Chapter 9

And now, opening the next Page, time has come to reveal a great secret, reflecting an effort of the Heavenly Father for Salvation of his errant children.

2. In this appeal I will not touch upon your Father’s numerous efforts, created invisibly for you and always to your benefit, but for the moment I will partly unveil the secret which became the stumbling block both for the ones who did not accept Him, and for those, who said openly: “We believe!”.

3. But in a much easier situation now happen to be those, who once rejected this, for they barely thought about the Teacher and their consciousness is free from mind-numbing illusions.

4. And those, who abundantly called themselves believers, for too long have been trying to imagine the appearance of the Teacher through the prism of egoism, turning all their attention not to the main point.

5. Therefore their consciousness has been filled up with ungrounded illusions.

6. And now they are chained to them, unable to do a brave move beyond the boundaries established by their own efforts.

7. The believers stubbornly expect the fulfilment of what is predestined by God in images which they desire.

8. But completely blind is the one who thinks that the Heavenly Father creates His own Will according to human desires.

9. Your Living God does not create according to your desires, but to your good!

10. Be vigilant in your wishes, for your slavery under the yoke of your own egoism has not finished yet!

11. The Great God, having given you life and having incarnated you on Mother-Earth, began to closely watch your efforts in every move.

12. For this purpose Father does not need the well-known to you eyesight with extremely limited capabilities.

13 The soul of each of you has a permanent connection with the Heavenly Father through a definite, never tearing and invisible for you wonderful Thread.

14. As the lungs of the material body continuously have to inhale the life-giving air, so through this wonderful Thread, for maintaining life, your soul has to inhale continuously the Holy Spirit of its Father,

15. Which is incessantly poured out on all of you on equal terms, whomever you are on Mother-Earth.

16. Your perceiving of the whole surrounding reality and all efforts of yours without exception are inseparably linked to the two sensual worlds – inner and outer:

17. The outer sensual world of the natural instinctive egoistic peculiarities and the inner spiritual sensual world.

18. At that, the outer sensual world is not able to penetrate into the inner one, because of its much rougher fundamentals, when the inner sensual world easily penetrates into all outer manifestations of the material laws of the flesh and the whole surrounding reality.

19. Thus, thanks to the mentioned wonderful Thread, your Heavenly Father sees everything that happens to you, precisely through your spiritual sensual peculiarities.

20. And as there is no phenomenon of the material World, which can prevent the action of the wonderful Thread, so, wherever you would find yourselves, under whatever thick layer of water or earth you would happen to be, whatever buildings you would hide in, your Father will always easily see what is going on exclusively with each and every one of you.

21. But I verily tell you: God is not interested in the details of the events expressed through the material laws of your flesh, as well as in everything that your flesh and mind come in contact with.

22. The Heavenly Father carefully observes how you react to all that happens, expressing the attitude of your soul to everything.

23. The Father does not look at what is going on in your consciousness, and He is not interested in your thoughts, but He is unceasingly observing the inner efforts, which you first of all necessarily apply to everything.

24. Remember, all your outwardly expressed precious decorations and magnificent buildings, created by your hands to the Glory of God, will never be noticed by your Father, for all His attention is directed to your heart.

25. Therefore in these creations you primarily show yourselves to each other and build them for yourselves.

26. When you build temples or something smaller, but of a high price, you make donations to what you have planned.

27. And the creation ultimately becomes the fruit of your sacrifices to your God.

28. I truly say to you: God does not expect your brilliant sacrifices, but merciful deeds, done primarily from your soul.

29. For further on, from the fullness of the heart, the mouth speaks and the hands work in a worthy way.

30. But everything created by your mouth and hands will only be useful to you.

31. And the Great Heavenly Father continues to vigilantly watch the steps of your soul’s efforts.

32. He has seen the beginning in detail and continues to watch closely the events unfolding in your life from the impact that the representatives of the Mind of the Universe exert on your mind.

33. But whatever level of development of the mind would possess those, that wish to affect your life, they can never be compared to the qualities of the Super-consciousness of your God –

34. The Divine qualities, with the help of which your Father outplays all the ongoing events in such a manner, that each of them would inevitably serve only to the benefit of your soul;

35. To your soul’s benefit that you should have at heart incessantly, but you – because of blindness – persistently choose above all the good for your body and egoism.

36. Therefore Father is deaf to your pleas, but He is always aware of what you truly need.

37. The Great God could see that during the setting up of the different foundations of the various religious-mystical and other philosophical teachings, introduced due to the efforts of the Mind of the Universe to your benefit, among the plethora of moral and ethical concepts there were no truths, characteristic of the genuine straight-forward and uniform for mankind Road of Ascent, but nevertheless, in their abundance, the introduced concepts were able to considerably ennoble a lot of your life-manifestations;

38. Even if they could not give you the right understanding of God and what is coming from Him, nevertheless they were able to considerably expand your worldview from the animalistic-egoistic narrow-primitive level;

39. This facilitated the formation of a favourable foundation, from which you might adequately get in touch with the Truth.

40. And many of these concepts – albeit do not contribute to the process of Ascent – often impede your downfall.

41. So, whatever titles had the introduced-to-you concepts, verily I tell you: the Heavenly Father refers to the efforts in this direction favourably.

42. And just unreasonable blind men would raise a grating cry, rejecting what is inaccessible to them.

43. For, bathing in their own egoism, they consider themselves the measure in determining the spiritual values.

44. In the formation of the various teachings in your society the only complication for the fulfilment of the Sacred Intent lays in the fact, that, on the basis of the specific regularities of your soul, you inevitably become firmly tied with your heart and mind to the teaching you have chosen,

45. And some false concepts are being affirmed in your mind.

46. And as you still almost fully trust in the first place your consciousness, but not the call of the soul, so, in front of many of you arises a hard-to-solve task in perceiving the Truth, at long last sent by Father.

47. For you will not listen to the voice of your soul, but you will try to assess What has Come mainly by your mind, which is filled up with litter.

48. But in truth, a great failure awaits you in this case, no matter by what degree of importance on Earth your consciousness has marked itself.

49. But – man’s wisdom – is it not insanity in the face of God?

50. Therefore all hopes are left on your heart.

51. For only through the heart – more and more pure – is it possible to see What has Come from God.

52. Observing such kinds of spiritual formations and knowing about all the true advantages and shortcomings of all emerging teachings, the Heavenly Father, through mysteries created by His Will, allows you to reincarnate in such a manner, that, being born in this or that society where thrives one teaching or another, you can have the opportunity to acquire something more favourable for the given period of time,

53. Which is able to enrich your inner world by either adding what is missing, or truncating the excessive.

54. And it is through this mystery first of all, and through some other efforts, that the Great God is always able to outplay everything that happens to you not by His Will,

55. In order that what is ongoing could always help you to the greatest extent possible.

56. And since in the course of Eternity an active influence on you can have only mind basically similar to yours, it can never be compared to the Effort of God, your Heavenly Father.

57. And whatever dark sophisticated intentions prove to be against you, finally they will inevitably do good to you.

58. But what efforts of your own will you make yourselves?

59. For you cannot perish from what is being done to you, but only from the way that you perceive these efforts.

60. And your choice will always remain free in Eternity.

61. But in addition to the fact that the Father through His Wisdom and Force outplays everything to your good, there are also direct efforts of His, which had been foreseen by the Sacred Intent for the benefit of the development of the human race.

62. Having given you life and having incarnated you on Mother-Earth, the Great Father assigned to you a complicated work – to begin an independent accumulation of the understanding which is necessary for the development.

63. At that, the greatest difficulty became the fact that it is impossible to give a direct hint to any of you.

64. For your mind, through which only could be given definite instructions, has a uniform basis and regularities like in all manifestations of the peculiarities of the mobile mind of the Universe.

65. And this means that at any level of development of your mind within the limits established by the Creator of the material Being, you will never be able to perceive the efforts of the Super Consciousness in this direction,

66. Since the rough peculiarities of your consciousness are not able to perceive the manifestations of hyper-fine peculiarities.

67. The Heavenly Father knew, that in the natural process of your formation and accumulation of the necessary understandings, intended to help you pass through the initial stage of self-determination and comprehension of your real essence, you totally lack independent capabilities to acquire comprehension of the Truth exactly at that level at which a full-fledged entering into the Harmony of the Universe is possible precisely for you.

68. Moreover that the Harmony Itself has also established for you certain time limits, raising a barrier, beyond which should not pass the material flesh if it does not enter into the rhythm of the unfolding Harmony.

69. Knowing of all inevitably emerging in front of you difficulties after your unexpected for the Universe entry into the Being of the material World, at a certain stage of formation of the young mankind, the Great Heavenly Father planned my birth.

70. I was born not to walk the way of development which you do, fulfilling the beautiful mission assigned to you by the Father.

71. For you are born to gradually ennoble the whole World of matter, spreading God’s Glory throughout the Universe.

72. And I was born only for your good,

73. In order to complete what is missing, through which only the Great Father has the possibility to give the necessary instructions to his numerous children, at their level of understanding.

74. And only now the favourable time has come, when, with the permission of the Great God, my Father, I will partly unveil to you my secret,

75. About which you have made a lot of guesses and have inevitably given rise to a great number of primitive images, on the basis of which to the present days a plethora of various temptations and confusions have emerged.

76. And in order to reveal to you a lot of things now, it is very important that you should know this Page as well,

77. So as to dispel the mist forever and to unveil finally before your eyes the straight-forward path.