Chapter 13

The extraterrestrial world, patronising the people of Judea, assessed very quickly that some laws, established by me, are able to destroy the program – introduced by them and flourishing already for a few centuries through the efforts of that ignorant people.

2. Thereafter multiple efforts began to be applied in order to influence the course of unfolding events through the consciousness of all those, who were able to take an active part in the propagating of the New Testament;

3. Both through the consciousness of those, who were able to behave aggressively against the bearers of the Good News, as well as those, who were sincerely striving to comprehend the Truth.

4. And since the full-fledged teaching of development has not yet been given – with the numerous concrete instructions for distinguishing what is favourable for the soul and what is not, touching upon every side of being and life in general, as it needs to be – so, a wide field of activity emerged for the opposing side: to introduce into the consciousness of the ones, who accepted the New Testament, all kinds of false concepts,

5. Both in the direct interpretation of the imprinted truths, and in everything else for which direct and concrete clues were not given in the Teaching;

6. Meanwhile using abundantly “rattles” in the form of every possible “miraculous” apparitions of supposedly sacred images and other phenomena, and also the suddenly acquired abilities when a man in a definite psychological condition unconsciously speaks foreign languages, and, of course, the obligatory “miraculous” healing, which all people who are suffering from diseases are longing for, not caring too much about where this healing comes from and if this healing is for good at all.

7. All this is exclusively based on the primitive egoistic attachments.

8. These and many other “rattles” of this kind have been invariably attributed – out of ignorance –to manifestations ostensibly of the Holy Spirit,

9. Whereas the difference between the manifestation of the Holy Spirit and such kind of displays resembles the difference between the sun ray and the iron crowbar.

10. And only now I have the next opportunity to tell you about all possible distinctions, mixing which chaotically, you often perceive the darkness instead of the Light.

11. Using skillfully the unknown to man laws of matter, the opposing your development extraterrestrial world made the permissible efforts for the achievement of the main goal concerning what I laid down to your benefit: not to allow the spreading of the Good News according to the simple principle: “on its own from one man to another”.

12. For exactly such propagation, as I also wished, would be the most favourable for you.

13. Therefore I gave an extremely important instruction: do not call yourselves tutors and teachers, because I am the only Tutor and Teacher for you and only I have the possibility to fulfil this.

14. You are all brothers, and being equal among yourselves would be only for your good.

15. I gave this instruction in order that no one from the believers would later try to edify and teach his neighbours, based on words which I have once said.

16. For just me and my Father know the fullness of what’s hidden inside them, and all of you were to comprehend them on equal terms.

17. Only the equal for everyone discussion on my words has been admissible, after which everyone should have adhered to the opinion, to which he had matured,

18. And further – to selflessly fulfil all this.

19. And only his own sincerity should have become his judge.

20. In this admonition – about the tutors – had been expressed my additional hope for your good, and I believed that you would try to accomplish it, though you had most probable inclination towards another, primitive effort.

21. And anyway it happened to be beyond your abilities to assess my word worthily, when you refracted it through the natural egoistic prism.

22. This most probable inclination was successfully used by the extraterrestrial mind opposing you, for which you are undesirables.

23. All they had to do was to skillfully support your efforts in the direction, to which you naturally gravitate.

24. And soon, among the believers, an organisation began its quick formation according to the common principle of all organisations existing in the human society.

25. And this common principle has in all cases one and the same root of natural-egoistic character,

26. Which in such organisations, as they grow, is expressed by the inevitable striving to introduce a variety of hierarchical levels.

27. In which the limited consciousness, filled up with information with natural-egoistic marks only, would necessarily see a benign need, when for the soul itself such a construction would in fact create just a clingy decaying swamp.

28. But you are still unable to correctly assess the inner regularities, therefore you are inclined mainly towards what is immanent to you.

29. And immanent to you is everything, which serves the natural-egoistic needs.

30. And then contrary to my ban on tutoring, exactly the ones who believed in me quickly shared among themselves the positions of numerous tutors and teachers.

31. And since they themselves were not able to understand many things, they also prevented the others from going beyond the false perception, which was introduced in the form of certain canons.

32. And if my direct and concrete admonition was not followed, then what to speak about your understandings of the various images, through which I gave in abundance instructions to you.

33. Of course, it was a great unconsciously made mistake to consider that the deeds of my immediate disciples are something unmistakable and infallible.

34. But in fact you are all brothers, and everyone who exalts himself will be humbled.

35. You should be – for their good – captious and demanding towards their actions, but you backed off in confusion.

36. And also there is a lot that they did not manage.

37. But since all of you were ignorant of many things, therefore it’s not imputed to you as your fault.

38. And if for the various introductions of religious-mystical teachings – from the side of the extraterrestrial mind – it has always been important to build a uniform organisational system, then precisely regarding my Teaching such an attempt inevitably creates only destruction.

39. For this reason, when organisations, called Christian churches, began their formation in a definite system, there occurred natural convenient conditions to put all this system under the full dependence on the monetary-financial circulation and all ugly, related to this, manifestations concerning the development of your soul;

40.  Which began easily to depersonalise each believer who showed interest in this respect.

41. After this step those who called themselves servants of my Father and who positioned themselves higher, compared to the rest of the believers, inevitably became supporters of the already mentioned unfolding programme for mankind’s enslavement.

42. Whereas in the Teaching I had left instructions, capable of destroying the given programme.

43. And, of course, when a fairly extensive Christian organisation was formed, where nothing was left from me but the few words of mine imprinted earlier in the silent Scriptures, it became as well convenient for the opposing you force – by outplaying easily the primitive egoistic manifestations and the narrowness of the consciousness – to introduce in the common organisation all sorts of absurd disagreements.

44. Which should inevitably lead to separation and multiple fragmentation into all sorts of streams of swellheads unwilling to know each other.

45. At that, having exactly the same silent Scriptures, the separated among themselves believers zealously assert their own understanding of definite parts of the Book of life, hypocritically pretending to have taken the most correct road to Salvation.

46. Oh, how great is ignorance!

47. Using one and the same feature of the rapidly blooming egoism in man, the hostile extraterrestrial mind easily introduces a separating regularity in all religious teachings which do not have a living founder.

48. But the greater the number of divisions a unified religious teaching has in itself, the less benefit it is capable of bringing to you.

49. For this reason I warned you once that every home or kingdom, which divide in themselves, will collapse.

50. And their price will be – dust fluttered by the wind.

51. Thus, after the end of my first Accomplishment, one of the directions of the extraterrestrial mind continued to patronise in its own way the ever growing in number believers in the Good News, by gradually introducing – through certain authoritative persons, considering what they were not able to assess and comprehend correctly – various false interpretations and incorrect concepts.

52. In its initial natural form the Teaching was called upon to excite your inner world and everyone, who would undertake independent efforts in its comprehension, would certainly notice how this Teaching pulls you out of the existing vicious circle of social living arrangement, attracting you more and more to itself.

53. But few of you dared to follow their own understanding of the New Testament and through their inner desire to fulfil everything according to these understandings.

54. And the ones, who did this brave move after all, inevitably felt the need to leave the worldly life;

55. Which they did immediately and worthily,

56. Unwittingly giving others the opportunity to be proud of them, recalling that these righteous workers belong to their people and, of course, to their church

57. Which, accumulating sacred names like flags, presumed that the more those flags, the stronger and more authoritative the church itself would be.

58. I verily tell you: there is no need on behalf of the representatives of any church to say that once in her bosom lived righteous men.

59. It will be right to say that the church had been existing only while these worthy men had been living.

60. But they are not heroes, they are just true believers.

61. And the church consists not of those, who just talk about the Great God, but of the ones, who selflessly fulfil what’s God-given.

62. There is no need for the churches to boast about the righteous feats in their past history, for the righteous feat is a delight to God in the moments of its doing.

63. But the never-ending citing of the piled up memories of those heroic deeds do not please God.

64. And do all the memories actually refer to heroic righteous deeds?

65. For man is inclined to notice what’s righteous in the convenient.

66. And don’t you often – choosing what’s convenient – find troubles for yourselves?

67. Everything, which is now convenient to man, is consonant with his vices and weak sides.

68. Be extremely vigilant when you find what’s convenient!

69. No church can become stronger and better no matter how many achievements it has accumulated in the past.

70. This is favourable only for the museums.

71. The strength and the goodness of God’s church depend on the deeds, which are being done today.

72. For it is the living ones who are called first to build God’s church.

73. And the fate of the people around depends on the living ones only.

74. And only the living ones can influence the surrounding world.

75. So, the very success of the introduced false interpretations and concepts fully depends on the overwhelming unconscious egoistic urges of man himself to view everything in a way convenient for his egoism.

76. This allowed – on the wave of the inner efforts of man himself – to easily introduce numerous false interpretations and concepts until everything in the Teaching that could excite you, was completely falsely explained, creating in this way imaginary calmness.

77. Afterwards the one who calls himself a believer does not feel anymore the need to step out of the existing life-activity and move closer to the Teaching, for through these various false interpretations the essence of the Teaching has been transformed in such a manner, that it was already possible to attract the Teaching itself towards the existing life-arrangement,

78. Making from it something convenient, additional to your life, while you continue to say hypocritically that your faith is the most important thing in life, soothing your conscience with a lie.

79. I already figuratively told you, that with the first steps of formation of your civilisation you – out of ignorance – laid down in fertile soil the seed of lie, which became the fundamental principle of the essence of your future developing social life-arrangement.

80. And the tree, personifying the image of your life-arrangement, began to grow quickly with an ugly trunk and numerous branches, giving abundantly poisonous fruits.

81. Once you could not help but notice, that the fruits of your life-activity bring just troubles and endless sufferings from which you strive constantly to feel yourselves like warriors, acquiring unavoidably everything wild and stupid, inherent to this.

82. And when you succeed in this, you inevitably begin even more to multiply that same troubles and sufferings,

83. Incessantly hoping to get free of them, when with all your efforts you are doing the opposite.

84. The continuous eating of the poisonous fruits of the tree of lie and the suffering from various kinds of diseases, which result from that and torment you, occasionally pushed you to look for the reason for your troubles.

85. And then some of you immersed themselves into comprehension of what concerns the numberless leaves of that tree, where the whole visible side of your life is mainly manifested.

86. Those of you, who were wiser, noticed that the leaves come out from numerous small branches, and delved into comprehending these branches.

87. And those of you who are still wiser, whose number in such a listing is ever decreasing, were able to notice that the thin branches come out of thicker ones, but already less in number.

88. And only a handful of you rose to the perception that those thicker branches also come out of still thicker ones.

89. Your entire experience in comprehending your own life for the whole history of your formation was confined to studying just the leaves and the numerous branches, while covering in a variety of handwriting a far greater amount of paper sheets.

90. Where the more practical of you were seeking in the leaves healing for themselves, and those, who were romantics, were looking away from the tree in the infinite open spaces of the Cosmos.

91. But since you are mainly looking for healing, and within the knowledge of your consciousness there are just concepts of the little branches, then the only thing which you could think out in order to improve your life was to try to rearrange the crown of that tree.

92. And every time, when you assign to somebody the big name of great “botanist”, and even under a certain number in addition, all of you together, from the different sides of the considerably grown-up ugly tree, under the leadership of great “botanists” rush to remake the crown of the tree, the way you want,

93. Making at that in advance in most wise voices a programme of the successive large-scaled community workday, named revolution, war or any kind of reformation.

94. You try in accordance with the human prescriptions to cut everything, which in your opinion is more ugly.

95. But on the ugly tree all the branches without exception extend from the root, following one and the same principle.

96. And this tree – whatever multiple transformations were made in its crown through your feverish efforts with loud appeals – anyway it gives and will be giving the same poisonous fruits as before.

97. Your society is divided in two characteristically displayed efforts, concerning the trimming of the crown of the tree.

98. Where the religious-philosophical effort is characterised by inner activeness and outer passiveness, and the political effort is characterised, on the contrary, by inner passiveness, but outer activeness.

99. At that, when they occasionally combine in your society, these efforts allow at large to conduct quite noisy events, after which painful scars are imprinted on your body for a long time.

100. You, persistently until the present day, keep fighting windmills in ecstasy as Don Quixotes, when the real misfortune rests inside you.

101. But to notice this on your own and assess it worthily does not allow your egoism, which you are continuously serving in spite of all your wisdom.

102. None of the sources that have given you all the religious teachings – except the one, which I left for you once, from your God – knows the genuine laws of development of your soul.

103. Therefore, in their essence, these teachings either sought to take you to the world of worthless illusions, thus taking you out of the unfavourable way of living, or give all sorts of recommendations on how to participate in the framing of that same crown of the tree of lie, which personifies your life.

104. And only now you are to understand how useless are all your efforts to improve the quality of the fruits of that tree through various cuttings of the branches which, in your view, are incorrect.

105. All growing branches, which are the only thing you are able to see so far, come out from one trunk which naturally extends from one single root.

106. And until the root of lie continues to live, a benign tree with a lot of sweet and miraculous fruits will not exist, regardless of all your striving to shred the crown of the ugly tree, which has the program of darkness inserted into its root.

107. It is not in the crown of the tree where you should seek for the cause of your own sorrows, but take a close look at the trunk and the root of the tree itself, what I briefly described in this appeal.

108. In truth I tell you: the Teaching of the true Road, pre-determined for you by the Great God, cannot be a sparkling toy, hanging on the ugly branches to decorate the tree of your vicious living;

109. Which is exactly how you have transformed all the teachings in the societies throughout Mother-Earth.

110. At the same time, hanging words about the Sublime on the crooked knots of that tree, you safely thought that the tree has become allegedly nobler.

111. Remember that the true Teaching is the very Grain, precisely which you have to lay down today in the soil, a suffering soil, but still keeping hope.

112. In order that the Benign tree of your eternal life grew up at last, with a great amount of cure-all miraculous fruits.

113. And that tree – whose crown you have trimmed many times and still tend to do so, being in botanical inspiration – in the near future should finally wither away, for its trunk has already been seriously damaged by the effect of its own venoms, which poisoned the soil beneath it.