Chapter 17

Soon after my awakening and the beginning of the predestined Accomplishment I dived into the vastness of unique manifestations of your characteristic features,

2. Getting into a close contact with a great diversity of your varied, good and not good, egoistic efforts.

3. For even your good deeds, according to an existing regularity, are firmly attached to the egoistic peculiarities.

4. At that, my acquaintance with what is inherent to you proceeded further, and, what was difficult to touch upon in the period before my awakening, I could fully recognize during the times of my real wakefulness.

5. Great and Wise is my Father, for so mercifully and carefully holds my Spirit, otherwise the heart of my flesh would have long ago been burned from what I saw.

6. For I was born solely for your good and I can verily feel happiness only when I see the beginning of your collective Ascent.

7. It is difficult for me to explain to you what it means to cherish equally all of you, regardless of the fact, whether you accept or persecute me, whether you worship me or abundantly throw to my heart slops of slander, coming out of your unrestrained mouths.

8. But I evenly deliver my Spirit to all of you, and each of you can benefit from it without measure.

9. For the Strength of my Spirit is immeasurable, as it is connected with my Father, and this Source, granted to you by the Father, will never run out.

10. But only when I am in the flesh, do you have the opportunity to derive additionally life-giving Force.

11. One should not think that your Father is not giving you enough Strength of His Holy Spirit without me.

12. When the Father created you, He connected each of you with Himself by a Blessing Thread, through which the Force of the Father unceasingly comes to you in such quantity, which provides the most favourable conditions for your natural development.

13. For this reason, when I am out of the flesh, you are connected only with the Great Father, getting from Him everything vitally important for you, no matter what religious teaching you temporarily belong to and whether you keep on playing with toys, worshipping various idols.

14. In truth, the Father does not watch these external searches of yours, but what inner efforts you apply towards what you already recognized as being right.

15. When the Hour of my successive incarnation comes, then my appearance amongst you disturbs your natural rhythm of life manifestations.

16. From the moment of my awakening begins an artificial acceleration of all your vital processes, which especially the believing in mine should inevitably notice, how a year feels namely like a decade, and in one decade they see – namely centuries have gone.

17. In the period of my Accomplishing the time intervals considerably densify, which forces your life rhythm to activate rapidly.

18. That is why my appearance among you should not be frequent, but strictly predetermined.

19. When with the natural, inherent in you capabilities you will be unable to independently correctly overcome the vitally important barrier, emerging naturally on your road, always occurs the necessity of an artificial short-term modification of the rhythm and direction of your life-activity.

20. And this will be the Time of my successive appearance among you.

21. And when in such a period I come to call you for doing something considerably greater for your Salvation, I will inevitably call you for doing something untypical for you, for the fulfillment of which your own strength will be insufficient.

22. And then the Strength of my Spirit should help you.

23. For, when I appear in the flesh, my Spirit gets much closer to you.

24. But it will be difficult for me to help you, if you call my name as hypocrites, remembering me in hard moments and forgetting, when everything is gone, starting again to violate the laws.

25. For your being will become increasingly rougher, and my help will affect you less and less significantly.

26. And only the ones who sincerely accept me in their hearts in greatest confidence, in self-sacrificing aspiration to fulfill my Word, allow my Spirit to increasingly over time affect your qualities in a beneficial way.

27. And then through any appeal to me you will always be able to overcome the force of the darkness, whatever it can be, getting over any obstacle emerging on your road.

28. But the main thing is that in your life you get the real opportunity to fulfill what has been designed for you in the present Time, which would be impossible to do in your natural circumstances.

29. Remember that, above all, my true help for you is the Word, which I will pronounce for you to correct your countless life-threatening mistakes.

30. Where I will reveal a lot of regularities to you, opening your eyes to all your unrighteous efforts.

31. And, with the help of countless truths, I am ready to detail every step of the Road, for your forthcoming Salvation, thereby setting the direction of your genuine future Ascent.

32. But this is already the opposite side of the one, in which you’ve been plodding for thousands of years, shedding tears and blood in absolutely unreasonable wildness.

33. And now, in truth, I am ready to tell for all to hear, that none of you is moving into the right direction, which is warmed by the Beams of God’s Love,

34. No matter what religious teaching you’ve dedicated your heart to.

35. For even those, who called themselves believers in my first Accomplishment, never did the self-sacrificing work in fulfilling the few simple truths;

36. Except for some worthy men, but they can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

37. They did not start to perceive the depths of the truths, left by God’s Will, but covered them with numerous false concepts, adapted in favour of their egoism.

38.  And then the blind ones named themselves capable of leading the blind.

39. Ever since they cannot find the Door themselves, and divert all the rest – a considerable multitude – to their obstinate strayings.

40. But now all the leaders have already come close to the bottomless pit.

41. By trumped-up concepts they perverted my Essence, which is the Law established by God, and started abundantly above all to worship my body, given in antiquity.

42. Whereas I taught to worship in the Spirit just the Great God, the One All-Loving Father.

43. And my body is only an opportunity to convey to you in an accessible manner what’s hidden inside me, but my body is not my Essence.

44. Therefore, it was not in the death and resurrection of my body that I came to show the Essence of Salvation, but it was in the self-denying fulfillment of my laws, in which I manifest myself to help you, and just from which becomes possible your resurrection to the true life.

45. As long as the laws and my Truth are in reverence among you and you are persistently striving to fulfill them worthily and selflessly, I stay next to you, and we are truly inseparable together.

46. And then Father is in me, and I am in you, and you are in me, and we are all one.

47. But if your faith in God is reduced only to ritual actions, and you respect my laws only verbally, then I will not be able to stay with you.

48. For I am able to live among you only through your deeds, when you fulfill my Law to God’s Glory in every action of your life, but not through words that honour the name of my ancient flesh, no matter how often and loud you invoke it.

49. Therefore just where they gather in my name, doing worthily what’s mine, I am there among them.

50. But where they gather in my name, using any opportunity to avoid the fulfillment of what’s mine, only desecration takes place there, and I won’t be there, no matter how great a multitude like this has gathered.

51. And so, each of you, who selflessly fulfills my Word, acquires real Salvation and just then he allows me, as a master, to be in his heart.

52. If I said once, that I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, then, is the worship of the Way tantamount to walking along it?

53. Is it one and the same to worship the Truth and to fulfill It?

54. And can you compare the worship of Life to the flow of Life itself?

55. You did not begin to perceive my truths, once left to you, which you can comprehend solely through your own self-sacrificing work, but you tried to understand them through your mind, that slavishly serves the egoism.

56. Therefore your false explanations have divided you among yourselves,

57. For you namely started to build a house on the sand, replacing my words with your own.

58. When you seek to show love for your earthly parents, you try to manifest yourselves through your decent outward efforts.

59. And, having seen your outwardly shown decency, the parents are happy and praise you, being unaware of the untidiness, hidden inside your selves.

60. It is a different matter with your Great Father, Who never pays attention to your outside decency during your rituals, but all His attention is on your inner essence, which can be easily observed during all the days of efforts in your life-activity among your soulmates and all that lives in Mother-Nature.

61. There’s no sense to talk about love for my ancient name, when your deeds are evil, and you bathe in self-admiration.

62. What I once laid down, for the good of you, as something most precious and veritable during the first Accomplishment in the land of Israel, the followers, out of ignorance, under the influence of their egoism invariably successfully perverted through their numerous interpretations and turned into the most unsightly in its essence creed on Earth.

63. Where even the primary vitally important commandment about the self-sacrificing and dedicated love was changed by various interpretations in such a way, that it completely lost its genuine meaning.

64. Although the teaching itself has become well-known in your society, and the community – quite numerous.

65. But what can be popular in a society, where all its representatives are totally focused on self-interest and convenience, as well as on reverence for one’s own personality?

66. For in the truths themselves, which became supposedly the foundation of Christianity, I laid the opposite principles.

67. And if one perceives them worthily – one would not reach worldly benefits,

68. If one recognizes them – one would not acquire the commonly accepted conveniences;

69. If one selflessly fulfills them – one would perceive the veneration of himself as a burden.

70. Therefore it is not truths which preach complete unselfishness, sincere self-devotion and gentle humility that served as the basis for the emerging – convenient for the great multitude – religious teaching, but wordy interpretations, soaked with egoism, were laid in that basement.

71. And after that it became unnecessary for the great multitude to sharply change its life, but, continuing to live according to the old principle, they acquired delusory peace of mind from the fact, that they named themselves Christians.

72. The criterion for correctness cannot be the multiplicity in the society of wanderers.

73. Exactly as one day a great multitude against one man claimed that the Earth is flat.

74. Even in the bosom of the very community of believers, when their number was increasing, emerged a handful of people, who decided to take a bold step in accordance with the Truth independently, based upon their own sincere understanding, and not as the rest of the multitude considered convenient.

75. After the life of these worthy toilers, their names have been honoured by the ones, who are lazy in spirit.

76. Having realized afterwards the sanctity of such exploits, nevertheless they did not try en masse to act according to the example performed.

77. And, just hiding themselves behind numerous excuses, in which allegedly was hidden the Will of the Father, all the others hypocritically admit their weakness and sinfulness.

78. But your weakness and sinfulness you avow loudly not in order to overcome them afterwards by self-denying work, but in order to always stay with them, in peace and comfort, delighting your egoism.

79. In truth, what is there in your heart you can never hide, and this dirt is visible everywhere.

80. Each of the vices and weaknesses, which are now to be found inside you, could be overcome through heroic deeds only.

81. And that means, if you did not dare to do so, don’t call yourselves believers, for the words about your faith on your lips will just be a foul language.

82. In truth, today I thirst for the purity of Faith inside you!

83. But I cannot help you do the righteous while you passionately honour the opposite.

84. It is not the God’s Church that your hands are building now, but the human,

85. For you seek the human glory first, being afraid to endure for God’s Glory.

86. In ignorance, you decided that in order to be saved it was enough for you to believe.

87. And today I look at the believers and my heart bleeds for them.

88. In a loud cry of love for Heavens you wish to ensure your Salvation.

89. Having stamped down the flowers with your feet, you don’t see the essence of this grief.

90. And as soon as the time comes, you will rapaciously pounce on your soulmate.

91. By branding him with the term “seduced”, you zealously poison the exiled one.

92. Do you really think that the actions, contrary to God, cannot be clothed in churchly names?

93. What’s God-given should be looked for in the essence of the deeds, and not in the names, which are so easy to adjust.

94. The righteous deeds are not defined by the names, but by the nature of their performance.

95. But you were afraid to peer into what’s changeable and pinned your eyes to the still signboards.

96. For in contact with the changing, one should always be vigilant,

97. When at the signboard one can take a nap, bowing his head towards its surface.

98. So, you did not notice the replacement of the values. And under the signboard “Light” reigns the pitch darkness,

99. And where God has extended His hands to you – your backs are now looking there.

100. Oh people of the world, reaching today a deadlock on the long way! More and more now I can hear your voice, full of fear and malice.

101. The basement under your feet is progressively vacillating, and your increasingly frantic eyes are avidly looking for the guilty.

102. In your blindness, you once bowed your head to the mammon.

103. And a chain of precious metal rings locked on your neck.

104. But what’s the price of this metal, cast in the crucible of your greed?

105. Shouldn’t it be blown away like dust by the wind of Time?

106. And here, what has bound your neck resembles the dust.

107. And you cherish that chain, continuing to please the mammon with your requests.

108. Why are you seeking salvation in the land of slavery, looking for help from the heartless mammon?

109. His mouth has not been fed by the Spirit of Light, but by the foul-smelling juices of your malice and envy.

110. How long will you serve the wicked mammon, raising his laws above your heart of unseen value?

111. You diligently serve in the gardens of that mammon, where bur and thistles are planted in abundance.

112. Due to this over many centuries your taste was perverted, and now you already don’t thirst for the fruit of the grapes,

113. The fruit of the grapes from the Vine of Eternity, planted by your Father’s Hand.

114. Is it worth for you to yell now, when this fate of sorrows you have chosen yourselves?

115. Having entrusted your life to false values, you are waiting in vain for the Day of prosperity.

116. But you are not roving towards that Day, over the centuries, because you trusted your greed, choosing it for your guide.

117. And now the noise through the centuries bothers the Earth.

118. A great deal of dust from the wanderers has veiled the Sun like a grey shroud.

119. Hatred continues to burn the eyes of man’s heart, which are always called upon to help.

120. And when the eyes of the heart go blind, the pit, full of abomination, becomes a home of the wandering ones forever.

121. The noise of the world is built by the voices of the indignant,

122. And the voices of the humble are silent.

123. But it is precisely the melody of this silence that attractively colours life.

124. And the pure heart is drawn only to these vibrations.

125. But the noise of the world consists of the sounds of the unrestrained ones.

126. This is not the voice of those, who glorify the Truth, but the shriek of the infringed selfishness.

127. The piercing shriek of the ones, thirsty for revenge.

128. Oh, what a great ignorance I see today, hearing a voice indignant about the absence of fair revenge!

129. But isn’t it the just retribution that distorted your face into grimace of pain and sorrow, while you are in a hurry to say about your own innocence.

130. How long have you fancied yourselves as heroes, looking at yourselves in the reflections of marshy puddles, hiding the cowardly heart behind your anger.

131. But you are not able to solve the complications through words of wisdom and you find satisfaction just through shedding blood.

132. Great is the thirst for revenge in the deafening scream, sounding today from embittered mouths.

133. Didn’t you satisfy your thirst for blood for so many centuries.

134. What has happened to you, mankind?

135. After all, you were not born for shedding blood, but to multiply life!

136. And what can you say today in your defense?

137. Only the gnashing of teeth drowns out the sound speech.

138. How long are you going to be afraid of the Verity and the Truth, the Light of the Truth about your real essence?

139. For a long time you fancied yourselves as quite right-minded people, but you’ve been just selling your smiles, waiting for immediate payment.

140. A rainbow illusion has served as glasses for your eyes.

141. Your interest was untouched, hence decent words were sounding.

142. But from now on your interests will be inevitably fundamentally affected.

143. And your rainbow glasses will break, unveiling to your gaze the ongoing reality.

144. Now look at your face! Can you really say that what you see is human?

145. Like hyenas, you don’t see life without carrion, with greedy eyes relentlessly searching for victim.

146. Oh, you self-seeking, craving for great laurels people, you hide behind extensive slogans of good intentions, but you delight just your egoism, climbing the platforms of various bigger and smaller thrones.

147. You passionately covet to stick all over your clothes shiny things, decorating yourselves exactly like a Christmas tree for the holiday.

148. But just like the cut down Christmas tree will stay decorated for a short time, and then namely as useless litter will be thrown away, your fate verily happens to be like this.

149. You undercut yourselves, plunging into the slavery of your own selfishness.

150. And what, then, are your good intentions?

151. You, like frantic hounds, strive towards illusionary heights, pushing each other in excitement and stepping on the heads of the ones who have fallen.

152. But those heights are woven from the mist, where during the long night the frozen drops form a shimmering platform for the night.

153. But it lasts just until the dawn, and with the first sunbeams you will experience an inevitable fall.

154. But you are not children of the night, and only the Sun knows your diverse smiles.

155. Scabs cover your faces today, for you continuously hide them in fear of the beams of the Truth, just the drink of lie excites your mind.

156. But you are striving to judge everything.

157. Wouldn’t your conclusion be mixed with grave worms?

158. Turn your hearts and faces to the streams of Verity and Truth, without fear of possible pain.

159. For the filth has already accreted to your flesh, and it won’t be easy to scrape it.

160. Gird your loins with bravery.

161. The patience will be your shield, and let aspiration replaces the spear.

162. May not the thirst for victory over your soulmate lead you, for in this battle the one who attacks will always be defeated.