Chapter 2

And further we will briefly, figuratively touch upon some important energetic peculiarities of the fruits of the developing material World (see Fig. 4).

2. The ego-emotional sensual world should be perceived either as a revitalizing or suppressing active energetic manifestation.

3. For the representatives of the animal world such a feature, in the first place, should play an attracting or frightening role, clearly showing the temporal condition of the animal organism and its attitude to a definite manifestation of reality.

4. The ego-emotional sensational peculiarities, pre-determined initially by Nature, have relatively stable, moderately strong character.

5. In its initial natural condition the egoism imposes its characteristic colour on all concepts imprinted in the consciousness about the information received: if it is beneficial, dangerous, edible or not.

6. The more strongly the egoistic sensual manifestation develops, the more brightly it fills the consciousness, blinding it and considerably decreasing the probability for showing interest in perceiving the incoming information.

7. The strength of the developing egoism is able to focus the attention of the consciousness exclusively on self-interested information, not allowing it to pay attention to all the rest of the incoming information, regardless of its value from the standpoint of the common benefit.

8. For the inanimate representatives of the versatile mind such a closest to the animal state conformity, which naturally will correspond to all requirements of the Norm’s level, is admissible only during the initial period of emerging and development of a young civilization.

9. After which a period of becoming and transition to the level of the beginning of normal life-activity, which is determined for the representatives of the versatile mind by the Harmony of Universe’s Being, should follow.

10. Such becoming for all inanimate representatives of the versatile mind takes place on the basis of certain conscious-volitional efforts to reduce the ego-emotional sensational manifestations to the lowest admissible vitally important level.

11. In such case the impact of the egoism on the concepts, imprinted by the consciousness, will be quite limited and significantly weakened,

12. Which allows the most favourable from a purely reasonable point of view perceiving all incoming information in the widest range admitted by Harmony.

13. The whole natural sensational world of a biological organism could be perceived as a uniform holistic form of consciousness of a definite complexity level.

14. Where the abilities of the brain, if they have already occurred, are designed to capture concrete images, related to the peculiarity of the sensitive perception of all the surrounding reality from the position of either a favourable, or a dangerous manifestation in regard to one’s own organism.

15. In the highly developed biological organisms the brain is not only able to imprint a specific image of an already perceived by the sensual world favourable or dangerous circumstance, but also to imprint a rather concrete image of what’s favourable or dangerous just at the level of theoretical reasoning of a particular situation, which has not yet been sensitively perceived by the organism itself.

16. Such a natural holistic system, constituting the consciousness, is intended to display a rational function in full accordance with the regularities of the harmony of the surrounding natural environment.

17. Where at that the reasonable peculiarities of the animal do not allow it to go beyond the limits of the natural characteristic conditions of the surrounding nature, which makes it possible to reliably hold the animal’s organism in the harmony of the world of its inhabitance precisely through its sensitive peculiarities.

18. And the animal absolutely does not need to independently establish reasonable control on the measure of its participation in the processes of the ongoing reality.

19. An important distinctive feature of the peculiarities of the versatile mind is the acquired possibility, which allows one’s own biological organism to overcome the limitations of the natural environmental conditions and to independently establish when it’s necessary for the good of its vital activity a favourable artificial living environment in any climatic, as well as other environmental conditions both on the Planet of its birth, and in different natural conditions of another Planet.

20. At that the more significantly the life-activity of a representative of the versatile mind differs from the natural-animalistic manifestation, the greater responsibility for the well-being of its own organism this representative should independently bear.

21. Where with the help of the enhanced abilities of the versatile mind should be independently determined and controlled the norm of personal participation in the ongoing reality.

22. And first of all, the measure and the quality of satisfaction of the demands of the instinct.

23. For the young societies of bearers of the versatile mind – reaching the level, when emerges a natural need to create an artificial life arrangement, designed to display the qualities of highly developed civilization, where should begin a full-fledged realization of the capabilities, constituting the real value of the versatile mind – a mandatory necessity arises, above all, to release in a possible way the function of the mind from the influence of the ego-emotional sensational manifestations.

24. Where after certain conscious-volitional efforts, necessary only during the period of reaching the level of the onset of normal predetermined activity, the ego-emotional qualities are reduced to the least possible vital manifestations,

25. In this way giving an opportunity to the great capabilities of the versatile mind to fully realize itself not from the position of the selfish interest, but from the position of the universal interest for the benefit of normal development.

26. After that the mind, being out of the influence of any kind of prepossession to anything, due to the peculiarities laid down in its basis, begins to reflect rationally on the manifested reality.

27. The representatives of civilizations, which have reached such a level, acquire natural for such circumstances abilities to hold together most compactly in a common reasonable space, having no big difference in the levels of consciousness among themselves.

28. With the development of the qualities of the mind one or another civilization moves to an ever higher level of development, which happens thanks to the acquired abilities to penetrate into the more and more subtle energetic manifestations of the material World.

29. The acquisition of such abilities makes it possible to take part in progressively wider range of processes manifested in the World of matter.

30. For the subtler the energetic mysteries, the greater the events concerned.

31. And depending on the obtaining of such progressively increasing capabilities every representative of the versatile mind acquires accordingly an ever greater responsibility for all the phenomena of the World of matter, on which the ability to actively influence is acquired.

32. The ability to perceive a certain range of various accumulations of energetic phenomena necessarily means the presence of corresponding responsibility for participation in all processes taking place in the material World, which are based on the given energetic range.

33. On this road of acquiring ever greater abilities there is a limit, beyond which the utmost natural energetic peculiarities, which the representatives of the versatile mind are able to develop, cannot penetrate.

34. For perceiving of the energetic phenomena, taking place beyond the given limit in the direction of the subtlest peculiarities of the manifestation of the Spirit of Life, a qualitatively different form of consciousness is required, which cannot be formed by the established natural process of creating the characteristic feature of the versatile mind.

35. A characteristic feature of the civilization of inanimate representatives of the versatile mind, which has reached the level of the beginning of normal full-fledged activity, is the almost complete absence of any difference among the inner worlds of each of the representatives of this civilization.

36. Where by an inner world should be meant the particularity of manifestation of the natural ego-emotional sensational peculiarities, which by consciously-volitional efforts are being purposefully reduced to extremely narrow range of vitally important manifestations.

37. Differences can be noticed only in the quality of consciousness, but even in this case there is no big difference within one and the same civilization.