Chapter 18

Being awakened by the time of the crucial Hour, decisive for the fate of all your race, by the Will of the Great God I have visited many places of your various isolated societies, where I’ve seen one common characteristic form of vital manifestations in all of you, regardless of the belonging to one or another religious teaching, or to any other organizations.

2. For the only thing by which the believers now differ among you is that they perform definite kind of rituals in addition to their main life-activity, which proceeds for all of you according to the same principle.

3. But it is in this main activity that is shown the real face of each of you without the mask, which you put on when visiting churches.

4. And it is sad to look at these faces of yours.

5. For each of you has the same stamp of concern solely about your own well-being,

6. No matter what slogans you hide behind and which helm your hands have taken.

7. And all your care for your soulmates is only soap bubbles with iridescent surface,

8. Which infatuate your egoism, and you – with an increasingly important look – keep on producing them.

9. But as long as your inner conviction of the paramount importance of the instinctive egoistic satisfaction exists, you can easily be kept on the golden chain with the secure collar.

10. Where from time to time, by pushing the length of the chain, can be raised your enthusiastic emotions related to the ostensibly emerging long-awaited freedom.

11. It proved difficult for you to assess the true meaning of the material values and especially of something, which by nature is hidden into the monetary units.

12. The presence of such nonsense in your life-activity invariably shows the existence of a rough primitive system of living arrangement of the society –

13. The system, which will always and inevitably forcedly impose hard conditions, under which the predetermined genuine formation of man cannot proceed.

14. For the true law of development of your soul and the life conditions, dictated by the existing for thousands of years now, uniform in its essence, living arrangement of the human society, principally act in opposite directions.

15. Therefore, for all your history to this day, only your science and art have considerably modified in development, which is absolutely not an indicator of rapid spiritual development.

16. At the same time the present spiritual level has changed towards development quite insignificantly in relation to your existence in ancient times.

17. You are, just like thousands of years ago, easily able to pick up stones and beat your soulmates for touching your interests.

18. Which is a direct manifestation of the regularities of the wild animal world.

19. This is equally displayed every day of your life among those, who worship satan, and exactly in the same way among those, who talk about their faith in the Great God, and also among all the others, who fit in between these extremes.

20. And such characteristic efforts of yours can be especially brightly observed in the times of today’s decisive Event.

21. Where vile slander about each other has been abundantly poured out from your lips, in an attempt to exalt yourselves in the eyes of others, using wild principles.

22. And since it has been pre-determined by the Great God that my Accomplishment will take place on the land of Russia, it is precisely in this society that the events will obtain the most striking character.

23. For the time has come to remove the masks and to show each other your real face. Well, you have seen now.

24. Human hearts have been overflowed with fear and hatred.

25. Noisy efforts have been made by everyone on the Russian land, competing with each other.

26. Where, with slogans about the good, equally zealously entered the competition various public organizations, communities of sorcerers and magicians and even the Christian Church,

27. Applying in this contest one and the same method of self-exaltation: either an overt self-glorifying, or unrestrained denigrating of all likely rivals, using at that any thinkable and even unthinkable lie;

28. In which, regrettably, the Christians have shown themselves most actively.

29. Having lost all vigilance, the church ministers of various degrees of honour divulge slander both verbally, and also through diverse writings, recklessly blessed by the patriarch and the ones, beneath him.

30. They wouldn’t try to perceive what’s hidden in the scriptures, revered by them, where among the Solomon’s parables rests a precious wisdom: “He that hides hatred has lying lips, and he that utters a slander, is a fool.” (10:18).

31. And what then is the real meaning of a blessed slander?

32. I am very sorry to see all this, abundantly performed by you, children of God, for you are more familiar than the others with the commandments, left to you in ancient times.

33. From the one who has taken up more will always be asked more.

34. Remember that anyone using the regularities of self-exaltation should inevitably endure a bitter overthrow.

35. But such is the true being of your real face at all times of your history.

36. You have always been like that, and now you show yourselves like that.

37. But verily, you shall not be like that forever!

38. For this reason the Event is being accomplished today for your good.

39. Though you also threw out towards my heart, which is open to you, various unprecedented slander about me, attributing to me all the vices, inherent to your own life.

40. And you parted, playful children, only instead of toys your hands grabbed the deathful.

41. It is time now to open your eyes and increase your vigilance, until everything, which your head should consider, stays in its place.

42. For this reason time has come, when I have to tell you about myself straight.

43. Since you are waiting for what has once been Promised, so I should tell you that the Promised has been Accomplished!

44. I Have Come!

45. And it was in these days, by the Will of my God and yours, that I should tell you openly the Truth about the Father and myself, and about your essence as well.

46. So that in the rapids of the events, awaiting you, until the end you would remember my News.

47. And so that one day I should not listen to your words: we didn’t know; we didn’t hear.

48. But it’s still difficult for you to believe me, for you have never known what is the Truth related to this Event.

49. For this reason you all are waiting for an image, concocted by you and above all inherent to you.

50. You, out of ignorance, began to wait for what you desire and, naturally, you did not wait for what must happen.

51. But is it possible, from what your head is filled with, to compose my image, surmising my qualities and especially the characteristics of my pre-determined Accomplishment?

52. Wouldn’t be this an attempt from the iron parts of the designer to make wind or a solar beam?

53. I don’t come to you from the past, which you already have an idea of,

54. But always from the distant future, which you only have to dream about, and even then to all the fabricated images you inevitably attribute your vices and narrowness, available in the present moment.

55. Don’t you raise your name too much, when you zealously try to judge the unknown?

56. Wouldn’t you all in this case turn into dust, if in your blindness you hastily reject the Salvation, sent to you?

57. Be extremely vigilant! And just do not confuse your vigilance with superstitious fear.

58. A great Exam has now been set for you by the Father of Truth.

59. I do not yet dear violate your choice, proving my Truth by an effort, which can affect your choice.

60. For today this is a vitally important condition for you.

61. And I have not come to satisfy your desires, but to fulfill the Will of the Father resolutely.

62. But so far your desires and Father’s Will remain in opposite directions.

63. For thousands of years you have abundantly voiced your thoughts and desires, unavoidably forming the corresponding society, which you yourselves are afraid of.

64. Time has come now for me to express my thoughts and wishes as a counterbalance of your integrated uniform thought-sensual environment.

65. Therefore, when I come to you, I naturally oppose myself to all your world, with all various pranks of yours.

66. But I verily tell you, that your real happiness depends precisely on the fact whether you will strive to comprehend what’s mine.

67. For I always know everything you need and I know all the regularities, related to your difficulties.

68. You correctly noted, that the well-being of the society depends on the prosperity of each member of this society.

69. But you absolutely wrongly assessed, that the well-being of each member of the society can be achieved by feeding him, dressing him, granting him home and diverse amusing attractions, which have reached – on the basis of the scientific and technological development –  a considerably high level nowadays.

70. In this case one can obtain just an expression of a well-fed smile, resembling the expression of the animals in a rich zoological garden,

71. But not at all a true human smile, flourishing on the grounds of the blooming spiritual world.

72. As long as you live in separate isolated societies throughout the Earth, which is only possible on the bases of the abnormally blooming egoism, you will always compete with each other.

73. And this is a bright indication that your spiritual state keeps you at a level, somewhere near the level of the animal world’s manifestations.

74. That inevitably dictates definite conditions for forming the living arrangement of your society, where should be established all kinds of unions and organizations, which in essence are not just senseless in relation to the proper development of man, but even prevent this development.

75. And this obstacle to the proper development forces the society to stay still at the same low primitive level,

76. Despite the turbulent at times modifications in science and arts.

77. But precisely these indicators are the fruits of your greater thinking abilities and capabilities of the flesh.

78. And though in the development of the arts the qualities of your soul play undoubtedly a significant role, taking into account that your spiritual world is still at a very low level, it is safe to say that your arts have not yet been manifested in a worthy way.

79. If we look directly at the essence of what is happening – so far you show yourselves as some, one-sidedly more developed, bizarre animals.

80. Where with the help of the head you can create a lot of diverse noisy and useless for the true development fireworks, but where the very capabilities of your head happened to be unable to take you out of the animal-like condition.

81. At the same time, based on the efforts of that same head, you have moved away from Harmony so much, that according to this criterion you stand much lower than the whole animal world.

82. Although your head, in principle, has no fault.

83. For in the conditions, for which the peculiarities of the versatile mind have been created, they work perfectly.

84. But you, due to your natural emotional sensual characteristics, have imposed on the mind an influence, which it basically has not been designed for.

85. It is just as if a certain most developed animal, retaining all its instinctual necessities, suddenly acquires substantially increased abilities to think.

86. The only thing that it would strive for is to satisfy its needs in a progressively convenient manner.

87. But this will lead to a disturbance of the Balance in Harmony and this animal species should inevitably come either to self-destruction, or to a restoring-the-Balance modification.

88. The same thing has come to happen to you.

89. For, being incarnated in an organism, where the peculiarities of the versatile mind had been correctly controlling the performance of the instincts and emotions of the beginning-its-development new reasonable civilization, you imposed the natural egoistic sensual characteristics on the activity of the young mind.

90. With your spiritual world you considerably empowered the sensational manifestations of the natural body and they significantly exceeded the admissible norms for the given organism and unavoidably modified the character of thinking into a dangerous direction.

91. Therefore, having imposed the instinctive-egoistic influence on the activity of your own mind, you inevitably began to make efforts, which violated the existing Balance in Harmony, and you confidently moved along the path of self-destruction.

92. And the fact, that in your society there are even small favourable modifications in the field of your spirit, in truth, this is not due to your public efforts, but despite them,

93. When the Great Heavenly Father, continuously outplaying the absurd circumstances created by you, helps you accumulate true spiritual treasures, incarnating you in different conditions for your benefit.

94. And if in this case your spiritual world could be preserved and developed, then it is the flesh itself, being born constantly in abnormal conditions with abnormal life-manifestations, which inevitably loses more and more the ability to self-survival and according to the laws of Nature should come to self-destruction.

95. If all your bodies would perish, you would lose the opportunity to continue to develop in fulfilling the Intent of the Great God.

96. For you have the possibility to develop exclusively only in the flesh.

97. And then everything should be started again, Choosing for you another beginning-its-formation young civilization of the versatile mind.

98. This is extremely complicated, therefore, your life on this Earth should not be ever interrupted.

99. And since the tree of doom, personifying your living arrangement to the present day, obviously begins to wither quickly, it is necessary to plant the genuine true tree of Life,

100. In the leaves of which will also be incarnated forever the ones, who will to the very last moment make noise in the deformed drying crown.

101. Today – by the Will of the Great God – the Beginning of this has been arisen!

102. And on your ability to assess everything correctly and in time, depends now only the amount of grief, which will necessarily increase in accord with your non-participation, as well as your blind unreasonable confrontation.

103. The vast capabilities of the versatile mind are designed for perfect activity only in conditions, when this mind will completely control the natural sensational characteristics of the flesh.

104. A characteristic feature of yours – unlike all the representatives of the versatile mind of the Universe, who’s instinctive emotional sensory world has been reduced to insignificant working manifestations – is the presence of two unusually brightly displayed sensational worlds in you;

105. Which is an unprecedented manifestation in the Universe.

106. The presence of such bright sensational peculiarities, in the case with you, should inevitably affect the thinking activity of your mind.

107. Where the characteristic orientation of your life-activity will depend on which of the two sensual worlds will influence the work of the mind.

108. At the same time, your natural emotional sensual characteristics are like an all-burning fire, and precisely in your life this fire should never be extinguished.

109. Which you out of ignorance do in meditations and some other methodological conscious efforts.

110. This is a serious and dangerous mistake for you.

111. And in order that this fire does not affect your mind, which makes your moves chaotic, often absurd and dangerous, holding you constantly on the road of self-destruction, the hot flame of your emotions should necessarily come under the control of the greater strength of your spirit;

112. Which will allow your wonderful fire to keep on burning in a unique manner, but already without the consequences of any dangerous bitter conflagrations.

113. For the spiritual peculiarities of your soul resemble some other kind of fire, which does not have scorching qualities.

114. These spiritual peculiarities are not only able to multiply the strength of the natural-emotional fire, but are designed to envelop this fire, ennobling it and making it non-dangerous.

115. And when the strength of your spirit becomes greater, then only it alone begins to influence the activity of the mind.

116. And the qualities of the sensational characteristics of your spirit are never able to distort the work of the mind in a dangerous direction.

117. For in the nature of your spiritual force the egoistic peculiarities are not present at all.

118. Therefore, the only possibility to Save you in this decisive for your formation Epoch, lays in the obligatory vitally important replacement of the natural egoistic prism, which peculiarly refracts the reality for your mind, on a spiritual one.

119. In order that the mind could use the existing information only with a spiritual mark.

120. This is the only true condition, when your mind acquires an impeccable, for your good, opportunity to work.

121. By the Will of the Great God, the One All-Loving True Father, I Came today to help you change this conditional natural egoistic prism, under the influence of which you unavoidably established throughout the Earth a civilization of global egoism –

122. An unthinkable and unseen so far manifestation in the Universe of Being.

123. During the first seven years of my open Accomplishment I had to create the necessary favourable conditions and the foundation, where now I am to proceed with the main effort for your Salvation.

124. Along with what should happen in your society throughout the Earth and what is already proceeding, as well as in parallel with what is still struggling on the Russian land, but is already irrevocably dying, it is on this Russian land that should now be actively formed the foundation of the future mankind.


125. Many of you have learned about this Event in various forms of all sorts of predictions.

126. Because from a certain time the probability of such an Event on the basis of some energetic regularities could already be foreseen, except for the exact date and exact place.

127. And the representatives of the extraterrestrial world could determine this probability in advance, assuming that the Accomplishment could take place somewhere within the huge space of Siberia.

128. After that, this information, with assumptions about the place and with the estimated time period of the beginning of the Accomplishment, began to be introduced in your life through some intermediaries.

129. Ат the time of the first Accomplishment I used a lot of generalized terms and just a few straight and concrete vitally important directions, but this was a specific necessity.

130. For the purpose of the Accomplishment held in itself a particular character, which was, as far as possible, successfully fulfilled;

131. Although it ended with very unpleasant painful sensations. But such was the inevitability for the good of you.

132. And since the ones, who took the few truths which I left, naturally aspired to establish on this basis a vitally important religious teaching, so the followers inevitably faced infinite number of diverse life circumstances, to which they either could not find any directions among the given truths, or were unable to derive from what was left a correct understanding for a worthy practical action.

133. In this case, naturally, occurred circumstances of the need to think out what’s missing. And you did it.

134. And in such a way, that on the basis of your numerous, inevitably false interpretations of the few truths, which came to you with the slightest distortion, you organized a large religious teaching, named Christianity, in which nothing was left from what I had laid down.

135. It is not difficult for me to give you what you need from my Spirit of Truth.

136. All the great complexity is locked in your abilities to take everything that I have given.

137. I have absolutely no natural egoistic prism, which is still inherent to all of you without exception.

138. Therefore, when I give you one or another truth, you will inevitably try to consider it with the mind on the basis of what has an egoistic marking only.

139. In all cases the distortion in your perception at first becomes inevitably natural.

140. Under these circumstances, in order to give you everything vitally important, I need to stay with you for a long period of time,

141. During which I will continuously correct your various, naturally emerging false perceptions.

142. This should proceed until correct perceptions are accumulated to a definite vitally important level,

143. At which you will be already able to decide everything worthily by yourselves, and there will be no chance for you to make a gross mistake,

144. Which can have an opposite to the Truth meaning.

145. It is for this reason that the living Teacher should be born, the living Word, which is ready to continuously correct the arising false conceptions.

146. There is not a single book, imprinting wisdom and truths, that is ever able to teach anyone.

147. It can only give a chance to get in touch with its content.

148. But when you read the truth imprinted in it and in your mind immediately occurs a false understanding, the book will not begin to correct you,

149. No matter how many false perceptions you give birth to, reading the scriptures.

150. And it is only your egoism that can accept the silence of the Book of truths as a silent approval of the nonsense, which has occurred in your head.

151. I verily tell you: whoever states that the Scripture teaches him is a blind fool.

152. Don’t you infinitely separate among yourselves, holding the same Book in your hands?

153. Where each of the multitude is convinced that his own understanding of the Book is the most truthful.

154. Remember that only the living Teacher of Life, who exists and will exist forever, can teach you the Truth of your life.

155. And when he is not among you, only your heart and your own comprehension is teaching you.

156. Today my Time has come, when I have the opportunity to tell you everything you need about your life.

157. I am ready to give you an infinite number of direct and concrete instructions to help you understand Everything – what is for your good and what is not – regarding any life manifestation of yours.

158. I am ready to give you all This in such a volume, which you haven’t seen for all the history of your society on Mother-Earth.

159. Now you need to learn a lot about all the efforts of your life, for, whatever insignificant an effort may seem to you, your blooming or withering directly depends on it.

160. Today it makes no sense to give you many generalized truths, where you yourself have to think out how to apply them to your concrete steps.

161. For every independent guesswork of yours always produces something to a certain extent false, convenient to your egoism.

162. To appeal to you to be humble is not only the same as to call you to do silly things, but it is also like to show bread to the hungry and not to share it with him.

163. In every single case humility is specifically displayed, therefore today I have to give you precise instruction for each such case.

164. And if once I often gave the truths allegorically, through many parables, that has been just a definite exceptional necessity, but the meaning of my creation is not in it.

165. While I am together with you, my concern is not to leave lot’s of attractive and ghostly secrets among you.

166. For I know, that you always will start to wander in the undergrowth of these secrets; and your life depends on them.

167. I am not the one, who brings wise temptations, but I am the Light to your World.

168. And if I give what your life depends on, then my concern is that your understanding of what is mine would be most accurate.

169. Therefore, when I come to you, I bring the Truth equally to all of you and I am ready to explain everything at any level of your understanding.

170. In the first seven years of my open Accomplishment I gave that abundance of truths and in such a form, that their comprehension was intended to slow down as much as possible your rapid movement towards extinction.

171. In your psychological characteristic feature there is a great deal of inertia.

172. And the more worthily proceeds the comprehension of what I have already given, the more favourable will be the conditions for crucial vital pivot to another – predetermined by the Great God for you – direction.

173. For those who have shown laziness, the pivot will be much more complicated, depending on the degree of laziness,

174. Not to mention those, who superficially touched upon the Teaching just through the words, coming out from their mouths.

175. They will continue to move in the same direction, and on the line of movement will be imprinted just a small zig-zag from the time of contact with the Truth.

176. All the teachings on Earth, which you have about your development, at their best can only slow down your movement towards extinction.

177. They never teach you to overcome the violent egoism in all your life manifestations,

178. Just on the basis of which you are galloping without restraint towards your non-existence.

179. And they regard this very rarely, using as a rule some general concepts, which you are not able to apply in the right way independently.

180. If a teaching does not profoundly transform your improper movement, it invariably turns into something like a decoration for Christmas tree,

181. Which is hanging on a branch of the malformed tree of death; wherein it seems to you that the tree has become nobler.

182. What I am going to give you in abundance after I finish this appeal to you – that is everything capable of leading you towards complete victory over all abnormal manifestations of your egoism,

183. Which from the earliest days of your life on Earth became your invisible governor and a great friend of the mammon.

184. And only after that your soul is to flourish freely, which will increasingly allow you to acquire a true worldview as well.

185. I will create for you a Door with an invisible to your eyes wonderful fine-mesh sieve on the whole opening.

186. This will be the Door, only through which it will be possible to enter God’s Kingdom,

187. Where reigns the Truth and your love blossoms.

188. To pass through this Door will be easy for each of you, who holds the true Sacred Faith and is ready to abandon what the wonderful sieve will set apart when passing through it.

189. And it will set apart everything, which is connected to all the abnormal manifestations of egoism.

190. Through this Door will not be able to pass even a hint of the dangerous side of egoism.

191. And of course, each of you, who would fitfully start to hold for what has been put aside by the wonderful screen, trying to keep it, will inevitably remain in front of the Door together with his litter,

192. No matter how loudly he speaks about his faith at the same time.

193. Only in your practical efforts, worthy and dedicated, can bloom with beautiful flowers the Sacred Faith.

194. It is in your immediate everyday life that you have to learn everything.

195. I am the Teacher of Life and my primary task today is to teach you again and in a new way see in your life everything, which you obtained as an experience for all your history on Earth and consider well-known and even obvious.

196. I have to give you numerous explanations of what could be the spiritual mark in perceiving one or another phenomenon from the ongoing everyday reality.

197. For it is necessary in the first place to learn to see all this in the right way.

198. But in order to begin correctly the formation of the foundation of the future mankind, it is required to get you as close to Mother-Earth as possible.

199. So that you would not be separated from Her by lots of stages, as well as by various tribunes and thrones, which are created to please the egoism

200. For the blind men are easily brought to the jungle of glory, where the pride and envy flourish in abundance.

201. And now the predestined Time has already come, when I have to reveal to you a lot of things directly.

202. In order that from now on you took the full measure of responsibility for all that happens to you in the Times of this decisive for the fate of mankind Event.

203. Many people talk today about the negligence of the nation of Judea, that they have rejected the Salvation given to them.

204. But you should not exalt yourselves above that nation, for today you all have to show in reality what makes you better than the ancient people, ignorantly scorned by you.

205. And if the Events of the first Accomplishment proceeded in a way where it was difficult to assess a lot of things correctly, then you have been given two millennia to understand your mistakes.

206. And now you find yourselves in that same conditions, being born in the current Epoch,

207. Where just the external decorations have changed, but the essence of your life has remained the same.

208. And when the human society, getting out of the life-threatening lower stages, passes the zero level, established by the Uniform in the Harmony of Being, and further moves along the Road of Ascent, then your being will already be characterized by a continuous consciously-desired aspiration of the human civilization to live and create solely for the benefit of the surrounding World of the Universe;

209. Which has initially been determined in the Harmony for the versatile mind of the material World.

210. And only after that you will be worthily accepted by the world of the Mind of the Universe.

211. And only after that, in fulfillment of the Divine Intent of the Great God, your All-Loving Father, the door of the Universe will be finally opened for you.

212. You will become completely incapable of causing any harm.

And may the predestined Be Done!

And the Glory of God will cover Eternity.