Chapter 16

In this appeal I have briefly shown the difference between the laws of matter and the laws of the Great God, that you have not known about, confusing and mixing disorderly what is heterogenous and incompatible, throughout your history to this day.

2. Using your namely complete inability to distinguish correctly between the laws of the spirit and the laws of the mind, the representatives of the extraterrestrial mind can significantly influence your life-activity, introducing into your consciousness definite images and appeals both with good intentions in respect of you, and with hostile ones.

3. Besides, you completely lack the ability to discern the incoming to your consciousness information: whether it is truthful or false, whether it is beneficial or harmful to you.

4. But the presence of an overly saturated egoistic medium inside each of you provides an almost full guarantee for successful work with your consciousness.

5. The most favourable conditions to open an informational channel in the consciousness – that is your own initiative on the basis of the existing regularities of curiosity.

6. And in order to make those conditions the most favourable, in your life for curious romantics have been introduced – through the ones who already successfully receive definite sort of information – all kinds of recommendations on how to facilitate the mutual efforts to establish a two-way communication channel.

7. In antiquity, in the times of the first Accomplishment, I did not have the opportunity to highlight in detail the regularities related to the prophecies in order to warn you in advance about the danger.

8. For by revealing the characteristic peculiarities manifested in such kind of contact with some extraneous source at the level of thinking, I would inevitably have to debunk all the prophets who once existed and were especially esteemed by the Jewish people.

9. For the disciples of that time this would be impossible to understand, since they sincerely believed in the verity of the laws of Moses and the following prophets.

10. The only thing, which could then be said for this purpose, was that the laws and the prophets were given until the days of John the Baptist, and after that one could enter God’s Kingdom only through one’s own self-sacrificing effort.

11. But for the shortage of explanations, which I could only carefully leave to the disciples and to the subsequent followers of the emerging teaching of the New Testament, this obviously turned out to be insufficient,

12. As a result of which quite soon after the end of the Accomplishment on the part of the extraterrestrial mind  there were introduced among the believers all kinds of “rattles”, as well as those who were named prophets.

13. Where through these prophets quickly began to emerge false explanations of the simple truths which I left, as well as various false information, intended to play afterwards a pernicious role in the life of the believers in the Good News.

14. And in more recent times among the Christian believers, when the term “prophet” was already a thing of the past, instead of it successfully emerged concepts of clairvoyance and clairaudience, which in principle is manifestation of one and the same regularity.

15. And then there was no need already to speak allegedly from the Name of God, but, abiding in silence, to continue successfully to create false interpretations of the truth.

16. Where the coincidence of the incoming information or images with the events taking place afterwards, absolutely do not represent a criterion in determining the true value of the source, giving various information and images.

17. Besides you have to know, that as it is useless to classify the magic as “white” and “black”, for this basically is a manifestation of uniform energetic natural peculiarities, permitted to be known from the elementary-primitive side by swellheaded varmints-magistrates;

18. In the same way there is no need to divide the term “prophet” into allegedly truthful or false manifestation,

19. For this is also a uniform regularity of the manifestations of definite peculiarities of matter, which have nothing to do with the Heavenly Father.

20. But in any case these are manifestations of characteristic regularities, inherent to the mind, and which all the representatives of the Mind of the Universe have the right to use in full measure,

21. Mastering this in the process of development.

22. You are in the initial stage of such mastering.

23. And as long as you do not worthily cognise what I want to give you now, your efforts in doing this will only lead to your demise.

24. You will face abundant bright confirmations of this in your life in the days of the events of the current times.

25. For the most successful influence on your consciousness in this direction, today are constantly selected those of you, who have the most favourable for this qualities.

26. Thereafter, in a short period of time, is analysed your thinking level, predispositions, weaknesses, attachments, and then you are given the information and series of images, which you will necessarily believe in.

27. Because it will in the first place coincide with your inner desires, to which you may not even give a conscious expression.

28. And since the extraterrestrial world, intervening in your consciousness, has much greater than yours abilities to determine the highest probability of the events in your near future, then, to be more convincing, you are occasionally given insignificant information, the coincidence of which with the subsequent events very strongly increases your trust in all the remaining great falsehood, flowing further into your consciousness.

29. At the same time, all of you who are inclined to and already striving for spiritual development – pleasing your egoism and childish naivety – will be necessarily told that now you will already communicate with some hierarchy of supposedly forces of the light or even supposedly with the Great God Himself.

30. In this case every source has the freedom to name itself as it considers it favourable, with the mandatory consideration of the characteristics of the person, in whose consciousness is being opened the informational channel.

31. In this manner there can be grown, like mushrooms, a numerous pleiad of various healers, magicians, sorcerers, and fortune-tellers,

32. And also those, who are ready to believe in a suddenly emerging clue “from above” that they supposedly represent another world,

33. And, of course, the different sorts of big and small initiates, teachers, prophets and messiahs.

34. Where the consciousness of each of them has previously been flooded by certain kinds of “rattles”, quickly convincing them of the need to carry out a “life-saving” mission.

35. Besides, each of those, who embraced the necessity to accomplish one or another mission, with great sincerity dedicates himself to that service.

36. Afterwards continues the patronising of every newly-emerged active mediator, through whom in your life should be being introduced both false ideology, grossly distorting the work of your consciousness in a dangerous for you direction, and the provision of the necessary conditions for a deeper and hidden from you impact on your consciousness and psyche.

37. If you have the chance to think over and evaluate the visible ideology in advance, and therefore reject it, then to assess the energetic manifestations is still very difficult for you.

38. The false ideology is being introduced counting on the seeking, thinking people, who by the present time should have become a great number, and especially in the land of Russia.

39. When a man has some firm conviction in the truth of what he has already chosen for himself as vitally important, it will be extremely difficult for him to properly comprehend something new, differing from what has already been chosen, with an openly displayed towards it biassed attitude, which in this case is unavoidable for you.

40. Such is the complex regularity of the psychology precisely of man.

41. And the greater the bias, the more senseless it becomes to try to think over something new.

42. And since the Truth comes not to repeat what is already well-known to everybody, but to reveal what is forthcoming and new, wherein, naturally, correcting the wrong understanding given earlier, then, for the most favourable perceiving of the New, seekers are needed, free from the impact of a particular dogma which has emerged solely on the basis of false conceptions.

43. Taking into account the fact that the Event deciding the fate of all mankind was predestined to take place exactly on the land of Russia, it was on this very land that a lot of seeking and more broadly thinking people were to appear.

44. But these are excellent conditions not just for perceiving the Truth, but also for perceiving the falsehood,

45. The sources of which do not sleep and are very well aware in advance of the probability of emerging of such circumstances.

46. The conditions for appearing of the Truth and falsehood in your life are equal, except for one: the Truth should not now violate your freedom of choice and can only offer Itself,

47. And falsehood can use everything possible to prove that it allegedly represents the truth.

48. In the end you have to make the choice yourself.

49. Such is the character of the fateful exam, set by the Great God before the human race.

50. If the false ideology is designed for all the seekers of real wisdom, then the energetic informational – hidden from your attention – impact on your consciousness and psyche is intended for mass scale.

51. And the preparation of this foundation started in antiquity, where through the means of perceiving the information by prophets and priests, began the introduction of concepts about the primitive regularities of some energetic manifestations of matter.

52. Which you came to know in your life under the concepts of magic, witchcraft and all kinds of healings.

53. At the same time, the constant patronising of each mediator – with the bright, catching the attention name of magician or sorcerer – proceeds in a way that every action of his is accompanied by some effects, which still more convince him in the propriety of his work.

54. The sense of antiquity, concerning such activity, is now intended to play for you an attracting psychological role.

55. The usage of attributes with sacred, in your opinion, symbols and images is also meant to play a supporting role, reassuring you that the presence of such images and references allegedly guarantees protection against evil spirits.

56. The diverse auxiliary psychological games are needed in order to win the confidence of everyone, who seeks the help of such a mystical personality.

57. The greater the confidence in everybody who came for such kind of help, the greater the chance and effect of a successful influence on their consciousness and psyche.

58. And if the needy after the first sessions for helping him observes a change into the desired direction, then his confidence sharply and immensely increases.

59. In the process of the séance itself, often accompanied by significant bright theatrical performances, when the magician, sorcerer or some other healer, using certain energetic peculiarities, are trying, in line with their narrow primitive understanding of the ongoing, to provide allegedly blessing help –  on his energetic wave, penetrating into the consciousness of the trusting patient, is being superposed a peculiar pernicious information,

60. Which, due to such energetic wave, is being imprinted deep into the consciousness of the naïvely trusting patient.

61. Besides, none of you – the participants in such séance – is ever able to suspect the presence of the pernicious interference.

62. In the present days, when the fateful Event begins to unfold for your Salvation, the patronising you and hostile to you source is making efforts for massive appearance of magicians, sorcerers and all sorts of specialists in helping through energetic methods,

63. In order to create the extensive necessary conditions – on the basis of the almost full absence of correct understanding of your true being and development in all of you – for a mass-scale energetic informational impact on your consciousness;

64. Where anyone, who has experienced the influence, has been included in a definite uniform energetic system with a programme in his consciousness for accelerated self-destruction.

65. Favourable supporting conditions for the spread of such manifestations in your society is your unrestrained continuous striving to satisfy your narrow primitive egoistic desires.

66. Which includes your wish to cure yourselves painlessly and quickly from a certain ailment, which supposedly prevents you from living in contentment,

67. Without, at that, considering a profound change of your attitude towards the reality and not changing the former character of your life-activity;

68. Wherein exactly lies the opportunity for your real healing.

69. The origin of all named and unnamed intermediaries, appearing more and more in the present days of the crucial Hour, is one and the same, proceeding according to the same principle

70. And with one aim: to create possibly the most highly fragmented society with the most complicated ideological conditions for perceiving the Truth, which promised once to come again,

71. Giving birth to as many diverse spiritual streams and schools as possible, where each believer of false teaching loses almost completely the ability to consider the probable existence of the genuine Truth in something else, which does not coincide with the choice he has already made.

72. And to quell any possible doubts in the correctness of the chosen true road, a false conception has been introduced that the roads leading to the Heavenly Father are many.

73. And whatever road a man would walk, he would supposedly come to the Great Father anyway.

74. In this way my Word about the uniform Road of development has been roughly blocked.

75. But to succumb to this should first of all the ones who – willingly or unwillingly – had an access to the Gospel, without choosing the truths imprinted in it as primary for themselves.

76. And such nice, seeking people are quite a lot in the current times.

77. For the ones who look superficially, it is hard to discover the root principles hidden in the depths.

78. For there is always a great variety on the surface, but in the depths of the nature of what is outwardly diverse, as a rule, rests a uniform regularity.

79. One should not roughly and senselessly confuse between the laws of development and the regularities of the manifestation.

80. If you see the infinite diversity of everything growing on the surface of Mother-Earth, this does not mean that it all develops according to different laws.

81. It is the law of development itself that proceeds for everybody by an essentially uniform principle and is just externally performed in a great variety.

82. And regardless of how many are the diverse and unique flowers on the forest meadow or in the garden under the window of your home, the roots of all these flowers absorb moisture by the same law, grow their stem and feed themselves on the light and the air through the leaves – all according to the same one single law.

83. But in the external features of the stem, foliage and the flower leaflets you will never find an exact match.

84. Therefore, in each of you exist the laws of the inside beauty and the regularities of the external beauty.

85. In your life-activity this is manifested through the concepts of spirituality and culture, which are not one the same thing, but are called to be worthily combined.

86. And if through externally expressed creation you are free to manifest yourselves in an infinite diversity, then the inner Law of development of your soul is one and it will remain uniform forever.

87. And so, until you do not first cognise it in a worthy manner, your outside flowering will always unalterably be ugly.

88. The only thing which in this case remains a genuine truth is the presence of a multiplicity of roads when moving towards the Law of true development.

89. But only by comprehending this Law is it possible to take a real step in the Ascent.

90. Everything else, at its best, can only considerably slow down your falling.

91. But you will keep on falling as before.