Chapter 11

The level of development of the mind of the extraterrestrial worlds, having impact on you, exceeds your level by a myriad of orders of magnitude.

2. Therefore in the process of one or another attempt to affect your consciousness, you till the present day very easily succumb to the influence of temptations, which the ancient people just as easily succumbed to, when various kinds of teachings were introduced.

3. Moreover your naïve childish attitude to various “rattles” in the form of unusual for you display of the laws of matter, easily provides a strong argument for the temptations occurring inside your consciousness.

4. Where precisely you yourselves readily ascribe the display of various “miracles” to some omens, allegedly coming from the Heavenly Father.

5. Although these “miracles” have nothing to do with Him, for they are manifested in laws, which for the Father are of different origin.

6. And the very display of all such “miracles” without exception is just a performance of still unknown to you material laws, artificially used for achieving definite goals, without at that going beyond the permissible limits of the Harmony.

7.  The representatives of the versatile mind with a higher than yours level of development, are able to perform easily a large number of such kind of “rattles”.

8. Though you are already also quite capable to do a lot of things yourselves.

9. Having once introduced in your relations, in the form of certain amenities, conventional values, evolving over time into terms of monetary units, the opposing your development extraterrestrial mind in due time – when the actions, connected with the monetary units, obtained a stabilized character and man started to be continuously dependent on the presence of progressively larger amounts of these conventional values – started applying well-focused efforts for introducing a accurately calculated monetary-financial system;

10. Which should become something like a reliable leash with numerous precious collars, put on from one side on the necks of all human societies, and on the other side – tied to a pole, settled into the ground by somebody;

11. What in general is intended to impede the genuine development and formation of the human civilization.

12. The first step in implementation of this program should become the effort to introduce into your life-activity a definite, specifically expressed rule, which many years later should inevitably bring the whole circulation of the conventional values, on which should necessarily slavishly depend all mankind, to the complete dependence on the actions of a small group of people,

13. On who’s egoistic narrow primitive spiritual qualities should become dependent to a certain extent the well-being of a great many representatives of mankind.

14. This specific rule should be definitely introduced only at the level supposedly given by God, for just then the fulfillment of the given rule would become an issue of national interest.

15. And then the success of this activity obtains a real solid foundation.

16. But such a rule, and in the given case implying a peculiar usurious system, should not be introduced as something convenient in the life arrangement of the society.

17. It should be introduced in such a way, that over a long period of time, regardless of the difficulties and changes of all external conditions of technical and scientific character, it should always be perceived as the single reliable peculiar super-weapon, only with the help of which one could allegedly conquer and enslave all the “unchosen” ones,

18. That should include the whole mankind, except one, possibly small nation.

19. The said dogma of the particular chosenness of the nation should play in this program a key role, the firm belief in which is capable of making man extremely persistent in achieving the charted goal.

20. And for the implementation of the given program was left just to find a nation, which did not yet have a strong harmonious religious teaching and which egoism was seriously hurt, but which should not have an inner inclination towards development of handcrafts, arts and science, and should gravitate to trade, as a primary life attachment.

21. And since these qualities in that period were brightly expressed among the nomadic tribes, what was sought for should be found there.

22. But for the abilities of the extraterrestrial mind such search could not constitute any special work.

23. A certain difficulty could just be the search of a man, who will decently fulfill what is entrusted to him and in whose consciousness it was possible to create a channel for the required incoming information.

24. But all this was successfully resolved.

25. And Moses climbed the Mount Horeb, what was imprinted later in the Old Testament.

26. I already mentioned, that the character of your life-activity is built in such a way, that you first of all try to accumulate independently the necessary knowledge about your life.

27. Where your Heavenly Father in order to help you has created the system of your reincarnations, through which are created active conditions, favourable for comprehension of what you lack.

28. And if we take one of the primary characteristic features of your vice, which has emerged on the basis of the rapidly growing egoism, – to exalt oneself above one’s brethren – when this inside you reaches a dangerous level, it is imperative that you get into certain conditions, where you should be persistently humiliated.

29. It would often be preferable if this takes place in the presence of others who are humiliated alike, so that, experiencing this on yourself, and also seeing the same on your soulmates, but already from this position, you would have the opportunity to reconsider a lot.

30. In antiquity the circumstances, related to the unrestrained wildish striving for self-exaltation, have been widely spread.

31. The Great God, making use of the situation with the occurring in your society concepts of slavery, always incarnated into bodies of slaves exactly the ones, who earlier used to glorify excessively themselves, and also the former slaveholders, who got too involved with their temporary power.

32. Regarding precisely this law, I have previously warned you that everyone who exalts himself will be humbled.

33. In the same way was also used the flesh of the ancient Israelites, languishing under the yoke of the Egyptian people, when in every newly born flesh an unrestrained egoist from some other nation had been incarnated.

34. It goes on like this until in accord with the natural social regular processes these external conditions change.

35. And only by the time when these peculiar educational conditions should change, such incarnations cease, shifting towards the common regular process.

36. But the Israelites’ sufferings did not take place for the reason that God has ostensibly forgotten about them for a while.

37. Only a great ignorance could give rise to such understanding about the Great God.

38. Moreover that all of you without exception are for Him one single nation and differ from one another only by the degree of your obedience to Him.

39. The Father does not ever forget any of you and is always striving to do everything for your well-being,

40. But He has to outplay the results of your own extremely unreasonable actions, done within your freedom of choice.

41. And as the soul itself does not have any national characteristics, each of you acquires a definite flesh of any nation, precisely through which you have the opportunity to find what you lack.

42. So once, through artificially created by the extraterrestrial mind conditions and with the same various “rattles”, the people of Israel was successfully freed from enslavement and was directed under the guidance of Moses to the country, supposedly promised by God.

43. But since the release of the Israelites did not happen in accordance with the natural regular processes, the Great Heavenly Father did not previously change the pattern of the reincarnations, which would cancel the incarnation in the bodies of this nation only extremely unrestrained egoists.

44. Therefore it was exactly the ones, who still needed strict education, that suddenly found freedom.

45. And in connection namely to this fact Moses inevitably should face enormous difficulties,

46. When the abnormal abundant display of the wild egoism of those who walked with him needed to be suppressed continuously by strict laws and force.

47. The extraterrestrial mind also noticed those extremely complicated circumstances, so, after due assessment, an effort was made to create a certain peculiar quarantine, during which several generations should leave the life in flesh.

48. And since the moment when the Israelites’ people changed the form of its life-activity, the Great God proceeded with the incarnation of his children in these bodies according to the regular principle, regardless of their games.

49. Therefore it was only after a certain period of time when the given society acquired the normal level of stability, and after that the Israelites’ nation could step forward to its goal.

50. But within this period Moses faced Mount Sinai and many other days,

51. During which he obediently imprinted the coming to him from above system of knowledge and laws, on which basis was emerging a strong teaching with the mandatory for the given case emphasizing the specific chosenness of the Israelites,

52. Which guaranteed for a long forthcoming period of time a great persistence in the implementation of the inserted program.

53. It was mainly the seriously hurt during the period of yoke egoism – which already was excessively great inside – that became a nice fertile soil for such sowing.

54. In this period, together with the numerous rules and laws, was successfully introduced the usurious system; for its obedient implementation it was promised a blessing for various liberties in relation to the other nations.

55. In this way was laid down the foundation of the next religious teaching, where even the text itself was transferred and obediently imprinted by Moses in such a manner, that an adequate correct reading of the text gave the chance to receive an information about the future of all mankind.

56. And even here the extraterrestrial world did not do without “rattles”.

57. For the possibility to foresee the most probable events in the development of one or another society is absolutely accessible for the level of development of those, who try to patronize the human civilization, pursuing their own interest.

58. The necessity to insert the dogma of the peculiar chosenness of that people was due to the reason, that, having displayed in this issue a deep national conviction, the Israelites unconsciously switched on an invisible for man regularity from the World of matter, related to the fact, that afterwards at any contact of the Israelites with the representatives of other societies, on besides of these representatives would occur unconscious dislike and aggression in reference to the people of Israel.

59. This was required in order that the Israelites over a long period of time constantly felt their isolation and still more persistently followed what’s prescribed to them by the various laws from the religious teaching.

60. This would enable them to feel continuously a specific inner unity among themselves, and so, the following of the program would be long-lasting.

61. The extraterrestrial mind, foreseeing the probable future, knew that once – exactly in connection with these activated regularities – the people of Israel, still for the sake of accomplishment of the program, would be actively spreading themselves all over the world,

62. And so the introduced system would be favourably spread everywhere, provided that there can get at least one Jew.

63. The ideology of the introduced religious teaching, resting deep into his consciousness, would continuously turn his efforts to the direction in which he would see how to play his feasible part, leading to the imaginary inevitable victory of his people over all the other representatives of mankind.

64. In this way the sincere belief in the promises, allegedly given by God, has been displayed.

65. The Heavenly Father saw the deep illusion which had succumbed to His beloved children, partly incarnated into the bodies of the Israelites people.

66. Using the mystery of reincarnation, the Great Father began progressively with the time to neutralize the dangerous ideological program in the consciousness, incarnating into the bodies of the Jews souls, that had been previously incarnated in other peoples, with an internal experience which had some contrary to the program characteristics;

67. Though in the beginning such an experience was very seldom imprinted in the souls, and even if it was – quite insignificantly.

68. And then, in such reincarnation, the inner world – by a force unconscious for man – influenced in its own way the ideological conception in the consciousness,

69. Where the effect could increase only over time, when in the souls could be gradually accumulated positive vitally important qualities.

70. And only by their unreasonable ignorant actions, the rest of God’s children, holding in their consciousness other, not less dangerous, rude ideological conceptions, persistently began to make unconscious attempts to impede these Efforts of their Heavenly Father.

71. Where during the period of the dispersal of the Jews around the Earth – particularly on besides of the representatives of the already established significant community, calling themselves Christians – were abundantly manifested extremely wild actions in respect of the Jewish people,

72. Unaware – out of ignorance of the Truth – that they trip up their own native brothers, being temporarily at that time in the bodies of this nation;

73. Thus further empowering their efforts on the false road, laid for them against the benefit of the whole mankind.

74. The children of the Great Heavenly Father, incarnated in the bodies of the people of Israel, who lent themselves to the ancient laws with all their reason and faith, do not know to this day, what kind of temptation they succumbed to.

75. For though in ancient times they had full freedom of choice, under the conditions created for them, it was impossible not to perceive what was given to them.

76. This was the result of the efforts made on the basis of correct assessment of the characteristics of your psychology.

77. Which, on besides of the extraterrestrial mind, is particularly emphasized nowadays, quite often with unfavourable for you goals.

78. And then, after passing through a kind of quarantine in the desert land for a period of time, measured out for the Jewish people, which lasted a definite number of years, this people was to face a turbulent history,

79. For they were deliberately taken to lands, where they would lose their peace forever, pulling on their heads great misfortunes, which was necessary for the successful accomplishment of the pernicious program, provided by the foreign source.

80. Where the very peculiarity of these misfortunes considerably depends on the regularities, related to the manifestation of the powerful nationwide self-exaltation above all the other nations, without exception.

81. For any attempt for self-exaltation is, at the energetic level, a challenge to those manifestations of the material laws, which were the object of self-exaltation.

82. After such a display, the laws of Nature immediately begin to counteract with an increasing strength,

83. And in the life of your society this is easily and actively displayed through your own actions towards some of your soulmates, ending quite often with violent manifestations the in confrontation between different nations.

84. This is a rough regularity in the Universe, designed for restraining the excessively displayed primitive sides of egoism.

85. And concerning the laws of development of your soul, any attempt for self-exaltation always plays a pernicious role, regardless of the bright slogans under which you make even the slightest efforts towards self-exaltation.