Chapter 3

And now after having in a brief and simplified manner touched upon some fundamental things, we will begin to touch on the peculiarities of the entity of man, which will even more help you gain the necessary clarity in the correct understanding of this vitally important question for you.

2. Now we can figuratively depict the energetic feature of the basis of man in comparison with the similar basis of the inanimate representatives of the versatile mind of the Universe.

3. And also we can graphically mark the comparison of such energetic features both with the level of the Norm, in the conditions of which are being born and begin their development all the representatives of the versatile mind, and with the level of the beginning of the predetermined full-fledged activity, upon reaching which definite modifications should proceed in the basis of the mentioned energetic features.

4. These modifications are intended to finally free the functions of the qualities of the versatile mind from the animalistic-egoistic influence of definite natural foundations of the biological organism of the bearer of the versatile mind (see Figure 5).

5. In this connection we can also depict some peculiarities, which are displayed in the process of development of the spiritual basis (see Fig. 6).

6. In the above graphic illustrations of the sensually-conscious foundation is shown the difference between the data of the basis of the inanimate representatives of the versatile mind and of man.

7. At the same time there is one similar circumstance in conditions when the birth of the biological organism of the bearer of versatile mind takes place in the bosom of the natural regulations of the level of the Norm.

8. This circumstance is related to the fact, that in the conditions of such a birth both in the inanimate representatives of the versatile mind and in man the sphere of consciousness is uniformly under the characteristic influence of ego-emotional sensual peculiarities.

9. But the appearing of spiritual tissue in the biological bearer of versatile mind brought the ego-emotional sphere of the given organism to the loss of the pre-determined by Nature moderation of manifestation and to the loss of the state of a certain relative stability.

10. The ego-emotional sensational world in man’s nature under the influence of the characteristic force of the spiritual tissue acquired beyond measure strong character of manifestation,

11. From which in the beginning his development representative of the human race the influence on the sphere of consciousness on besides of such ego-emotional world began to be unusually strong (see Fig. 7).

12. And if the ego-emotional sensual manifestations in the inanimate representatives of the versatile mind could be limited from the positive side by moderate bursts of joy, and from the other side by moderate bursts of dissatisfaction and grief, then in man the display of that same peculiarities accordingly could be limited from the positive side by immoderate bursts of delight, and from the other – by exorbitant bursts of negative shocks.

13. The obtaining of unusual natural sensational manifestations allowed man to acquire not just an ability to experience unusually bright positive emotional outbursts, but depending on an immanent regularity of the Law for Balance of the Harmony of material World’s Being, man inevitably acquires also the ability to experience equal by strength, but with the opposite meaning, unusually bright negative sensational experiences.

14. As a result the predominance of the probability for man to fall into a state of negative sensual experiences makes his life essentially very dangerous.

15. For the process of comprehension of the ongoing reality in man under the influence of such bright negative sensational experiences would have a very-far-from-being-reasonable character.

16. For the inanimate representatives of the versatile mind in the period of becoming from the level of the Norm and to the level of the beginning of normal pre-determined full-fledged activity are required conscious-volitional efforts, as a result of which the ego-emotional sensual world, that they possess, should almost fully lose the possibility to influence the sphere of consciousness and should be reduced to extremely narrow vitally important range of manifestations.

17. For man his natural sensational world is intended to have an extremely important vital meaning.

18. And if for the inanimate representatives of the versatile mind of the Universe is predetermined a mission for reasonably-technical auxiliary participation in the proceeding phenomena of the Universe of Being,

19. Then for the human race precisely the sensational auxiliary participation is predetermined,

20. In this way exactly for mankind is opened a Road, which is not less active and has not less significant impact on the phenomena of the material World of the Universe.

21. Therefore mankind should pass the period of becoming from the level of the Norm not through consciously-volitional efforts to reduce the ego-emotional sensational manifestations to the least possible narrow limits, but through consciously-volitional efforts to get into the Norms of the true spiritual manifestation, affirmed by the live Word of God.

22. What will allow the sensational spiritual sphere, initially spread inside the ego-emotional sphere, with the further development to spread necessarily in the end outside the sphere of the ego-emotional sensational world.

23. If the strength of the spiritual world begins to constantly influence the natural-instinctive sensual world just from the inside, this resembles the situation when in a moderately burning fire on conventional fuel suddenly has been added some wonderful fuel.

24. Thus the Fire inflames very strongly and becomes almost uncontrollable, easily creating traumatic and tragic consequences.

25. When the spiritual sphere, by its specific beneficial medium, shrouds the ego-emotional sphere from the outside, then such external influence on besides of the spiritual peculiarities not only will not extinguish the natural sensual fire, unusually inflamed due to the impact of the spiritual sensational peculiarities, which appeared by the Will of the Great God, but also, maintaining the ability of this fire to shine and warm, will make it absolutely safe.

26. In this case all the natural ego-emotional sensational world falls completely under the controlling and ennobling influence of the spiritual world.

27. And then the sphere of the consciousness will be completely freed from the unfavourable for normal reasonable activity influence of the ego-emotional sensual peculiarities.

28. The prism of egoism will be completely replaced by the crystal of the spirit.

29. Illustrating graphically the sphere of consciousness and the influence that have on it the two sensational worlds of man’s being, there should be mentioned that if regarding a certain concept of reality, formed in the sphere of consciousness and, naturally, inevitably marked by the contingent colour of egoism, the development of the spiritual sphere of man has reached the level, from which the ego-emotional world had influenced the given concept of the sphere of consciousness, then the characteristic mark of egoism in respect to this concept loses its hitherto sustained stability.

30. The concept, present in the sphere of consciousness begins to acquire more true definitions.

31. But the mentioned concept is in itself unstable, and depending on his mood man either follows mainly the egoistic concept being in a state of negative sensual experiences, or in a positive emotional state follows more the concept, which is closest to the spiritual truth.

32. If in respect of any present in man concept for the ongoing reality the development of his spiritual sphere begins to completely overlap the ego-emotional sphere, which has been hitherto participating in the formation of this concept, then this concept begins to significantly modify, either acquiring forms closest to the truth, or finding itself in accord with the truth of the spiritual development.

33. At that the emerging conditional spiritual mark obtains a stable condition and does not depend on the mood of man.

34. The attainment of concepts, corresponding to the requirements of the Truth of the spiritual development, is possible either on the basis of relatively independent spiritual maturing of man in favourable for this circumstances, considered and granted by the Great God earlier, or on the basis of displayed aspiring and striving to get into the true concept, which is contrary to his own and is expressed in a straight and concrete form.

35. And if in the first case for acquiring of a true concept is required natural, as a rule, long-term spiritual maturing, then in the second case is needed an artificial activated spiritual maturing on the basis of the active display of definite consciously-volitional efforts,

36. Which is able to lead to the necessary spiritual development for a significantly shorter period of time.

37. But in this case it is often required from man to make extremely great efforts, doing which without the manifestation of the necessary qualities of Sacred Faith, man himself is not capable of.

38. In this case, when a true concept is being artificially opposed to an already existing in man concept of the ongoing reality, the manifestation of aspiration and striving to heed the given true concept is intended to develop in a real and concrete way the spiritual sphere regarding this side of living circumstances, the concept of which has been opposed to the concept of the Truth.

39. And then the given contingent part of the spiritual sphere begins to actively develop, gradually moving first from a position inside the ego-emotional sphere to the level, from which the ego-emotional sphere influences the given concept of the consciousness’ sphere, and then completely covering the definite part of the natural-sensitive sphere.

40. After that instead of a concept, satisfying the abnormal manifestations of egoism, a true concept is being sustainably affirmed.

41. The given concept of the Truth from a position, perceived just theoretically, becomes a part of the nature of the righteously striving man, and his personal wisdom.

42. But as long as such true concepts, already acquired as personal wisdom, are not in a sufficient volume, the full-fledged comprehension of each such concept will be impossible,

43. Especially the comprehension of each concept of the Truth, which so far only opposes the concept which a man himself could independently formulate, but which has not been comprehended by his righteous effort and has not yet become a part of that man’s being.

44. The chain of concepts marked by the characteristic colouring of one source naturally allows the consciousness to perceive some correspondingly characteristic holistic image of the whole ongoing reality.

45. And as the rather long time of life activity of the human society allowed to be accumulated in man’s consciousness a great number of characteristically uniform in their root meaning concepts of the surrounding reality, then in that same man’s consciousness naturally formed itself a stable characteristic image of the reality of society’s existence.

46. That’s why to correctly envisage a similar image of a qualitatively new type of possible manifestation of the true life activity of human society becomes extremely difficult due to the almost complete absence of true vitally important concepts.

47. To replace at once all the false concepts with true ones is impossible.

48. The beginning of the introduction of new concepts is always possible only by introducing some initial concepts, to which new ones are gradually added.

49. But the right comprehension of the first introduced concepts is significantly impeded, because to comprehend the true concepts will begin the mind, naturally resting on a great variety of false concepts, which have been already set in some, kind of, logically interconnected among themselves rings of one and the same chain,

50. Which does not include the perceived new concept, but in which the present mind will try to import it.

51. When the newly perceived concept is an integral part of an absolutely new, yet unknown logically complete whole.

52. And if man does not believe, that the introduced concept basically carries the truth, this concept is being rejected as incompatible with the already existing image, formed in the consciousness.

53. If a man believes that the introduced concept is true, then he will inevitably try to input it into the old peculiar logical chain of reality’s perception.

54. Remember! In this case is important the inadmissibility to hastily approve inside yourself as supposedly true and so as an unchangeable base the new independent conclusions.

55. For in order to begin sufficiently correctly to comprehend the reality, related to the peculiarity precisely of man’s life, is required the necessary accumulation of sufficient vivifying volume of true concepts,

56. On which should rest the full-fledged activity of the versatile mind of man.

57. Having acquired in the initial period of your incarnations a peculiar sensitively-conscious basis and being in complete ignorance of the true laws of development of your soul, depending on the particularly vivid manifestations of the qualities of such basis, you inevitably placed and continue to place till the present day the activity of satisfaction of the instincts at the level of a primary vitally important task,

58. As this in natural conditions exists in the life of the animal world.

59. These are manifestations of the instinct through the laws of self-sustainment, reproduction and self-preservation,

60. Which was expressed in a constant striving to provide oneself with food, clothing, shelter, combination with the opposite sex and natural reproduction of one’s species and, of course, striving to create circumstances, which can in the best way secure the life activity of one’s body.

61. Of course, from the viewpoint of one mind only, these are really vitally important issues, but the incorrect attitude towards achieving satisfaction of these issues in the presence of an exceptionally pronounced ego-sensational world, should inevitably lead to a rapid densification of the force of egoistic pretension to all the surrounding reality.

62. This, naturally, should significantly influence all the processes of reflection on the whole reality by the human mind, which inevitably formed a dangerously distorted strong understanding in mankind for its own life manifestation.

63. And instead of moving along the Road of Ascent from the level of the Norm of Nature, mankind together, without colluding, moved in the opposite direction, along the road of descent.

64. The movement of mankind along the road of such a descent, naturally, was characterized by an unstable life activity with a continuous inclination to self-destruction.

65. The life activity of such a society is characterized by unsteady order, depending on the presence of various degrees of fear of a probable punishment by greater force, and continuous striving of man to circumvent any laws if there is an egoistic interest in that.

66. Whereas the level of sustainable life activity of human society, when it reaches the level of the beginning of full-fledged predetermined life activity, will be characterized by a stable order on the basis of the natural continuous inner need to do something for the benefit of everything existing.

67. The quality of the child organisms born in various societies on Mother-Earth are either consistent with the requirements of Norm’s level, or they have certain negative deviations.

68. Where with each step in the development of human’s society’s history the birth of children with the features of such negative deviations becomes progressively dominant.

69. In the animal world such deviations lead to the imminent death of the animal, whereas in the world of human life-activity with the development of science more and more technically effective efforts have been made to help survival.

70. But such negative deviations in connection with the untrue character of life activity of human society naturally inevitably become progressively dominant and significant with the maturing of the natural organism of man,

71. Which affects the formation of societal worldview and internal social lawmaking activity, manifested in a period of certain contingent sufficient matureness of the active representatives of the society.

72. The characteristic manifestation of the social worldview and the internal social lawmaking activity in all more developed in conditionally civilized respect great and small nations in its basis does not bear root difference and accordingly characteristically determines by itself a certain conditional level, to which the sensitively-conscious basis of mankind has negatively deviated from Norm’s level,

73. And not just determines that certain level of negative deviation, but also holds in it, approving false guidelines for thinking and making creative efforts for all representatives of the society (see Picture 8).

74. At the same time precisely the increasing intensity of the development of science in false direction began to create conditions, which in fact began to more and more negatively affect the quality of man’s life activity.

75. And the manifestation of science in medicine, in the first place, can be likened to the creation of some workshop, which is being progressively technically equipped, for the creation of all kinds of fasteners and buckles, intended to artificially restrain the nodes and walls of the building, that due to the action of internal laws are constantly striving for self-destruction.

76. Whereas to change this inner, dangerous for life predisposition of man almost no efforts have been made.

77. And since the character of life activity of man’s society does not change basically in the true direction, this mentioned conditional level of negative deviation from Norm’s level continues to constantly descend,

78. Which is helped by the wrongly directed scientific and technical development and from which the quality of the natural organism of man, moving progressively away from being consistent with the requirements of the Harmony of Norm’s level, develops an increasing predisposition for self-destruction.

79. For in direct connection with the gradual improvement of the quality of knowledge of the ongoing reality inevitably and invariably increases the measure of responsibility for the quality of one’s own participation in this reality, but the character of life manifestation does not undergo the necessary fundamental modification.

80. The speed of decrease of the conditional level of negative deviation is being kept as low as possible.

81. But such retention does not take place through the active purposeful efforts of the representatives of mankind, but in spite of them, by way of most skillful outplaying on besides of the Great God of the persistent negligence of his still wandering children.

82. Where an extremely favourable auxiliary foundation in this meticulous life-saving educational process, sustained by the Heavenly Father throughout the history of mankind, should become the created by the Heavenly Father for the benefit of the existence and development of his children ability of the soul to leave the material outer-shell with the saved accumulated life experience and reincarnate depending on the favourable necessity,

83. Which became the only unique phenomena in the existing of the versatile mind in the Universe.