Chapter 11

With its first steps as a unique phenomenon in the Bosom of Mother-Earth, the young mankind, out of a natural ignorance of the Truth, inevitably allowed to manifest through itself the law of self-affirmation in an unusually bright form.

2. What brought each of the representatives of the whole human society into an unbalanced and painful state of holding endless arguments and competitions among themselves in order to try to possibly occupy the most advantageous place under the Sun,

3. At that, completely dedicating to this all their thoughts, physical efforts and every day of their life until the end of it,

4. Necessarily creating in such kind of efforts – to switch off the voice of conscience – all sorts of slogans, through which prism their own efforts obtained illusory nobleness.

5. And only coming repeatedly – by the Will of the Great Heavenly Father – back on Earth into a new flesh, the ones who have previously worked hard acquire an ever increasing balance.

6. But the law of self-affirmation with all its inherent various regularities in the very beginning of the becoming of the young mankind was inevitably laid down as a foundation of the formation of the living arrangement of the whole human society.

7. Where it was not necessary at all to inculcate this feature to the various disunited nations, for it constitutes uniformly the root basis of the animalistic side in man’s psyche and strives in its essence to display itself also uniformly.

8. The nature of this living arrangement, resting on the very same foundation, has been preserved to the present day.

9.  Where during the whole, comparatively long history of formation of the human society only the external decorations and slogans have been changing for everybody.

10. Even if you do not consciously directly and openly define the soulmates as rivals, through your way of living, which among you is like an endless competitive arguing for the most convenient and advantageous benefits and positions, where the significance of your own egoistic ideas is often actually placed above the value of the very life of someone from your soulmates, and also making exclusively comparative assessments of the qualities of your soulmates, you show in a convincing eloquent way that you perceive your soulmates precisely as probable rivals.

11. The term rival at the conscious level in man is compared with the image of somebody, in front of which one should not be completely open, whom one should not completely trust, with whom one should be careful and whom one should fear, and therefore, possibly one should get around him, defeat or eliminate,

12. But also he can be allowed to stay around for some time, if he happens to be interested to advantageously help you.

13. Also in the married couples the regularity under consideration is still manifested to a certain extent, even if there are feelings of love.

14. For this circumstance you perceive mainly as an acquiring of the one, for whom you have a passionate desire to have around for yourself.

15. Precisely this brings a great bitterness, when the one you love, unites in love not with you, but with someone else.

16. You still don’t unite with your soulmate into a family couple with the expression of gratitude to him for the fact, that he allowed you to be close to him,

17. Preserving this gratitude and from time to time showing it, even if you suffer from him significant difficulties.

18. Perceiving in a false way the value of the necessity of your soulmate for you, you also falsely evaluate your necessity for him.

19. From what in certain circumstances if you suddenly hear of your allegedly little necessity for him, you experience painful fiery sensations, for this you refer to admitting your alleged insignificance, and you can be supposedly left alone, replaced by something more profitable.

20. Remember! The one who is spiritually striving, above all, tries to learn how to be useful,

21. And all the rest expect from their soulmates mainly affirmation of their usefulness.

22. When you continuously expect from the soulmate signs of love for you and how much he needs you, you demonstrate your distrust and fear of him.

23. For depending on the fact, that your inner world is overfilled with negative qualities and you have an egoistic interested perception of the soulmate, you painfully expect from him the display of the qualities, which you fear yourselves.

24. And when through the externally expressed life circumstances you again notice the absence of the expected exactly by you signs of attention, then you are intended immediately to place a negative motive into these actions, displayed by the soulmate,

25. In which supposedly is unequivocally manifested the fading interest towards you with the inevitable subsequent replacement of you, as an already unprofitable “product” by a more profitable one.

26. The faster and stronger you fall under the influence of such kind of experiences and conjectures, without specifying the trueness of what has actually happened, the greater will be the strength of the suspicion, which you keep in the depths of your nature, of the allegedly existing inclination of the soulmate to easily betray you and cause to you a great psychological trauma.

27. This means that in a jointly wish to come to something joyful in the formation of a married couple, it is you that have in the depths of your inner world a persistent fear of your soulmate,

28. Evolving inside you as a natural result of the education on the basis of false psychological attitudes.

29. In such case, starting a joint life, you inevitably won’t be completely open to each other, you will be cautious, fearing many of your actions, which supposedly could by all means lead to what you fear.

30. And this will necessarily lead the condition of your family life to something unsightly and, at first glance, meaningless, if you are not still kept together by the small children, that have been born.

31. For the nature of your behavior in relation to your soulmate is exactly what happens only in relation to a probable opponent, i.e. a person, who values his own well-being most of all.

32. And you do not notice, that all your wishes and demands to your soulmate are basically just a concern precisely for your own prosperity.

33. With such an attitude to your soulmate you will be already unable to build with him a friendly, joyful relationship,

34. Which those, who have decided to take for each other responsibility for a certain temporary period of the joint passage of the life road, should necessarily try to do.

35. In accord with the law of egoism you mainly prefer to be the first to leave your soulmate, and not to be the one who has been left.

36. Therefore the loss of the interest in your soulmate, before he has lost it to you, you accept normally and positively, as something natural and common.

37. In this appeal I have no intention to touch upon the whole breadth of psychology of the family relationships, which I will still talk about through appeals and other discussions with you, and just briefly touch one of the features of your inner world, which significantly affects and exists to various degree in all natural family couples,

38. In order that regarding this well-known to you basic life manifestation, you carefully and vigilantly observed the necessary regularities, which must be properly resolved in full compliance with the Word of God.

39. Because the welfare of the human society should start with the welfare of the married couple.

40. Where the welfare absolutely does not depend on the sparkling tiles, but always on the presence of a luminous spiritual world.

41. And through the given life circumstances I would like to emphasize, that in conditions, when you begin independently to surmise certain motives in the externally expressed actions of your soulmate – and that is exactly the way you always try to assess the probable qualities of the ones you get to know in any way – you will actually still presume in these motives your own vices and predisposition to them in similar conditions, in which somehow acts your soulmate.

42. That is, in fact in your consciousness will not occur the real image of the one you touch upon,

43. But will arise just an image of a person, created on the basis of your interested attitude towards him, with the help of the qualities, which you have obtained during your own life journey.

44. You will not be able to create in your consciousness an image of man with the help of qualities, which you have not acquired, you have not achieved, and so, which are absolutely unknown to you.

45. Therefore, trying hastily to make a judgement concerning anyone of those, whom you contact with, you – out of ignorance – are actually trying to see yourself in him,

46. Ascribing necessarily to him what you interestedly would like to see in him.

47. And only the colours of the interest, spiritual or egoistic, will peculiarly paint your sensational perception.

48. As long as you will even slightly perceive each other as a probable opponent, in the depth of your nature you will be afraid and fear each other,

49. And so, you will remain strangers among yourselves, regardless of the fact, whether your lips smoothly glorify or not the Name of God.

50. One Common Family of worthy children of God under such circumstances will never exist.