Chapter 5

The natural sensual attachments, which you made yourselves absolutely dependent on since ancient times, began to continuously influence the activity of the evolving mind, forcing it to work only in the direction necessary for the burgeoning egoism.

2. The young mind is constantly being formed, and the direction of formation remains always one and the same.

3. Figuratively speaking, the natural characteristic features of the mind rest in the ability to perceive the incoming information precisely in a colourless manner.

4. While the natural sensual world in this case is characterised by a peculiar coloured perception.

5. Your natural egoistic perception of the occurring actuality resembles a specific prism that characteristically refracts all the actuality, tinting it in various colours containing semantic marks of what is favourable or unfavourable to your own egoism.

6. And as your sensual world fully influences mind’s activity, which was not initially envisaged in Harmony regarding the mobile mind, then your mind in such conditions, naturally, perceives the reality only through this peculiar colouring;

7. For which reason the young evolving mind begins to mark and accumulate facts with an abnormal for the development designation of each phenomenon of the surrounding world.

8. And the more information with egoistic marks is being stored, the more easily and quickly your mind – in varied controversial situations – finds the best solution to an emerging difficulty solely to please your egoism.

9. The mind would do everything possible for you, using its inherent laws of thinking, but in doing so the mind itself will not be able to know what it has actually done for you.

10. As your mind does not possess true knowledge of what is favourable for the development of the soul and what is not, so, regardless of its capabilities and working capacity, it would not be able to help you in your true development.

11. For thousands of years your mind has been constantly looking at the reality through the prism of the immoderate egoism.

12. Besides, in the experience of the consciousness of your temporal material body, in the experience of your soul and in the experience of the whole human civilisation for all the time of its existence, you have accumulated a colossal amount of information about all kinds of egoistic deeds of yours – in all aspects of your being without exception as well as in absolutely any other phenomenon of societal, Planetary and even Universal level.

13. Exclusively all this information has been marked by you in a peculiar way.

14. The process of this kind of marking has in its core definite regularities.

15. In the natural body, endowed with mind, there are two levels of marking the information about the surrounding reality:

16. The reasonable level that determines the information from the position – accurate or inaccurate knowledge,

17. And the level of the instinct, determining the information as favourable or unfavourable for the material body, considering the egoistic manifestations inherent precisely to this level.

18. In the representatives of the animal world, whose instincts fully determine the activity of one or another animal and the capabilities of the mind are being kept within a narrow range, the information about the surrounding world is being marked only from the position of the instinctive level.

19. And then the mind of the animal begins increasingly over time to hold only information with marks: edible or not, dangerous or not dangerous, and so forth, in full dependence on the egoism as an important feature in the given conditions.

20.  In the representatives of the mobile mind of the material World the voice of the instincts is gradually reduced to insignificant manifestations in such a way, that the peculiarities of the egoism are almost not displayed.

21. That is why the necessary marks of information related to the instincts are being made in this case at the initial stage of development, and further the mind, freed from any influence of the instincts, begins to perceive the information without distortions and regardless of the natural needs of the body.

22. In your basis you have not two, but three levels of assessments of the surrounding world.

23. Along with those already mentioned, you have also a spiritual level of marking of the incoming information.

24. This level of assessments, as well as the instinctive level, is characterised by definitions from the position: favourable or unfavourable; but only in this case it refers to the development of the soul.

25. If a figurative comparison is applied to this level as well, it will differ from the multi-colouring of the natural sensual manifestations and the colourless manifestations of the peculiarities of the mind.

26. In this case, if the characteristics of the mind can be compared to a certain crystal transparent ball, letting everything through itself without any colouring, then the spiritual sensual characteristics can be compared to the same ball, but filled with a certain very pleasant glow, having a tender warm hue.

27. Precisely on the basis of this peculiar emanation the multi-colouring of the natural sensual characteristics in your incarnation has obtained a very strong colour saturation,

28. Under the influence of which, naturally, you fall into excessive anxiety with an unavoidable psychological fatigue.

29. But only by worthily developing the peculiarities of your soul will the strength of your spirit – having inevitably multiplied inside the intensity of the natural sensual soundings, by increasingly shrouding outside your natural sensual world with its tender light – be able to properly reduce the excessive colour saturation,

30. Ennobling the colour sounding and bringing all this into harmony.

31.  After which the impact of the sensual world over the mind will be the most favourable and the only permissible  for you.

32. But precisely your mind will never get out of the sensual influence.

33. And although all the efforts of your mind in comprehending the regularities of the material World will always be using the principle of evaluating the incoming information as accurate and inaccurate knowledge, the sensual world will always attach to this information additional underlying colouring.

34. Where your well-being will entirely depend on what kind of sensual world inside you is dominant: the natural or the spiritual.

35. The egoism in the animals is only manifested in direct connection with the satisfying of the basic instincts, which should engender the spirit of rivalry, and as a result one species or another continues its existence and development due to the strongest ones.

36. The egoism of man has also begun to flourish on the basis of these same laws, but if in the animals the mind, with the pre-established strict limitations, has been creating an insurmountable barrier, holding the natural sensual manifestations within the borders of harmony, then the capabilities of the mobile mind in man do not have such limitations;

37. So the bloom of the natural sensual characteristics could not be retained within reasonable and harmonious boundaries,

38. And the ugliest form has obtained the natural-sensual manifestation of egoism.

39. Unlike the animals, you are able to create innumerable varieties of all kinds of manifestations in relationships with each other and with the rest of the surrounding world.

40. You possess greatest creative capabilities, wherein your mind is always ready to find a myriad of diverse ways, leading you towards the most convenient and easy achievement of the intended goal.

41. But since your inner world is dominated by the natural-sensual egoistic peculiarities, your mind will inevitably perceive the surrounding world through the prism of this egoism, marking and memorising the information only according to the principle: for the benefit of your egoistic claims or not.

42. For all the history of your existence, infinitely accumulating information which has been almost entirely marked only by the egoism, you always find yourself in a situation, when any attempt of the mind to comprehend one or another emerging life-difficulty always slips into the field of pleasing your own egoism,

43. Whose size and the peculiarity you are still unable not just to assess, but also to imagine.

44. Because for such an assessment it is necessary to possess a mind which views the reality exclusively through the sensual manifestations of the soul.

45. And none of you has ever reached such a quality for all the history of human civilisation’s existence.

46. Although some people have nevertheless been able to reach certain considerable results in this direction.

47. But this is the prospect of the future for each of you.

48. And if in the material world the mobile mind has been able on its own to restrict the egoism to insignificant manifestations, then with you this is only possible through the spiritual development.

49. If we can figuratively say about the mind that it possesses the ability to see, then the whole sensual world in this case cannot see.

50. The whole material World, showing itself in all its diversity of holistic systems, has in the basis of its life manifestations definite laws of balance and two main norms.

51. Where one must not fall below the first, for this will cause exhaustion, nor get above the other: over-saturation will take place.

52. The violation of one norm or the other always leads to the violation of certain balance, after which a process of self-destruction begins.

53. The natural sensual world of the animals is controlled by the Harmony Itself through the information laid in the instincts of one or another animal.

54. The mind of the animals is in the condition where it, according to its capabilities, can only be an obedient servant in the proper satisfaction of the instincts, without being stronger than they are.

55. The mobile mind has the capability to bring the sensual world of the physical body beyond the borders of the norm, but it can not do so just because it realises that in this case a danger occurs,

56. And for the benefit of its activity it reduces the signals of the sensual manifestations of the instincts to the lowest possible level, but not passing beyond the lower level of the norm.

57. The combination of the peculiarities of the natural body and the mind is balanced by the Harmony in such a way, that the “blind” sensual world will always be in the level of normal life-activity.

58. In the case with the mobile mind of man the situation is such, that the mind – though still capable to see – is destined to view the reality only through the prism of one sensual world or another.

59. And as long as the mind views the world through the prism of the exorbitantly enhanced manifestations of the natural sensual peculiarities with ever-increasing above the norm egoism, the mind can easily be cheated at the early stages.

60. And it will not be able to determine the reasonable measure in satisfying the sensual natural characteristics, which will inevitably lead your actions to upsetting the adjusted-by-Harmony system of instincts’ signals.

61. This necessarily will lead to the fact that you will either insufficiently supply the needy, or excessively feed the desirous.

62. But in both cases the flesh will deteriorate.

63. It is only the spiritual sensual world, properly forming itself, that is intended to bring the natural sensual world within the norm.

64. And although the mind will keep on perceiving the reality through a certain prism, but which already belongs to the spiritual world, in this case it will be able to store information in such a form, that in any comprehension of the occurring situations mind will always find a favourable solution both for the soul and the flesh.

65. Unlike the natural sensual world, which has both an upper and a lower limits of saturation, the spiritual sensual world has just one level, which is initially established by the Heavenly Father and below which it is impossible to descend.

66. But in the other direction there are absolutely no limitations, and, no matter how much the soul is being fed with spiritual food, it would never reach over-saturation.

67. And this process of saturation will last forever.

68. Your soul has in its foundation the ability to react sensitively to what is favourable for it to feel, because this can only be what is beneficial to its formation.

69. In this way it is able to determine unmistakably what pleases God and what is coming from Him, trying to identify Father’s Hand,

in order to resolutely go where the Heavenly Father will lead.

70.  Situations occasionally occur in your life, when the mind notifies some inner reaction, rejecting something or perceiving pleasantly some phenomenon, remembering this along with a variety of bright similar reactions on behalf of the egoistic sensual world.

71. The mind – at the first stages of life-activity of the young mankind – had not been able to distinguish between such inner reactions on outer circumstances, but after a long period of time it became increasingly possible to note, that some inner sensual reactions differ in quality from the manifestations of the natural sensual world.

72. Thus, the mind gradually began to acquire an ever increasing predisposition to comprehend favourably the spiritual sensual world.

73. For the mind the conditions for comprehending of the Creator of the material Being rest in the fact, that the laws of the Creator, as a partial reflection of Him, can be perceived in any object or phenomenon of the material world, which is being displayed around in its variety, and the mind is able at every step to find a great deal of knowledge about the Being of the Harmony.

74. Whereas the conditions for starting the development of the soul have been much more complicated for you.

75. For the Heavenly Father has never been reflected in any object or phenomenon of the material World.

76. The laws of the development of the soul can never be read in the trees or in the middle of a cloud, in the dew drops or in the grains of coastal sand, in the morning dawn or in a mysterious fog.

77. And if the mind can perceive independently the laws of its own development and its material body’s development, reading the book of wisdom which is constantly open in the face of the surrounding Nature, then it is your soul that does not have the opportunities to read the book of the laws of its formation.

78. Once, when you were first incarnated, your soul should primarily step into close interaction with the material laws, infinitely experiencing the influence of various situations,

79. Trying at the same time to distinguish what is good for it from what is harmful.

80. But in order to be able to analyse such kind of information favourably, the mind should know: what is the voice of the soul and how it differs from the sensual natural peculiarities.

81. It is easier for the mind to distinguish and comprehend the sensual world of the flesh, because the fundamental laws of both the mind and the flesh are homogenous.

82. And only because the sensual world of your flesh, reinforced many times by the features of the soul, began to exceed in strength the norm established by the Harmony, the mobile mind found itself fully dependent on the sensual world, just like in the animals.

83. Therefore, from aside, the mind could not comprehend what was taking place in the sensual world of the first man, but only, depending on the natural egoistic sensual manifestations which are the brightest and the most vociferous, comprehended the reality exclusively in favour of the egoism.

84. The voice of the soul, as a rule, was being left without attention.

85. But even if the mind has succeeded in noticing something coming from the soul, anyway in the process of comprehending this signal, the mind inevitably has to use only the stored information, already coloured by the egoism.

86. And then to make reasonable conclusions in favour of the soul becomes almost impossible.

87. But still, drop by drop, there can be accumulated in the consciousness information that is most favourable for the spiritual world.

88. For, in order to make it once possible to reveal by the Will of the Great Heavenly Father some primary necessary laws, which directly and significantly influence the formation of the soul, it is absolutely necessary that the inner spiritual world and the level of consciousness have matured to the most favourable condition.

89. And in order that the young mankind might mature to that, it had to be preserved.

90. For, having failed – due to natural circumstances – to comprehend properly what is necessary for the spiritual development and having entirely devoted your life to please the egoistic sensual manifestations, you inevitably began a wildish way of living,

91. Where according to the laws of rivalry you step into fierce struggle with each other both among the various small groups and among the tribes and states.

92. You directed all your reasonable capabilities into these absurd competitions, creating more and more exquisite technical appliances, even more depriving each other of life.

93. These efforts – most stupid in their essence – you have been making for thousands of years and to the present day, doing this with a single egoistic goal: to improve your own egoistic conditions for satisfying your instincts and the other sensual egoistic needs.

94. Moreover, every success in this field excessively develops both the personal and the overall national pride, which is actually the first and main enemy of your spiritual world.

95. On this point it can be said that if you want to find conditions developing the soul, you can safely look for them in the opposite direction from what your pride tells you to do.

96. In addition to the law of rivalry, leading you to continuous fighting with each other, the whole human society, out of ignorance, stepped beyond the boundaries, admissible in the Harmony, and dropped below the zero level of the norm predetermined by the Creator for normal life-activity in the material World.

97. This has led to the fact, that you, thanks to your continuous efforts in the false direction, persistently delete from the cells of your body the information of development,

98. After which inevitably the bonds among the cells start to break down, which brings your flesh to ever harder diseases and death.

99. According to the laws of Nature you can easily transfer the presence of such disorders to your kids, making in this way every new generation with ever greater deviations in their physical well-being.

100. For every new generation, taking the same abnormal steps, multiplies what it already bears;

101. And each time this is being more strongly rejected by Harmony.

102. Under such circumstances your life expectancy is very short.

103. But the maturing of your spiritual world and the consciousness itself – so that at the predetermined Hour you could worthily accept the laws of development revealed by the Will of the Great God – requires life periods which are many times longer.

104. And if the soul perished with the death of the flesh, then we might not speak about the development of the soul at all, and your incarnation into a natural body would be meaningless.

105. The Heavenly Father knew about this necessity, for this reason the vitally important to you mysteries of the system of reincarnations had been foreseen,

106. According to which you again and again – if there is a vital necessity for this – reincarnate into the flesh which exactly you need for you.

107. But it is not you that choose this flesh, it is being chosen for you, considering what you have matured for and what you are short of.

108. Wherein favourable conditions are being created for you, as the consciousness of the new flesh should not remember the great amount of your stupidities from your past life.

109. Although the experience of the soul, gradually gaining strength, is able with each time to increasingly influence the young organism’s search for what is necessary for the benefit of the soul,

110. Where this organism begins to look at the world with new childish eyes, and this allows from time to time to accumulate in the soul more favourable impressions that affect the formation of the soul.

111. But together with this, there are also other circumstances, when the accumulating of negative experience makes the child from the very childhood most prone to actions which increasingly burden his inner world.

112. But nothing can be changed by force from aside, for a man should possess complete freedom of choice.

113. This law is not only for the mobile mind of the Universe, but it is also a mandatory Law in the development of the soul.

114. The greatest thing that can be done for you in your new incarnation is to select the most favourable – from the point of view of the Truth – conditions for comprehension of what you are short of, considering in advance the probable sequence of various forthcoming challenges.

115. According to some regularities these most probable favourable conditions can be seen in advance on the basis of the qualities of the newly born material body in certain conditions.

116. The law of re-incarnation allows the accumulation of creative experience and spiritual strength in your souls, though creative experience is always accumulated much faster.

117. Due to this law in the history of existence of your society there can be created favourable conditions, when some of you have become able to overcome the abnormal limitations, invisibly established by the society.

118. And then the mind, avidly aspiring to comprehend a reality that is far from being connected with the probable possibility to satisfy egoistic needs, allowed the science and arts to flourish.

119. And some of you have made important efforts in the realm of the spirit, considerably breaking the dependence on the instincts and other egoistic impulses.

120. Prior to the necessary maturing your soul, as a rule, incarnates several times, then the sequence of incarnations is completed and the soul awaits the Hour after which, with all the rest who are also waiting, will be finally returned to the flesh.

121. After that the law of reincarnation will disappear as superfluous, and you will fully proceed to life-activity according to the laws of Eternity.