Chapter 10

When in your inner world appear a sufficient amount of positive qualities, you start to have a predisposition to suppose in the core of the actions of anyone of your soulmates, in the contact with his still unknown inner world, above all, positive motives.

2. If you haven’t gained a sufficient amount of positive qualities, then depending on the degree of predominance of the negative qualities in your inner world, in the same degree you – in the contact with the still unknown qualities of the inner world of anyone of your soulmates – will display an interest to suppose in the core of the seemingly well-known actions of the soulmate primarily negative motives.

3. If you are full of fear, then in everything – unknown and slightly-known – that surrounds you, you will inevitably suppose a probable danger.

4. If you are filled with happiness, then in that same images, scaring the fearful, you will notice something amusing and funny.

5. I verily tell you: the colours of the surrounding reality in your consciousness correspond to what you are filled with.

6. That is why to a great extent you don’t see what actually takes place in the reality, but you see what is viewed through the layer of paint, which you interestedly impose on this reality by yourself.

7. Man, whose feature is forever connected with the display of the bright qualities of the sensational world, will never be able to perceive the whole ongoing reality in a “sober”, coolly-reasonable way.

8. And this is not a shortcoming, but a peculiar uniqueness, through which by the Will of the Great God His children will beneficially modify the material World of the Universe.

9. But the predominance of positive qualities in the sensational world is a vitally important necessity.

10. For even if a man has always been in the Bosom of Harmony, the prevalence of negative qualities in his sensational world inevitably turns his life into a kind of hell,

11. Where often he painfully suffers for what does not actually exist in reality, but what persistently creates a painful interest in abnormal display of his egoism.

12. And no matter if these sufferings are adequate or not, they always have a negative impact on the sensational medium of man, actively undermining his life.

13. When the one, who has more positive qualities in the sensational world, is also able to, seemingly, experience groundless positive emotions related to something, which can be actually absent in reality.

14. But regardless of the appropriateness of such experiences, they are always beneficial, contributing to the proper formation and flourishing of the sensual world.

15. Man has always perceived and will perceive everything in full dependence on his own sensational interest,

16. Which can be manifested either as an egoistic or spiritual one.

17. The eyes of man are called-up to become truths from the Great God, the Father of the human race, with the help of which man should truly discern the whole ongoing reality.

18. Man himself, having forever acquired unusually bright for the entire World of the Universe sensational characteristics, will always remain conditionally blind.

19. For his reasoning and the whole process of thinking will always depend on the qualities of the sensational world.

20. Which till the present moment has been manifested above all in dependence on the egoistic qualities with progressively increasing over time manifestation of the spiritual ones.

21. For the wise guardianship by the Heavenly Father of all your life manifestations helps you to increasingly gain true spiritual values.

22. But in the case with the characteristic unique features of man his contingent blindness can be either life-threatening or life-affirming.

23. Getting acquainted with each other in life, you inevitably face one significant circumstance, indicating a certain peculiar blindness of each of you.

24. A man, who is filled more with negative medium in his inner world, naturally, becomes more tempted by the tricks of the darkness and has more abilities to discern the appearance of a danger, as he internally continuously expects it.

25. When you meet and get acquainted with somebody, who in turn is overfilled with positive medium, the former man, naturally, assess the latter as an abnormal one, allegedly unfitted for life.

26. For he can be easily deceived, since he is unable to pay attention to a probable danger, for he does not expect it. From which he supposedly loses and suffers a lot.

27. This second man is being evaluated as a blind one, unable to observe the forthcoming probable dangers.

28. Whereas the second one evaluates the former in a similar way, but with a certain difference.

29. The former is also assessed as a blind, unable to see the good and bright phenomena, which surround him in abundance, and he walks amidst all this miserable and aggressively alert.

30. From which it is obvious, that he loses and suffers a lot. Only these losses are of different nature and the sufferings – of different quality.

31. Besides, each of the evaluators is equally sincere in his assessment.

32. But the greatest positive value has only one of them.

33. Once, at the time of the First Accomplishment, I left a clue, that only those, who are pure in heart will see God.

34. He who is overfilled with negative sensual medium, is more inclined to discern all that’s coming from the darkness, for he continuously seeks it, watching carefully in order to observe it in time.

35. From which finally he begins to fear even his own shadow.

36. He who is overfilled with positive sensual medium, naturally, is more predisposed to distinguish what comes from the Light, for he looks for it everywhere.

37. Where every seeker sincerely and tirelessly always gains what he seeks for.

38. Therefore, the quality of your life fate is being determined by what you are actually looking for.

39. In the inanimate representatives of the versatile mind of the Universe interest is manifested only at the reasonably-egoistic basis.

40. Where the ego-sensual peculiarities are reduced to easily controllable by the mind conditions of insignificant vitally important manifestations.

41. Such an interest is not being displayed continuously and fully depends on the reasonable, most unbiased reasoning of the ongoing reality

42. And is manifested only when in advance has been reasonably defined a certain rational necessity.

43. And as your sensual world will always have extraordinarily bright peculiarities, then depending on the qualities of the sensual world a certain interest will constantly manifest itself inside you without any connection with the rational necessity.

44. And the very process of rational reasoning will always proceed in direct dependence on the influence of a certain sensual colouring.

45. From which you are always predisposed, first of all, to follow not the purely reasonable assessment of what you came into contact with, but the nature of the interest towards this, that manifested itself inside you.

46. Due to the fact, that the great abundance of basic life experiences and tasks are manifested mainly through comprehension of your vitally important mystery of relationship with each other, all the abundance of bright manifestations of interests belongs exactly to the field of such relations among you. And you have to remember some simple guidelines.

47. The spiritual interest in accepting anyone of your soulmates is manifested mainly in striving to see in him more positive features, which brings to you additional joy for the soulmate and gives new beneficial shades to your aspiration to perceive life in a worthy way.

48. And also manifests itself in striving to get to know him more closely, in order to better determine for yourself if you can in any way be useful to the one, whom you already try to be a friend after your first meeting.

49. At the same time, if any of your soulmates out of weakness brings to you negative information about this new person you know, then this information should be accepted with distrust.

50. And if anyway in relation with the given information arises the necessity of open confidential discussion with the one, about whom the negative news has come, that should be only with a view to deeper understanding of a probable difficulty and a possibility to provide feasible help.

51. But the negative information in the conditions of spiritually interested perceiving of the soulmate in no way can negatively affect the first initially naturally displayed positive perception.

52. The wisdom of a spiritually flourishing man in this case always helps you to properly understand the real value, above all, of the soulmate at this very moment, and not of the man he has been once.

53. For today’s man is never the one he has been yesterday.

54. Therefore after making a decent assessment of what your soulmate is seeking today, you will supportively participate in his life’s fate in compliance with the Truth of the Great God.

55. And if some of your soulmates brings in addition to you something positive about your acquaintance, such news is always perceived without a shadow of a doubt and with joy for the one, about whom is the good news.

56. When someone who has a spiritually interested perception recognizes that his soulmate shows a much greater ability in what he himself would like to master, he is always glad not only for this soulmate, but also for the emerging opportunity to follow for some time a real example, decently perceiving it and gaining additional wisdom from this knowledge,

57. Regardless of the fact that he eventually has grey hair, and the source of the wonderful example can be a child to him.

58. Under egoistic interest of perceiving of somebody of your soulmates, in the first place, should be understood either the perception of the personality of the soulmate as someone, probably capable of satisfying profitably your egoistic desires,

59. From which you even hastily ascribe for some time to him the qualities, that you yourself are able to present as merits, after which you strive to establish with him false friendly relations;

60. Or in the perception of the soulmate you hurry up, above all, to determine for yourself more negative qualities, which you are allegedly able to find in the nature of your soulmate,

61. Besides, never knowing that depending on definite psychological regularities you inevitably ascribe to him precisely your own vices and the predisposition to them.

62. Such an interested eyeing of the probable negative qualities pursues not only the egoistic need to identify an allegedly necessarily existing dangerous rival, but also a necessity to calm down about your own weaknesses and shortcomings through supposedly the identified by you even greater amount of shortcomings in the soulmate.

63. At the same time even the least efforts won’t be applied for veracious clarifying of the trueness of the presence of such shortcomings, which eloquently reveals the circumstance, where the conclusion satisfying your egoistic demands is quite more significant than the truth.

64. Which precisely constitutes the root of the extremely dangerous predisposition of man to condemn the Truth!

65. And when someone in such circumstances brings a message about the positive qualities of the soulmate, it is always accepted with distrust, whereas the negative information is being readily taken without a shadow of a doubt.

66. Recognizing the capabilities of the soulmate, showing his ability to manifest exemplary skills in any respect, in which one wishes to show himself in a similar way, those, having an egoistic interested perception won’t be able to feel joy for the skillful soulmate.

67. Having failed to cope with the envy burning inside, they, on the same unchangeable base of a particularly interested striving to find more shortcomings in the soulmate, will often apply not just efforts to slow down or hinder in any way the exemplary display, finding at that allegedly reasonable justification for such need, but also conscious efforts to bring somehow painful experiences to their much more advanced from a definite point of view soulmate.

68. As long as in the core of man prevail the egoistic beginning, having roots of naturally-animalistic character, man, like an animal, will always perceive the surrounding world of his inhabitance as some aggressive environment, where the more cunning and powerful can kill him or take from him what he would like to use alone.

69. In such psychological atmosphere, formed and sustained by the efforts of the very man, there will be inevitably displayed the natural peculiarity in man’s psyche, known to you as the law of self-affirmation,

70. Which plays a significant role in the life of the entire animal world and which reigns now over almost each representative of the human society throughout Mother-Earth.

71. The presence of such an interested striving to self-affirmation, manifesting itself in everyone with a different strength, necessarily assumes the perceiving of the representatives of one’s own species as probable rivals, who can pretend on all values, which one would like to use only on his own.

72. From which during the long history of human society’s existing, with the tremendous number of members – your soulmates, each of you lives in this multitude as if in a desert.

73. For you try to notice and be friends only with those, who you consider favourably advantageous for yourselves;

74. You strive to be only with those, from whom you mainly expect presents for yourselves.

75. And the stronger will be displayed this expectation of yours, concerning your soulmates, the less will be the number of those around you, who would really want to be close to you.

76. Verily I tell you: only when your inner interest manifests itself mainly in search for the ones, to whom you could be at least with something helpful, you will finally find the true great Family of worthy children of the Great God.