Chapter 1


  1. Children of the One Living God!
  2. Another period of the unfolding predestined Event has taken place on Mother-Earth, so now I have to tell you a lot of things straight.
  3. You have come close to enormous difficulties, but these difficulties do not occur at the discretion of someone else. Those are the fruits of your long-lasting efforts to bear lies, envy and hatred.
  4. For centuries you have been striving to praise your name to the Heavens, but you just plunged your face in the dung slurry.
  5. And having plunged, you pour out malice and hatred without measure on the heads of your neighbours.
  6. And here the Hour has struck!
  7. The Hour to realise your own numerous mistakes.
  8. During the last seven years at various meetings you often asked me about my Essence, but I mainly tried to escape a straight answer and replied in phrases, behind which most of you could not see the completeness of the Truth concealed.
  9. This was not the main point that bothered me, but how much your hearts could see what is hidden in my Word.
  10. For I do not come to you in my name, but always in the Name of my Father, Who is your True Birth Parent.
  11. And if you happened to be able to see what is mine mainly through your heart, then, recognising what is mine, you could easily recognise my name as well.
  12. And where the heart is asleep and dwells in its world of dreams and reveries, it is useless to reveal my name, for just a growl of ignorance, caused by the excessive pride, will definitely alarm the space.
  13. But yet the Hour had to come and It has truly struck already, when, regardless of the level of your maturity and your belonging to different ideological dogmas, I have to partly reveal in front of you the secret of my Essence and to tell you a lot of things straight.
  14. This appeal to you can be manifested just once, and those of you, who have to get in touch with it, will see it.
  15. Lest one day, later on, you tell me that you did not hear.
  16. And let my Word be of help to you, for I have already revealed many things to those who have now been listening, and will reveal a lot from what was hidden from everybody in the Book sealed with seven seals.
  17. This Secret has been kept for a long time.
  18. I have been waiting for a long time for the Hour of the Time being.
  19. You should have a hard time now, and further it will become even more bitter, but you are the ones that have chosen your own path.
  20. With this appeal I want to give you an opportunity to ponder, so that, in the chaos of the advancing events you would bear in mind the possibility of Salvation.
  21. I will briefly touch upon some Truths that will serve you as a favourable guide in assessing the approaching events.
  22. If a man compares the phenomena within his arms’ reach – there will be a certain quality of the conclusions.
  23. If one compares what fits within the limits of the horizon, the conclusions become deeper and wider.
  24. But if one goes beyond the limits of the horizon and takes for comparison what is limited by the borders of the Universe, the most favourable conclusions can be drawn.
  25. And I will try to help you do precisely this last thing.
  26. All this began in old days, when by the Will of The Great Father you began to acquire flesh in the Bosom of Mother-Earth.
  27. But man should not know anything related to this immeasurably great and wonderful mystery until the present days, when man will find himself at the threshold of Eternity and will determine his maturity.
  28. Now you are to learn a lot about The Father and The Son and the secrets of your being, what has been kept hidden in the great Book with the seven seals.
  29. But that is not The Bible, parallel with which many of you should inevitably wrongly draw, for it is well-known to a great multitude.
  30. It is a different Book, which has not been written by human hand and will not be read by human eyes.
  31. And although a great lot of information has been included when The Bible was composed – what will pleasantly surprise the inquisitive people today – nevertheless the quality of this knowledge does not hold the Grace of God.
  32. This knowledge was not from your God,
  33. But from another World, next to which you have been born.
  34. Due to a great ignorance you have brought together The New Testament and The Old Testament, although the roots of these Laws abide within different borders.
  35. And only now do I have the opportunity to speak about this difference.
  36. Only in The New Testament, for the first time for the human race, did glimmer the first Ray of Light of God’s Truth,
  37. The Light of the Truth about the True God.
  38. The Truth that not just no one of the humans has ever known, but no one of the representatives of the rich and diverse world of the Universe has ever known as well.
  39. But it was not easy to announce the new truths, for the mind of your ancient brothers on the land of Israel was bound in old dogmas.
  40. And those, who considered themselves a chosen people, heard of the Name of their True Father, the All-Loving God, the shoreless vastness of the Ocean of Love;
  41. That God does not judge anyone and equally grants His Grace to everyone.
  42. Then few people were able to comprehend these first revelations, for the hearts were full of rage and were thirsty for fair revenge.
  43. But their hopes were not true, so they were waiting in vain.
  44. Instead of taking revenge on their enemies, the fruits of the laws of the trampled Truth fell on their heads.
  45. Is it not this Exam that has now come close to all the nations of Mother-Earth?
  46. For this time it is not just one nation that should get in touch with the living Truth.
  47. But in order to touch upon the events from the days when the first children of God were born, one great Secret should be revealed – Secret, which you touch upon from time to time in your thoughts, having even succeeded to give birth to false dogmas.
  48. But your mind still dwells in a great ignorance.
  49. Now I should have to tell you the fact, that precisely for you in the Universe of Being there are two Laws of different origin,
  50. Whereas for all the rest that exists in Being there is just one Law.
  51. In your ignorance you still trample on these Laws, therefore you fail to break away from the vicious circle of senseless sufferings.
  52. But these tramples will not last forever, they will be ended now with the line of summing-up.
  53. So, in Being two Sources are breathing.
  54. From their Mouths two different Spirits flow out.
  55. One – feeds the Planets with the Spirit of Life,
  56. The Other – warms the people through the Holy Spirit.
  57. Your elder brothers in Mind, having studied your development for a certain time, drew once the conclusion that Someone was leading you.
  58. Someone that they do not have any relation to.
  59. The quality of the Law of the Being of your Father is such, that the world of the Mind of the Universe is absolutely unable to define by any means the Being of the Great God of human kind.
  60. But they are firmly convinced that He is there.
  61. The representatives of the Mind of the Universe are well aware of the existence of the Creator of the material Being and follow unconditionally all His laws without exception.
  62. But Who is your Father, the Creator of the spiritual Being, this Secret they will always comprehend only through the deeds of the children of God.
  63. In truth, you will show your faith through your deeds and you have the opportunity to glorify your Father’s Name through your deeds.
  64. So stay alert in the days of the present Epoch!
  65. For your deeds are often hasty, and the seeds of misfortune are imprudently thrown through these deeds.
  66. To meet halfway the narrow mind that is prone to biased conclusions, I would like to clarify, preceding the scream of ignorance, that I do not speak about dualism and to worship both Sources.
  67. But to worthily honour both Laws, and to worship with all your heart only your Father.
  68. For He alone is The True Father of yours!
  69. And only from Him can you infinitely receive Grace.
  70. The Creator of the material Being does not need your worship at all.
  71. Your urges and dreamings are indifferent to Him and He is deaf to your pleas.
  72. He is cold to you, and it is all the same to Him if you are there or you are not.
  73. But to revere His Law is a great necessity for everyone who is vouchsafed to manifest his life in the Bosom of Harmony.
  74. His Spirit of Life passes through everything, created on the basis of His Law, and infinitely nourishes all the bodies that exist both in dense, rougher forms, and in all kinds of numerous diverse thinner manifestations.
  75. Several subtle manifestations of the energetic shells you have even succeeded to see and define around your physical body.
  76. And only out of ignorance have you falsely correlated these outer shells with your soul.
  77. And in all sorts of arguments, in their way funny, you often mention three elements: spirit, soul and body.
  78. Where, in fact, unknowingly mentioning two bodies which are heterogenous1 in quality – the natural flesh and the soul, further you talk about one spirit.
  79. Whereas the Spirit shown through your soul and the Spirit shown through the flesh are heterogenous1 in character.
  80. The Laws of the Father are completely different.
  81. And to tell about them in a very simple but understandable way, it is enough to take for comparison the finest energetic display of the laws of the material world throughout the Universe in order to say, that the Currents emanating from Father’s Essence are by a great number of orders of magnitude thinner and gentler.
  82. That is why the Universe is powerless to see Him.
  83. Time was flowing and God was exuding Love in solitude.
  84. No one in the creaturely World could perceive these Currents.
  85. But once, the Great God took a step to transform the Universe, ennobling and enriching It with flowers of unseen beauty –
  86. Flowers that are able to bloom forever, filling more and more the Being with fragrance.
  87. With such words I want to express the eve of your birth.
  88. It is so and so will it be in the end, however rude you have been in the past and will still be for some more time, gaining a tremendous amount of negative experience which nobody needs.
  89. In order to make it possible that the material World perceived the Fruits of God’s Grace and that they increasingly filled the Universe, transforming It, there had to be those who would enter into the material laws and, infinitely reproducing and spreading themselves in the Universe, would fulfil what had been predestined by the Great God, their Heavenly Father.
  90. And then the Accomplishment of a remarkable Mystery began.
  91. You began to acquire flesh which you were given the right to use on Mother-Earth,
  92. Being incarnated in the newly-born children of those who had been already living on Earth and were at an early stage of formation according to the laws of development of the mind.
  93. For the first time in the history of Being the laws of development of the soul and the laws of development of the mind joined together.
  94. For these are two fundamentally different laws, and joining them entailed an unprecedented complication in your formation.
  95. You were to begin to comprehend yourselves.
  96. The body that you acquired, became a certain instrument of yours, thanks to which you entered the material World in order to transform the invisible, locked inside you Sacred gift, into visible fruits through your hands’ deeds.
  97. This is how you were to begin to glorify your Father’s Name.
  98. But it did not start that way.
  99. The joining of heterogenous laws2 in one union, which was not initially envisaged in the Harmony of the Universe, inevitably gave peculiar fruits in a short time.
  100. Peculiar to such an extent, that this puzzled the representatives of some of the civilisations of the Mind of the Universe, who were once carefully examining the development of the young human society.
  101. And there was a lot to be amazed at.
  102. Such a muddled society, tending constantly to divert to chaos and self-destruction, not only had the Mind of the Universe never known before, but also it could not even invent the probability of such a manifestation.
  103. Every event that takes place is always based on certain regularities.
  104. Your mistakes are also based on well-defined regularities and at the first stages of formation of the human society the gross mistakes became an acceptable probability.
  105. The task set before you was initially of extreme complexity: with the help of a heterogenous law2 to determine the main values that are favourable for your genuine development.
  106. Where the first step should be to realise that your body possesses a soul which is in fact your true essence.
  107. Most of you managed this step to some extent successfully.
  108. And further on, the second and main step should have been the proper comprehension of the difference between the laws of development of the mind and the soul.
  109. So that, as a result, to determine the true direction of the efforts which are called to positively influence mainly the development of the soul,
  110. After which you should finally build your relations in such a way, that your society would already be able to harmoniously develop itself along the road of Eternity.
  111. And here, at this second step, depending on a definite regularity which, at this stage of your development, became inaccessible to you in terms of an independent correct comprehension, you seriously stumbled and inevitably directed the life-activity of your physical bodies straight along the road to self-destruction.
  112. And now, in order to properly determine the real direction that the able to see and hear are called to put worthy efforts in, it is mandatory to realise the difference between the laws of development of the soul and the natural laws of development of the flesh which is endowed with the ability to think.
  113. From now on you should ultimately realise what a true man is.

  1. heterogenous – of different origin, of foreign origin ↩︎
  2. heterogenous laws – laws of different origin; laws originating from different sources ↩︎