Chapter 4

The soul, beginning to cognize the mystery of the first incarnation, for the good of its own development should first fill the bodily vessel, which at birth is most consistent by quality with the requirements of Norm’s level.

2. In connection with the complete absence in this case of any life experience, the soul does not create in the sensitive world of man any additional sensational attraction to any life efforts.

3. But, being incarnated into a natural organism, the soul through its characteristic force significantly increases the manifestation of natural instinctively-egoistic sensual peculiarities,

4. Which begin in the first place to create in man a brightly manifested natural egoistic sensational inclination to the constant satisfaction of, above all, exclusively egoistic needs.

5. From which the soul inevitably begins to accumulate quickly negative life experience in the form of numerous sensual attachments to false values.

6. Considering the quality of such accumulated false attachments, the Great Heavenly Father allows you to cognize the mystery of the next incarnation in such family and in such life circumstances, which will have a healing effect on the previously acquired dangerous attachments, with the necessary reminders at the right moment about due gaining a more correct understanding of the ongoing reality.

7. The life activity of each human society manifests itself so far in one false characteristic direction, which, naturally, creates a definite psychological environment for the successful advancement in the wrong direction of each person, constituting this society.

8. And as the reincarnated soul has already a negative life experience, this begins to create an additional negative attraction to the already existing natural ego-sensual attraction.

9. Such additional negative attraction will be displayed with an increasing strength at every new incarnation, if the previous incarnations have so far led only to a progressive acquirement of negative life experience.

10. In such circumstances a man naturally acquires a predisposition to increasingly rapid accumulation of the negative and to imminent death.

11. But it is precisely because of the specific outplaying by the Heavenly Father of the life circumstances of man through the mystery of reincarnation the Great God is continuously creating for his children vitally important auxiliary conditions, which are able to significantly restrain the probable rapidity of spiritual downfall, and hence the falling of vitality.

12. Where at each new incarnation, when the life experience has negative orientation only, it is allowed to be acquired a natural organism with existing, laid down at birth negative deviations, in order that the various deviations of this kind also create the necessary subsidiary restraint (see Fig. 9).

13. Based on the above graphical illustration of one of the combinations of manifestation of a series of reincarnations where the final result is life experience with changing qualities, we can note that in the period of progressive acquiring of negative life experience in the environment of carefully created by the Great God conditions of restraining from rapid spiritual falling, nevertheless, with each new incarnation is inevitably manifested an ever-increasing prevalence of negative final effect,

14. The increase of which to the critical line will bring the quality of the soul to the final loss of the need for a new incarnation.

15. For the quality of the soul will completely lose any probability of positive change.

16. And this means, that any natural organism of the existing human society, acquiring a soul with such a negative quality, will inevitably find itself unable in any circumstances to cope with the powerful pressure of the additional negative inclination.

17. Besides the line of predominance of the negative final effect in the series of reincarnations of the life fate of any soul, there can be also manifested a line of an ever-increasing prevalence of positive final effect, which illustrates the positive change of the quality of the soul with ever-increasing accumulation of positive life experience in it.

18. Such a favourable positive change begins in one of the incarnations close to the end of the life fate of this incarnation.

19. After which the positive life experience emerged in the core of the soul in the next incarnation will respectively begin to affect through an additional characteristic sensual propensity, creating more favourable conditions for an even earlier inclining to the manifestation of ever-increasing positive efforts.

20. Where under the influence of the unusually full freedom of choice, which possess only the representatives of mankind and which differs from the allegedly full freedom of choice, possessed by all inanimate representatives of the versatile mind, man can in his next incarnation either lose the acquired positive, or multiply it.

21. But as one gains more and more positive life experience, the probability to lose it in the medium of supportive conditions, created by the All-Loving Heavenly Father to the good of his children, will decrease.

22. The manifested line, illustrating the ever-increasing positive final effect, is not a line, showing the presence of ascent.

23. And as long as a line of this kind is manifested lower than the contingent Norm’s level, this line will illustrate just an ever-progressing deceleration under conditions of moderate falling.

24. When there’s a great activity of the manifested propensity for self-destruction in man’s nature the regularity of reincarnation creates the most moderate falling of vitality as a whole and for the whole human society on Mother-Earth.

25. Where also the predominance of negative final effect in the life activity of the representatives of mankind creates the greatest acceleration, possible in the conditions of moderate falling, and the predominance of the positive creates an additional deceleration.

26. But in the existing circumstances of the manifested quality of mankind’s life activity till the present time the process of falling of the level of life activity continues to proceed in the former unchanged direction.

27. And above all, due to the fact that the entire most active thinking part of the society, striving to occupy the key positions in the formation of the organizational and governance structures of its society, in the process of the entire duration of the formation of one’s own authority in a series of various competitive clashes of the egoism of different persons among themselves, inevitably, in ignorance of the Truth, acquires vividly expressed forms of powerful egoism.

28. Which never contributes to the development of more and more correct perception of the reality of the Laws of Harmony,

29. But always creates negatively-biased attitude towards everything around, pushing towards activities from the position of satisfaction of the egoistic interest of one’s own instincts and vanity.

30. Which always will, as a mandatory rule, be hidden behind slogans – of good aspirations and, if possible, expressed in global categories.

31. And a characteristic feature of the display of this dangerous form of egoism in all seekers of some conditional justice, densely coloured by that same egoism, is the presence both in the natural manifestations of the animal world, and as yet in man, a readiness to cause a moral or physical harm to the rival in controversial circumstances about any vital interest.

32. The unbridled flourishing beyond measure egoism in man’s essence naturally created a definite, uniform for all mankind limitation in the form of a certain peculiar external isolating shell around the common fateful line of all people living on Earth, specifically fencing mankind of the surrounding World of Harmony.

33. Where the more impermeable is the isolation, the less vitality mankind manifests.

34. If we continue this figurative consideration, we should note, that inside this common isolating outer shell there is a certain quantity of contingent thin threads of the innumerable multitude of living human fates, unified, mainly, in various extensive social groups with their own peculiar, isolating from the other similar groups outer shell.

35. This isolation is being formed by the collective egoism of state character.

36. Inside these great organizations can also be seen various amount of combinations of threads, less in number, already with their own peculiar isolating shells, formed by the collective egoism of tribal, political, religious groups. And this consideration can be continued.

37. For one of the main characteristic features of egoism inspires one to manifest oneself in an ever-increasing isolation.

38. Though egoism can manifest itself also in striving for unity, if this concerns the satisfaction of the instinct for self-preservation and the more convenient way to obtain the vital necessity and the false values, to get use of which one would like, mainly, individually.

39. The incorrect comprehension of the features of egoism will never allow the diverse human groups and societies to come to a true unity without any isolating shells both inside this unity, and also outside it.

40. If each fateful “thread” of this kind is considered not in solid, frozen state, but in liquid state, as the flow of life is called to be, then one can imagine the human fates rushing at different speed in the common current within the limits of the one common limiting outer shell.

41. Besides the separate individual, as well as any kind of organization, are able to create around themselves a peculiar living environment, on which depends their own life acceleration in the common current of negative flow down from the Norm’s level, intended to serve as a beginning of the true development.

42. Each organism of the material World has in its self a certain number of vitally important organs or figuratively expressed definite key points, each of which should be fully included in the work, what creates a favourable foundation for full-fledged life activity of the organism itself.

43. And accordingly, if any one or several such key points would work insufficiently or would not work at all, the vital balance of the organism would be disturbed with the naturally displayed from this in the organism inclination to self-destruction of various strength.

44. A parallel could be drawn analogically with the mysteries, taking place in the core of the sensationally-conscious basis of man, his spiritual world.

45. The more the seeker of Truth independently succeeds correctly to define and use in a worthy way the true key point of the spiritual world, the more the acceleration of the movement in the common current in conditions of moderate falling begins to slow down.

46. But since the necessary fullness of the true laws of spiritual development has been senseless to reveal till the present Time of the current Accomplishment due to the unfavourable for this conditions in the sensationally-conscious basis of mankind, all attempts of human thought to independently determine the true spiritual key points both through separate worthy toilers of the society, and also through clues on besides of some representatives of the versatile mind of the Universe, coming to mankind through prophets and other mediators, inevitably resulted in finding extremely insignificant quantity of such vitally important for the normal development of man key points.

47. At the same time numerous concepts of moral and ethical character, incompatible with the Truth of Ascent, have been formed, regardless of the fact that the superficial touch with them can show some supposedly positive shades.

48. Among concepts of this kind there are also those, that can still have an auxiliary effect in the mystery of inhibition at the first stages for the rough inner world of anyone, who is seeking the Truth, helping that person to shift from a state of rougher manifestations to a significantly less rough one.

49. But such concepts cannot participate in the right formation and full-fledged development of the sensationally-conscious basis of man.

50. Besides it is important to note, that it is exactly the concepts of moral and ethical character, not corresponding to the Truth and abundantly formulated in various religious-philosophical associations, that mainly constitute the characteristic features of the difference of all these associations among themselves.

51. On the basis of such concepts is brightly manifested the egoistic jealousy for some “own” faith, which often is displayed in the form of greatest untidiness.

52. And precisely such concepts in the first place are the stumbling block hindering the process of ever-greater unity, which should have been natural for all who seek righteously God’s Truth.

53. Only the correctly determined vitally important for the normal development of man spiritual key points are displayed by the most similar understanding in all religious-philosophical associations.

54. But what is found is so little, that it is insufficient even for reaching the limit of the specific in this respect balance, at which the mentioned life acceleration in the common stream in conditions of a moderate falling would disappear for everyone who has reached in spiritual development this limit.

55. Though certain methodological recommendations, introduced by the inanimate representatives of the versatile mind of the Universe through some Eastern conditional spiritual practices, have been intended to help those, who fully dedicate themselves to the comprehension of these characteristic recommendations, allegedly reach the limit of such balance.

56. But not through including into full-fledged work the necessary number of spiritual key points, but through an attempt to completely switch-off the whole inner sensitive world of man from the life activity, predetermined for him by the Great God.

57. Only in this case those, who are really able to fully implement such methodological recommendations, will artificially raise themselves to the level of the Norm, as it were, along the same fateful life-line, which, manifesting itself, will lead to the place, from which a thorough comprehension of this kind of specific spiritual practice began.

58. Where by artificial raising and holding one’s inner world in a state of any level, is meant only consciously-volitional effort.

59. But it would be more accurate to characterize this artificial lifting as a peculiar return to the initial state, similar to the one, with which a man has entered the life, being incarnated into a newly born baby, but with a certain already accumulated abnormal life experience.

60. And this means, that his inner quality still continues to preserve all that predisposition to do mistakes, which he had already done in life before the beginning of the comprehension of the characteristic practical exercises, recommended by a certain Eastern spiritual philosophy.

61. For a qualitative, precisely spiritual necessary modification of the inner world of man under such conditions will never take place.

62. And if one ceases doing these consciously-volitional exercises, he will very quickly get back to repeating the same mistakes, which still remain inherent to him.

63. Continuing the careful performance of such exercises can not just prevent from further accumulating of negative experience, but also – since the full dedication to perceiving the mentioned methodological recommendations diverts from a full-fledged participation in the sensational manifestations of the surrounding human society – the one who perceives these recommendations loses the possibility to walk the Road of spiritual development, predestined precisely for man.

64. Since everything, which is now to be found in the essence of man, is being sort of conserved by definite, meticulously practiced by him consciously-volitional exercises.

65. In this condition – which from all practitioners approach only an extremely limited number, for this above all means the fullest possible removal from the world, that for the majority in the positive sense happens to be unreachable task – emerges an opportunity to modify the sensually-conscious basis the way it proceeds in the inanimate bearers of the versatile mind of the Universe.

66. But in this case the opportunity to form, develop and fulfil the necessary mission, which was predestined for the whole human race by the Great Heavenly Father, is completely lost.