Chapter 12

Knowing that His children from the people of Judea abide in the state of false chosenness, the Heavenly Father predetermined that my first appearance in your life would begin exactly with this nation,

2. In order to impose a definite auxiliary stamp on the whole forthcoming fate of the life of the Jews.

3. Taking into account in the necessary hour the external conditions of the people, that was seriously suffering for another time, as well as the ever-growing hopes that the Messiah was about to come and bring the long-awaited liberation from the successive other-nation’s tyranny, the Great God allowed me to incarnate into a newly born child of one modest family,

4. Whose father’s and mother’s names have come to you without distortion.

5. As for the other related details and events which took place later, I will just mention for now, that not all of the facts which have come to you are real; and if we touch upon the ideas, occurring in your consciousness on the basis of what you have read about that time, then the discrepancy becomes immeasurably greater.

6. Everything in my life began in the way that I already mentioned: with а definite preparatory period, required for my basic Creations.

7. Before the beginning of the Accomplishment my Essence lived in a peculiar “sleeping” state, and the outwardly displayed life-activity, under the supervision of my God, helped for the accumulation of all the necessary for me concepts about the living environment of the people among which I appeared.

8. I obediently participated in the life-game, passionately played by the nation which was suffering from a dangerous disease inside, but considered this the primary genuine manifestation of its life.

9. While playing, I continued to watch closely everything around, for these were the first impressions I ever got from my living in the flesh.

10. And when the Hour of awakening struck, my Spirit opened eyes, and I began to see the world the way precisely I should see it through the “prism” of my Father’s Spirit.

11. As it is inherent to my Essence, I immediately began to see the truth of all proceeding events and soon I could not fail to see the danger that was threatening me.

12. For I was eager to tell something that was beginning to destroy in the consciousness of those people the already existing ideological attitude which they cherished a lot.

13. The people of Judea passionately craved for obtaining the desired freedom for their natural body, falsely comprehending the spiritual.

14. They dream of a victory, led by the desired messiah, in order to finally and forever indulge in tasting of endless benefits yet again for their flesh.

15. But I was to talk about freedom of a different kind,

16. About the roads, which, as a rule, everybody avoided, for they were continuously looking for advantages again for their flesh.

17. And since the incessant search and thoughts about such advantages are a key feature in your life-activity, it was favourable for me to start with my Word primarily among the indigent and poor ones.

18. Precisely as an exception my Father allowed me to use the laws of matter, which in the given case were to serve not only as “rattles”, but also as something more.

19. For above all the people of Judea very strongly believed, on the basis of their history, imprinted already in their religious teaching, that everything coming from God should be accompanied by great, visible to them omens.

20. And even if they did not often ask for this openly, internally they greatly depended on this.

21. And since I was supposed to lay down something new – not what they had in their consciousness – then under these primitive circumstances it was absolutely necessary to show something, which was exceeding the level of their understanding.

22. Any phenomena of this kind still affect the freedom of your choice, and in ancient times such influence was too great.

23. Therefore their incompetent usage can always have a detrimental effect on your spiritual development.

24. For such “rattles” often easily make you take the false which is not for your good, when under natural normal circumstances you would not take that false.

25. In that ancient time, in the epoch of the first Accomplishment, the usage of such material laws became the only case for all your history, when they were successfully directed mainly to your good.

26. I managed not just to help the listeners to believe in me, using unknown to them force, for if it was just like that, then we could consider my incarnation unsuccessful, but I was able to help them understand what great strengths they obtain themselves when true faith awakens in them.

27. The people who grasped this and the ones who were close to it were few, but it was evident that God’s Seed grew up and inevitably sprouts would come out.

28. For all the rest would be done by the Heavenly Father, using and outplaying the external circumstances in such a way, that the Good News began to spread according to the Intent, pre-determined by Him.

29. The Good News Itself, about the True God’s Care for His wandering children and about the hope for Salvation, through the shown image of the true road of selfless and devoted love, –

30. The Salvation from the rapid fall down, to which you all excessively gravitate.

31. Only, when you stop the falling, you should also start to develop.

32. But it was impossible in those times to introduce the very Teaching of the true development.

33. For it is one thing to call for great love, but another to tell in detail how to fulfil this in all deeds related to your everyday life.

34. And there is a great lot of such deeds.

35. And each of them needs precise instruction,

36. So that your arbitrary egoistic interpretation of what I often tell you figuratively would not be required.

37. For where I leave something unsaid, you necessarily add, and where you add something, there inevitably sprout exuberant weeds as yet.

38. But then the Hour to tell you about the marvellous Ascent had not struck yet.

39. And then I did not come for that.

40. I knew that the time for my Creation would be short, and I had to be able to tell you not much, but exactly the Things, trying to fulfil which worthily, giving selflessly all your strength, you would be able to save yourselves from painful decay.

41. And this could allow the Jews who had believed, to stop being servants of the harmful programme, inserted in the consciousness of their nation.

42. Beginning the predetermined Creation, I aimed to lay in the consciousness of the listeners the truths, which in their essence were contrary to the false dogmas, created for your perdition.

43. Everything mentioned in the ancient religious teaching of the Jews about the qualities, ostensibly inherent to God, I countered with concepts, which represent actually the genuine Qualities of the Great Father.

44. And where I did not do this – it was not the time yet to even mention about the true manifestations of God.

45. I began to partly unveil the Truth of the Great God, the Only Living and All-Loving Father, about Whom man knew nothing, despite the numerous related legends.

46. But what could be told to the listeners was not much, because of the extreme narrowness of their consciousness, where they held the strong conviction that ostensibly God can get angry, jealous and can punish without delay.

47. All of you even today are inclined to ascribe to your Father vicious emotions, inherent to you, nurtured on egoism.

48. For any display of discontent, anger, jealousy and much more are an expression of rough natural-egoistic sensual manifestations, and so, they are absolutely irrelevant to the Great God because of their different origin.

49. But I will over time inevitably dispel your ignorance, every time unveiling something, for which you have matured at that moment.

50. And in that distant time I only mentioned about the All-Loving Father, Who evenly bestows His Grace to everyone, like the Sun which equally warms and shines on both the sinner and the righteous man;

51. With the single difference that only the one, striving to give his strength in the name of worthily fulfilling God’s laws, has the opportunity each time to gain more and more Gracious Force inside himself;

52. And the one, who made efforts in the opposite direction, though – as before – he did not lose at all the Love of the Heavenly Father towards him, becomes in the course of time increasingly unable to take inside himself even a small shred of Blessing Force.

53. Such are the peculiarities of development of the soul.

54. And then, opposite to the ancient mentioning that ostensibly God can veil in anger His Face from His children and turn His Sight away from them, it was necessary to tell that the Father is always watching you and does not turn away His Sight even for an instant, and that even one hair from your head cannot be lost without His knowledge,

55. And that the Father is always caring and merciful, and never forgets your genuine needs.

56. And in order to broaden the real understanding of the disciples who were listening, I told them also that the Heavenly Father never judges anybody, but left the judgement to His Son, for he is the son of man.

57. For only living in the flesh, similar to yours, is it possible to most precisely assess the character of the concrete temporal mistakes, taking place in your everyday life.

58. And only living in the flesh can one manifest – for the good of your efforts – certain natural energetic peculiarities, and can also impose on you the necessary requirements, giving numerous explanations accessible to your level of comprehension.

59. The truths from the Great God were revealed in that time not just for that nation.

60. For what had to begin in ancient Judea, was to go throughout the world, testing the numerous children and preparing the consciousness of the sleeping ones for the time of Dawn, for the coming of the crucial Hour.

61. Because your life was to be veiled in even deeper darkness after the end of my first Accomplishment.

62. There was to come a long night of all possible crazy doings, with God’s Name on the lips – hypocritical and deceitful, contorted with malice.

63. Boundless wildness, extremely unreasonable, was still to be displayed through your hands.

64. But it is you yourselves who consciously throw the seeds of deceit with your generous hand, therefore you all inevitably have to taste the fullness of the poison of the fruits you have grown.

65. I will not in greater detail talk about the events of that already ancient time and what really happened regarding my Accomplishment,

66. For there is no need today to resurrect the wildness and stupidity, which was abundantly performed by you in those days.

67. My Accomplishment ended by a peculiar tragic inevitability.

68. But if those who made efforts to stop my activity thought sincerely that they achieved a victory, they were deeply wrong.

69. I managed to do what depended on me.

70. And the regularities, introduced in this way in the life of the human society, began to unfold in the predetermined direction.

71. While I am doing what depends on me, I can still worry about the success of what is being done by me for your good and to the Glory of my Father.

72. But when I succeeded to fulfil what was predestined, then I could calm down, regardless of the dangers which awaited you.

73. For I know that when my Father leads you further, He will always outplay for your good all difficulties and will always bring what is charted to a favourable goal.