Who will prevail?

The July 19 news report reflected the concerns of Mikhail Murashko, the head of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, who said: “A vicious practice has been formed in the society, when the conviction emerged that a woman should first get an education, make a career, provide herself with a financial base, and then only be concerned about childbearing. Therefore, many problems arise: infertility, miscarriage, IVF… The situation must be reconsidered”.
The statement of the head of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation expresses a fairly sound assessment of a really detrimental circumstance for the development of the society.
But the statement expresses an assessment of the consequences that become possible as a result of the long-lasting development of certain tendencies in the consciousness of the members of the society.
In this case, the assessment touched upon the consequences that could have resulted from the ideological guidelines, which were approved and supported by the state system itself, represented by those who, at different times, managed to occupy responsible positions in the management.
If the scale of unhealthy sprouts is steadily increasing, it means that the same unhealthy seeds continue to be generously scattered and favorable conditions for their nurturing continue to exist.
It cannot be otherwise!
The alarming tendency, rightly outlined by Mikhail Murashko, was naturally manifested at the beginning of the development of human civilisation, when the complete absence of a correct understanding of the spiritual development and the true spiritual values in general has led to a false understanding of the male and female characteristics and has inevitably resulted in the establishment of specific forms of interactions between men and women.
As a result of such interactions, women began to steadily develop an awareness of the inferiority and belittling of their position in the society.
Moreover, the false comprehension of the male and female peculiarities has been firmly established with the help of the different religious systems through all kinds of differing from each other false dogmatic interpretations, because in ancient times, in the period of active manifestation of the religious-mystical movements, there were no favourable conditions to reveal the Truth about the equivalence and the fundamental features of the spiritual nature of the male and female soul, and among men, who traditionally become leaders and lawmakers, initially had already managed to sustainably form an egoistic-consumerist attitude towards women.
At the heart of the primary life values, initially spontaneously established in all social formations on Earth, lies the instinct of self-preservation, which is the source of the emergence of all egoistic interests, designed to dispose man to always perceive the ongoing reality and the representatives of his own race from the side of the possibility for selfish gain only.
This essentially animal principle, in the conditions of complete absence of correct understanding of the Truth of spiritual development, inevitably allowed the man to take a more advantageous position in the society as compared to the woman, and the primitiveness of development began to constantly tempt him at every suitable occasion to emphasise his alleged importance, pointing out to the woman her ostensibly less significant position.
Such a wild convention, manifested at the dawn of the formation of the young human civilisation, has become ubiquitous throughout the history of human development up to these days, both in secular and, most remarkably, in religious activities!
But this circumstance was inevitably bound to contribute to the emergence and rooting in the depths of the inner world of the woman the sprouts of resentment, constantly provoking the search for ways that might enable the woman to successfully prove that her value is no less significant than that of the man.
Thus, on the basis of the established in the society psychological priorities which are far from the Truth, men and women have turned into rivals, striving in every possible way to survive at the expense of each other and recklessly competing to achieve a significant position in the society!
But all this completely contradicts the principles of spiritual development and does not allow the full-fledged development of the spiritual nature of man, and, accordingly, will not allow the harmonious development of the human society.
Such a circumstance can always have a detrimental effect on the development of human civilisation and is an indicator of an extremely low level of development of the spiritual and moral qualities of the representatives of this civilisation!
A distinctive characteristic feature of human-to-human interactions during the entire historical period of development on Earth has only been the constant striving to extract selfish gain at each other’s expense in order to successfully survive in the manifested aggressive environment which man himself, following such unhealthy aspirations, constantly creates.
Under such conditions, there cannot be a full-fledged spiritual and moral education, since the vectors of the efforts applied for the satisfaction of the egoistic interests and for the full-fledged spiritual development are in diametrically opposite directions!
Before speaking pathetically about the enhancement of spirituality and before defining the favourable application of efforts for a normal qualitative development, one needs to have a competent understanding of the characteristic features of the difference between the egoistic interests and spiritual values.
Egoistic interest is always based on the efforts to derive only selfish benefit for the sake of multiplying one’s own material wealth and asserting one’s own significance!
True spiritual interest can only be based on efforts of selfless help to the brethren around for the sake of multiplying the common welfare!
Do you still really think that if every person in the society continues to perceive all the brethren around him as rivals and competitors, at whose expense it is necessary to be able to derive personal benefit and who should be perceived as objects of probable possibility of profitable use, it is possible to achieve psychological well-being and a state of friendly unity in the society?
Many of you must have become familiar with the expression: “Nothing personal – business”.
This extremely immoral expression, which now is already becoming commonplace, captures quite accurately the essence of how the overwhelming majority of the society tends to build the interactions among themselves.
You have begun to present all your capabilities as merchandise!
Is it not all of you yourselves who daily take the most active part in the establishment in your society of an extremely godless ideology, the main essence of which are the trade-market relations?!
The psychology of a trader is always based on the desire to make only personal profit with every step!
And if the trade-market relations will be the main reference point in the society – you will never achieve psychological well-being in your society!
The spiritual values, on which alone the formation of sustainable psychological well-being is meant to depend, cannot be established in a society where only the possibilities of multiplying personal material well-being are prioritised as the main interests of life.
With such a priority, any manifestations of conditionally friendly interactions will actually imply mutually beneficial co-operation, the duration of which will always entirely depend on the period of time while the benefits of the interaction are observed.
Take note that when you form married couples, you all see your chosen one as a profitable acquisition, from whom you sincerely expect to try to meet your own preferences and to satisfy your own egoistic interests.
Men and women perceive each other only from the side of the possibility to satisfy their personal interest, and the conclusion of the marriage union has become in essence the conclusion of a mutually advantageous contract. In some cases – still conditional, and in others – already documentally confirmed.
It is safe to say that many of you, despite the inner urge to have friends, in fact do not have real friends, nor do they have a normal understanding of what it means to be a friend.
And this directly depends on your specific preferences and the nature of your perception of reality!
If you cultivate in yourselves the qualities of a merchant (businessman), then you will inevitably perceive those around you as rivals, competitors and temporarily profitable acquaintances.
Rivals and competitors cannot in principle be friends in the true sense of this definition, because between rivals and competitors there can be no complete confidence, on which basis alone the interactions of true friends are supposed to be built.
It is this psychological circumstance upon which the quality of the relationship between a man and a woman who have decided to form a family directly depends, and accordingly, the stability of the preservation of the marriage bond also depends on it.
At their basis, male and female nature, both from the natural side and from the side of the unique qualities of the soul, have a fundamental difference, and therefore, the laws of development of these two beginnings have different characteristic features.
Such a fundamental difference inevitably implies the existence of different interests in life, and it is the height of ignorance to try to compare their significance!
Spiritual ignorance, under the conditions of which the egoistic sense of rivalry can fully develop, always disposes men to ironically criticise the peculiarities that are characteristic only of women, and disposes women to erroneously perceive what will always be characteristic of men’s peculiarities only.
The state of rivalry will always provoke the appearance of a conflict of interests and discord!
The complete absence in the society of spiritual and moral guidelines designed to show the true values of the male and female nature, as well as to show the laws and principles of the full-fledged development of the qualities of humanity, inevitably leads to the formation of such relationships between men and women, when distrust between them can only increase and grow stronger.
And such mistrust and the accompanying sense of apprehension towards each other can lead to a loss of the sense of responsibility which is supposed to arise in man for the life of the one who has shown confidence in him.
The quality of true femininity is characterised by a particularly strong need to find in men a reliable protection designed to create a stable psychological well-being in which only it is desirable to give birth and raise children.
However, the lack of proper spiritual and moral education and the widespread development of relationships based on rivalry and competition have logically led to the fact that now women have become more and more convinced that men lack the qualities of the reliable support they expect.
In the atmosphere of giving priority to the development of immoral trade and market relations, where the choice of favourable application of man’s efforts is always determined only by the amount of selfish gain, many women quite rightly began to perceive the men they meet as those who at any moment can leave them without care and help, just because some other – more advantageous in their opinion – preferences suddenly appeared on the way of these men.
And if women in the society have begun to massively manifest the conviction in the necessity first of all to independently achieve material well-being and an increase of their own significance in the society, this is already a symbolic circumstance that marks the onset of the nullification of the true male values in men!
Mikhail Murashko’s concern, expressed in the above-mentioned news report, is related to circumstances of a global nature, which cannot just somehow be taken up and revised by some team of authoritative people.
You talk about the cultivation of morality, but you persistently impose the same immoral guidelines everywhere, which inevitably leads to the fact that now all the people cease to believe everyone else.
Being ignorant of the Truth, you enthusiastically seek to throw stones wherever you can possibly happen to be, which inevitably should have led to the critical formation of an ever-increasing chasm between all of you.
You have all begun to be wary and afraid of one another!
You have become lonely in the midst of the great multitude!
In order to change those tendencies in the society, which are detrimental to the development and the demographic situation, it is necessary to have a coherent ideology, based on the true spiritual and moral values that are intended to show to all mankind the Meaning of the appearance on Planet Earth of the animate man and the laws of his full-fledged spiritual development!
The time has come when it is already necessary to learn: to correctly understand the basic differences in the spiritual characteristics of the male and female soul; to correctly perceive this fundamental diversity; to correctly apply efforts towards each other, so that men and women would finally be able to build harmonious relationships, where the most favourable conditions for the birth of children and their upbringing can only be created!
Without this, the demographic situation now is only going to worsen, which is actively facilitated in the society by the numerous generally accepted false ideological attitudes based on atheistic views and religious ones that have nothing to do with the Truth.
And this concerns far not only the residents of Russia…

August 14, 2023.