Chapter 6

But prior to this significant milestone, throughout the course of your existence, you were to show yourselves in bright diverse colours from a peculiar side of your life-activity,

2. The quality of manifestation of which radically differs from the quality of manifestations from this side of all representatives of the mobile mind of the Universe.

3. This peculiar side of your life is being represented by all kinds of attempts to determine the Nature of the Heavenly Father and to establish communication with Him.

4. Wherein these attempts, egoistically divided from each other, flourished in a vast external diversity.

5. But this was inevitable on the basis of the features of your inner world and the condition of an unfree mind.

6. Regardless of the high number of various reasonable civilisations in the Universe, their attitude towards the Uniform is expressed on the same characteristic basis with a common awareness by everybody of the single Law of development.

7. And on the one and only Mother-Earth, where in the Universe one single peculiar mankind exists, the expression of attitudes towards God is being manifested in a great diverse variety.

8. Whereas the Law of development of the soul also has one Road of Ascent, which is common for all God’s children.

9. Only a unified society of mankind could be able to get to the most favourable understanding of this truth.

10. And since the human civilisation consists of a great multitude of varied societies, divided among themselves on the basis of the laws of egoism, then, even if the understanding of the one common Road is perceived by the consciousness of the representatives of the different isolated societies, according to the law of that same egoism each society of this kind will immediately correlate this truth with its own, inherent to the stated society, characteristic speaking about God and about the road of development.

11. After which the collective pride of such society considerably increases.

12. And although the religious side in the life of the young mankind basically differs from something similar in the existence of the representatives of the mobile mind of the Universe, nevertheless it was the extraterrestrial world of the Mind that played a significant role in the formation of this side of human civilisation’s life.

13. At the same time, the development of the young mankind from this side was affected by another important event,

14. Which was marked by the fact, that once in the Universe one large and sufficiently developed civilisation deviated from the common road of development of all the other brothers-in-Mind,

15. Continuing its life-activity, without violating the laws of Harmony, but having in many aspects different goals from the rest.

16. The legend about the stated separation has entered in a peculiar form the scriptures of the Old Testament as a narrative about the fallen angel, imprinted in a definite figurative form in view of the level of development of the human society.

17. The World of the Mind, being separated in two directions of different expressions of independent efforts in development, never manifests itself in open confrontations between the representatives of these directions.

18. And when their interests intersect on some object or phenomenon, which does not yet belong to either of them, they try, without pushing one another, to make certain efforts – with different goals – observing all the established laws of the Universe.

19. In this way, one day, the interests of the representatives of these two, disagreeing with each other, reasonable worlds crossed on the life of the beginning its development young mankind.

20. And efforts with different purposes began to be made.

21. There is a natural rule in the laws of the Universe, allowing the more developed civilisations of the mobile mind to patronise the less developed ones.

22. Besides, the influence on the young developing civilisation should be the slightest possible, without violating in any way the freedom of choice of the patronised ones.

23. In view of the fact, that the soul has in its core a motive peculiarity set by the Birth-Parent, which constantly inspires the soul to search for and determine what comes from the Heavenly Father, the first man felt unconscious desire to find in the manifested material world something, through which could most fully express Himself Somebody, on Whom both the well-being and the misfortunes of man himself depended.

24. The consciousness of the first man, noticing what a great importance for the well-being of the society have the level of wisdom and the qualities of the leader of that society, also noticed a great deal of different emerging situations, causing both benefit and losses to his society without any connection to the qualities of the leader of that society.

25. It was not difficult for the primitive consciousness of the first man – being excessively afraid of the incomprehensible powerful elemental manifestations, in the waves of which he felt himself a tiniest grain of sand – to come to the understanding that behind all this manifestation of Nature stands Someone, infinitely great and powerful, at the whim of Whose, ostensibly, take place all these phenomena and the alternations of various events in the life of man himself.

26. And since man could already note in his mind that an angry neighbour can easily be soothed by some presents, pleasing his egoistic sensual needs, this primitive stereotype had a long lasting effect on the behaviour of man, who was trying to form a relationship with the Heavenly Father.

27. Through this natural understanding, which was accessible to the young mind, you began to form a specific side in your life-activity, thanks to which until this day you have been trying to determine: what is for good, and what is harmful; what is pleasing God, and what is not?

28. Some representatives of the Mind of the Universe, exploring independently the life-activity of the beginning-its-development young mankind, have paid attention to some basic characteristic circumstances.

29. In the course of the analysis of the characteristic peculiarities in the human civilisation’s life-activity, being displayed in a great diversity, the conclusion was drawn that Someone is leading the man.

30. At the same time, it is neither possible to identify the One, Who is directly patronising the young mankind, nor to establish with Him any relations on the basis of all the available capabilities of the entire World of the Mind.

31. Further on it was noted that man’s thinking does not tend to rest on the laws of logic, inherent to all the representatives of the mobile mind.

32. And if the conclusions, based on the thinking processes, were still pretty reasonable, then the strangest thing was why man begins to make efforts in a completely different direction compared to the mind-based conclusion.

33.  The Mind of the Universe has also realised that in the life of man a certain thing called love plays an extremely significant role, which is not to be found in the manifestations of any representative of the mobile mind of all the civilisations in the Universe.

34. For the kind of understanding and the range of bright sensual experiences that man has, are entirely absent in the life activity of the World of the Mind.

35. And the most extraordinary thing for the extraterrestrial mind was to realise that man has a certain immortal soul, through which he is able to be incarnated again and again on Earth, which is impossible for any representative of the Mind of the Universe.

36. No matter how long the life of one or another representative of the mobile mind of the World of matter can last, finally it necessarily comes to an end,

37. After which all the stored information is transferred to the memory of the planetary Mind, and nothing is left from the living individuality.

38. Man, however, has shown that there is a form of life-activity in the Universe unusual for all.

39. The extraterrestrial reasonable world has traced that after the end of the life of man’s material body, according to the generally known laws of matter, from the flesh separates an energetic double that can exist for a certain number of days; but when this period expires, when the energetic double had disintegrated, merging with the force currents of the Planet, there has suddenly been discovered a certain further existing luminous point,

40. Which has been moving according to its own inherent laws.

41. And only thanks to the fact that the soul had stored a certain life experience, which, figuratively speaking, resembles metal inclusions in its tissue, it could be observed with the capabilities of the representatives of the mobile mind, while in a pure state it cannot be seen with such capabilities.

42. Realising in advance these fundamental peculiarities in the life of the young mankind, the representatives of the extraterrestrial mind began to try – unobtrusively and carefully – to influence something that in the life of the human society was emerging intuitively in the form of primitive efforts to establish relationship with the One, Whom they feared and Whose protection they needed,

43. Whom they wanted to propitiate and engage in help to satisfy their egoistic demands.

44. On the basis of the fact, that, on the one hand an inner peculiarity of the mind lies in the desire to consider and cognise the Creator of the World of matter in every phenomenon of the manifested material world in the surrounding reality, and, on the other hand under the influence of the soul man felt a constant inclination to search for his Heavenly Father, the life-activity of the human society began naturally to be filled with all kinds of creations of  human hands, in which man was eager to express his almighty Patron.

45. Man sincerely hoped that his Great True God can easily manifest Himself in any material object.

46. Using the given level of reasonable state of man, as well as skillfully using some circumstances, when certain individuals had the ability to perceive semantic suggestions addressed to them from the world which was invisible to them, the extraterrestrial mind was trying to convey to the young mankind’s consciousness the necessary clues about the material laws, which man could use for the benefit of his life-activity.

47. But, being a slave of the egoism, man was not eager to share this knowledge with all his neighbours.

48. And then, knowledge of this kind was gradually gained in the hands of a certain narrow group of people, leaving for themselves the right to reap the laurels of honour and respect.

49. Through the accumulation of such kind of knowledge and the skill to make use of it correctly, it was easy to establish power over a great number of brethren, who did not have such information.

50. The mind, subject to egoism, could not fail to notice such a regularity.

51. And on this basis have been built all, without exception, power-holding organisations existing to the present day,

52. Regardless of the fact whether or not they worship the darkness, whether or not they hide themselves behind worldly or spiritual titles.

53. But it was not mainly for the sake of scientific and technical clues – which were given a lot both through mental communication and as direct meetings of the representatives of the extraterrestrial world and man – that attempts were made to influence the life-activity of the young human society,

54. But as a conscious necessity to make the most favourable efforts capable of restraining as far as possible the wild actions of the representatives of the human societies, living under the reign of the frantic revelry of egoism and directed to a continuous unreasonable desire to deprive each other of life for the sake of insignificant goals;

55. Where both the goal, which has been reached and the efforts undertaken for this purpose equally lead to self-destruction both the man himself, and the society as a whole.

56. A society, established and still existing according to the laws of egoism, never has inside natural and freely expressed efforts towards the most qualitative unity, and such society always has a constant internal inclination towards unending separation and isolation,

57. Which is also, in this case, a great danger for the human civilisation.

58. The integrity of any society depends entirely on the laws, according to which the integrity of any living organism in the World of the material Being is maintained.

59. Where if any organism makes efforts, corresponding to the flow of the unfolding Harmony, then the information of development, laid down by the Uniform in the cells of that organism will be preserved, and the laws linking the cells among themselves in a definite order will be strong and unshakable within the limits marked by the Harmony.

60. Otherwise the information of development in the cells is being deleted, and the whole organism begins striving continuously towards self-destruction, which is manifested through increasingly intensifying in quality diseases.

61. Such kind of diseases and self-destruction will be experienced by anyone, who makes efforts opposite to the flow of Harmony,

62.  Regardless of the brilliant extensive slogans about benefit, with which for some reason the ones who strive to call themselves kings of Nature always try to veil their negligence.

63. And since you – according to some regularities – always tend to make efforts, inevitably leading you to self-destruction, the extraterrestrial world took the natural decision to provide all possible assistance to the young human society.

64. But in order to favourably correct your life-activity you needed clues not of a scientific and technical nature, but of a philosophical and ideological one, for which some good circumstances were already emerging through the religious and mystical side of your life that was taking shape.

65. The Mind of the Universe didn’t know and cannot know the plans of your Heavenly Father concerning your development.

66. For this reason, having noticed your great difficulties threatening you with inevitable death, but unaware of any openly displayed efforts for your Salvation on behalf of your Father, the extraterrestrial mind decided to make efforts on its own discretion, at the same time gently beginning to play into what you really wanted to believe in.

67. And if your belief in some circumstances or phenomena has been pretty strong, then you have been gradually given little clues – without disturbing your confidence and without changing your understanding – in a more perfect direction.

68. But as soon as the most favourable circumstances to acquire more perfect concepts emerged, the extraterrestrial mind always made use of this.

69. After which in one society or another some ideas occurred, capable of leading to revolutionary transformations of what was already achieved into something more perfect.

70. In the World of the Mind of the Universe there is a natural regularity of constant motivated efforts of everyone to find what is more perfect, after which everybody accepts readily and unanimously what has been found.

71. This regularity absolutely does not work in your life.

72. And the extraterrestrial mind constantly encounters an unusual for it situation, characterised by the fact, that every man, having come to believe in one or another – in his own opinion – “truth”, accepted this “truth” as the only true and the most perfect one,

73. Assuming thereby, that nothing more truthful, than what he has already believed in, can ever further exist.

74. This characteristic feature of the manifestation of the very soul of man is intended to inextricably hold you in God’s Hand, which you are strenuously trying to find, but instead of it you often find what enthrals you, but has nothing to do with the Hand of God.

75. And therefore, in connection precisely with this typical for the soul characteristic, in your life – instead of transforming what has become obsolete into something better – began to emerge just additional new teachings.

76. It is according to this principle that in the history of human civilisation’s existence, up to this day, new teachings and trends  continuously arise both in religion and philosophy.

77. With the only difference being that in the field of philosophy the attachment to the established dogmas is often shown to be much weaker.

78. But, apart from creating more and more new teachings, the extraterrestrial mind was incapable of doing anything else.

79. It was all the more evident that although the teachings became a great number, yet everyone who really wanted wisdom, had the opportunity to gain the necessary treasures, examining impartially the various teachings, finding in them the most perfect values.

80.  The reasonable approach to providing assistance in an unknown enterprise allows for the natural giving of erroneous clues.

81. Such a circumstance is well known to the extraterrestrial mind which patronises the human society.

82. For this reason, when once again a set of instructions has been sent down from them, there comes a period for analysis of the objectively displayed mistakes which cannot be foreseen in advance.

83. After that, if the necessary favourable conditions are available, which happens very rarely, new concepts with more perfect amendments are sent down,

84. Which is manifested either through a new trend in an already existing teaching, or through a new teaching.

85. But mistakes, related to the clues regarding your development, inevitably began to appear quite a lot.

86. Moreover, in the case of you, the extraterrestrial mind has to comprehend the manifestations of a Law of development, which for them is heterogenous – i.e. of a different origin (editor’s note).

87. Where, according to these two heterogenous Laws of development, it is often required to apply two efforts of the opposite meaning regarding one and the same phenomenon.

88. It is practically impossible to comprehend such a thing really correctly, without the openly manifested direct instructions from the Great God.

89. But the mind of the material World continued to work, trying as far as possible to give to the young mankind what was thought to be the most favourable for the next step, considering the particular circumstances of this or that small society.

90. And, to this day, such an influence is still going on throughout Mother-Earth.

91. If the opportunity to accompany the clue by any unknown-to-you manifestations of the material laws – which you perceive as a miracle – is not difficult at all, then another difficulty significantly narrows the possibility to influence human society’s life-activity.

92. This difficulty rests in the extremely rare coincidence of two necessary conditions in one person.

93. The first condition lies in the ability to selectively perceive the incoming appeal just at the level of consciousness, which, according to certain laws, is very difficult to establish without complications for you.

94. And the other condition implies that the quality of the inner world and the consciousness should be most favourable for the worthy fulfilment of the extremely difficult for man mission;

95. What is also extremely difficult to find among the great multitude of people.

96. Moreover, that – under the direct influence of egoism and the primitive superstitious state of the consciousness – the constant willingness of the adherents of what is already available to arrange hunting and persecution of everything new and still unknown always creates additional serious complications.

97. But nevertheless, there were some things, which the extraterrestrial reasonable patrons have succeeded to do, and in the history of the establishment of the human civilisation there have been increasingly appearing significant names among your brethren.

98. In this way, correcting both what you managed to reach independently at the first steps in the religious and mystical formation of the young mankind, and taking part directly in the emerging of all new religious teachings, except for one, the extraterrestrial mind is trying to teach you not to do what leads you and the entire human civilisation to self-destruction.

99. And since the laws of your true development are unknown to the Mind of the Universe, then on the basis of what is most understandable to the extraterrestrial mind from your life-activity – and these are all peculiarities connected to your flesh, certain qualities of the natural sensual peculiarities and the consciousness – a lot of what is only inherent to the development of the representatives of the mobile mind of the material World has been revealed to help you.

100. This includes the law of justice, which for some people was expressed by the command “an eye for an eye”, and for others, according to another level of comprehension of the reality, was expressed by the regularity of the inevitable reverse retribution that exists in Nature and is called “karma”;

101. This also includes all kinds of methods of managing the vital energy currents, flowing through certain channels in the physical body, and various methods of balancing psycho-emotional energies,

102. What lies in some knowledge of the Tibetans, as well as in the teaching of yoga with its different meditations, facilitating in its turn the access to human consciousness for influence of any extraterrestrial source, interested in this.

103. And all that has been wrongly considered necessary for the development of the soul, while precisely with the soul the whole methodology of this kind has absolutely nothing to do;

104. And this also includes the clues, given to you, about the existing law of reincarnations.

105. But since the law itself was unknown, in some societies naturally emerged false understandings about a series of endless reincarnations and that the soul could supposedly be incarnated into plants, stones and animals.

106. This also includes some worthy efforts, leading you to an understanding of the existence of the one and only God, Who created you.

107.  For at times, in different societies, primitive concepts of polytheism have occurred.

108. But, yet again, being ignorant of the true Essence of your Heavenly Father, the extraterrestrial mind revealed to you a lot about this in the form of those images, which were most easily understood and which you yourselves would like to see in the Essence of your God,

109. To Whom, at the same time, has been partly attributed something that is characteristic just for the Creator of the material Being.

110. And then for you narratives about the Uniform Creator occurred, forming the Heaven and the Earth, as well as the whole world of matter and the human flesh;

111. Telling that the Great Father both loves and punishes, that He may wish to help you, but He may also turn away from you in anger; that He is wise and cunning and decides Himself whom to pardon, and whom to punish.

112. In doing so, telling you about the anger of the Supreme God, just one goal has been pursued: through your probable in such a case fear of punishment, the extraterrestrial mind was eager to stop you from irrepressible striving towards rude actions, contradicting the Harmony.

113. But fear of this kind can only be maintained in one case – when regarding every man severe punishments regularly and immediately follow every violation of the law which is allegedly prescribed by God.

114. And since this is what you often do not notice, the fear of punishment in many people is easily dispelled, leading them to more and more courageous commission of life-threatening efforts.

115. All the emotional and other qualities described above attributed to your Heavenly Father, in fact, have absolutely nothing to do both with the Creator of the material Being, and with your God.

116. But you are very prone to perceive a lot of this readily, and so, considering it of importance for you, the extraterrestrial mind revealed this to you in abundance, staging different situations in which certain appeals were made, ostensibly coming to you from God.

117. And then any prophet, having perceived at the level of consciousness a definite, significant for himself phenomenon, began to perceive the coming to him appeal as if it was from God,

118. After which it would be imprinted and brought to those, to whom it was intended. Besides, from time to time, all this was being accompanied by certain outer omens, visible to everybody present.

119. The Mind of the Universe, possessing the abilities to figure out the most probable near future in the life-activity of various societies or in the individual fate of the representatives of these societies, could easily insert in such appeals some predictions, which, having come true afterwards, confirmed and strengthened the authority of the prophet.

120. Many teachings emerged like this – when some of you were chosen by the extraterrestrial mind in the role of prophets, priests, shamans and other various teachers, capable of giving the necessary warnings and some more perfect clues to their neighbours or to the whole society, to which these broadcasters belonged.

121. Along with this, to the present day, continue to exist some circumstances, when someone from the mighty hierarchs of the Mind of the Universe is able to take a personal possession of a born-on-Earth flesh.

122. In this case, into such flesh a soul is not incarnated.

123. Such hierarch, coming from one of the worlds of the Universe, has long been occasionally patronising the Indian region of Mother-Earth,

124. As a result of which in the religious beliefs of the people of that corner of the Earth occurred the names of Krishna, Shiva, Vishnu and so on.

125.  Appearing among your Indian brethren into a chosen flesh, he abundantly performs some actions, which are easily able to evoke in man extreme amazement and admiration, for he has a very high-level knowledge of the material laws even compared to many of his brethren.

126.  The consciousness of man – extremely limited so far – readily accepts these actions as a miracle, which supposedly can only be done by God Himself.

127. Such an alien independently conveys to the heeding ones everything, which he considers necessary to reveal.

128. And, in this case, these are still the same Vedic laws, given to them in remote antiquity on the same land,

129. Just every time with some additional corrections, which are necessary with regard to the naturally emerging deviations in man’s understanding of the ancient laws, and sometimes even the complete loss of certain elements constituting these laws.

130. All remarkable teachings, painstakingly introduced by the extraterrestrial mind into the life of human societies, as a rule, narrate a great lot about grand and mighty values, about numerous laws of matter, favourable just in the life-activity of the material physical body with all its energetic manifestations; but what’s favourable specifically for the development of the soul is revealed extremely insignificantly and in a very primitive form,

131. At the same time out of ignorance the numerous manifestations of the material laws, connected with you, are being covered abundantly with concepts of supposedly spiritual development.

132. But this is not a conscious concealment of the main laws, but rather the fact that these laws have been unknown both to humanity itself and to the extraterrestrial reasonable patrons.

133. And in spite of the tireless patient efforts of the extraterrestrial mind to introduce in the course of the centuries various, every time more and more perfect moral and ethical concepts, which, evolving into a more perfect teaching, at times could even unite many belligerent small communities into a comparatively stable great society, – yet it was impossible to help man to overcome the persistently emerging splits among the different societies,

134. Occurring on the basis of the continuously manifested various egoistic contradictions, which, depending on that same egoism, could never be reasonably resolved.

135. The very efforts, centuries-long, of the extraterrestrial mind, which are meant to develop you and, therefore, to necessarily restrain the egoism, have come to nothing.

136. The egoism remained exactly the same, and just slightly modified and diversified, excellently adapting itself to the emerging new external conditions;

137. Which sustainably holds the circumstance that the numerous Family of children of the one Heavenly Father, living on the one Mother-Earth,  is separated inside by an absurd number of various borders.

138. By the time of the present day, which the extraterrestrial mind had long ago been able to define as the time of the final decision of the fate of the human civilisation, the extraterrestrial worlds began to make final efforts, meant to create most benign atmosphere in the life of the human society given the diverse religious and mystical unions.

139. Since the extraterrestrial mind proved unable to consolidate all your efforts regarding this aspect into one most perfect moral and ethical religious teaching, attempts began to be made on its part to at least bring all basic religious teachings to a unity of well-intended coexistence on equal rights and conditions,

140.  In order that the gap of alienation among the religions may to the greatest extent disappear;

141. Which was subsequently manifested in the new teachings both with a greater religious inclination and with a greater inclination towards consciousness.

142. On this basis the teachings of Bahai, Agni-yoga and some others arose.

143. But along with the bright large-scale fruits of the efforts of the representatives of the Mind of the Universe to help the young humanity, there were quite a lot of efforts made in the same direction but of a more narrow character, and also, what turned out to be inevitable, a lot of efforts have been and still are being made, particularly in the present days, with the opposite to your development meaning.

144.  If from a certain point in time in the Universe instead of one direction of the development of the Mind two different streams came into being, without going beyond the boundaries of the Harmony, then when the interests of these two worlds naturally intersect on one and the same phenomenon, opposite opinions may arise as to what kind of efforts should be made in regard to this phenomenon.

145. And then, without interfering in each other’s immediate actions, independent efforts are being made.

146. In the Universe of the material Being there has been established a law, prohibiting the advanced civilisations of the mobile mind from interfering directly in the development of a young civilisation of the mobile mind, violating the freedom of choice of the representatives of the young society from a definite level of its development.

147.  The extraterrestrial mind does not have the right to interfere in the development of your society, violating the freedom of your choice.

148. And under an influence, which does not violate the freedom of choice, is meant the input of certain information into your consciousness during its natural normal activity.

149. Meanwhile you maintain complete freedom of choice on how to respond to the incoming information.

150. And if your mind had the opportunity to comprehend the reality without distortions, as this happens with the representatives of the extraterrestrial worlds, then the above mentioned law would create equal conditions for everyone, who is subject to its action.

151.  But since the activity of your mind is still completely dependent on the natural egoistic peculiarities, any extraneous influence on it, with the correct consideration of your weaknesses and attachments, guarantees the necessary non-reasonable reaction to that interference.

152. And although you still have full freedom of choice to make various decisions, your steps are easily predictable.

153. Which means that it is fairly easy for the representatives of the extraterrestrial mind to influence your development, without violating the Harmony’s law on freedom of choice.

154. Everything depends on the quality and the content of the informational stream, which is directed into your consciousness, taking into account your naivety and ignorance of the true laws of your development.

155. And if in ancient times the abilities of your mind to perceive more subtle informational streams has been manifested by rare phenomena, then in the present days these abilities of yours are being displayed in considerably greater quantities,

156. In connection with the natural modification in the development of your mind.

157. And now your well-being depends on how vigilant your heart will prove to be.