Chapter 3

So, one day, an epochal Event took place in the Universe – you began to be abundantly incarnated in little lovely infants, who were being born according to their native material laws.

  1. The material body that you obtained, was similar to an empty vessel, designed to be a bearer and guardian of the mobile mind which crowned this vessel.
  2. And when the Hand of your Father threw on Earth a handful of tiny sparks, you filled these vessels, and the material flesh became a bearer and guardian not only of the mind, but also of the God’s spark which is your real essence.
  3. The independently manifested qualities of the mobile mind allow it to develop for the sake of its own development and for enrichment of the Mind of the Universe, interfering regularly and characteristically – through the flesh and its inherent energetic features – in the events of the ongoing reality in a way that precisely it considers appropriate, in accordance with the already realised laws of Harmony.
  4. The mind is primarily under the immediate influence of the laws of Harmony, which it perceives step by step;
  5. And this holds the whole organism within these laws.
  6. Getting under the direct influence of your inner world, the activity of the mind was substantially modified, and your whole organism can now already stay within the laws of Harmony only in case you begin to strictly follow the laws of the Great God, the Father of yours.
  7. And these laws fundamentally differ from the laws of development of the Mind.
  8. For this reason your life activity is not intended to be ruled by the mind in the sense which is initially predetermined in the Universe, but by the mind which has become the main assistant in the development of your soul, enriching the Universe with the gifts of God.
  9. Because your predestination is to make visible what is unseen, but unmeasurably fragrant.
  10. Therefore, being incarnated, you are called to influence with your essence the activity of the mind and direct its capabilities to another field of realisation of its qualities.
  11. And only after such characteristic modification of mind’s activity, which precisely in the case with man will last forever, the mind should over time inevitably make a favourable for your soul re-estimation of its own capabilities and finally begin to act as an indispensable assistant in the true development of God’s children.
  12. But the mind is to comprehend correctly the characteristic features of the heterogenous1 law, given that within the information inserted into the mind-composing particles about the way of development of the mind itself, there is absolutely no information about the laws of development of the soul.
  13. In the representatives of the animal world the conscious understanding of the visible reality stems from the strong influence of the attitude of the animal towards it.
  14. Where this attitude is based on the natural-instinctive sensual manifestations, controlled by the Harmony.
  15. In the representatives of the mobile mind the material body also initially possesses the call of the instinct and the manifestation of the related emotional peculiarities; but, having capabilities to satisfy them in the most reasonable way, as well as using some other considerable capabilities, these representatives reduce their own natural-instinctual sensual peculiarities to extremely slight manifestations;
  16. Which allows them to escape from perceiving the surrounding reality as a probable possibility just to satiate the flesh, hide in a safe place and couple in the right moment with the opposite sex.
  17. Getting away from the significant influence of the instincts and the emotional attachments, the mind began predominantly to perceive and analyse the surrounding reality without the distortion of showing any attitude towards it.
  18. These are the most favourable conditions for a full-fledged work of the mobile mind, what was initially pre-determined in the Harmony of the World of matter.
  19. In the early period of your first incarnations you came to possess material bodies which were on the initial stages of mind’s formation,
  20. When the call of the instinct has played a significant role.
  21. You, having filled with your essence the material vessels and having become human beings, unexpectedly for the Harmony manifested great and bright sensual peculiarities, incommensurable with anything, in a vast multitude of all kinds of new shades.
  22. After which you began to feel the call of the instinct much more brightly than your organism had been feeling before your incarnation in it.
  23. And together with the natural-instinctive sensual manifestations which form a certain attitude towards the surrounding reality, some peculiar, incomparable with anything in the material World, unique and wonderful attitude towards the surrounding visible and invisible world occurred inside you.
  24. All this richness of sensual manifestations had a certain effect, considerably distorting the accustomed way of mind’s formation.
  25. The human mind lost forever its ability to perceive the reality without its preliminary refraction in a definite peculiar way through the sensual world.
  26. All the existing things, which man is able to perceive, will always be in the first place refracted by his sensual world, where they will be coloured with a great variety of combinations of colours and nuances, and only after that they will be comprehended by the mind under the influence of these nuances.
  27. For this reason, your well-being completely depends on the capabilities of your sensual world to create a certain scale of colours and nuances.
  28. Where, the darker the colours of the sensual world, the more primitive and erroneous the conclusions of your mind will be,
  29. Regardless of the fact, what efforts have been made for the development of the mental capabilities.
  30. This law you should know forever.
  31. And remember, that your quality will never be valued by the intellectual abilities, but mainly by what is inside you.
  32. But your sensual world, through which you show your attitude to the whole actuality, has two characteristically heterogenous1 manifestations.
  33. One of them – the natural instinctual sensual manifestations, originating from Mother-Earth.
  34. And the second are the spiritual sensual manifestations, whose source is to be found in the Essence of your Heavenly Father.
  35. Therefore in truth I tell you: all the laws, which constitute the common Law for development of your soul, are being displayed in the spiritual attitude towards everything that you are able to perceive and notice through all your sensual peculiarities and the capabilities of the consciousness.
  36. Under the influence of your spiritual world in your mind emerged unusual specific qualities,
  37. What refers to the qualities of the imagination – unknown before to anybody – on the basis of which you began to fantasise vividly and arbitrarily.
  38. In your fantasies you easily create bizarre combinations of images, linking them randomly among themselves, out of any reasonable rules and often contradicting the laws of development of the material Being,
  39. Expressing at the same time the abundant sensual splashes of your attitude towards the created images, as if all this takes place in reality.
  40. And if the very process of consideration of this event according to the law of mind’s functioning may take place, then the logical comprehension will ultimately be of great difficulty for the representatives of the extraterrestrial mind of the Universe.
  41. A unique mystery, referring to the characteristic manifestations of the laws of the soul, is faith.
  42. And if for the mind – for the worthy comprehension of the ongoing – is important the ability to classify the information as accurate knowledge and inaccurate one,
  43. Then the attitude of the soul to something or somebody can be expressed either through full confidence, or through a certain distrust.
  44. Moreover, in the laws of development of the mind there is just a stimulating characteristic, which is the curiosity;
  45. While in the laws of development of the soul there is just a restraining one – the doubt.
  46. The stimulating characteristic is good on the road of development, but is dangerous, when one finds himself at the edge of the precipice.
  47. And the restraining characteristic is good at the edge of the abyss, but is unfavourable on the road of ascent.
  48. Those two mysteries – “the pusher” and “the anchor” – you inevitably acquired in yourselves and, since you could not make a decent assessment of each of them in order to use them properly, you brought your life to chaotic-disorderly manifestations.
  49. As a result, what is dangerous and you should not touch – which you realise very well – you necessarily try to touch.
  50. And what you realise quite well as correct and necessary, you do not do, often giving absurd excuses that you ostensibly have not had any chance to do the worthy,
  51. Failing to notice that quite often you excuse yourselves by something much lesser in respect to the greater thing which you have not done.
  52. Faith is a wonderful mystery,
  53. Which, if you believe in your strength, gives you the ability to make some efforts that you would not be able to do in other conditions.
  54. When you believe in the strength of your neighbour, this increases his abilities, giving him a part of your power.
  55. At the same time your soul becomes more open to the people you believe in.
  56. And when you begin to trust the Great God, your Heavenly Father, then your faith becomes Sacred and it is the only opportunity for your soul to have the most full-fledged inter-relationship with the Father.
  57. But at the same time your trust should be necessarily complete.
  58. In this case you should know that through the consciousness of your mind you never have an inter-relationship with your Heavenly Father.
  59. For the law of the mind is a material law, and this is a heterogenous1 law in respect to the laws of the Great God.
  60. For this reason in truth I tell you: blind are those, who yearn to find among their thoughts a direct appeal from God to them.
  61. For thought is material, and the Heavenly Father does not touch this quite rough for Him manifestation.
  62. Therefore, in your prayers, it is only what comes out of your soul that communicates with the Great God, but not what comes out of your mouths.
  63. The words of the prayers are mainly necessary for you.
  64. But the lack of knowledge of this difference made you for long centuries wander in the temptations of lifeless waters.
  65. But these wanderings will not last forever.
  66. God sees, and what is necessary is being done.

  1. heterogenous – being of foreign origin, of different origin (TN) ↩︎