Chapter 12

Building his life far from the Truth of God and actively displaying an egoistic interested perception of the surrounding people, man persistently continuously asserts some defensive barrier, in his opinion necessary, between his heart and the heart of his soulmate.

2. And it appeared that you are more capable of showing love and tenderness to the animals, than to the ones, who are endowed with a look similar to yours.

3. For the appearance of the animal does not evoke in your consciousness a comparison with the image of a probable rival, as you not just don’t need to challenge with the representatives of the animal world the necessary life values, but even if this happens under certain circumstances, then, realizing your convincing superiority in skillfulness, you understand, that the outcome of the challenge will be in your favour.

4. For this reason it is not the appearance of the animal, which will mainly disturb you, but an appearance similar to yours.

5. Precisely through the appearance of the soulmate, during the whole history of existing of the human society, is still being tirelessly manifested guile and violence in an attempt to circumvent, conquer and eliminate you as an obstacle for reaching greatest imaginary values, which you yourselves also dream to possess, trying to gradually accumulate them.

6. Precisely through the appearance of the soulmate can be greedily taken from you what you have already acquired eventually through great efforts.

7. Precisely through the appearance of the soulmate sorrow and tears can be brought to you, and your life can allegedly become restless.

8. And as these woes appear in seemingly endless abundance, man gained in his depth a resistant fear for the appearance, similar to his own,

9. Regardless of the existence of some positive experience of devoted service of individual righteous toilers to the good of their soulmates.

10. Great is man’s fear of his soulmates.

11. That’s why when you meet an appearance like yours, suspicions and distrust emerge in you before reasonable conclusions.

12. Precisely for this reason many of you are painfully interestedly waiting for my new, once promised Advent, necessarily not in flesh, born in the modern society

13. For how then can be recognized the Teacher of Truth, when so much lies and confusion is being manifested around through the human flesh?

14. The impure in heart are afraid of the exam of the Truth!

15. For this reason they passionately await my new Advent, which ostensibly will prove itself in an indisputable convincing way, in order, so that the lazy in spirit should not be bothered by a decisive exciting search.

16. But the zealously glorifying God’s Name just through their mouths, tied to their egoistic desires, reduce God’s Glory by this expectation,

17. Ardently asserting what they are not able to conceive and out of ignorance try to determine what only the Will of the Heavenly Father is designed to determine.

18. Precisely in flesh, similar to yours, I should manifest myself amongst you.

19. For solely in this could be displayed in full measure the vitally important regularities for your benefit.

20. And particularly now, when in your consciousness has been affirmed a resistant pathological attitude to an appearance similar to yours, my coming among you in the same appearance and your cognition of myself while soaking in my spirit, will necessarily help you correct such an established distortion in the ones, worthily aspiring towards the Light.

21. And of course, who would know better than me the entire fullness of the complexity, which inevitably should be manifested through your consciousness in relation to me.

22. For all of you, inevitably trying to make assessments about my externally displayed efforts, will naturally try to actually see your own qualities and necessarily what you are interested to see and face in me.

23. And in the case of me your varied interests will be manifested in an extremely peculiar manner.

24. Such are definite regularities of the features of human psychology, which you are not able to circumvent and depending on which, as well as in all your soulmates, you will definitely see in me some semblance of yourselves.

25. When you meet me between me and you will always stand your image about me, through which you consider my actions and efforts.

26. And when your life manifestations begin to show more and more your ever increasing willingness to seek and find the Teacher of the Truth, you will naturally try to imagine him on the base of those spiritual qualities, which you acquired individually unrepeatably, precisely through your own life experience.

27. You will naturally create the image of the Teacher from those, in your opinion, most positive characteristics, to which you have matured in your understanding.

28. But even aspiring to assume in the essence of my manifestation something positive from your perception, you will still almost always do mistake with your conjectures, for you still absolutely do not know, what in fact is truly positive to your benefit, created precisely by your Teacher.

29. Having formed a certain amount of satisfactory exactly for you varied in quality images about the Teacher, you begin to think, that you already can ostensibly sufficiently properly imagine how should the Teacher behave himself, how should speak and what should do.

30. Where the more your egoistic interested perception of reality will manifest itself, the stronger will be your attachment to such kind of pre-arranged by you details of the fabled image.

31. For the more will egoism still manifest itself, the more will be the inner fear of a probable confusion, that is, the more the striving to compare the ongoing with certain landmarks, according to which can ostensibly be accurately determined if this is for good or not.

32. Though such landmarks man determines by himself, based on what constitutes the characteristic qualities of his own inner world.

33. When in such circumstances in the inner world of man prevail true spiritual values, then the fear of probable misconception is less manifested and there is less dependence of one’s own belief in something on the comparison of what’s really taking place with the independently established psychological attitudes.

34. Only under such conditions inside you begins to manifest itself the favourable basis of the beginning of applying the necessary efforts in proper aspiration to comprehend the truth of the nature of what is connected to the Teacher of the Truth.

35. The egoistic interested perception is always characterized by a comparison of what happens actually externally with the inner conceptions concerning what happens.

36. In this case is presumed an attempt to insert what’s being compared into a certain pre-approved norm.

37. Where in such circumstances is always assumed a certain negative assessment of those parts of what’s being compared, which cannot coincide with the already established conditional norms.

38. Those believers, who have a strongly displayed egoistic interested perception of my Entity, can have a satisfactory and even enthusiastic state related to their Sacred Faith, as long as my actions, in their opinion, coincide or do not contradict their own ideas of my probable manifestations.

39. But when will be noticed discrepancies between my manifestations and what they independently have been determined for me as necessary in one situation or another, then the in-depth presence of considerable fear of the appearance, similar to yours, as a bearer of a probable rival or an enemy, will inevitably openly show significant suspicions and doubts.

40. Where depending on what will a man give a greater preference to, the significance of the perceiving of the Sacred faith or the significance of his suspicions, the fateful line of this man’s life will develop accordingly.

41. But the Teacher does not come to manifest what you create, for if your creation is normal and you are already creating it, then there is absolutely no need to teach you anything.

42. If the Teacher comes, this inevitably implies a vitally important need to change inside yourself either something or everything in a new, still unknown direction.

43. The spiritual interested perception of the Teacher of the Truth should be always characterized only by another kind of comparison, namely comparison of one’s self-affirmed inner concepts about something with what the Truth defines about it.

44. That is, not an attempt to introduce the external into the internally affirmed norms, but an effort to introduce what one holds into the externally established by the Word of God norms.

45. And then on the basis of the regularity of manifestation of the desire to make a negative assessment to any parts, which are not included in any norm previously accepted as true, there will not any longer be displayed an inclination to give a negative assessment to something still incomprehensible in the manifestation of the Teacher,

46. But a predisposition will occur, to make a necessary adequate evaluation mainly of one’s own, incompatible with the true norm qualities,

47. Which is already a favourable condition for the applying of righteous efforts to change oneself in accordance with the requirements of the Truth.

48. Your predisposition to condemn any qualities of your soulmate is based only on the inclination to compare the external with what you hold inside.

49. In this case you don’t feel a desire to change something in yourself, but you mainly wish that the external changed itself in accord with your desire.

50. Only the right aspiration to perceive me and what I give you by the Will of the Great God, can make it possible for you to change all your false life conceptions, on which directly depend your true development.

51. Remember that the more is your in-depth fear of a probable contact with a supposed rival or enemy, the more will your own fear stand between you and me, preventing you from seeing the true mine!

52. And if someone has not yet recognized the Sacred Faith in the Truth of my live Accomplishment, under such circumstances, will be most inclined to observe in any of my outwardly expressed manifestations exactly that quality of the motives, which he is able to assess as negative and which he fears.

53. For at the basis of any external manifestations concerning any life circumstances, both significant and insignificant, can be equally implied motives of completely opposite meaning.

54. Where all the history of the human society’s existence confirms the real possibility of such a probability, on the basis of which all sorts of tricks and guile are still countlessly displayed.

55. But if what prevents many people from recognizing me in Truth is in fact life-saving for them, for it does not allow them to obtain responsibility for something, which is still beyond their strengths, and therefore, they should continue to bear another burden, foreseen from Above,

56. Then for those, who has felt inside himself the manifestation of the Sacred Faith, such fears will necessarily prove to be pernicious.

57. The emerging of the sensations of Sacred Faith’s manifestation is called-up for some time to supportively reduce the in-depth fears, abundantly generated by egoism, in order that, having realized the greatness of the responsibility that falls on your shoulders, you worthily aspired to perceive what you accepted fully in your heart,

58. From what the Sacred Faith will be progressively filling up your being, and the place for pernicious fears will be less and less.

59. And if you comprehend what happens to you in an unworthy way and, obtaining the Sacred Faith you did not begin to apply the required efforts, then inevitably over time the supportive will be melting away and the in-depth fears will have on you an increasing in significance impact.

60. Moreover, I did not come to please your weaknesses and to behave myself the way you have fabled and expect from me.

61. But I Came, in order to painfully hurt through my laws what you have falsely affirmed inside yourself as true, and what you especially try to preserve, even neglecting occasionally the life of those around you.

62. I came in order to lead the mature and craving ones along the most complicated life Road, where in a considerable pain should necessarily burn out all your poisons.

63. Where this Road is the sole real opportunity in the given crucial period of your becoming, to bring you to the required victory over yourself and resurrection to true and eternal life.

64. For to live in flesh is not the same as to be alive.

65. And may the significance of your Sacred Faith for you prevail over the significance of the fears and doubts, being abundantly bred by the agonizing egoism.

66. If you have once been able to respond with your hearts to my Call, that means, it was precisely you who had to make the first step of the beginning of the Great Renaissance of the human race.

67. But the predestination is not a guarantee in victory, but is determined by the predisposition, which should be decently used, selflessly applying all your strengths in righteous service of God’s Testament.

68. Where everyone, who does not properly realize the obligatory need to apply righteous efforts, continuing to hesitate, displaying mainly his indecisiveness or laziness, once will inevitably lose the predisposition to fulfill what’s true, for the good of him and those around him.

69. And to realize this loss once will be very painful for him.

70. It is one thing, if a man had no possibilities at all, and it is a different thing, if there are at least some possibilities, but he continued to cherish more his weaknesses, dreaming of righteous service.

71. Those, who responded with their hearts to my Call, now should already actually and actively overcome their fears in fulfillment of what’s true, to the given Salvation of the human race.

72. Once in antiquity I left to the craving ones a clue that everyone who decided to take up the plow and turned back was not trustworthy for the Kingdom of the Truth.

73. The decisiveness for the believers is intended to affirm your unshakable pace.

74. Not on half measures, mixed with doubts and mistrust, it is possible to erect the walls of the Temple of the Soul,

75. But Love will be eternally affirmed through decisiveness and dedication.

76. The Hour has Strick!

77. The Time has come for the final full-value modification of one’s inner world –  concretely and actively, in full compliance with the Word of God.

78. The Time has come to worthily proceed to the complete exit from the influence of the very strong laws of the common stream of the realm of power, which you are to burn away painfully, passing decently through the fiery christening.

79. And now on this righteous road, continuing to keep some degree of mistrust, which danger you still underestimate, and the majority of believers are still holding it strongly, you will inevitably in this case notice, that it is difficult to overcome what’s easy, and all the rest – impossible at all.

80. The degree of confidence to me exclusively always determines the degree of your spiritual fusion with me, due to which you have always the possibility to feed on the Strength of my Spirit in difficult moments along this extremely complicated road of your becoming.

81. And if I am the Hand of your Heavenly Father, which you were intended to find and acquire forever, confidently putting your hands in It, then, preserving any distrust, you can easily get into an inevitability, when the significance of the pain of the burnt egoism for you will prevail over the significance of your Sacred Faith.

82. Then your hand can slip out and your voice can again be lost in the night.

83. The Sacred Faith can be displayed normally only in full confidence, perceiving which worthily makes possible the righteous capability of rejecting the false values in the name of the true ones,

84. The false values, which you ignorantly considered the basis for forming ostensibly the true qualities of your personality.

85. And therefore you became tightly attached to them and cherish them the way you are called-up to cherish life.

86. But a lot of what you are still able to present as good for yourself, in fact conceals a sure death, and what you tend to consider negative, often happens to be life-saving precisely for you.

87. Don’t you encounter exactly this in the upbringing of your small children, who, often displaying their whims due to lack of understanding of the weakness, make a peculiar assessment of the efforts of their loving parents.

88. And if the children anyway have the right occasionally not to trust their parents, recognizing their natural ability to make mistakes, then any distrust in the comprehension of the Sacred Faith absolutely should not be allowed.

89. Almost everything, that you have accumulated by these significant days, decisive for all your life and the entire history, in fact constitutes in your life a tragedy of various degree.

90. The more you cherish all you have accumulated, manifesting a considerable affection to false and imaginary values, the less ability you have to truly see me, and therefore to follow my trace will be impossible for you.

91. As it is impossible to comprehend the beauty of the sunrise and the sunset, looking unceasingly to your shadow, cast by your flesh.

92. For the Sun and your shadow are always in opposite directions from you.

93. Having a great attachment to what has been accumulated, considerable part of which is false, you will inevitably have the same attachment to the image of me, that is being woven by you, naturally, from what’s accumulated by you and the qualities, acquired by you personally.

94. Such an image, created by you from details of your ideas about me, depending on the degree of your attachment to it will accordingly prevent your comprehension of the reality, which I reveal.

95. For this reason it will be difficult for you to truly see me, and you will be more inclined to follow the image that you have created about me, but not my live trace, actually manifested by me.

96. Therefore be careful and vigilant from now on, especially to your assessment and comprehension of what is really taking place.

97. Everything you have accumulated compels you to perform series of life manifestations and have a characteristic perception of the ongoing reality in a way, that inevitably makes your life mainly full of painful, sad experiences,

98. Forcing you to live in a certain tension of continuous expectation of any probable dangers, which, given the character of the existing life arrangement of the whole human society, will exist as a mandatory necessity.

99. The struggle against such an existing severe necessity, without changing fundamentally the characteristic basis of the present life conditions of the entire human society, cannot achieve a victory.

100. And that means that the expectation to get rid of all sorts of misfortunes under such conditions absolutely does not make sense.

101. Naturally, you try to adapt to everything negative, occasionally organizing something relaxing and amusing.

102. But the incorrect attitude and understanding of what’s amusing in its turn also unavoidably leads to another painful experiences.

103. Through acquisition of all kinds of false conceptions about the life manifestations of your entity, expressed in the formation and accumulation of various false ego-psychological attitudes, you, against your will, depending on the naturally unfolding definite regularities of your psychology, through your characteristic co-existence created a peculiar world of sufferings,

104. As a result of the existence of which unavoidably emerged the false understanding that life on Earth is ostensibly always inevitably connected to sin and suffering.

105. And this, naturally, should give rise to the expectation and hopes, that once this life on Earth will be irrevocably abandoned, as a long-awaited deliverance from the endless painful sufferings.

106. Which, in its turn, became the basis for the emerging of numerous false religious-philosophical interpretations of the true value of man and the predetermination of his appearance in the Universe.

107. The world of sin and sufferings cannot exist independently by itself and is being created exclusively, first of all, in the consciousness of man himself on the base of the bright manifestation of his own primitive egoistic interest.

108. My Coming to you for your Salvation can still be compared exactly to an advent to a world of sufferings and sorrow.

109. Where just now I will try to provide you in full measure with everything true and will start to take out from the created by you world of sorrow those, who have already matured in their thirst to decently pass through the necessary challenging borders.

110. I don’t have to take you out of some severe and gloomy abyss of the bowels of the Earth, where you have allegedly fallen as a result of some coincidence and remain there by this day,

111. But to take you out of the gloomy pathogenic illusion, that you continuously affirm in your own consciousness.

112. And the surrounding world of the Nature of Mother-Earth is wonderful and nice, and in it is to be found everything favourable for you.

113. The peculiarly displayed egoistic interest is the basis for the manifestation of your belief in the trueness of varied illusions, during the whole history of your existence, which is uniformly formed and affirmed by you in the consciousness through all kinds of egoistic psychological conditionalities.

114. Your belief in the trueness of the present characteristic qualities of the peculiar illusion is constantly holding you under the full dependence of these qualities and compels you to obediently perceive the ongoing reality and undertake a series of outwardly expressed life efforts in such a way, that the fruits of these efforts will surely bring painful experiences and sorrow to you.

115. And if should be considered the necessity of the exit from the present condition of the inner world of man with a shift to the state of truly spiritually flourishing man, then necessarily will be required mainly consciously-volitional immersing into another set of psychological attitudes of spiritual character, fully compatible with the requirements of the Truth of development of man in the Universe.

116. Such a consciously-volitional adapting to the necessary volume of true concepts of the life phenomena, connected to the life solely of the children of God, will naturally lead to the required modification of the inner world of the striving to worthily comprehend what’s created by the Word of God.

117. But to worthily fulfill the predestined by the Will of the Great God to your benefit is possible only under the condition, where the significance of what is affirmed by the Word of God will be perceived by you as greater than the significance of what you hold, as well as the importance of the real life compared to the importance of the illusion of it.

118. For my Self is always the Self of the Life-Giving, and to give you something, which even a bit can impede your life in Truth, I am not able.

119. You are to replace your world with mine, which I will be creating by the Will of the Heavenly Father for your good.

120. But as long as you will falsely believe that what has affirmed itself inside you is ostensibly constituting the true life, you will inevitably perceive what I will counterpose as an illusion and, naturally, you won’t be able to get used to the conditions of my world properly.

121. For you will not be able to fully abandon what’s yours in the name of mine, continuing to hold fast to the false and gloomy from your past.

122. Precisely through this you cannot truly see me, and to comprehend me, following me, you will not be able,

123. For you continue to wander regarding me through your various speculations about me and judgements of what’s mine, as each of you pleases.

124. And only when you show willingness to perceive what’s mine as the true life, maturing to the understanding of the illusiveness of your human wisdom, you acquire the real opportunity to replace your world with the true one and finally abandon the world of sufferings and sorrow.

125. Remember, that depending on the predominance of various qualities in the inner world, there are either the ones who are most filled-up with aspiration not to miss the due Hour of meeting with the Truth, or the ones who mainly fear that they will not recognize the enemy in time.

126. These concerns constitute the basis of two kinds of heterogeneous searches, where some are looking for the Light, and others, despite their occasional loud slogans of the sublime, actually are seeking the darkness.

127. In the conditions of global egoism, constituting the core of the life arrangement of the whole human society on Mother-Earth, where man in his depths constantly perceives his soulmate as a probable rival, and therefore – a conditional enemy, in man’s psyche, primarily, predominates the fear of the second mentioned characteristic feature.

128. The desire to determine one’s enemies is possible solely on the basis of an internal fear of the probability of their manifestation.

129. And then the external manifestations of such a fearful person are characterized by an increased secrecy, suspiciousness and inclination to trust, first of all, only negative information about someone.

130. The one who fears in this way has a serious psychological complexity, considerably preventing him from seeing in time what is coming from the Great God.

131. To recognize the Salvation that has Come with the help of what you hold, will be very difficult for many of you, for the insufficiency of the positive part of the sensational world of man is great.

132. And there is no sense to frighten each other with the probable coming of a certain mighty servant of the darkness, for you have never got out of the realm of the darkness so far, obediently fulfilling continuously its laws.

133. The interest to find the negative in everything, what in fact is little known and even unknown, constitutes the essence of a dangerous blindness and a great probability to easily pass by the Salvation, that has actually come.

134. For what if not the Truth itself remains for man still little known, and in many ways unknown.

135. Whereas through all its history the wandering human race has displayed the whole fullness of sophistication so far only in unclean manifestations.

136. The one who is concerned mainly by the fear of a probable appearance of the enemy, which is always exclusively related to the expectation, and therefore, primarily with the search for it, is not inclined to collect flowers, but is thirstier to collect stones.

137. For in stones he sees means for his protection.

138. And the hands of the one, who is more concerned with a search for the Truth, always strive for wonderful flowers. And his face is mainly lightened by smile.

139. For great is the thirst for meeting with flowers what has been tenderly Expected with one’s whole heart and life.

140. Therefore, observe frequently and attentively what is in your hands.

141. The character of your searches and expectations is primarily determined by what your hands are full of.

142. And I did not come in order to lead you to the well-known to you past,

143. But to where you have never been.

144. Precisely where you should abide forever!