Chapter 15

Something similar now should also necessarily already happen in the modification of your perception of the ongoing reality.

2. Just not through the process of awakening, but through your titanic work within a short period of time to replace one prism, refracting the whole reality for you, by another one, which is true and eternal.

3. If we refer once again to the terms adopted in this appeal, then we should say that the conditional prism of the instinctive sensual egoistic peculiarities – being the root foundation in your perception of the entire existing reality and still inherent to each of you without exception – has to be necessarily changed to a spiritual one,

4. Through which the refracting of the whole reality will always provide for you precisely those conditions, solely on the basis of which you have the possibility to live in harmony.

5. You are still to understand the fullness of the truth, which says that all your life arrangement on all the Earth without exception completely depends on your spiritual world,

6. On which fully depend your thoughts with the expressed sensual demands, being exactly the basis for all the events, taking place inside your civilisation.

7. All these events possess one common characteristic feature that totally depends on your monstrous egoism which has taken the place of your spiritual world.

8. All your wars and the innumerable multitude of unthinkable stupidities, bringing to all of you undesirable bitter consequences, are a direct result of the action of your unified thought with a pronounced abnormal sensual demand.

9. The strength of one abnormal thought like this is not very great, but as you all around the Earth think equally according to one and the same principle in common dependence on egoism, manifested in individual, as well as in group and in national form, then such efforts of yours necessarily join together because of their homogeneity.

10. At that the overall strength increases dramatically, adding up.

11. And since every single one of you all over the Earth makes, in essence, one and the same effort, then in united state such efforts of yours acquired something formidable and extremely dangerous,

12. Regardless of what forms of life manifestations you are engaged in.

13. Living in such thought-emotional environment, your civilisation from time to time should inevitably be drowned in blood – which is being shed incessantly – and in countless other disasters.

14. In this state you have never been accepted by Nature and it veils itself from you to the present day, which is why you cannot get rid of the burden of various diseases.

15. That Mother-Nature, which you always view from your high horse and only as an object for delighting your body, where it is not clear out of what stupidity you named yourselves Her kings.

16. By such joint efforts you have created a peculiar conditional environment of easily inflammable fumes, which saturation provokes you to strike a dangerous spark,

17. The emerging of which, even the tiniest possible, inevitably leads to great inflammations, burning out large dips not only in the body of your society, but also in the Nature of the Earth, leading to abundant moans and cries of the affected ones.

18. You know, that this is not good, but you cannot do anything against it as long as you are slaves of your own egoism,

19. Despite all your outwardly expressed spectacular actions, designed to show your allegedly reasonable intention.

20. Inevitably and infinitely inflaming large and small fires on your own, for thousands of years you are trying in vain to build the society of the desired prosperity.

21. At that, all around the Earth, in different small and large segregated societies, you are equally persistently striving to form your life arrangement according to the same primitive principle,

22. Which root essence remains the same both in the ancient tribes, and in the present-time societies.

23. But you cannot part with this, because you are forced to it by the conditions, which you all created.

24. Where the role of fulfilling a wildish peaceful mission is given just to the cult of the greater material value.

25. All this uniform characteristic system of life-arrangement of your society as a whole has one common root, one common trunk, and through the varied separated societies it manifests itself by the thickest branches, coming out directly from the trunk.

26. And further on, inside these diverse societies, infinitely suspecting one another in guile, these branches proceed outwardly to branch out inimitably into still smaller branches more than once, and all these sprigs are covered with a great plentitude of leaves,

27. Making noise incessantly, because of the continuous complaint of the ever unsatisfied egoism.

28. The tree of global egoism with an extremely unpresentable appearance – this is the crest on the shield of the existing mankind.

29. All this deformed system grew solely on the basis of your relevant thoughts and desires and continues to exist due to the psychic energetic peculiarities, inserted in such thoughts and wishes.

30. Just like the condition of any cell of your body affects the general condition of your whole organism, for this cell is connected by a common energetic field unexceptionally with all the rest of the cells, composing the whole organism, in the same way each of you, regardless of his understanding and desire, inevitably affects the general condition of all mankind.

31. Still with no regard to whether you are separated from each other by absurd titles or not.

32. During my incarnation, due to the flesh, on equal terms with you I enter your common energetic medium, and until my awakening the qualities of my body influence the surrounding energetic manifestations insignificantly.

33. But after the awakening the force of the Spirit, partly unveiled by God’s blessing, begins very significantly and quickly to modify in quality the natural energetic characteristics of my flesh.

34. Which immediately begins to influence the entire specific energetic medium of your society throughout the Earth, as well as the energetic environment of the Nature.

35. But my influence and Force are mainly directed to you, for everything began precisely to your benefit.

36. In the ancient times my awakened state did not last long, and the Spirit itself was uncovered insignificantly in connection with the extremely wild and primitive condition of life-arrangement of the society.

37. For this reason the regularity, which I began to talk about, had an inconsiderable impact.

38. But it’s a different story nowadays.

39. Each time my Spirit is being progressively released, which more and more actively and significantly affects your entire common energetic environment.

40. Where to the influence of my Spirit obediently and individually peculiarly respond the energetic features of each of you.

41. And now your inner world started to move according to the laws, which I actually began to manifest.

42. As a result of which, from the moment of my awakening, the tree of lie, personifying the image of the existing form of your life-activity, has begun to wither in an accelerated and now already irrevocable manner.

43. But the Great God allows the unfolding of the Accomplishment carefully and gradually, in order that the transformations in your society did not proceed rapidly, creating excessive difficulties.

44. Although the difficulties can multiply very quickly, for the Spirit of the Accomplishment is acting opposite to the efforts of your egoism, and so, the egoism itself will be especially worried and can often show itself through you in an extremely wild for your time and absurd form.

45. And whatever globally insidious plans at this moment wouldn’t have any of you, the bearers of such plans from the human race cannot know today what role exactly they should really play – like marionettes – under the influence of the invisible for them antagonistic reasonable world,

46. Temporarily experiencing imaginary joy from certain success in the process of fulfilling the existing egoistic intents.

47. Be extremely vigilant at this moment and do not in any way judge each other!

48. For, since you are still slaves of your own egoism, your steps are easily predictable and it is not difficult to make all of you servants of the pernicious program.

49. Moreover, every servant of this kind will be deeply convinced that he is doing the right thing.

50. And now in the epoch of the Accomplishment, which decides the fate of mankind, various roles in fulfilling the pernicious for you program will be especially abundantly imposed on you in all basic spheres of your life: in religions and philosophy, in science and law enforcement departments, as well as in all other public organizations.

51. Where, first of all, a basic significant role should play those of you, who consciously or unconsciously are able to become communication medium for transferring information and certain energetic features from the hostile to your civilization source, that is patronizing you.

52. In this case you can be easily used as marionettes, given the burning inside you unfulfilled egoistic desire to play a significant role in the life of your society, and if possible, in the life of all mankind.

53. Besides, each of you is internally predisposed to readily grab hold of the flag, moving in the forefront.

54. One of the main favourable conditions to make you servants of the pernicious program is your egoistic self-confidence that you can easily determine the verity of the events, which take place around you.

55. Thus you unconsciously manifest yourselves as some valuable criterion.

56. And this – you can test yourselves – is easily manifested in your active striving to find just shortcomings in everything, which does not coincide with your interests, and what’s more – something you still don’t understand – in applying permanent efforts to judge what’s undesirable for you, manifesting unrestrained sarcasm, arrogance and other various impurities of your inner world.

57. It was difficult for you to realize, that the egoism, lying in the basement of all your life-activity, urges you – for the sake of its satisfaction – to strive constantly to find only shortcomings in all the reality, which is going on around you.

58. Thus you, consciously or unconsciously, continuously strive to exalt yourselves.

59. Where at the same time you often find temporary imaginary reassurance in regard to your shortcomings, when you see the same in anyone around; and you feel still more comfortable, when you find even a bigger defect than yours;

60. And then you begin to feel yourselves as if you totally lack anything unworthy.

61. Some of you try to hold near themselves the ones, who have possibly greater defects, for in this way you seek to emphasize your good qualities,

62. Though you often don’t confess this to yourselves.

63. And to those, who have been together with you in the same vicious level and once aspired to become better, you often tend to apply the word “betrayer”, expressing contempt and a storm of indignation towards them.

64. In certain wilder conditions you invariably make attempt for revenge.

65. Well, and if within the scope of your activity occurs somebody, pretending to be free of any shortcomings, you internally begin to strenuously expect signs of the presence of at least some little flaws inside him.

66. And then to please your egoism, responding to your sensual expectations, stinking rumours will necessarily come around, which you will readily swallow, having received imaginary reassurance.

67. In this case none of you will doubt the rumours, which have come, for your egoism is always interested in them.

68. And when the whole society is covered by the leprosy of egoism and each of you is inclined to trust the disgusting things, said about your soulmates, then these rumours will invariably and endlessly multiply.

69. In connection with a definite, inherent to you psychological regularity, you inevitably fall under the influence of one vitally important for you regularity:

70. Everyone who seeks the unworthy, can always find it even where reigns solely the dignity itself.

71. Everyone, who is looking for the true values, would be able to find them only where they really are.

72. Look at yourselves attentively and critically.

73. Remember that as long as you are predisposed to continuously seek the unworthy, you’ll be destined to unending bitter wanderings, and in such a case you will not find anything decent!

74. Isn’t that exactly what each of you is doing quite actively today, and as a result you become like a vessel, filled with lies.

75. In order to discover what the content of the jar is, you should tilt it and assess what’s running out of its opening.

76. You are the vessel, and your mouth – the opening, out of which is running what you are filled-up with.

77.  And what is abundantly running out of your mouths today?

78. Verily, it can be said for many of you, that you are vessels full of filth.

79. And everyone, who talks about the righteous anger inside him, is an unreasonable blind man.

80. For it is not possible to feel righteous anger inside you, as long as the egoism rules over you and you compete against each other.