Chapter 2

Without going into too many details in this appeal, for this should be the next step, I will briefly touch upon a number of fundamental root peculiarities, giving you the right direction.

2. All the rest will be determined mainly by your choice, which, according to the Law, is forever free.

3. The life activity of the material organisms of the plant and animal worlds, as well as your material body, is based on the tri-unity of the instincts: self-preservation, self-sufficiency and procreation.

4. In order to hold these aspects under a certain vitally important control, the living organisms necessarily have consciousness.

5. Where, depending on the need, the consciousness can be of varying degree of complexity.

6. In the representatives of the plant world, consciousness is displayed at a very simple and primitive level.

7. According to the fact that the plants do not need to regularly move in search of favourable conditions for satisfying their instincts, their consciousness does not concentrate in any definite point, taking a definite part of the material body.

8. Plants’ consciousness exists as an energetic field surrounding one organism or another, and acts in interconnection with certain information of the cells of the roots, stems, leaves and so on, as well as with the identical fields of the neighbouring plants.

9. The life activity of the representatives of the animal world proceeds in more complicated conditions.

10. Because, for the satisfaction of their instincts, there are not always favourable conditions around them.

11. And then, in search of such conditions, various moves are needed, with a deeper comprehension of the received information through the natural sensitive characteristics.

12. Consciousness has been in a specific way concentrated in the animal’s head, for the most harmonious comprehension of that kind of the incoming information.

13. Your physical body does not differ fundamentally from animal’s organism, but unlike the animal’s body, it has much more complicated variety of capabilities; and what is in your head is a truly wonderful gift,

14. To learn to use which in the right way became for you an extremely difficult task.

15. But to obtain more clarity, it is needed to examine a bit further the similarity between the characteristics of your material body and the body of the animal.

16. Your body, as the one of the animal, is shrouded in a specific force field, similar to the way a plant is shrouded, but these fields have an essential difference.

17. For the plant has a field consciousness, and in your physical bodies and the bodies of the animals these are subtle sensitive peculiarities, having only information about your basic qualities,

18.  With the help of which you interact with a great variety of similar fields of the whole physical world that surrounds you within the reach of your field.

19. Where the more developed the field, the more opportunities to perceive the surrounding reality, fixing it in your consciousness and comprehending with the mind, which you possess at the moment.

20. That fields are surrounding your physical bodies with some variety, and it is in these energetic characteristics that the secret of your natural intuition should be found,

21. Which is knowledge inside you, but is not connected with your mind.

22. For your body acquires the major part of such knowledge before the young mind of the born physical body begins to develop in direct comprehension of the incoming information through the rough contact of the young organism with the surrounding reality, using sight, hearing, smell, taste and the sense of touch of the different parts of the body.

23. From time to time in the course of your life, you are often amazed to learn that the surrounding reality which you see with the eyes is much richer than the one you have considered quite well-known.

24. And it is the tiny cells of your physical body that know a lot about this richness.

25. But you did not yet learn to talk to them, otherwise they could tell you quite a lot about the great World, built by The Creator.

26. The tiny cells of your physical body know all the laws, which surround it, regardless of the fact, whether your consciousness fixes these laws or not.

27. Therefore, as soon as the informational field of the cell experiences the active manifestation of one or another external law, you can feel a vague understanding of something familiar.

28. Although the evolving consciousness has not yet registered such phenomena and does not have the necessary images in order to make any conclusion.

29. Along with the manifestations of the regularities of the natural intuition, you are also endowed, as unique beings in the Universe, with the manifestations of a peculiar spiritual intuition.

30. But these are already manifestations of regularities of a different origin.

31. The energetic fields, which are shrouding – not in the same volume and variety – your and the animals’ physical body, contain also a certain peculiarity, which, after the death of the physical body, for a definite period of time holds its exact copy,

32. That in all respects can be called a double, but it has already lost the possibilities for development.

33. These fields, still continuing their existence, contain not only all the information about every single cell of the physical body, but they also hold in the form of energy the consciousness with all stored information about the life, which this material body has lived.

34.  Further on, in the course of a certain number of days, a period of disintegration of the force outlines comes, after which all the information, concerning the former organism, joins the common information saved by the greater Force of Mother-Earth.

35. The features of the material laws, which I just mentioned, are typical not only for your and the animals’ physical bodies, but they are in exactly the same way typical for any representative of the extraterrestrial world, regardless of the level of development.

36. For these laws are essentially identical for the whole Universe.

37. But the representatives of the extraterrestrial mind, being at higher stages of development in the domain of the laws of matter and mind, using a specific effect on the material energetic shells, are able to prolong the life of the solid body to very long time intervals,

38. Which can exceed hundreds of thousands of terrestrial years.

39. But, nevertheless, the end of this life comes, after which just the stored information of one or another organism, that had already lived, remains in the memory of the Planet, where this life has ended.

40. These characteristics of the material laws are never reborn into a new solid body, for every newly born body naturally has already its corresponding characteristic, inextricably linked with the formation of the new organism from the cellular level in the moment of conception.

41. The capability of rebirth can possess only something, which has its own individuality, essentially not connected to the forming material body and which certainly does not have any of the existing in the Universe forms of consciousness;

42. Because the combination of two different forms of consciousness in one organism is never harmonious, for it inevitably leads to the suppression of one consciousness by the other.

43. And in the Universe of the material Being organisms, which do not possess any form of consciousness, are never born.

44. The regularities of reincarnation are not needed at all in the Harmony of the material World, and for this reason they are not initially foreseen by the Creator of the material Being in any natural manifestations of the material laws.

45. Along with the above mentioned laws in the Universe exist two qualitatively different forms of consciousness: planetary Consciousness and the consciousness of those, who are born and flourish on the Planet.

46. At the same time among those, who are born on the Planet, can be found either one of the forms of mind’s manifestations, or two: the ordinary form of development and the versatile one.

47. Your material body and all creatures, similar to you from the extraterrestrial worlds, possess a versatile mind, and all the representatives of the animal world belong to the other form of mind’s development.

48. The versatile mind is characterized by activities, which are absolutely not related to the vital life-functions of the material body, to which it belongs.

49. Its capabilities can be unconstrained by the narrow focus of finding the most rational ways to satisfy the instincts.

50. The versatile mind perceives and aims to cognize the surrounding reality not only in connection with the vital activities of the material body of its bearer, but also without any connection to them,

51. Wherein it often pursues the knowledge about something, which is practically unnecessary for the life of the physical body, overcoming the effect of the law of self-preservation in the form of signals for a probable danger.

52. The animals take a similar step, overcoming a signal of danger, only having an extreme need to satisfy one instinct or another.

53. The living organisms of the World of the Universe are settled on two peculiar foundations:  sensitive characteristics and characteristics of the process of thinking.

54. The sensitive characteristics of the animals – both the rough ones, which refer to the direct contact of the physical body with the solid objects of the surrounding world, and the subtle ones, which come into contact with the energetic manifestations of that same environment – are meant for perceiving the surrounding reality, in order to determine in it what is designed to satisfy the call of the instinct.

55. Thinking in this case helps either to find the best way to reach what the animal is seeking, or to escape in the best possible way what’s not wanted.

56. The sensitive characteristics of the representatives of the versatile mind are much richer and diverse, which allows them to perceive the surrounding reality most broadly.

57. And the reasonable characteristics have the greatest capabilities of assessing the surrounding reality, which makes it possible to perceive all the laws of the material world in the most precise manner.

58. Further on, it is necessary to pay attention to the manifestations of some characteristic peculiarities, inherent to all representatives of the versatile mind of the Universe, separately from the manifestation of the characteristic features, which once, unexpectedly for everyone, appeared in the Universe through you

59. And became characteristic features, inherent only to you.

60. The representatives of the extraterrestrial versatile mind never use any of the characteristic features meant for perceiving the surrounding reality, in order to experience the well-known to you process of loving contemplation.

61. All these features with the help of artificial efforts are subdued to support only the law of development of the Mind.

62. At the initial stage of formation, the young organism of a separate individuality, as well as the young civilization as a whole, when the immature mind is still just beginning to get acquainted with the surrounding reality, in the organism of the representative of the versatile mind prevails the voice of the instincts, like it happens with the animals.

63. But unlike the animals, there are capabilities to achieve the necessary satisfaction in a much more convenient and rational way.

64. In due course, influenced by initially pre-determined regularities, the attention is being naturally shifted towards the fruits of the mind’s activity.

65. After which comes the final realisation of the main goal of existence in an activity, which is exactly on the road of development of the mind.

66. Wherein from a certain stage of development and until the end of the life-activity of the material basis, to the satisfaction of the instincts will be paid the least possible, strictly measured attention.

67. It will be manifested as a working effort in times of extreme, vitally important necessity.

68. Where all emotional manifestations will also be artificially reduced to extremely weak fluctuations.

69. Because, according to the law of development of the Mind, the presence of bright emotional characteristics will always create attachments and disaffection, which will hinder the rational life-activity and will not allow it to perform the steady regularities of the straight-line development,

70. And will also create extremely dangerous conditions in the existence of those, who have enormous technical and energetic capabilities.

71. All the rest of the sensitive peculiarities will be developed,

72. With their help the mind will be able to penetrate much deeper into the laws of the material Being, exploring them.

73. The constant aspiration to explore is a consequence of the main driver in the development of the mind: curiosity.

74. It is endlessly pushing the mind towards logical consideration of everything unknown, standing on the road which a certain organism is following.

75. The limits of such exploration in “depth” can only be the borders, settled by the Creator of the material Being, and in “width” – only the boundaries of the Universe itself.

76. Such cognition does not take place just for the sake of cognition, because, depending on some elementary laws, once on the road of cognition surely appears the conscious necessity to intervene – at techno-energetic level – in the process of certain unfolding events, both for the benefit of one’s own civilization and for another’s as well.

77. Where the criteria for benefit is defined by the capacity of the mind at the given period of time and the existing generally accepted laws, which have been formulated.

78. One characteristic feature in the life-activity of such civilizations, that have reached the normal level of development, is the ability – with any essential quantity of selected representatives of any of these civilizations – to always quickly determine one most rational solution of certain vital issue,

79. After which all the representatives of this civilization, without exception, will implicitly take a step, corresponding to the found solution.

80. But not because all the rest of the representatives of such society are strictly trained in an unconditional submission of the solution, found by some small elite group,

81. For each representative of all those civilizations has a complete freedom of choice, and no one dares to break this Law of the Universe.

82. In order to solve one arising question or another, at a certain moment, in the team of the Council are chosen the most capable of taking the necessary decisions, and once again – at that certain moment.

83. Wherein the greatest capability is truly determined by the best quality of the abilities, and not by the primitive actions, related to the quality of the election campaign.

84. All the rest of the representatives of a civilization refer to the elected Council with completely realised understanding, that the Council can really find the most reasonable solution.

85. And no one will take a different step, at least for the realisation, that it will be worse.

86. In this way the development of the civilization is always straight-forward, and not oscillating from side to side, when every little separate group of one civilization is taking an independent step at its own discretion.

87. With this brief touch upon some regularities in the development of the representatives of the Mind of the material World, where nowadays exist at various levels of progress a multitude of diverse civilizations, I revealed the natural way of flourishing, along which on Mother-Earth should have inevitably stepped your young civilization, if you had not acquired – by the Will of The Heavenly Father, the One Living God – these physical bodies and united in a wonderful mystery, manifesting yourselves as mankind.

88. The image of the tree, living on Earth, which is known to all of you, can serve very well to metaphorically describe a lot of laws.

89. Thus, the law of development of the Mind in the material Universe, can also be illustrated as a tree, where there is a root, a stem, the first thick branches deviating from the stem and further on, as they become thinner, they increase in number.

90. And all this in the end is spangled with an infinite variety of leaves, unrepeatable in their diversity.

91. And, despite their bizarre diversity, all the leaves and branches of the reasonable material World are based on the common law of the root, out of which comes the common powerful stem.

92. Being aware of your still existing natural inclination to look for the basis in the crown of the tree, among the rustling leaves, which are continuously stirring in the breath of wayward wind flows, I briefly touched upon the stem and the roots of something, which you have to know.

93. And in order to continue in the same way to touch – with the Light of Truth – upon the roots and the stem, but this time of your living as well, I have to reveal one more side of the life of the representatives of the versatile mind of the Universe.

94. For, acquiring a physical body, you became to a certain extent younger brothers in Mind for those numerous and various civilizations, that fill the Universe and are much older than you and – concerning the mind – much more developed.

95. The character of such a law of development has inevitably marked your specific way of development, which by its own law has a root difference.

96. And for this reason, the correct explanation of all the regularities, which became an integral part of your flourishing, is a vitally important necessity.

97. An aspect, which we have to clarify in brief, concerns the reasonable understanding – on besides of the world of the mind – of the Truth of the Creator of the material Being;

98. Namely reasonable understanding, and not faith or confidence,

99. For these regularities are not inherent to the law of development of the Mind.

100. The law of developing of the Mind is based primarily on fixation of the phenomena in the surrounding reality, that have practically manifested themselves in one way or another, and after that on logical comprehension of the essence of these phenomena and the laws of interaction with the phenomena which have been previously registered and considered;

101. After that such information is placed in the memory storage, continuing the accumulation of knowledge.

102. Information, which needs re-consideration, is waiting for the hour, when a newly appearing sequent characteristic of the reality will be able to bring something, which has been missing, for a wider and deeper reflection on the stored information, which over time becomes more and more a well-defined knowledge.

103. The young mind of the newly born material body begins its vital activity with a random fixation and storing of the appearing in the reality facts, which the young organism is able to perceive.

104. Further on, the regularities, which connect the various phenomena, and their mutual influence on each other, are noted, thus encompassing deeper and wider the laws of the material World.

105. At first the comprehension takes place unsystematically, but in due time these actions are brought into full compliance with the laws of logic: precisely organized, cool, rational thinking.

106. The mentioning of the word “cool” implies a thinking activity against the background of an absolutely neutral inner sensitive attitude towards the registered phenomena of the ongoing reality.

107. The vast and varied world of the Mind of the Universe is well aware of the existence of the Great Creator of the material Being and knows a lot about the laws, for which He has provided the opportunity to exist.

108. In the process of communication among the different civilizations, when they refer to the Creator, often occurs one term – The Uniform.

109. For in truth, for them He is the uniform Creator, their existence depends entirely on His laws.

110. The World of the Mind does not know what to worship the Creator is, but firmly knows the necessity to strictly follow all the laws, with which one comes into contact throughout his life-activity.

111. Moreover, a characteristic feature of the Mind is that if once this necessity has been realised, no one ever makes the slightest effort to violate these laws,

112. What, in fact, is the criterion for being reasonable.

113. The laws do not exist for someone to express any attitude towards them, but only to be followed.

114. The Uniform created the World of material Being, in the essence of which all the innumerable variety of laws is interwoven in specific Harmony,

115. Where Harmony is a personification of the Information of Development.

116. And if we look at your physical body, many of you know that it consists of a great variety of small particles.

117. All the particles, having the information for development, maintain a force, which keeps them tightly together with each other in a definite, according to the information inside them, order.

118. When your organism begins to make efforts, opposite to the motion of the unfolding Harmony, a natural deletion of the information of development in the small particles inevitably begins.

119. This weakens the force, which holds the particles together, and they begin to disintegrate.

120. During this period in your physical body begin to take place certain disorders, showing the striving of the solid body to disintegrate into little component particles, i.e. dust,

121. Which in turn passes into a free energetic condition, devoid of information for consolidation.

122. This kind of manifestations of the law of disintegration, which you still constantly experience in your physical bodies in connection with some false efforts, are not an expression of any anger or discontent on behalf of the Great Creator of the material Being;

123. Which was the wrong understanding in the primitive consciousness of man on the first stage of his development.

124. For the expression of anger or any other emotion means to express one’s attitude towards something, which, in fact, is absolutely not inherent to the Truth of the Being of the Uniform.

125. In the originally envisioned laws of the development of the material World, the emotional manifestations are intended to play a vital role only in the life activity of the animal world and on the first stages of development of the young civilizations, bearers of the versatile mind.

126. The representatives of the Mind of the Universe never make efforts to build communications with the Uniform, as man still tries to do out of great ignorance.

127. The World of the Mind realises very well the absurdity of such effort, because it, in fact, implies the expectation that the Creator of the Universe should make certain efforts, contrary to the laws of Harmony, on which the whole Being has been built by the Creator Himself.

128. Everything, that the Great Creator of the material Being wants to say, is always clothed in a certain form of the material laws of the Universe – both in dense bodies and in the state of energy.

129. If you want to hear the Word of the Uniform – look at the stone.

130. If you crave to hear a Story, take a look at the mountain range.

131. And if you want to realize the meaning of a Statement – take a close look at the essence of the laws, hidden in the mountain ridges.

132. And all these laws of the entire material World, the Uniform tirelessly keeps on telling on equal terms to everyone.

133. No one is forbidden from listening to this Word of the Creator of the material Being.

134. The Nature of the Uniform does not have rapidly changeable characteristics.

135. His smooth Breath emanates in all directions even flows of vital Force, from which the Harmony is intended to flourish forever.

136. The whole material Universe, to the tiniest possible particle, tenderly inhales the life-giving Force, and the prosperity of all the Being entirely depends on the condition of the Creator of this Being.

137. Therefore, if the Unified was able to get upset by the wrong steps of some handful of pollen in the Universe, then, in truth, the entire Universe would start to cry.

138. And then, the responsibility for the welfare of the Universe would rest on the shoulders of this small handful of pollen.

139. This pollen should not raise itself to the capability of bearing the responsibility for the entire Being of the Universe.

140. For it is not just absolutely unable, but it is not even worthy to confuse in any way the Self of the Creator of the Universe.

141. But yet again the ignorance of what you are really doing still justifies you.

142. An ignorance that it was impossible to make up for, due to a number of reasons, until the days of today.

143. For in the case of you everything, which is favourable to the mind, is far from always favourable to your soul.

144. Many spiritual achievements in your life, as a rule, outwardly seemed unreasonable.

145. And the fruits of logic, in many ways, led to loss of true treasures, which, even apart from that, are still not so great in your soul.