Chapter 14

The Great Father knew about this withering of the negligent tree, out of which you, like the numerous leaves, occasionally fall down and make a lot of noise, when self-willed winds begin to blow.

2. He was aware that if a new tree, and this time the true one, has not been cultivated by the time of the complete drying up, then there will be no place where to embody what’s new and to finally return the awaiting ones.

3. Therefore the Great God predetermined the time, when – until the tree of doom would be still holding up – the tree of Life has to start growing.

4. In order that exactly by the time of the final withering of the tree of sorrows, the Basis of Eternity could be already branching out safely.

5. And here came the Time of my second successive appearance amongst you, predetermined for thousands of years before.

6. Everything happened the way my Father had charted, and no one was able to prevent the fulfilment of His Will.

7. The accomplished mystery of my successive descension in a newly born child on Earth in the current epoch took place some time before the Beginning of the crucial Events, in order that at the moment when should strike the Hour of the Beginning of the decision of the fate of the human race, I could have accumulated the necessary supporting information about the peculiarities of your modern life activity.

8. My acquaintance with your living began in accord with the very same principle, as the first time, only now I already needed in advance to touch – at least in passing – upon a considerably greater scope of typical manifestations of the different sides of your life.

9. In ancient times the range of your life manifestations was very limited, and in order to get acquainted with it one should not go far from his home.

10. Your life in the modern times is displayed by a quite greater diversity of typical expressions of your various inclinations, which inevitably form your inner world in a definite way and influence the development of the soul.

11. That is why, for my most favourable veritable communication with you, I should accumulate as many auxiliary concepts as possible.

12. Besides, your scientific and technical achievements also allowed me to acquire a lot, without leaving my home.

13. Having veiled my real Essence and my Force by a certain mystery, my Great Father leaded the young developing consciousness of my new flesh in such a manner, that I first acquired everything I needed before the Hour of my awakening and the Beginning of my main decisive Accomplishment.

14. But now it became necessary to partly reveal an important regularity, related to the necessity of holding under control the manifestations of my Essence by the Heavenly Father, while you have a full freedom to display all your sensual peculiarities.

15. I already mentioned that the World of the material Being, as to the degree of subtleness, consists of a great variety of energetic manifestations.

16. Where the increasingly subtler energetic streams possess an ever increasing creative Force,

17. Which greatest capabilities are concentrated into the Self of the Great Creator of the material Being.

18. And the ultra-thin capabilities of the Great God, your Heavenly Father, differ in quality from anything existing in the Being so much, that it will be easier to perceive them as a manifestation of a heterogenous Law (TN: law of a different origin).

19. And in order to bring to you the another great Truth, I need to use simple images, easy for you to understand, for the abundant usage of polysyllabic terms in the given case will not be for your good and will not provide more clarity.

20. So, if the Face of the Creator of the material Being has to be metaphorically described, one can imagine him most precisely as a great Source of an even, cool, dazzling white Light.

21. Unlike Him, the Face of your God is to some extent similar to the great Source of the dazzling Light, but your God’s Light outwardly has a warm hue, and in the core of His Light there is an unthinkably Beneficial Flame.

22. The birth of your souls is a mystery of separation from the Heavenly Father’s Essence of tiny sparks, bearing in their peculiarity the capability to glow and warm, which corresponds to the Legend, saying that you’ve been created in the image and likeness of God.

23. But in a pure, not modified state no spark from the Great God’s Essence would be able to interact with any forms of material laws’ manifestation for the benefit of the common development,

24. Since the Power of the characteristic peculiarity even of the small spark is such, that the combination with the emotional features of any natural organism, endowed with reason, easily and quickly will lead to the burning of this organism.

25. In connection with these conditions the Great Father creates your souls, modifying the qualitative basis of the numerous detached tiny sparks.

26. Besides, the Gracious Father, giving each spark all the necessary qualities for individual self-expression, has densified their vibrational characteristics to such an extent, that the combination with the natural, remaining still much rougher, vibrational sensual characteristics of the flesh has become the least dangerous,

27. For the power of the flame of your soul is able to multiply rapidly the strength of the manifestation of all natural sensual peculiarities.

28. And if this multiplication proceeds beyond the acceptable measure, this will inevitably lead to self-destruction of the natural organism.

29. Through the significant densification of the energetic qualities of your soul, the Father cooled down a little each sparkle, so that it would not burn the natural flesh, in which it would be necessarily incarnated.

30. But even with such significantly truncated power of the sensual peculiarities of your soul, you can still see what a great strength you possess in the moments of emotional outbursts, to which you are subjected.

31. Those of you, who have experienced the fire of love for the likely chosen one to start a family, could easily notice, that they become thoughtless, considerably inclined to a lot of unreasonable efforts.

32. And as long as this love remains unrequited or does not bring satisfaction, you can quite often experience a strong burning sensation from that fire inside you.

33. But as your life is accompanied by innumerable variety of emotional splashes, what happens on the basis of an absolutely incorrect attitude towards the surrounding reality, then, although the fire of your soul is not so dangerous, anyway in the course of time such frequent splashes lead to the gradual burning of some vitally important peculiarities of your flesh,

34.  What makes it inevitably get sick and a process of self-destruction begins.

35. All these bright splashes of your sensual manifestations are characteristic exclusively only for you in the entire Universe.

36. For any natural sensual display, without the influence of the flame of the God’s sparkle on it, is never manifested on such a mighty level.

37. And even the very feeling of love with its exuberant wonderful peculiarities, designed to arise between a man and a woman, occurred exclusively as a result of the combination between the sensual peculiarities of your soul and the peculiarities of the sensual manifestations of the flesh.

38. In truth I tell you: not a single representative of the Mind of the Universe has ever known or will ever understand what the beauty of the fire of this love is.

39. Because for this it will always be necessary that such flesh bears the sparkle of the Great God.

40. Therefore, in any reference to you on the part of the Mind of the Universe, any usage of words of love is just mentioning of your – pleasant to you – terminology, where the representatives of this Mind are absolutely ignorant of the real essence, enclosed in the concepts of love itself.

41. When the Great God modified qualitatively the foundation of your soul, you obtained the most favourable opportunity to enter the World of matter, but at the same time you inevitably got into very complicated conditions for the correct determining of everything, which would only be beneficial to your soul’s development.

42. For the mind of your flesh, based on a heterogenous law* (TN: heterogenous law – law of a different origin), by its essence, will never be able to form the laws of development of your soul independently.

43. Where, considering the given peculiarity which is vitally important for you, the Great God gave me life.

44. So that I would come into your life, occasionally correcting what you have done, and establishing new laws for your future development.

45. At that, my Father did not densify the energetic qualities of my soul, for it was not predetermined for me to abide in the material laws forever, walking the road of development envisaged for you.

46. I have been born solely for you and only for the good of all children of God, who are already born and will further be being eternally born.

47. Creating my foundation, my Father has concentrated inside me a big fire from His Essence, providing me with everything necessary for individual self-expression,

48. At that, He linked my Essence with His in such a manner, that in the times of the first Accomplishment the only thing I could say to my disciples was: “I and my Father are one, for He is in me and I am in Him”.

49. But, of course, this did not mean that I and my Father are one and the same, which was wrongly thought by many of those, who later believed in the New Testament.

50. It was necessary to impart to me specific individual qualities for the reason that being incarnated amongst you, I should be able to independently analyse the whole ongoing reality, related to your life, and to find by myself all the solutions, needed for your benefit.

51. And my appearance in your life happened to be the most favourable opportunity to provide help to you.

52. For my Essence possesses absolutely complete capability to find all the best for you depending on any kind of specific circumstances, in which you can find yourself on the road of your life-activity.

53. And if we should briefly describe the characteristic features of your eternal education, we can say, that your Great Father, the One Living God, is always teaching you by showing things,

54. And He created me in order that I could teach you by telling things.

55. At the same time His teachings are incessant and eternal, and mine can take place just from time to time.

56. The form of communication inherent to you is not inherent to the Great God in principle, because it is for Him an extremely rough and primitive manifestation with inadmissible for Him limitations.

57. The law of individual communication is only characteristic of the material World, but to the limit set by the Creator of the Being of the mobile mind.

58. To the Creator of the material World Himself this law is also not inherent, for being rough and limited.

59. For this reason the representatives of the Mind of the Universe, beginning to comprehend the surrounding reality, have the possibility to educate themselves independently, just through direct contact with everything taking place, but not to learn by instructions of the Uniform through familiar phrases and images.

60. And only when more developed and less developed civilisations appeared, then the first teachings emerged on behalf of the more developed ones, based on the manifested peculiarities of communication, which became a uniform specificity of the whole reasonable World.

61. You have been under the influence of such kind of diverse instructions during the whole history of your existence and especially in abundance in the present days.

62. At that, as unreasonable children, you naively believe, that you communicate with your God, when this is not only very rough manifestation and not inherent to the Creator of the material Being, but in reference to your Heavenly Father it is incomparably much rougher manifestation.

63. And if for any representative of the mind in the entire Harmony of the Universe on the part of the Uniform there has been foreseen everything necessary for independent development, then you, stepping into this World of Harmony, don’t have such opportunities, for there is nothing in the Universe, from which you could independently derive the necessary concepts for the good of your soul’s development.

64. Your Great God never participates in the formation of any manifestations of the laws of matter.

65. Therefore, introducing you to a World, alien to His laws, your Father took upon Himself a Task of extreme complexity.

66. For He had to outplay for your good, vigilantly and unceasingly, the naturally occurring in your everyday life various conditions of the material manifestations,

67. Which depend on your freely applied efforts.

68. In this way, proceeding from what has already arisen not by His Will, Father introduces each of you, without exception, to the very conditions, which have become the most favourable in truth for each of you,

69. Thus allowing you to see and contact with the things, from which you are able to derive what is necessary for your benefit in the current period of time.

70. And when the false concepts inevitably accumulate inside you to a definite critical point and there is a danger for your future development, this would mean, that your capabilities to derive independently what you need from the contact with the ongoing reality have been exhausted.

71. And then occurs the necessity, foreseen by the Great God, of my temporary appearance amongst you,

72. In order that – clearing away the rubble in your wisest heads and correcting all piled dangerously-false perceptions of yours, concerning the right way of living and development – I set up the required series of laws, which, like landmarks, will show to you visibly the straight-forward road of the true development for another period of time.

73. But, depending on definite significant regularities, my presence amongst you has to be temporary and just from time to time.

74. The Father never touches what is going on in your consciousness and all the details of the external efforts of your flesh, but He always looks at what is happening to you through your spiritual sensual world.

75. For, above all, your first and main step is done in your spiritual inner world, and afterwards it is outwardly displayed through your flesh.

76. But when it comes to efforts through the flesh, your consciousness has the possibility to influence the outer manifestations, if it decides that it is necessary to hide your inner motives.

77. But this effort will certainly be truthfully reflected in the sensual peculiarities of your soul, which your consciousness – still often following the practice of tricks and deceit – is not able to affect.

78. Therefore, no matter how accurately your inner true efforts will be externally expressed, your Heavenly Father always knows the truth about you, and you can never hide from Him what really happens with you.

79. The formation of your inner world and the development of the soul depend directly on the necessity for you to make certain external efforts.

80. And the external efforts very strongly depend on the natural instinctive-sensual manifestations, which the Great Father does not know.

81. For it is only possible to know certain sensual manifestations in one case – when you experience the same sensual manifestations.

82. These natural feelings are not inherent to the Great God, and He never experiences what namely corresponds to them, i.e. unhappiness, jealousy, anger, joy and all sorts of other emotions, which are quite well-known to you.

83. So, you show a great ignorance when you try to find in the deeds of your Father what is only inherent to the finiteness.

84. The infinite flame of Grace, burning in the Essence of your Heavenly Father, the One Living God, always emanates even streams of Grace, named the Holy Spirit.

85. These even streams of the Holy Spirit equally flow to all of you, regardless of what you are doing.

86. Where the very possibility to make use of this Grace depends just on the essence of your activities.

87. But your Heavenly Father, however strange it may still be for you to hear, always loves you equally:

88. Both the one who has been beaten by an unrighteous hand, as well as the one who possesses this hand.

89. And not even for an instant will there be any difference in the Love sent from the Father to all His children.

90. Having created my Essence and provided conditions, in which my incarnation – in flesh similar to yours – is possible, the Father gave me the opportunity to assess most fully all regular peculiarities, related to your probable efforts,

91. What represents the most favourable conditions under which is possible the formation of the laws, intended to explicitly determine the direction of the true efforts, concerning the development of your soul.

92. Granting to me such possibilities, the Great God gave me the complete power to assess by myself all the efforts, expressed by you, and to independently create everything, which at that I consider necessary for your good.

93. The Great Father has made me the creator of the Laws of the Road of development of mankind.

94. Therefore in antiquity I told the disciples: “I am the Road, also the Truth, also the Life. And no one can come to the Father except through me”.

95. And now I verily tell you that until you accept and cognise my laws, you will never taste the true value of the steps to Ascent and will not be able to learn to do what God wants.

96. For your deeds which are not in tune with the Spirit of the Truth of my Essence, will never allow you to walk the Road of Ascent.

97. And only the direction towards the downfall will inevitably remain your fate.

98. But a lot of you, knowing about my ancient words imprinted in the book of the New Testament, did not believe me and with childish naivety surrender to the influence of new and various teachings, which have nothing to do with the Great God.

99. It would be very good for you to finally understand, that whatever you come across in your life with loud names about Eternity, if it is not given by my hand, – at its best it can just considerably slow down your downfall,

100. Considerably slow down, but it will not be able to prevent you from falling.

101. For such are the strict, but naturally arisen conditions in your being.

102. Having endowed my Essence with fire of a definite Strength, the Heavenly Father created inside me conditions, meant to allow me under any circumstances and at any stage of your development to always assess without mistake everything that takes place in your life-activity regarding the laws of your soul.

103. But this fire in my Essence with its considerable creative Strength will not allow me to stay in any flesh, if its blazing Strength is not artificially hold, shrouding it by a mystery, foreseen by the Father.

104. When my soul abides out of the laws of matter, then the whole Strength of my Spirit is in an even, tranquil condition; and then, like the undisturbed glass-calm water of the ocean is able to easily reflect the sky and the Sun, thus my Father is also reflected in my Essence.

105. In such condition I am also able to perceive all of you equally with love, without emotions, no matter what activity you devoted yourselves to and at which altar you bowed your head,

106. Like Father’s Face will also be never touched even by a tiny shade of jealousy or discontent, no matter whom you bend your knee to.

107. For whatever game you played on this Earth in your ignorance, wherever you went, the Father will always outplay all your stupid deeds, and you will ultimately inevitably come to His Truth.

108. So, out of the physical body any natural sensual peculiarities are not inherent to me, and they are not imprinted inside me the way they are in your soul, therefore I don’t experience any emotions.

109. But in the periods of incarnation, inevitably and naturally for me, at the sensual level inside me emerge conditions, when I can easily plunge into the exuberant flame of emotions, capable of destroying my natural body in a short time.

110. Because the strength of my emotional experiences, related to certain circumstances, occurring inevitably at every new incarnation of mine, can very quickly exceed many times all permissible safety norms.

111. And to provide that this does not happen, and especially considering the wild circumstances of modern time, there should be necessarily applied some mysteries, which would peculiarly shroud my Spirit;

112. With the help of which my Great God can control the fire, blazing inside my Essence.

113. As long as I am out of the laws of matter, I do not perceive your mistakes, and then my Spirit abides in serenity.

114. But when I am in flesh, I inevitably begin to see your mistakes.

115. And if my Essence is awakened, it immediately begins to react to them, burning with thirst to fix everything.

116. And the more strongly my Father allows me to reveal myself, the more brightly and strongly I will perceive your mistakes and shortcomings.

117. In an awakened state I will always experience definite sort of emotions, concerning you.

118. For I will be coming to you not to be glad to see your achievements, but to turn all my attention to your successive difficulties.

119. And no matter at what stage of your development I will appear amongst you, I will always be able to see what I have to teach you again and what are the new pranks of yours, which should be corrected.

120. But in order for me to be fully able to get closer to your typical life manifestations and to be able to accumulate the related right perceptions at full measure, the Heavenly Father completely covers my Essence until the time of awakening,

121. Continuing to lead me through definite special sensual manifestations.

122. During such period I perceive your mistakes just like a researcher, considering and analysing your specific steps.

123. At the same time, as far as possible setting admissible psychological tasks, I play temporarily in various life manifestations of yours,

124. Which still deeper helps me to learn – through the natural sensual peculiarities – what is inherent to you.

125. And if in your life you pass through the process of maximum absorption of the surrounding reality within fourteen years, after which you are eager to break free and begin independent creation, then in my case such mystery of maximum absorption stretches to the time of awakening.

126. But once, by the Will of the Great God, like He had predestined in the current epoch, the awakening of my real Essence took place at the time charted by the Heavenly Father.

127. And from this moment I saw truly completely the ongoing surrounding reality.

128. The fire of the thirst to Accomplish, which my Father had been carefully held hitherto, rushed outside.

129. In order to prevent an excessive emotional outburst at that moment, my awakening took place with the least release of my Spirit, but anyway this cautious mystery was a thunder-like event.

130. Thereafter started a brief period of self-reflection as to finally and firmly proceed to the predetermined Accomplishment.