bearer of versatile mind with the energetic manifestations of the surrounding reality, which are always based on the sustainable regularities of the Balance of Nature’s Harmony.

61. The perceiving of a certain sequence of such events in the period of becoming from the level of the Norm to the level of the beginning of full-fledged activity of the versatile mind of the inanimate bearers of such reasonable peculiarities can proceed either in conditions of natural passive character, or in the conditions of semi-active ones.

62. The conditions of natural passive character are characterized exclusively by an independent passage of such vital necessary period of the beginning its road of becoming young civilization of the versatile mind.

63. The conditions of semi-active character are displayed by partially admissible auxiliary intervention of a more advanced civilization in the life activity of the young civilization, thereby somewhat activating artificially the auspiciousness of perceiving the educational-instructive period.

64. And if the inanimate bearers of the versatile mind initially have in the basis of their entity everything necessary for an independent favourable becoming in the period, leading to the level of the beginning of full-fledged activity, then in the essence of the characteristic entity of man such necessary qualities are not to be found.

65. That’s why in equal conditions of life manifestation with the inanimate bearers of the versatile mind, the civilization of the human race would be doomed to a rather early degeneration.

66. Having created from the peculiarities of his Spirit the specific qualities of the spiritual tissue, intended to constitute the basis and the true essence of man, the Heavenly Father in this way endowed the human soul with the features of immortality, thanks to which the Great God created for each of you a real opportunity to pass the period of becoming through repeated incarnations for the most favourable sequence of cognition of the next short-term characteristic life fate,

67. Taking into account – for the benefit of the development of each of you – the characteristic qualities of the consciousness of the newly born natural organism and the future educational environment, both of the period of development of the children and youth, and all the most probable educational-instructive lessons, inherent in the life path exactly of this newly born organism.

68. Considering also the peculiarly blossoming egoistic features of man, the Heavenly Father allowed the ignorant of the Truth mankind to manifest in different social formations quite a lot of essentially diverse and opposite in meaning vital psychological attitudes.

69. Thanks to which were formed the necessary conditions, used by the Great Father through the regularities of repeated reincarnations to help you gradually burn out the redundant and dangerous, with natural accumulation at the same time of the necessary experience and wisdom, in spite of the still negligent – out of ignorance – life efforts of man himself.

70. And regardless of whether a man remembers with his new consciousness the experience from his past incarnation or not, the life manifestations in the new incarnation always undergo both certain impacts of past life experience, if there has been one, preserved in the core of the soul through a specific mystery, and also the impact of various characteristics, which obtained in itself the new natural organism from some representatives of its ancestral line.

71. It is precisely the right combination of what is locked in the soul and what bears the newly born natural organism, that constitutes the main decisive active foundation, on which the spiritual world of a certain man is intended to form.

72. The Heavenly Father, skillfully controlling such kind of combinations, which take place only by His Will, is wisely outplaying to the benefit of His children the various predispositions and attachments, that they display during their life.

73. If a man has conceived and began to develop dangerous forms of false attachment, then he will be pushed at first – through diverse instructive marking life circumstances – to independently apply consciously-volitional efforts to overcome the development of destructiveness in his inner world.

74. And if he refuses to apply independently the necessary for him life-saving efforts, then in his next incarnation he should inevitably fall under conditions, which will forcefully destroy the already established in man’s inner world dangerous form of false attachment.

75. But even if due to the blessed efforts of the Heavenly Father, extremely wisely considering the naturally occurring sequence of real circumstance, it becomes possible to create for every man favourable conditions for passage of the cleansing borders, then through the efforts of the very man the mystery of fiery purification takes place in an extremely restrained and distorted regime.

76. For in any case, finding himself into the segment of painful for the egoism experiences, man inevitably tries to make the so far naturally immanent to his quality move, necessarily pleasing the egoism and absolutely unfavourable for the beginning of true development.

77. Helping you, when necessary, to fully plunge for another time into a definite characteristic living environment, the infinitely loving you Heavenly Father is teaching you by showing things.

78. Which in the period of roughly-primitive life activity of the young mankind is the single auxiliary condition, contributing to the formation of a favourable sensationally-conscious foundation of man, for the beginning of an active vitally important modification of man’s qualities in full compliance with the requirements of the Truth.

79. And this is possible only during that beneficial for this period, when still continuing to teach his children by showing things, the Great god will start teaching by telling things.

80. For which according to His Will within the human race should be manifested in a living, real way the Word of God.

81. Which will begin to directly and concretely determine all the necessary guidelines and laws, for everyone who has matured to fulfill what’s true.

82. The long duration of the significantly prolonged period of formation of favourable sensationally-conscious basis of man fully depends on the applying of the opposite in meaning efforts of the Heavenly Father and of man, intended for the good of man himself.

83. At the same time the Great god creates the auxiliary conditions for the possibly most favourable spiritual formation, and the actual modification of the entity of man is possible only through his own consciously-volitional efforts, and therefore, the decisive activeness and final result of the life manifestation entirely depend on the man himself.

84. Such a significantly stretched over time period, lasting until my current Accomplishment, is characterized by conditions of semi-active inhibition, intended to facilitate not just the possible partial containment of the persistent striving of the young mankind to move further away from Harmony,

85. But also contributing to the accumulation of man of those necessary spiritual values, based solely on which man acquires the possibility to shift to conditions of active inhibition and active completion of the formation with transition to the level of the beginning of the predetermined full-fledged activity.

86. The passage by mankind of the peculiar period of becoming, characteristic exactly for its life activity, can proceed favourably only on the basis of certain conditions, purposefully created for this by the Great God.

87. It was predetermined that these special conditions were manifested by two peculiarities: natural semi-active and active.

88. The natural passive conditions of passing through the period of becoming, which is possible for the inanimate bearers of the versatile mind as a completely independent life manifestation, are absolutely impossible for the representatives of mankind.

89. And if the period of becoming and full-fledged development of any young civilization of inanimate bearers of the versatile mind can take place either only in conditions of natural passive, or only semi-active character, or in conditions of the periodical combination of those two,

90. Then the period of becoming, as well as the further full-fledged development of the young human race, can proceed only in conditions of a periodical combination of natural semi-active and active character.

91. Where only in the period of the beginning of the becoming of mankind such conditions are additionally characterized by the features of inhibition.

92. The natural conditions, forming the mystery of semi-active inhibition, are characterized mainly by the fact, that on the one side, the Great God – without directly touching the consciousness of man, but considering most wisely all the negative predispositions of his evolving essence – silently gives man a life path with most favourable for him sequence of characteristic educational and instructive lessons.

93. Whereas, on the other hand, man himself would make – being ignorant of God’s Truth – greatest consciously-volitional efforts, in order to – as soon as possible and in the most advantageous way for his egoism – avoid and get rid of the carefully provided to him against his will salvational decisive borders of fiery purification.

94. Without mentioning the rare individual exceptions of sufficiently correct life efforts in some isolated circumstances in the life of decent aspirants, one can say, that man, displaying his life activity under the full dependence of such condition, created by the Heavenly Father, so far always and in everything, which in fact is being created for the good of his preservation and development, applies consciously-volitional efforts of the opposite meaning.

95. And so, the victorious result of the contact with the sequent educational and instructive life lesson fully depends on the difference of the value of the efforts of the Heavenly Father for the good of man, and the opposite efforts of the ignorant man (see Fig. 11).

96. At the same time, each educational and instructive circumstance, foreseen by the Great God, which He provides for a man to enter, is in itself a definite auxiliary positive value, directed to the good of the development of every man, who finds himself into the given life circumstance.

97. Which allows not only to significantly neutralize the value of the negative manifestation, to which man is mostly predisposed, but also helps him to gain auxiliary values for the beginning of the spiritual becoming in conditions of sufficient for this definite positive aspiration in the life efforts of the man himself.

98. Where above all, such positive endeavor should imply the independent effort to restrain one’s own negative display, to which one has complete predisposition to break down.

99. And the figuratively mentioned auxiliary positive value is characterized by life circumstance, in which the negative manifestation of man anyway will invariably play for everybody some favourable role, the benefit from which contemporary man’s consciousness cannot comprehend,

100. In connection with the inability to possess the full necessary accurate information about this.

101. In this case, taking into account the characteristic peculiarity of the existence of mankind during all its history till the present day in the atmosphere of the considered condition of semi-active inhibition, where the majority will still continue to stay for a certain admissible period of time, now you can already correctly understand, that all the good grains, which were acquired by man so far, were still gained not through the efforts of man himself, but due to the greatest care of the Great God, the Father of mankind, which He displays at every instant through meticulous vigilant labour for your Salvation and Becoming.

102. Verily I say to you: not a single hair can fall from your head without the knowledge of your Father in Heaven.