Chapter 1

Children of the Great God, peace be with you! Today, with this new appeal of mine, I see the necessity to not just partly reveal for you the next pages of the Book of the great Secrets – in order to define a bit more precisely and to broaden what was once quite briefly and figuratively said in the first chapter of the Book of Fundamentals and what was more widely and deeply reflected in the appeal “The Last Hope” –  but I also see a particular need to underline once again and more profoundly the crucial period in your becoming,

2. On the sound understanding of which fully depend the favourable active transformation of your entity and the fate of the whole human race.

3. And as soon as this appeal will have been made, let’s the predestined related events begin to unfold in full measure.

4. Now you have to learn in full measure how to perceive worthily the greatness of the responsibility which your heart has responded to. And so in order to help you – for the most precise formation of one common image in your consciousness from perceiving the Truth I am giving you – I use in some places untypical for me method of presentation applying graphical schemes.

5. For today it is of extreme necessity to form at the level of your consciousness a most correct understanding about the crucial vitally important conditions, raised in Truth.

6. Though in the first part of this appeal, where I will unveil the next imaginary pages of the Book of Secrets, I will not go into a detailed revelation of the physical laws of What has happened once and What is taking place right now.

7. For now it will be enough what I will reveal as reference points, leaving to you the necessary fullness of creativity for independent comprehension of the great Laws in connection with the given reference points, as far as you will really see this as an additional necessity.

8. On the way how you are going to hold what is being given to you will, naturally, depend the need to unveil for you either something new, or something which has already been said, but still deeper and wider.

9. The Truths, which are not related to your immediate life manifestations, are not of main importance in this particular period of your formation, though they are intended to form one common, correct worldview for a worthy comprehension of the whole ongoing reality exactly by the children of the Great God.

10. Therefore for the moment, in line with the obviously vital most abundant dealing with the everyday life circumstances in a direct and concrete way, I will also continue to reveal to you other Truths, but more as figurative guidelines, leaving to you an opportunity for showing an independent initiative, concerning the necessary reflection on the addressed issues.

11. Now we will continue to touch upon the next pages of the Book of Secrets.

12. Once upon a time, an eternity ago, the outer space, perceived by you as a relative emptiness, in the full sense existed as a passive form of the Being of the Primary Basis of the Creator.

13. The Spirit was hovering over the Abyss.

14. And in the Abyss still did not exist any concentrated form of consciousness, as an active form of manifestation.

15. And once in Space two points came together.

16. The appearance of the very first active medium in the passively displayed Primary Basis took place at the period, when the first two contingent points, which converged in the Space, joined in the first dance of the elementary Harmony,

17. And this became the first step on the Road of the natural self-formation of the Creator.

18. In the naturally existing Environment the mystery of consolidation proceeded naturally, as a result of which the concentrated form of Supreme Consciousness (Super Consciousness) began its formation.

19. The formation of the active Beginning once began to occur due to the ever increasing interlacing and consolidation of the truly elementary energetic phenomena, the basis of each of which did not consist of any compounds.

20. Once the whole Primary Basis consisted completely of such freely manifesting themselves, truly elementary energetic phenomena.

21. Eternity beyond eternity was required in order to take place the progressively accelerating mystery of formation of the active Beginning.

22. The process of consolidation is intended to result in the birth of a certain whole, where in its essence it will encompass a complex combination of a definite number of primary elements.

23. After that, such whole begins to have its own individual energetic and informational sounding.

24. Where the concepts of the primary elements in the science of mankind, in regard to the possibility of distinguishing them, are continuously shifting in the direction of the more and more subtle state, and I would say, that such a shift is still to take place more than once.

25. And in order to present a little the infinite greatness and complexity of the manifested Being both in a dense, visible to you, and in other state, it suffices to mention the following.

26. From some point the Being began to be penetrated by the subtlest active energy of the Spirit of Life, thanks to whom exist and develop unexceptionally all energetic phenomena, which are denser in relation to the Spirit of Life.

27. But this active subtlest energy of the Spirit of Life, which the capabilities of the versatile mind will never be able to fully cognize in connection with definite regularities of its formation in the World of matter, is already in itself an emanation from the Source, Whose Self has experienced a long period of self-formation and is a holistic System of complex interlacing of numerous truly ultra-subtle primary elements.

28. And in order to visualize the relationship of the Spirit of Life and the emerging of the relatively denser energetic phenomena of the Universe with its evolutionary formation, one can display the Spirit of Life dispersing in all sides from the Uniform as some invisible tissue, on which should begin to occur the stiches of the relatively visible threads, embroidering the pattern of the Harmony of the World of matter.

29. And now it is already necessary to briefly touch upon the mystery of emerging of the contingently visible thread.

30. The interlacing of a definite number of those threads among themselves the science of humanity and the human eye have the ability to perceive.

31. The mystery of the ever-increasing condensation of the ultra-subtle energetic phenomena of the Primary Basis of Harmony, which is the Essence of the maturing Great active Beginning.

32. And at a certain stage of the Great Mystery, was formed the Super Consciousness with the characteristic abilities to see all internal regularities of the arisen Harmony, to comprehend them in a specific way and to actively influence – as far as a conscious necessity occurred – the different phenomena of what was going on still inside.

33. The mystery of densification and formation of the active Beginning once reached such conditional milestone of sufficient maturity, when the already formed qualities of the Super Consciousness of the Uniform assessed, that due to the emergence and development of definite internal processes, the further process of naturally unfolding condensation will begin inevitably, in accord with its inherent regularities, reach the period of the opposite process – decondensation,

34.  With transition to the state, preceeding the beginning of the process.

35. And then the Uniform began to make Efforts, designed to help Him to avoid the natural result of decondensation and switch to the state of eternal existence.

36. The Uniform became a Creator.

37. All energetic densifications that originated in the Primary Basis had one common contingently positive (plus) quality.

38. And only at a certain stage of self-formation of the active Beginning, in the Core of the Uniform Whole began to emerge and evolve an energetic medium, which also can be contingently referred to as an environment of minus (negative) quality. (see figure 1)


39. Precisely the active development of the environment of energetic phenomena with negative (minus) qualities should inevitably bring the quality of the Body of the Uniform to the condition of utmost density,

40. After which should inevitably proceed the mystery of full disintegration, leading to the initial state of the passive Primary Basis.

41. Such full disintegration can be avoided only in conditions, when some whole, which undergoes disintegration, resides in an energetic medium with continuous emanation of nutrient creative Power from an outside Parent Source.

42. But since in the Being was formed just one single active Beginning, the mystery of full disintegration – on the path of natural development based on the naturally manifested and established regularities – becomes inevitable.

43. And then the Great Creator began to make Efforts, changing the course of the naturally unfolding Harmony.

44. He began to continuously bring out from his Self to the external environment energetic phenomena of minus quality, which had reached a definite level of maturity.

45. The active output of subtlest, contingently negatively-charged substance have become continuous in a period, when the energetic quality of this substance is similar to the quality of the Spirit of Life and insignificantly differs in the direction of the denser state.

46. At that the brought-out substance changes the nutrient concentrated medium of the Uniform’s Body to the dispersed energetic medium of the Spirit of Life, comprising in its Essence all the necessary Information for sustaining the life and development of the negative energetic accumulations which have become relatively independent.

47.  These accumulations under the influence of the innate information for densification continued the gradual transition to a condition of various progressively denser substances,

48. The varied peculiar combinations of which give rise to more and more complex substances with a characteristic individual energo-informational field. (see Figure 2).

49. Thus, in such kind of numerous and varied interlacing and densification began to form the conditionally visible threads, which were intended to start embroidering the endless Pattern of Harmony on the contingently invisible subtlest tissue of the rays of the Spirit of Life.

50. Only the process of densifying, sustained by the Life Current of the Creator, is always accompanied by inevitable disintegration.

51. For this is steadily facilitated by a definite regularity, at one time naturally manifested and established in the essence of the minus energetic substance, brought out by the Creator from His Self into the external environment.

52. The speed and the period of the transition to disintegration for all the phenomena of the young material World have been various depending on the combination of energo-informational peculiarities in the basis of the different phenomena.

53. But, as long as the Life Current emanates from the Creator, the specific Information in His foundation creates a permanent beneficial nutrient environment, in which all the processes of ever newer accumulations and various compounds with advent of a new substance will continuously take place.

54. And if we imagine the probability of a sudden cessation of the Spirit of Life, emanating from the Creator, a conditional outside observer would notice that all the Galaxies, Stars and all sorts of other dense substances in the Universe would quickly melt out, leaving no visible trace.

55. And once in the process of the considered densification of the minus energetic accumulations, brought out by the Creator from his Self, the first gaseous compound was formed, becoming a fertile medium out of which later was formed a numerous pleiad of diverse Stars, organized into separate Galactic clusters.

56. Where the Spirit of Life, retaining under its dependence the existing and development of the first, unique among themselves, relatively independent objects, has been creating the necessary conditions, in which endless reproductions of such compounds could proceed.

57. The mystery of condensation, culminating with the stars’ formation, allowed to occur in the Being numerous peculiar resemblances of the Great Creator.

58. But in this case it is important to say, that the Essence of the Creator was self-formed on the basis of the contingently positive (plus) energetic environment, in the center of which, at a certain stage of formation, began to manifest itself a negative (minus) energetic medium,

59. A definite quality of the density of which the Great Creator needed to bring out of his Essence into the external environment, allowing the released to fully manifest itself as a building material.

60. After which an active, fairly dense minus medium was formed, in the bosom of which at a definite stage of its development emerged contingently positive energetic concentrations,

61. Around which, as around a central core, energetic bodies of minus quality began their formation.

62. Only at that it must be remembered that such kind of conditionally positive energetic concentrations are just a peculiar, some vitally important resemblance of the positive medium of the Essence of the Creator.

63. A certain imprint of such characteristic of the building of the Universe you constantly manifest through the fact that the lower part of your body, being closer to the surface of the Earth, possesses the features of a negative environment like the body of Mother-Earth.

64. Whereas the upper part of your body, which due to your head has greatest openness to the positive emanation of the Spirit of Life, naturally, possesses the characteristics of a positive environment.

65. The active Events which took place in Being showed the emergence of two Origins with different potential with prototype of the beginning of the eternal coexistence thanks exactly to Their unity.

66. It is quite appropriate to define these origins as Male and Female.

67. At that the first to form was the Male Origin inside which once began the ever increasing manifestation of the Female peculiarities.

68. After that in connection with a particular necessity the Great Creator separated the Female as a relatively independent Origin for further eternal coexistence.

69. From the body of the Male was made the Female.

70. This could be figuratively described as the creation of the woman from man’s rib.

71. After which the further unfolding of the Harmony of the Universe proceeded mainly on the basis of the bearing Female origin.

72. The full-fledged unity of the Male and the Female creates favourable conditions for ever-active manifestation of life.

73. Let the Male and the Female be unified.

74. Thus, for a long time according to the earthly standards, by a thread from the female essence thoroughly and with great patience is being embroidered the Pattern of Harmony on fabric of Male essence.

75. Due to which in Being manifested itself a significant Mystery, where on the reliable Male basis is called to flourish eternally the Female Beauty.

76. Precisely for this reason in man, in his normal state, there is no desire to display beauty himself and, in the first place, he craves for admire beauty and poeticize it in his creations.

77. And the female entity primarily contains in its basis the peculiarity to manifest the beautiful.

78. But as the female nature bears at its core some features from the male basis, it also has the ability to admire beauty.

79. Only such a mystery of admiration in women proceeds with a different quality compared to men.

80. And since the correct measure of vitally important combinations of definite parts of male and female both in men and in women can only be stable under the conditions of normal life activity of the human society, and such conditions have not yet been formed, then inevitably occurs a probability for certain distortion of the normal measure in one side or another.

81. After which in a woman there can be more and more clearly manifested male features with a characteristic change in the woman’s attitude towards the surrounding reality and beauty.

82. And analogically something similar is displayed in men, when in their nature begin to dominate beyond measure the characteristics of the feminine origin.

83. But for the time being, I will not focus in detail on the nature of men and women in this address and will continue to touch upon the events in the progressively unfolding Universe,

84. Where all the phenomena, which have entered the path of further densification on the basis of the energo-informational tissue of the Spirit of Life, with each step of integration and densification, display an ever increasing variety of unique and unrepeatable energetic manifestations and where with the increasing of the complexity of integration, the limitations for further combinations quickly increase.

85. This means, that in the existing naturally unfolding Harmony of the World of matter there are some admissible ultimate norms regarding the physical manifestations, which have flowed out from the displayed regularities of the self-forming Harmony of the Creator’s Entity and have been affirmed in the Universe, created by Him.

86. It is necessary to say, that every manifestation of any independent occurrence in the entire Being, regardless of the level of simplicity or complexity, possesses its own consciousness, differing only by the complexity level.

87. Every truly elementary energetic phenomenon in the Primary Basis of the Being of the passive existence of the Uniform possesses its own energetic-informational field, in which has been fully reflected all the individual peculiarity of the energetic phenomenon itself.

88. This is the elementary form of consciousness.

89. And when the unique process of densification began through ever greater integration among the independent energetic phenomena, in the progressively self-forming Uniform Whole also manifested itself a more and more complex form of consciousness organized as a peculiar energetic-informational medium.

90. This proceeded until the complexity of the forming consciousness reached the level, at which it could be rightly called Super-consciousness,

91. When the process of raising more and more the complexity level of the self-forming consciousness once allowed it to acquire the ability of centralized control over its own inner mysteries and a possibility to actively influence them.

92. The level of Super-consciousness can be reached only by a similar self-formation, which for natural reasons no phenomenon in the Universe, created by the Uniform, can reach.

93. For this is possible only on the basis of an energetic manifestation, identical with the level of subtleness of the Spirit of Life.

94. As for the level of subtlety of all the energetic phenomena of the beginning its existence Universe, its very emergence and development has already taken place on a basis, which energetic feature has passed into a denser state in relation to the density of the Spirit of Life, with a tendency to still more significant densification and acquisition of a rougher state.

95. The Super-consciousness of the Creator of the material Being in His self-formation on the basis of the peculiarities of the male origin reached the highest possible stage of development, above which It could not be developed by the progressively multiplying and densifying manifestation of the female origin in the self of the Uniform.

96. And by the mystery of bringing out the female beginning the Uniform established in Being a peculiar contingent zero level, from which the World of matter began to develop independently, where the progressively densifying female energetic manifestations acquired a possibility to display their own diverse characteristic forms of consciousness.

97. And in the beginning of the formation of the young Universe the most complex form of consciousness was the planetary consciousness. The consciousness of the first Stars,

98. Which on its part is being formed on the basis of a definite combination of the positive current of the Spirit of Life and the minus energetic-informational emanation from the body shell of the Star or Planet (see Fig. 3.).

99. Each Star, Planet began to possess a unique gamma of diverse combinations of energetic peculiarities, which also naturally affected the formation of unrepeatable nuances in the qualities of the various planetary consciousnesses.

100. And then, with the development of the young Universe another significant stage took place, when the more and more complex combinations of female energetic peculiarities led to the appearance of the first organic compounds.

101. After which, the floral world on separate planets, striving for rapid development in a great variety, became exactly the particle, which constituted a peculiar richness and a definite perfection of the field form of the planetary consciousness.

102. At the same time the development of the plant world began to create a favourable environment for the transition of the emerging and established organic compounds to a qualitatively more complex and active form of life manifestations.

103. The rising dawn of the emergence of the animal world flickered.

104. But this is also a transition from the field form to more and more concentrated and centralized consciousness,

105. First through the simplest nerve chain, bearing a definite special limited information for the specific life-activity that is needed,

106. Where the given information, reacting on certain signals of the planetary consciousness in a characteristic way, allows the simplest organism to perform various vitally important efforts, assigned to that organism.

107. This allows the control of the whole life-activity of such organisms on besides of Nature, holding the necessary limits in accord with the existing Balance on the Planet.

108. And if the simplest nervous system did not have the characteristic features of the brain, then with the emergence of the brain in the more highly developed animals the full dependence on the planetary consciousness, controlling the Balance on the Planet, remained unchanged.

109. The creation of the animal world is the first step of the creation of versatile unthinking obedient servants, assistants to the Nature of a particular Planet.

110. Where the more complex form of consciousness, concentrated in the brain of the material body, became an expedient necessity.

111. And where at the same time the development of the animal world brightly manifested for the first time in Being the natural emotionally-feminine active energetic environment.

112. The appearance of the versatile obedient servants to help Nature in the Universe has definite characteristic limitations.

113. The representatives of the animal world are forever tied to the Nature of the Planet, which gave them life.

114. The characteristic quality of the consciousness of the animals does not allow them to take an active subsidiary part in the Nature of the unfolding Harmony of the Universe through other Planets and Stars.

115. And once a new significant event in the World of material Being took place.

116. There was made the second step of creation of versatile, but already reasoning assistants to the Nature of the Universe.

117. The active particle in the modification of the Universe and in the unfolding of the Harmony of the World of material Being was given birth.

118. This particle acquired such abilities thanks to the unique peculiarities of the mind, contingently designated as versatile.

119. Such peculiarities make it possible not to be tied to the Planet of birth and to independently overcome the bounding mysteries of the planetary consciousness with further moving within the space of the Universe.

120. And now it is already necessary to note, that through harmonious formation of the plant and animal world on the Planet a peculiar level of the Norm is naturally established, due to which a characteristic root peculiarity of life-activity of all organic compounds is manifested, brought to the Balance of the harmony of Nature.

121. The life-activity of different organisms, displayed below such Norm, will inevitably bear an extremely unstable character with an inexorable tendency towards extinction.