Chapter 10

The qualitative foundation of my soul is somewhat different from yours and not so close to the subtle manifestations of the laws of matter.

2. For I am not supposed, like you are, to abide in constant connection with the material laws, and my appearance amongst you is possible only in circumstances that are exceptional for you and only for a certain period of time, until I fulfill what depends on me for your good.

3. My self is woven by the Great God in such a way, that in any contact with you at any time, when will occur the necessity of my incarnation in your society, I will always see your mistakes and what you lack.

4. I was born to always know the essence of your mistakes, and I can always see what is good for your soul, and what prevents its development.

5. But in order to help you from various sides to slightly touch upon my secret, it is necessary first to state the truth, in the name of which my Self has been created.

6. I already mentioned that the laws of development of matter, established by the Creator of the Universe, are imprinted unexceptionally in all energetic phenomena of the entire material World.

7.  Wherein it should be remembered that every solid object is essentially also an energetic phenomenon, only in a much denser state with characteristic informational basis,

8. Thanks to which you have the opportunity to distinguish the unique individuality of all the objects of the diverse manifestation of Nature, surrounding you.

9. And anything, that is born in the Universe with capabilities to perceive reasonably the laws of the whole manifested reality, is free to start a process of cognition, beginning with any object or phenomenon which it gets in contact with.

10. The laws of development of matter are imprinted in all manifestations of the material World.

11. In contrast, the laws of development of the soul are not imprinted anywhere in the Universe.

12. They cannot be found independently anywhere, for the Road, along which you begin to develop, is being manifested in the material World’s Being for the first time.

13. And only from the roads that you have walked it is possible to save your traces in the memory of the Universe.

14. But no one needs to keep this memory, for there won’t be newly-born ones, who are supposed to walk the same road.

15. Everything should be Eternally continued precisely from you, for quite high became the price of the time of your self-determination.

16. So, my Self has been created by the Great Father in order that at any meeting with you, which happens solely by the Heavenly Father’s Will, my God and yours, I could judge your deeds, revealing to you the laws of your mistakes, and always set ahead of you new laws, which are intended to straighten your roads, if you have turned aside, or to accelerate your movement, if you start to lag behind.

17. Therefore, when I come to you, I am not looking for worship, but I am eager above all to see in you the dedicated fulfillment of what’s mine.

18. And if I come to you, I am always able to give you everything that is necessary for the beneficial development of your soul.

19. For my Essence is woven from the Spirit of the Truth, and you all have the right on equal terms to find in me any truth, connected to your true life.

20. I am an inexhaustible Source, and, as long as I am with you, you can take from me endlessly life-giving Moisture.

21. The only measure in this will be just your personal ability to take and contain inside you.

22. My appearance amongst you is personification of the openly expressed Effort of the Great God to your Salvation.

23. For I am your Father’s Hand, truely extended to you.

24. I am that Hand of the One Living God, the Father of mankind, which you should necessarily find, so that, never falling again, firmly and confidently together with your Father step along the Road, pre-determined for you by Him.

25. When I am incarnated, I naturally begin to use the characteristics of that same mind, which you also possess.

26. For if I use physical body, born in your society, then the mind of this flesh will possess characteristics of exactly the same level of development, to which your society as a whole has risen all over Mother-Earth.

27. If this is not observed, then inevitably the communication between you and me will be considerably complicated.

28. And if you use the capabilities of your mind exclusively for perceiving the reality and accumulating the necessary information, so that on this basis to strive to carry out decently what’s predestined for you, then I do not use the temporarily acquired capabilities of the versatile mind for such cognition.

29. The questions, that you are constantly concerned with, are not interesting to me at all, with a few exceptions.

30. The capabilities of the mind, which I temporarily possess, are being used only for acquaintance with the characteristic features of your life-activity and for comprehension of everything happening to you from the level, on which you stand, in order that the conclusion, which I formulate with this mind, naturally also corresponds to that level,

31. And so, to be accessible to your understanding.

32. My spirit is always capable to evaluate without exception everything, which concerns the development of your soul.

33. From the rest of the knowledge – and this is the knowledge, related only to the laws of development of matter, – I always have the possibility to take everything, which I consider necessary for your benefit.

34. But for this I cannot use the capabilities of the temporary available mind, for the knowledge, which sometimes I have to reveal to you, including it into the Teaching, will naturally exceed your level of development and even the utmost abilities of the versatile mind in general.

35. And with the help of the capabilities of the available mind I will just shape it in such form, which makes this knowledge both understandable and useful to you.

36. If for you the capabilities of the versatile mind, which you are going to use forever, are principal auxiliary conditions for comprehension of the ongoing reality, then for me the temporary possession of these capabilities is necessary only for the favourable communication with you and the revealing of what is hidden inside me at an understandable to you level.

37. My capabilities to comprehend the ongoing reality are manifested through another mystery.

38. My Essence is connected to my Father in a qualitatively different way, compared to your soul.

39. And due to this quality, I have the possibility, with the help of the peculiarities of the Super-consciousness of my Father, to penetrate into any laws of the Universe, if I consider this necessary for your well-being.

40. Father is holding my internal impulses in His hands, and until I do not feel inside a steady understanding of the necessity to reveal for the good of you such kind of laws, this to me will naturally indicate the absence of my Father’s blessing on it.

41. As for me personally – I am absolutely not interested in such kind of knowledge.

42. And as soon as I – with the help of my Father – take at my hyperfine sensitive level everything, which I consider you need, I am to translate, by means of the rough capabilities of the carnal mind, what has been taken for you into visible and understandable for you images,

43. By telling you all this at an accessible level of comprehension.

44. And in order to convey this to you at an understandable level, I need to be necessarily incarnated in your society.

45. In this case the developing newly born consciousness, having in its memory nothing superfluous, in the process of absorbing the ongoing reality will accumulate all the images, which it needs to use in communication with you.

46. For such preliminary preparation a definite period of time is required, during which my Essence abides in a specific sleeping state and is not able to master the consciousness of the flesh completely.

47. Holding all this in His hand, the Great Father is leading me, at the sensual level, where I need to receive the necessary impressions and information.

48. This is reflected in the fact, that, in various circumstances, following obediently the spontaneously occurring sensitive necessities inside, I make efforts, the result of which, as my Father wishes, I should imprint inside myself in support of my future genuine Accomplishment.

49. To hold my Self in sleeping state is necessary in order that the consciousness of my flesh becomes more familiar with the diversity of the inherent in you phenomena, which should be later corrected.

50. For in awakened state I not just wouldn’t be able to get the necessary acquaintance, but also – and this would be the most unfavourable – the primitive aggressive life-order of your society all over the Earth would inevitably create extremely complicated conditions for the beginning of the formation of my flesh.

51. In this case, again, it is the Wisdom of the Great God that outplays the existing complications for the good of you.

52. He seeks to save you, although you unconsciously out of ignorance often try hard to oppose Him, while still begging Him for help.

53. The duration of the preparatory period can differ and fully depends on the level of development of the society.

54. For in your society still exists not just unreasonable biased attitude of the adult person, concerning the edification of the quite younger one, what is a bright display of the slovenly forms of egoism, but also the character of living arrangement itself creates rough restrictions in terms of various narrowly primitive rules, prescribed to everybody, hampering the fast accumulation of what is necessary.

55. By the time of creation of my Essence, the Great God had already seen the apparent necessity of my coming to you at a definite time.

56. My main and decisive Accomplishment was predestined to be in the period of decision of the fate of mankind, when getting close to the limit, established for you by the Harmony of the World of matter.

57. But, taking into consideration your manifested psychological peculiarities, and also the complicating circumstances, caused by the active introduction into your life of various teachings on behalf of the representatives of the extraterrestrial mind, at that with two opposite goals, the Heavenly Father outlined my preliminary brief appearance amongst you,

58. During which it was necessary to show an image of the true Road of Salvation with slight touch upon the first genuine concepts about the existence of the True Great God of mankind.

59. In order that by the time when the main Hour of the decisive Event strikes, the consciousness of greatest number of people at least superficially could get acquainted with the manifestation of the Efforts of the True God, Who has sent to His children through His live Word the first instructions about the true life,

60. So that in the very period of the unfolding predestined decisive Accomplishment you had the best possibilities to make the right choice.

61. Besides, the freedom of choice should still remain free for everyone.

62. If your life-activity was formed only depending on your own capabilities, without the interference of the Mind of the Universe, my appearances among you would proceed in some other regime, more evenly and more benevolent.

63. But your life, naturally, inevitably got into a complicated formation pattern.

64. And the Great God knew about the forthcoming possibility of interference of this kind in your life.

65. But there was no other choice, for in immediate most favourable proximity to Him, just on Earth was to be found the only one, beginning its formation, young civilization with the necessary for the fulfilment of the Holy Intent peculiarities of the versatile mind,

66. The level of development of which was precisely on the stage, when the using of the solid natural bodies would be most favourable.

67. Therefore the Heavenly Father was ready to outplay all probable complications, fulfilling what’s Charted.

68. Moreover that such outer attempts to influence your life cannot be prevented, in the first place because the Mind of the Universe is absolutely incapable of perceiving anything ever coming from the Great God, due to its definite narrowness and for the reason that the efforts of the Mind are made according to the established common laws in the Universe, without violating the Harmony.

69. The Heavenly Father charted His Intent, without reference to any active intervention in the existing laws, established for the universal Mind.

70. And the times of my appearance amongst you depend entirely on the character of the emerging complications in the life-activity of your society.

71. And in order that everything was prepared for the scheduled decisive Hour in the best possible way, my preliminary appearance among you should take place around two thousand years before the charted Hour.

72. In that time, among the already existing separated from each other various belligerent societies, the Father predetermined for the first Accomplishment precisely the people of ancient Judea.

73. But I truly tell you: this did not happen for the reason that the people of Judea is “chosen” by the All-Loving God, for in this sense all of you, unexceptionally and on equal terms, are chosen by the Heavenly Father in the name of fulfilling His Intent;

74. But this happened because the people of Judea should play a definite peculiar role – planned for it by the extraterrestrial mind – in the life of your society as a whole.

75. Where the role itself pursued a goal, opposite to the fulfillment of God’s Intent, therefore this nation was destined to great misfortunes and sufferings.

76. But the Jewish people don’t know that and so guilt is not imputed to them.