Chapter 4

In the initial period of your abundant incarnation on Earth, the existing here and beginning its formation successive civilisation of the mobile mind of the material World, suddenly experienced an unseen in the Universe transformation.

  1. It was from this moment that the countdown of the formation namely of Man began.
  1. At the moment of your first incarnation – not only in that distant time, but also in any of your subsequent first-time incarnations – you do not possess any knowledge about the characteristic features of your soul.
  1. The complication consists also in the fact that in such circumstances you cannot feel any inner inclination towards certain activities favourable for the development of the soul itself.
  1. Because the soul, having absolutely no experience, still does not know at all what specific efforts will be favourable for it.
  1. For this reason, a mandatory preliminary acquaintance with many life endeavours is required, after which, in the process of familiarisation, one can gradually make an assessment in the necessary definition. 
  1. But the bright manifestation of the natural instinctual sensual peculiarities and the characteristic endeavours of the mind became the first thing that drew the attention of the young mankind.
  1. Since that time, in one place or another, one can see either an emotionally unrestrained and noisy man, or a temperate and quiet man, spending a long time looking at the colours of the sunset, or at the mountain peaks touched by the first beams of the rising sun.
  1. Where, at the same time, the mind has been trying in its own way to comprehend the ongoing, and the inner world has been vibrating in certain unconscious enchanting streams,
  1. Leaving for a long time a specific deep trace in the soul and in the memory of the consciousness.
  1. Just like the material body possesses the instinct, which is displayed as typical unconscious impulses, leading to the corresponding vitally important physical efforts of the body itself, so the mind has something similar.
  1. Where the mind is always trying to comprehend every Word or a whole Statement of the Creator of the material Being, which is imprinted in the stone and in the tree, in the murmuring creek and in the blazing flame, in every grain of sand and in the huge mountain ranges –
  1. In everything which can be seen within the countless variety of the material World’s manifestations.
  1. Wherein the mind initially does not have an instinctive urge to determine and comprehend immediately the Essence of the Creator, but has the irresistible desire to understand all the laws of actuality,
  1. Never leaving without comprehension any single phenomenon which attracts the attention.
  1. But now in the case of you, these efforts have almost completely ceased due to the fact that, based on the richest sensual characteristics of your soul, you have obtained excessive – from the point of view of the pure mind – dependence on the satisfaction of your instincts.
  1. And instead of comprehending the things, in which the laws of the Uniform have been imprinted, the mind was to be spending most of its time, and often even all the time of wakefulness, on comprehending of the regularities of the forming human society –
  1. The society of man, who is not just unable to use the capabilities of his mind properly, but has no idea of his soul either.
  1. Where, in the satisfaction of the instincts have quickly been lost any reasonable measures, and this over time began to make man increasingly dependent on his own instinct, the signals of which began to occur disorderly, regardless of the vital needs of the physical body.
  1. Whereas the animals satisfy the call of their instincts solely according to the necessities of life.
  1. All the civilisations of the mobile mind, beginning their development, always start from the level, when the instincts are satisfied only when there is a sheer necessity and always within reasonable limits.
  1. Such manifestations in the Being of the material World are the norm, established by the Creator, within which the animal world is always held.
  1. For the world of the mobile mind this norm is intended to be the lowest level, from which the ascent should start.
  1. Man, having unexpectedly appeared in the Bosom of the material Being, sharply manifested his quality from this side considerably lower than the level defining the norm of the Harmony of the Universe.
  1. And now, in order to begin his normal ascent on the Road of true development from this peculiar zero level, aforementioned as the norm, man should inevitably walk a very difficult road of ascent to this zero level,
  1. Where the attempt to reach it continues to this day.
  1. In that distant time, when you were being first incarnated in the Bosom of Mother-Earth, in a short time you – naturally, in accordance with your capabilities – planted the peculiar tree of formation of your society.
  1. Where you dedicated all your physical and mental abilities only to the satisfaction of the instincts, in an immoderate aspiration to do this in the most saturated and diversified way.
  1. The mind aimed its efforts to help reach this in the most convenient and advantageous direction, creating all possible technical and scientific achievements.
  1. This tree began to grow and branch out quickly.
  1. And today, if you turn away your look from the numerous leaves, unceasingly rustling in egoistic excitement, and cast aside all sort of glistening tinsel, blinding the eye with bright titles of something supposedly sublime, and pay attention to the stem of your tree – you will truly see exactly the same sapling once planted by you.
  1. It happened that, in that distant and remarkable antiquity, you – out of great ignorance – set the form of existence of your society, in whose core was laid the constant striving of the society to live only for itself.
  1. And this long-term inharmonious programme has been working to this day.
  1. A similar, but harmonious programme possesses the whole animal world.
  1. Where the Harmony of the material World, controlling the occurrence, migration and the quantity of various species, spreads them in the necessary places in such a way, that this could not disturb the Balance and all life processes could only proceed on the track of development.
  1. At the same time, the mind of the animal is not tasked to comprehend this situation and independently choose the most effective efforts in favour of the Harmony of the Universe.
  1. It is enough for the representatives of the animal world to obediently follow the call of their instinct.
  1. The Being of the World of the mobile mind has been pre-determined by the Creator with the greatest freedom of choice in its searches and endeavours.
  1. To this end, the capabilities of the mind have been enriched to an extent, where they could get the material body out of the strict limitations of the activity of the instincts and independently control and organise their satisfaction.
  1. And the mind itself has been formed in a way that, regardless of the fact if it knows or not about the true tasks of its activities, it always chooses the necessary employment of its efforts.
  1. But for this purpose it should not be under the influence of the natural sensual manifestations.
  1. The appearance of man had not been foreseen by the laws of the Universe.
  1. And although you possess the characteristic peculiarities of the mobile mind, the pre-determined by the Creator of the Universe mind’s perception of the ongoing reality has been considerably distorted by your sensual world.
  1. After this, instead of the natural activity of the mind which is to create fruits meant exclusively for the benefit of the Harmony, the mind – with no less effort – proceeded to create other fruits capable only of destroying the living of those who possess that same mind, as well as the living of everything that is being manifested in the surrounding reality.
  1. And as you are in absolute ignorance of the true laws of development of your soul, so, being dependent on the bright manifestations of the qualities of your sensual world, you, in that distant time, inevitably put the activity of satisfying the instincts at the level of a primary vitally important task.
  1. In other words, you did something which in natural conditions is typical for the activity of the animal world.
  1. And the manifestations of the instinct through the laws of self-provision, reproduction and self-preservation began to be expressed in a constant striving to find food, clothing, shelter, coupling with the opposite sex and natural continuation of one’s own family line, and also striving to create circumstances, which are able to make most secure the life activity of one’s own body.
  1. This is all that, in its core, is also a primary vital necessity for the animals.
  1. A characteristic feature precisely of the paramount importance of this vital task is the still present in you, as well as in the natural manifestations of the animal world, readiness to cause moral or physical harm to any potential rival in controversial circumstances, concerning the interest related to your natural body.
  1. The mind of the young mankind, having a distorted perception of the ongoing, found itself not able to correctly assess the situation as regards to what extent things happening in the reality are favourable for the development of the soul.
  1. And therefore, establishing consciously a false accent on the primacy of your life goal, you directed all your mental and physical abilities towards its achievement.
  1. And as the mind, for that same reasons, faced difficulties to determine the reasonable measures in achieving satisfaction of the instincts, so, on the basis of your great mental capabilities, which the animals – for their good – do not have, you began to perform in abundance all kinds of abnormal creative efforts, that as a whole brought the human civilisation down, below the zero level
  1. Which was marked by the Creator of the Universe for the entire reasonable world as a norm, below which one should not drop;
  1. For there will inevitably begin some processes erasing the information for development in the body cells, and the material flesh will constantly gravitate to self-destruction.
  1. At that, the available capabilities of the mind have not been able to take you out of the strict limitations of the activity of the instincts, the way it became possible with the representatives of the mobile mind of the Universe.
  1. And now, to take you properly out of the dangerous state can only the spiritual force, which you are called to constantly develop.
  1. But in this respect the first man was in complete ignorance.
  1. And the condition of modern mankind in this respect has changed quite insignificantly since that ancient epoch.
  1. In the times, when the young mankind began to naturally form its society according to the laws unfavourable for the development of man himself, you – out of ignorance – laid the seed of global egoism in fertile soil,
  1. From which reached out a bizarre sapling – a personification of the young human civilisation.
  1. To the man, who was not aware of the existence of the laws of Harmony and Beauty, it was difficult to make a correct assessment of the sapling, planted by his own hands, which began to grow and branch out rapidly with a great number of ugly branches and even greater variety of poisonous fruits.
  1. At the same time, a key role in this unfavourable formation began to play actively a certain difficulty, which appeared and quickly developed in the inner world of man.
  1. And man himself, being unaware of the true laws of development, made natural wishful-conscious efforts forming this difficulty.
  1. Under the influence of the sensual might of the soul, the sensual characteristics of the natural manifestations of the flesh acquired a new and much richer sounding.
  1. The tri-unity of the laws of the instinct found a new life and the young mankind began naturally the formation of its society on their basis.
  1. One of the laws of the tri-unity, the law of self-preservation, has a very important feature for the representatives of the animal world.
  1. This vital characteristic is manifested through certain efforts for self-affirmation in an environment which suggests the presence of a respectable rival.
  1. Where every successful step in this direction inevitably implies the emergence of respect and reverence for the personality of the winner, both on the part of the losing rivals, and on the part of the other members of the tribe.
  1. Your natural flesh, prior to your first remarkable incarnation on Earth, had also possessed this characteristic, but the young mind had already been able to make the necessary assessment of these phenomena and had been increasingly taking them under control, setting reasonable limitations.
  1. But as soon as your soul merged with the given natural laws, all reasonable limitations set by the young mind until that moment were razed to the ground.
  1. The basic law of multiplying your spiritual power lies in the attitude towards the surrounding reality, which is manifested in two levels: lower and upper.
  1. The lower level is defined by the ability to not consider yours something which in principle cannot be yours;
  1. The upper level is defined by the constant desire and striving to share something, or to give away in favour of somebody, what cannot be divided, from what in principle is only yours.
  1. In order to properly understand the actions at one level or another, you need in the first place to remember, that you are allowed to consider yours only the Divine within you and it is permissible to consider the natural body you possess as yours.
  1. And from the things, which you are able to create independently from the beginning – which belongs only to Nature – and till the moment of completion, it is permissible to consider yours just the creation, in which you had been striving to insert all the best from your soul.
  1. This law, as well as all the rest of the laws determining the true development of the soul, your mind has not been able to comprehend both in that distant time and to the present day.
  1. The young soul does not have the experience of the man who selflessly gives himself for the benefit of the others and the surrounding world, without expecting anything in return.
  1. Not knowing the true taste of what it feels like to give something away for the good of someone else, man in natural circumstances quickly gets acquainted with a certain pleasant sensation from taking what he wants for himself.
  1. And seeing and tasting first of all the joy of taking for himself, man begins to feel a natural desire to experience such joy again.
  1. But at the same time, there is already an awareness that this joy man can feel only in the process of acquisition exactly for himself.
  1. And since the first representatives of the young mankind could not know the real taste of the true joy from the complete self-giving in good creation, when one forgets about oneself so much, that sometimes even the call of the instinct cannot be heard, it was impossible for the first man to have a favourable example in the face of his neighbour.
  1. In reality such landmarks did not exist at all.
  1. But according to the laws of the animal world, landmarks of a different origin occurred in abundance.
  1. It was in principle impossible for the first man to not be tempted by such false examples.
  1. You very quickly began to appreciate that having possibly greater authority among your neighbours meant having more opportunities to satiate and diversify the satisfaction of the instincts.
  1. Where the striving for constant diversity is manifested in you on the basis of one of the qualities of your soul,
  1. Which is intended to be expressed in the continuous creation of something unique, but with each time more and more beautiful in the works of your hands.
  1. But under the influence of the uncontrolled and unorganised natural-instinctive sensual splashes, the mind became unable to make a correct assessment of the reality, and your desire for diversity in everything easily stepped beyond the reasonable limits and measures,
  1. Which in your life activity easily began to take the form of extremely absurd manifestations in the concepts of fashion.
  1. All this began to be vigorously displayed in the unbridled desire of man to respond to the call of the instinct, acting dutifully under the strong influence of the aforementioned peculiarity of self-affirmation.
  1. From their very first steps men and women could quickly make similar assessments regarding the well-being of their natural bodies.
  1. Both of them understood, that the greater their bodies’ merits, the easier the road to success in that same direction of satisfactions, authority and honours.
  1. If these merits were not good enough or if they were missing, then the activity of the mind sought to compensate for the insufficiency.
  1. Moreover, in men, the activity of the mind in this area has more capabilities, leading them to conquer one or another authoritative level.
  1. Even in ancient times one could already notice that the activity of the mind has much more capabilities to win in competition with the primitive demonstration of muscular power.
  1. Precisely on the basis of the fact that on the one hand you excessively depend on the instincts, raised to primary vitally important goal, and on the other hand you have the capabilities of the mobile mind – relegated to participation in the continuous considering of actions which are not connected with the harmonious development, – in your life occurred the ugly form of the competitive process.
  1. Having learned to set different goals which in the end should necessarily lead to the desired respect and honour – that is inevitably connected with the passionately desired satisfaction of the instincts in a great variety and with a great effect – the young mankind was flaming up with the violent unquenchable fire of all kinds of thinkable and unthinkable competitions among the representatives of a definite society and among the different societies;
  1. Moreover – competitions in everything, wherever possible and with anyone.
  1. In this respect the thirst for competition, and more precisely the thirst to feel for another time the taste of victory and glory, always begins to be developed in the societies from the very childhood.
  1. First in the different kinds of children’s games, and later the teenagers begin to participate in sports competitions established by the society.
  1. And all for the sake of just one, often silenced, abnormal goal: to feel yourself –at least a little and at least in some ways – better than someone from your neighbours, and even than some representative of the animal world.
  1. The competition, as a process of suppression and elimination of a likely rival, is the typical driver of the violent blooming of wildness and ignorance to this day.
  1. And since the developing mind became over time more and more capable of bearing fruits of technical and scientific nature, easing the achievement of the egoistic needs both of separate individuals and of a definite society, so the oil dripping from these fruits, from time to time strongly ignited the flame.
  1. And this conflagration of planetary scope has been burning for thousands of years now, and in this fire have already burned a great number of people who have failed to deal with the naturally occurring most difficult life task.
  1. The absence of great mental capacity in the animals allows Harmony to reduce the competition among the ones, who are under the power of the competitive spirit, to the use of their own physical strength only, wherein the strongest one always takes for himself the best, or at least – what he likes.
  1. This plays a vitally important favourable role in the survival and development of the representatives of the animal world.
  1. And if in the animal world the one with the least physical strength has the lowest chance to survive, then in human’s world the ones with the least physical abilities sometimes can easily aim with success towards their intended target, skillfully attracting the missing physical strength from the outside.
  1. Respectively, the ones who have the greatest physical abilities may not necessarily have a guarantee for unhindered movement towards their goal, for they can easily be beaten by the fruits of the more sophisticated mind of their rival, let him be even with much weaker physical abilities.
  1. You constantly strive to set before your own mind the task of finding a way to victory over the rivals you have identified, and your mind with the help of logic always tries to find a solution, showing the shortest, most convenient way to victory.
  1. But as you have a specific, brightly displayed attitude towards the ongoing reality, from the fruits of this natural intelligent effort have emerged terms like: trickery, cunning, meanness and so on.
  1. And then, basically, one and the same process of victory over the rival or the achievement of any other goal, could be distinguished into supposedly worthy efforts and unworthy ones.
  1. Although from a reasonable point of view there is not any principal difference, for in their fundamental essence everything remains one and the same.
  1. On the grounds of rivalry grew and still continue to branch out abundantly all the sprouts of grief in your society.
  1. And in these social formations, where the physical strength is especially respected, the character of the relations among you always and easily obtains primitive-wild forms.
  1. Any attempt to satisfy the call of the instincts implies an effort, directed primarily towards one’s own satisfaction.
  1. And since mankind set the tri-unity of the laws of the instinct as a paramount vitally important goal, this naturally implied your constant greatest efforts, being made solely for the sake of your own satisfaction,
  1. At that, almost always, with a hypocritical bright slogan, reflecting your allegedly selfless striving to create for the benefit of the others.
  1. In such favourable conditions for the flourishing of the regularities of egoism, you should always and in everything – at least a little, but still – place your name above the name of someone from your neighbours.
  1. And the various competitions, appearing in your life in all fields of your activity regardless of the level of significance, have inevitably placed you in conditions, when you persistently cultivate inside you a certain peculiar creature which might be called pride.
  1. Human pride – this is an individual side of egoism, which develops on the basis of the natural peculiarity of self-affirmation, the main constituent of the instinct of self-preservation.