The Lamentation of the Heart

I was forcibly immersed in an environment of boundless insidiousness, lies and hypocrisy.

An environment in which one part of humanity, in order to survive, chooses to follow lawless paths, while another part has chosen to fight against such violations, but with the same purpose of survival, easily allowing itself to do its work precisely using lawless methods.

Lack of principles as well as slander and hypocrisy…

To everyone it seems that this is the only way to survive…

Will this path be so long now?

You have crucified my soul…

You have smeared me abundantly with the filth of your sins and exposed me to public ridicule…

You have exposed me for a long time, until the hour when efforts will be made to hammer in the nails that will validate the accusations you have fabricated for me…

I have already heard the familiar: “…what can we expect now? What wonders will there be…?”

But you’re not judging me!

You are judging yourself!

It’s not my fate that’s being decided.

It is your fate that is being decided!

What is mine – it has been and will be forever!

But what will happen to you?

Lawlessness and celebration…

For how long?

Given the possibility to accept what is true, the freedom of choice must be inviolable!

The Heavenly Father has never judged anyone and does not judge anyone!

He sends His Word, so that people themselves can determine their own fate when they contact Its unobtrusive manifestation!

He who has eyes will see and he who has ears will hear…”.