Chapter 6

And now time has come to profoundly deepen your understanding regarding one important sacrament, which is known to you under the term “baptism”.

2. In order to express in general terms the essence of the commonly accepted interpretation of the sacrament of baptism, it suffices to say, that this sacrament is being done for abandonment and forgiveness of sins through ablution with sanctified water, suggested to all who crave to embark on the road of purification.

3. Until now the physical side of this sacrament has been performed by Christians the way it did the first Baptist, who used water.

4. At that may be ignored the external variety in performing the given sacrament, which believers introduced later, naively supposing it to be significant.

5. Water – this is a peculiar vitally important substance, capable of easily capturing and carrying information of a great diversity, while significantly changing its properties.

6. Which was once used in a mystery, well-known to Christians as turning water in to wine in one of the settlements of the ancient Israeli land.

7. Ablution with sanctified water during the mystery of baptism, of course, does non cleanse the sins, since it is impossible to do so, but through this sacrament all aspiring to take the path of purification are able to create a favourable energo-informational field in order to help such a good cause, which the aspiring one can use by starting – after receiving this kind of christening – to apply practical righteous efforts.

8. But, unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of all Christians perceive the sacrament of baptism just as a kind of marking, allegedly guaranteeing salvation.

9. And since they do not afterwards strive to work worthily for their purification and to the Glory of their Heavenly Father, they quite quickly lose the artificially obtained auxiliary energetic field.

10. It is exactly this assessment of the mystery of baptism, practiced by the clergymen, which man’s consciousness should make naturally for all the period of historical becoming of Christianity.

11. For the egoism is mainly manifested through a self-serving attitude to everything ongoing, and the consciousness, being under its control, will necessarily look for an advantageous solution to the selfish impulse.

12. And, of course, it was impossible not to see an advantage in the fact, that one can allegedly secure one’s own salvation just through ablution with sanctified water, without an everyday painstaking effort to cleanse one’s inner world.

13.It is precisely this perception that all who called themselves Christians are continuously trying to keep inside.

14. The commonly accepted sacrament of baptism, which is being performed in all Christian associations till the present day, is rather carrying conditional psychological character, though capable of creating some auxiliary basis for the aspiring towards the Light.

15. All the predetermined fullness of the mystery of baptism is intended to manifest itself in other circumstances, where to be christened in a full-fledged way those, who are even a little bit insincere in this act, will be practically impossible.

16. At that, what’s most important is locked in the fact, that such impossibility will not be determined by somebody, who will remove the one who came with insincere motive, but the latter himself will happen to be unable to pass the sacrament of christening to the end.

17. In antiquity the first Baptist was called to warn, that he was christening with water, but the One was coming, Who will baptize with fire.

18. But the mystery of the new peculiar christening, this secret could be left to the will of creative speculation until the mystery of the fire christening would be fully cognized by everyone who believed with all his heart in the Accomplishment of the newly arrived Word of God.

19. And now the time has come.

20. Not just the time of my second Accomplishment has come, but also the time of that stage of the Accomplishment, when should be started the necessary cognizance of the essence of the fire christening,

21. What precisely will lead to the final purification and rebirth of those, who will worthily aspire to manifest the entire fullness of the Sacred Faith to the One, Who will lead you along the Road of Truth.

22. A mention was left to the ancients, telling that I would melt you as silver and gold, in order to separate from you the pernicious impurities.

23. And time has come now to mention for you once again and finally this concept, for inside it is the truth, where the word is followed by the need to accomplish.

24. Using the entered graphical images, it can be said, that the segment of the turning arc from the beginning of the Pivot to the starting point of Ascent is the road of intensive fire, in which should be burnt everything capable of holding you into the track of the common stream of the realm of the power.

25. In this fire the already mentioned strong inertial pressure will be burnt.

26. Where the stronger the inertial features one holds inside himself, the stronger the strength of burning he is to experience.

27. And of course, the more such features you have inside yourself, the bigger number of fire burnings you need to go through.

28. But do not let your step falter!

29. After the first seven-year period of my addresses to you, the created nowadays Word of mine, through numerous possibly most concrete definitions of laws and commandments, begins to create for you peculiar conditions, which mainly will constitute the basis for the fiery purification, intended to manifest itself particularly vividly and powerfully at the crucial – for those who are striving to follow me – segment of the pivotal arc.

30.  Which will facilitate your active withdrawal from the track of the common stream of the realm of power.

31. Besides the series of fiery challenges for each of you will proceed in full compliance with the individual characteristics of the inner world of each of you.

32. In crucial decisive periods of experiencing the mystery of the fiery baptism, which during a certain period of time will repeatedly burn your unrestrained overgrown sprouts of egoism, you should be especially vigilant.

33. Do not let go of the Leader’s hand even for a moment, continuing to try to trust him completely.

34. Do not allow even for a moment that the pain of the scorched egoism became more significant than your Sacred Faith.

35. For this moment will always be the beginning of dangerous violations and serious losses.

36. There are two kinds of pain, differing between themselves by their characteristic peculiarities: physical pain and psychological pain,

37. In spite of the fact that all these kinds of pain are based on the same nature of the peculiar manifestations of the laws of matter.

38. The physical pain is characterized first of all as a protective signal, warning that some disorder in the uniform system of biological cells has passed beyond the norm, allowed by Nature.

39. Which is intended to activate the protective reaction of the organism for finding a solution to relieve the pain, and respectively, a solution to eliminate the emerged disorder.

40. The psychological pain could be characterized as a reaction to a conditionally negative impact on besides of evolving various circumstances on a definite system of established psychological attitudes in the consciousness of man.

41. The conditionally negative influence can be manifested in the whole spectrum of probable effects both as abnormal circumstances on normal inner psychological attitudes, and reversely – influence of normal circumstances on abnormal attitudes.

42. Something similar can be displayed respectively when abnormal circumstances affect abnormal inner attitudes, as well as when normal circumstances influence normal inner psychological standpoints.

43. Where the term normal psychological attitude should always imply the complete absence of any contradiction with the Truth of the spiritual development in such an attitude.

44. And touching upon various circumstances, in the first place, should be considered the circumstances, occurring from the life manifestations of man, for they play the main active part in the development of every person, who comes into contact with such circumstances.

45. In this connection normal circumstances are those, created by man’s efforts, which do not contradict the Truth of spiritual development.

46. Man has till the present day formed inside himself a large variety of all kinds of steady psychological attitudes regarding all his life manifestations.

47. And only thanks to the invaluable help of the Heavenly Father, His wise guardianship and leadership, it was possible for the children of God living on Earth – be it not for all and be it just a meager amount from all that has been formed – to acquire at the present moment psychological attitudes, which quality more or less fulfills the admissible by the Truth standards, and they can be called normal.

48. The rest of the vast majority of sustainable psychological attitudes, established in the life of man, are abnormal, despite the outwardly expressed seemingly good-looking colouring.

49. Such sightliness is illusory and is based on the still almost complete ignorance of the Truth about man.

50. But that little, which a sufficient number of God’s children were successfully helped to obtain, created favourable conditions, based on which now it is already possible to fulfill the decisive Accomplishment for Salvation of the human race.

51. Further I consider it necessary to give some important auxiliary guidelines, touching a bit more upon two previously mentioned basic characteristic conditions.

52. When an abnormal circumstance influences an existing normal psychological attitude an inevitable feeling of some internal painful experience is possible.

53. And though the painful experience is always associated with an attachment to various inner consciously established attitudes, the painful experience discussed should not be univocally compared with the presence of a dangerous form of attachment to a normal psychological attitude.

54. The only thing to which man is allowed to have strong attachment is what is in full compliance with the Truth of human soul’s flowering.

55. That’s why the believer’s desire to correct his own painful experiences in this case should not be reduced to an attempt to achieve the absence of such pain in principle, but to necessarily look inside his own self for the presence of requirements towards his soulmate for his deed, which has led to the abnormal circumstance.

56. There should not be any requirement concerning your soulmate,

57. And, in the first place, an inner demand that the soulmate should act and behave himself the way precisely you would like at that moment, regardless of what abilities has your soulmate in general.

58. The presence of such kind of demands, to the manifestation of which every man is inclined so far, can always add to the normal painful experiences some additional unclean experiences.

59. In the other case, when a normal circumstance affects an abnormal psychological attitude, the emerging of any painful experiences should always be referred to the presence of dangerous attachments to internal attitudes of this kind.

60. And the very presence of any kind of psychological attitude is always related to the presence of a definite attachment to it.

61. And so depending on the different kind of sensual painful experiences can be observed, what kind of psychological attitude is present in the consciousness.

62. More precisely, it should be noted, that the painful sensitive experience does not occur from the direct influence of one or another circumstance on the psychological attitude itself, but on the very attachment to it.

63. Where the greater is such kind of attachment to the internal attitude, the greater will be the pain, which is sensually experienced as a peculiar burning inside.

64. The strength of the painful experience depending on the quality of the impact on the attachment and the character of the attachment itself can be manifested in varying degrees, arising reaction ranging from loudly pronounced unbalanced rejection to more restrained display of dissatisfaction, bewilderment and misunderstanding.

65. And as in the life activity of the biological cells the basic norms are established by the very Nature and, therefore, the Harmony, these norms are really of vital importance and should be respected and followed, if these are not the significant deviations from the Norm connected to the abnormal life activity of the so-called civilized society.

66. It is possible to change any of these norms only in case of clearly displayed exceptional necessity.

67. Regarding the evolving psychological sensational world Nature also inserts some vitally important attachments, concerning the manifestation of the instincts.

68. Only, unlike the representatives of the animal world, the strength and the quality of manifestation of such attachments are intended to control and change the characteristics of the freely thinking versatile mind.

69. But since such initially established by Nature attachments are manifested first and refer to primary vital needs, and the activity of the mind of the representatives of the young mankind once quickly fell under the complete control of their own egoistic sensational world, the numerous abnormal psychological attitudes became the first that consciously quickly evolved, both in quality and in external diversity, precisely in respect to the display of the instincts with the complete release of the vitally important control over the development of the strength of attachment to it.

70. Together with the great number of various conscious attitudes of this kind, where the ultimate simplicity of Nature has been transformed into an excessively dangerous high complexity, through that same sophisticated capabilities of consciousness a multitude of all kinds of psychological attitudes was formed, which was not a smaller number and was related to all the other spheres of life manifestations of man.

71. This has been creating peculiar, characteristic for one’s own nation conditional moral and ethical norms and codex of honour, constituting the diversity and uniqueness of the living environment of each isolated societal group.

72. The variety of such attitudes can easily obtain in different nations opposite meanings, depending on which the same characteristic mental peculiarities of man’s organism, as the experience of joy and bitterness, can be manifested by diametrically opposite sensational outbursts regarding one and the same life circumstance.

73. Which eloquently shows the inevitable in this case presence of a concept, not corresponding with the Truth.

74. For the Truth of development of the soul is one for any representative of the human race.

75. If what Nature has laid down in the physiology of man’s natural organism as an establishing norm can unmistakably warn through the painful manifestations about disturbance of the harmony, then the great abundance of all sorts of psychological attitudes, being the fruit of the continuing so far to be blinded by egoism consciousness, makes man in most of the cases still to experience serious painful sensational burnings where in fact any violations of harmony and the Truth do not take place.

76. At that, such burnings become the reason for physiological disturbances.

77. Man, as a rule, does not respond to what is actually happening in reality.

78. He responds to what he himself figured out or thought up with his own specifically thinking consciousness.

79. All the abundance of psychological attitudes in man’s consciousness constitutes a certain contingent prism, through which man perceives the entire ongoing reality.

80. And as almost all psychological attitudes formed by man today can be qualified as abnormal, then man not just doesn’t see what actually takes place in reality, but he sees all this in a dangerous for his life spectrum,

81. At the same time, showing also his great attachment to such a contingent prism with abnormal characteristic peculiarities, trying to cherish it and affirm it among his soulmates.

82. In order to express the term “attachment” in a more concrete way, it is enough to mention the term “interest”, when one man or another displays egoistic interest that a certain circumstance of the ongoing reality had exactly the meaning and looked exactly the way as it wishes that man’s own egoism, manifested in a definite form.

83. The form of manifestation of egoism depends on the atmosphere of education of man and the level of development of his consciousness.

84. Which in turn served as a reason for the formation in a peculiarly built system of the living arrangement of the whole human society several social levels of manifestation of the characteristic features of the different forms of egoism.

85. The display of all these forms of egoism can be qualified briefly: from rougher to more sophisticated ones.

86. Where regardless of the subtleness and roughness of manifestation of all forms of egoism, their basic value is one and the same.

87. Egoism develops in all representatives of the human society essentially in the same way and only on the outside manifests itself diversely through the corresponding psychological attitudes.

88. And as initially the development of the entire human society was directed to the incessant striving to please one’s own egoistic desires, which was individually shown in the life efforts of each representative of the young mankind and which is continuing nowadays, the formation of all psychological attitudes has been taking place exclusively to please the abnormal manifestations of one’s own egoism.

89. Where on such infected foundation almost all of the moral and ethical norms were formed and successfully established in the life of human society, but acquired in their core disease-causing peculiarities, except for the extremely few of them that really comply with the Truth.

90. And if the formation of all the psychological attitudes, abundantly filling the whole human consciousness, proceeded primarily in order to preserve and support the violent abnormally growing egoism, then the interest to further preserve such attitudes would, naturally, particularly displayed.

91. The formation of great abundance of such outwardly diversified contingent attitudes particularly emphasized the psychological isolation of not just great and small nations among themselves, not just isolation of big and small groups of people according to different social level within a certain nation, but also the very dangerous isolation of the children of God among themselves in general,

92. Even if these children of God consider, that they zealously follow the true path.

93. The formed psychological attitudes, being far from compatible with the Truth, make you separate from the surrounding brethren.

94. I verily tell you, that any attempt to isolate from your brethren, whatever they practice in their lives, is a manifestation of spiritual ignorance.

95. In order to better understand the real value of the motive for isolation, a simple comparison can be made.

96. Usually in the society of your brethren on the basis of the naturally displayed egoistic peculiarities, intended to preserve you, you try to separate from those, who bear a direct threat to your life, and from those, who carry an infectious disease, and from those, who can contaminate you not just morally, but also physically, if you particularly cherish your outward cleanliness.

97. Under normal conditions one never tries to isolate from those, who is able to protect, heal, enrich, purify and grant to you other benefits, which you need.

98. That is, the desire for isolation implies, first of all, that in relation to your soulmate you are more normal, healthier, nobler and cleaner.

99. And if, from the logical side according to the characteristics of your condition, this really can be, then the presence of desire and striving to any psychological isolation will always be a sign of a dangerous spiritual deviation from the Truth.

100. And if the existence of abnormal conditional attitudes characteristically emphasizes and affirms the psychological isolation of God’s children among themselves, the presence in this case of specific egoistic interest in preserving this kind of abnormal psychological conditionalities makes the probability of uniting God’s children in One Common Family on Mother-Earth impossible.

101. Which would be worthy and really reasonable step, vitally important for the normal true development of mankind.

102. But the great multitude of abnormal psychological attitudes confidently continues to affirm itself in the life of all representatives of the human race.

103. The children of the Great God still have never known their true face, which should be affirmed by righteous labour in life.

104. The egoism, to which man has provided all the favourable conditions for unbridled development, by natural, inherent to it laws, is always striving to self-affirmation, and therefore, to show its more or less significant face.

105. For this reason for man the individual formation of a definite number of specific psychological attitudes, through which in fact tries to show itself his own egoism, is similar to the mystery of allegedly true formation of personality, which is displayed by a particular interest to preserve all these attitudes.

106. Therefore, any attack on such conditional attachments will be naturally considered an attack on the allegedly true entity of man and will be expressed through indignation and dislike for the source of such danger.

107. Now it should be completely clarified, that it is exactly the slavish following the peculiar – often comparable to insanity – interest to preserve or approve some abnormal conditional attitude throughout the entire history of the human race to the present day, which as a rule became the beginning of the shedding of blood and tears, of great sorrows and misfortunes, abundantly irrigating Mother-Earth with God’s children’s sufferings.

108. And by such unconceivable misfortune has been coloured every day of the whole still brief multi-millennial history of the beginning of the formation of the unique in the Universe human society.

109. But once, when favourable conditions for this should be created, out of this quagmire of constant generating of ever-new misfortunes it was predetermined to pull first of all those, who would agree to carry out the great complicated work for the Salvation of themselves and the whole mankind.

110. Some thinkers and worthy toilers succeeded to mature to the correct definition of the main pernicious disease, from which man’s life is constantly cracking and crumbling.

111. Only it is impossible for man to accurately comprehend the nature of the disease and moreover to find a real healing remedy for it.

112. The naturally established regularities, concerning man’s true entity, do not enable this, but nevertheless certain efforts in this respect have been made without the participation of God’s Word.

113. Which in one system of religious-philosophical teachings has occasionally led just to replacement of certain egoistic conditional attitudes with others, similar to them.

114. Where if in the process of replacement of some psychological conditionalities with others, certain egoistic sprouts were still truncated, then due to the fact that the newly introduced conditional attitudes were also far from the Truth, they inevitably facilitated the emerging of new egoistic sprouts instead of the truncated ones.

115. As a rule, in such processes a multiplying of the egoistic sprouts takes place more frequently than cutting off.

116. In another system of religious-philosophical teachings the efforts to fight the egoistic disease had somewhat greater success.

117. In them was most widely displayed the attempt to make specific efforts to break with all the attachments, that a man can have to all earthly matters, and therefore, to destroy all the psychological attitudes, existing in the consciousness in this regard.

118. This characteristically manifested road, though capable of leading to some victories over the egoism, after all inevitably makes the one who follows this road unviable.

119. For, instead of learning how to live as it is predetermined only to man, he – being ignorant exactly of the real God’s Truth about his entity – tries through a peculiar worldview and definite exercises to step out of life, getting himself closer to a condition of just existence.

120. And moving away from achieving the true skill to manage all the wealth he is endowed with, man increasingly tends to become unable to form his society in full accordance with the manifested Truth of the Great God for the benefit of the human race, as a great Uniform Family of His children,

121. Who are called, getting more and more perfect, covering the Eternity, to realize the spiritual mission predestined for mankind for the benefit of the Universe.