The Pole of Peace

My friends, it is time to manifest another landmark!

 In recent years, you have begun to try to comprehend the topic of the formation of The Pole of Peace community and have already been able to apply some interesting efforts in the right direction for this.

In the current epochal period of catastrophic events on a global scale, which predictably should have led to the multiplication of manifestations of distrust and aggression in the relations between all the people around the world, the formation of a community of conflict-free and selfless interaction should become a particularly valuable necessity.

Man is man’s enemy – this is the global problem, which inevitably had to manifest itself everywhere at the present time due to the false ideological priorities of moral, ethical and spiritual nature historically established among the various social formations!

The formation, in such a significant period of time, of a psychological environment favourable for the normal development of man, capable of preventing uncertainty and anxiety about the near future, should be the main step in the life-saving change of the destiny of the entire human civilisation!

But The Pole of Peace community can be formed only by the efforts of spiritually mature people, who are now able not only to realise the very need for such formation, but are also ready to practically implement everything necessary for this purpose.

It is important to understand that the normal level of spiritual maturity for this time is not the inclination of man to a religious-mystical perception of the reality, characteristic of a particular traditionally existing religious teaching, but the inclination to interact with the neighbours in a friendly way on the basis of the understanding that all the people on Earth are children of the same God, who loves everyone equally!

The true worthiness of spiritual maturity, and therefore of humanity, is determined by man’s ability to cherish the lives of his neighbours; by his constant readiness to help them unselfishly; by the absence of striving to condemn anyone, to think pejoratively of anyone, and to exalt himself over anyone!

And all this regardless of the presence of different spiritual-moral beliefs in the surrounding people!

The favourable level of reasonable maturity is characterised by the ability of the collective to amicably decide on joint efforts in one direction for solving the arising common for everybody vital tasks of economic, domestic and cultural nature.

The most favourable way to pass through the extreme life circumstances of social and natural character, which are now to manifest themselves rapidly and on a large scale all over the Earth, is possible only in conditions of mutual respect and friendly interaction on an unselfish basis!

 These are the conditions that are always able to be life-affirming, because they are designed to give man confidence in the well-being of the near future.

 It is possible to form such conditions only in the environment of a community, where for all members of this community the true spiritual values are always in priority over the egoistic interests and material values!

The vectors of development of the spiritual values and the egoistic interests always point in diametrically opposite directions.

True spiritual values are fundamentally incapable of serving selfish interests and are always designed to bring the egoistic features of the human psyche into a decent form, thus helping to fully implement the unique type of creative activity predestined to man, which can be done neither on the basis of man’s own intellectual capabilities alone, nor on the basis of the widest capabilities of artificial intelligence!

The road of true spiritual development of man always presupposes a personal victory of man over his own egoistic passions!

But the whole mankind initially, due to natural reasons, has consistently established only the egoistic interests as the main priorities of life, which inevitably became the reason for the emergence of a persistent need to separate not only individual people among themselves, but entire nations as well.

The true spiritual values are always inconvenient for the egoistic interests, and therefore any conditionally spiritual reference points were for a long time successfully established among different peoples only in the form of adapted to the egoistic interests perceptions and dogmatic interpretations of what supposedly has an exact representation of the Truth.

Throughout the history of the development of human civilisation, by virtue of the above-mentioned reasons, different spiritual Teachings, called to speak about one and the same Truth, were able to appear among different peoples.

The spiritual world and the Law of spiritual development are one and the same for all the children of God without exception, but there are a lot of different ideas about it.

Such a circumstance can only speak of one thing – the available varieties of interpretations of the same Truth inevitably have different degree of inaccuracy!

All available by this time traditional canonical ideas about spiritual values and spiritual development have been formulated by people themselves in such a way that they have become conducive only to the satisfaction of the egoistic interests, but are in no way favourable to spiritual development.

Note that in your ideas about God you are all still inclined to erroneously endow Him with egoistic features that are characteristic of man, and are inclined to expect from Him reactions that can only be characteristic of a weak-hearted man!

Atheism was able to arise precisely on the basis of the extremely primitive and erroneous traditional ideas about everything that concerns the Nature of God, the human soul, and the true spiritual values!

The mere fact that the atheistic system of logical conclusions has begun to spread widely can mark the advent of the period when all existing traditional religious notions have outlived their conditional favourability and the time is coming for the emergence of new, deeper and more accurate knowledge of the Truth.

The emergence of atheism as a doctrine could mark the fact that mankind has reached such a degree of education, when in revealing the Truth about the spiritual peculiarity of man and the laws of spiritual development it now becomes extremely important to take into account the level of development achieved by mankind in the knowledge of the World of Matter.

It is the erroneous religious and mystical ideas about God and spiritual development that were able to significantly deepen and firmly consolidate the ideological isolation of different peoples, which could not in any way beneficially impact the course of historical development of human civilisation.

The primordial basis provoking the appearance of the necessity of isolation always implies the presence of an irreconcilable rival and the interest by all means to surpass such a rival in terms of significance.

The feeling of rivalry always disposes to the emergence of conflict between the parties that have isolated themselves from each other, in connection with which the widespread manifestation of catastrophic events for the entire human civilisation was inevitable in the current epochal period of time!

These globally unfolding disastrous events for all mankind could be only provoked by the activity of societies with a critically low level of spiritual-moral development!

And such a low level of spiritual maturity in the representatives of human civilisation could be preserved over many centuries of historical development only because of the firmly established false ideological priorities, which have always been formed in direct connection with the manifested religious-mystical ideas.

Mankind in the current time can boast very significant achievements in science and technology and its educational level, but by the specifics of their reactions to the ongoing reality and the quality of interactions with each other contemporary people do not differ at all from their ancestors of remote times.

The sensual features of your inner world, which are meant to develop normally only on the basis of the true spiritual principles, are being manifested nowadays as primitively and wildly as they have been manifested in all people of the Middle Ages and in much older times.

And this fact in itself eloquently demonstrates that you have never yet developed normally in terms of spirituality, although for many centuries all people have sincerely believed that they are believers.

Apparently in this respect, however, there has always been something amiss with the whole mankind….

And now there has come the special for the entire humanity period predetermined by the Heavenly Father, the God of the human race, when it is necessary to comprehend thoroughly and objectively the extensive knowledge of the spiritual world that is revealed to all and is called to correct the fateful direction of the development of the whole human civilisation, which is actively striving for self-destruction!

The process of human spiritual activity is manifested by two different in essence circumstances, where one of these circumstances is connected with the manifestations of prayers and all kinds of ritual sacraments, which can be visible to any outside observer, and the other implies the invisible for an outsider practice of spiritual self-improvement, based on the willful efforts of man to curb his own egoistic passions and reduce them to certain norms.

For all who are now interested in spiritual values it will be especially important and useful to realise that prayers and all kinds of ritual sacraments are only auxiliary in nature and in no way represent the very practice designed to develop the spiritual characteristics of man!

And this means that no matter how often and sincerely man prays, no matter how regularly he visits shrines and participates in the sacraments of performing any sacred rituals, if in the process of interaction with his neighbours and with reality in general man who considers himself to be a believer does not make the necessary daily volitional efforts to change the qualities of his inner world and behaviour in accordance with the true spiritual norms, such man who considers himself to be a believer will always belong only to the category of theatrically-demonstrating-their-faith hypocrites and will not full-fledgedly develop spiritually.

Accordingly, if a person in a certain way intuitively makes the willful efforts required for normal spiritual development on a daily basis, then, even if he never performs prayers or any sacred ritual sacraments, such a person will definitely develop spiritually much more successfully than any hypocrite who only tries to show his zeal for faith to everyone by means of visible actions.

The catastrophic mistake of all traditional religious teachings was the false understanding of the service to God, historically established on the basis of purely egoistic principles.

It was very convenient for the egoistic peculiarities of man to be decided that for the true service to God it is quite enough to only regularly perform all the canonical ritual sacraments and prayers.

Such an illusion about spiritual values and spiritual development was able to establish itself quite easily everywhere in the great multitude of spiritually immature people, which subsequently inevitably led to the playful theatricalisation of the religious manifestations and the emergence of a sound criticism of everything concerning man’s own interpretations of spiritual values canonised by man.

But your Heavenly Father does not need at all your prayers, nor all the ritual offerings, praises, and other performances that you can invent!

All this cannot be a service to God!

All this is necessary only for you and is called to serve in an auxiliary manner for the favourable formation of your inner world and the energy-informational space around you.

Serving God is to make all necessary efforts every day in strict accordance with the true spiritual principles to transform your own ego-sensual characteristics!

Only when you come out from under the cover of the Church and go home, or to your place of work and meet someone you know, does the most crucial moment in your spiritual development begin!

Only in the moment of everyday man-to-man interaction do the circumstances, that are directly related to the main part of the numerous features of the Law of Spiritual Development, manifest themselves!

It is very important to understand correctly that if you do not make proper efforts in spiritual self-improvement, the qualities of your inner world will inevitably degrade, and the weaknesses you have will manifest themselves more and more clearly and unpleasantly.

Whether you have the right understanding of Truth or not, through what exactly you allow yourself to manifest and do, you will either spiritually evolve or degrade.

This is the Law of Truth!

The sooner and the more extensively the representatives of human civilisation begin to correctly understand and practically follow the principles of the Law of Spiritual Development, which is uniform for all people, the sooner the vital manifestations of all mankind on Earth will be brought to order!

The specific ideological priorities historically established and steadily existing until now in all peoples on Earth are not capable in principle to lead to full unity of the representatives of any society, as all these ideological priorities standardly have the same features, typical for egoistic interests, which always dispose to the emergence of conflict in the interactions of the members of the society and to the corresponding necessity to establish conditional order by forceful methods.

Therefore, whenever different societies with such ideological priorities find themselves in any extreme-for-life circumstances, mutual fears, mistrust and aggression between people always increase sharply and massively, which inevitably gives rise to a stable sense of anxiety among the members of the society about the immediate future and creates favourable conditions for avalanche-like life-destroying tendencies in the social environment.

Such an unhealthy situation always leads to self-destruction, and if the traditionally existing unhealthy ideological priorities are not changed in the right direction, the onset of global catastrophe for all peoples becomes only a matter of time.

Anxiety and uncertainty in the prosperity of the nearest future considerably aggravate the primitive instinct of self-preservation in man, and he begins to be guided only by the need to survive.

In the life activity of the representatives of the animal world such a simple instinct always allows at the level of intuition to make the most appropriate efforts to help the species to survive.

But precisely in the life activity of man, whose organism has the same instinct, due to the unique features of his sensual world and different degrees of spiritual maturity, two essentially different variants of human efforts in extreme living circumstances are possible.

The first variant implies the actions of a spiritually mature man, who in the conditions of necessity of survival perceives people around him as those with whom he sees it favourable to interact in a friendly and unselfish way on the basis of trust in each other, and the collective relations acquire the form of a uniform family of people who are closely related to each other.

The second variant implies the actions of a spiritually weak person, who in similar conditions perceives his neighbours only as those at whose expense he will try to survive.

The second option suggests collective relationships in the form of an animal pack, where interactions are based on selfish motives, when the strongest and most cunning person manages to use his neighbours for the most advantageous purpose.

Only ideological priorities conducive to the development of mutual trust between people are capable of bringing a collective of people to full-fledged unity!

Without such ideological priorities, which can be based exclusively on the true spiritual values, the relationships and interactions of the representatives of different social formations will inevitably be characterised only by the peculiarities of the above-mentioned second option!

All societies of different peoples all over the Earth have been developing themselves throughout history until the present day only on the basis of the peculiarities of this second variant.

Now the time has come, predestined by the Heavenly Father, to thoughtfully reconsider the ideological priorities that are all the same and have existed among all peoples for many centuries, based on egoistic principles and designed to satisfy only egoistic interests!

And all the necessary motivation for the emergence of interest in such a thoughtful rethinking will be created by globally occurring in this epochal period of time catastrophic events of natural and social nature.

The most favourable and life-saving way of passing through the disastrous consequences of such specific events can only be possible if one follows the guidelines based exclusively on the true spiritual values!

The corresponding Truth, as it was long predetermined by the Heavenly Father, the God of the human race, has already been revealed in a sufficient volume, taking into account the level of development and education of the present-day humanity!

Once in ancient times in the territory now known as Israel, for those who believed in the manifested New Testament, the Teacher gave an image that a good master would never pour new wine into old wineskins, for they would not withstand the power of the new wine and would burst, and the wine would flow out and be lost.

It is favourable to pour new wine into new wineskins.

This image was intended to show that it is more favourable to give the new, more accurate knowledge of spiritual Truth only to those who, by their spiritual maturity, have begun to outgrow the norms of some traditionally existing dogmatic ideas and have been showing an ever greater propensity to thoughtfully perceive new information that differs from the one in the correctness of which they were previously convinced.

That is, man acquires the disposition to comprehend new information about some particular circumstances in the most objective way only on condition of either complete absence of ideas about the same circumstances, or absence of conviction in the correctness of his existing idea about what the new information from an outside source says in a different manner.

This invariable Law is characteristic only of the peculiarities of the development of the human civilisation, whose representatives cannot in principle have the possibility of moving along the path of the full-fledged development of the mind, the way it is characteristic of all other exclusively reasonable civilisations, whose representatives do not possess, as is the case with man, the spiritual energy-informational structure – the soul!

Precisely in connection with such an invariable Law, in order that in the environment of some social formation at the right time it would become favourable to reveal in a large volume new, much more complete and accurate knowledge about the spiritual Truth, appropriate favourable conditions should necessarily arise, when many representatives of this society in the process of historical development would have significant doubts about the correctness and reasonableness of the traditionally existing dogmatic ideas about the spiritual values!

And since such an epochal Event, saving for all peoples on Earth, was to begin to unfold on the territory of Russia, then, accordingly, it is in this nation that should naturally have had time to mature such ideological circumstances which would be able to show the true specificity and fallacy of the traditionally existing dogmatic opinions.

It was necessary that in the Russian society at the right time appeared someone who could competently show the inconsistency of the traditionally existing religious dogmas.

And so the atheist doctrine appeared at the right time!

And after a strictly defined period of successful stay in the minds of Russians of the slogan “Religion is an opium for the people” there was bound to come a predetermined moment, when on the one hand the longing for knowledge of the spiritual values would sufficiently ripen in the man with atheistic thinking, and on the other hand the freedom of religion would be officially permitted in the society itself!

It was necessary to begin to implement in practice the super task of forming a spiritual and moral environment of Hope, Faith and Love, which is vital for all mankind, from a certain point on the territory of Russia – the southern part of Central Siberia, east of the Yenisei River!

At the same time, it is extremely important to understand correctly that the formation of the saving psychological environment of the Pole of Peace should not necessarily involve only those who have the same spiritual and moral conviction, characteristic of one and the same faith!

The formation of the Pole of Peace at the initial stage should be based first of all on a friendly joint practice of economic and cultural character, when people build, grow and create together everything necessary for their life on earth, when they unselfishly look after and care for each other, and show creative skills of cultural character to the delight of each other!

All the activity of this kind cannot bear any clearly defined canonical norms, uniform for all, and the solutions of tasks in this plane can be creatively changed by virtue of expedient necessity, always depending on the naturally changing external conditions of physical nature and the individual preferences.

The only thing that is categorically inadmissible for the believers is to change and supplement in any way the Word of the spiritual Teaching in accordance with their own understanding!

Never allow yourself to add something new from other sources to the Teaching that you have decided to follow, even if you see a complete semantic correspondence to what is supposedly recorded in your Teaching!

Any additions to the Teaching can only be made by the one who brings this Teaching!

It is absolutely inadmissible to assert as Truth among your neighbours any of your personal or collective interpretations of the principles formulated in the Teaching, if the wording of such interpretations differs from the wording imprinted in the Teaching!

If you see the need to designate something that directly refers to the content of the Teaching, it is more correct to do it only by quoting the corresponding words of the Teaching!

If you do not have the opportunity to use such a quotation, it is more favourable to additionally explain for your interpretations of the circumstances touched upon by the Teaching, that you have expressed your personal understanding, which may well be an inaccurate representation of the meaning of what has been touched upon by the Teaching!

Try not to allow yourself to assert as a true spiritual guideline for your neighbours the formulations of your own interpretations and judgments!

Everyone, who has psychologically matured for this, can begin to take an active part in the process of forming the friendly life-giving environment of the Pole of Peace, and this inevitably implies the participation of those who, by their life experience, have acquired different spiritual and moral beliefs that do not belong to the foundations of one and the same religion.

And the main thing at this initial stage of co-creation should be the categorical inadmissibility of any imposition of one’s own beliefs on the neighbouring brethren!

Respect the faith of the believer!

It is only permissible to tell someone about some aspect of the Teaching dear to your heart, if your interlocutor has expressed an interest in learning about it!

The Spiritual Truth has always been and will always be one and the same for all the children of God, for it represents the uniform Law on the basis of which the soul of every human being is called to develop fully!

And although this Law is the same for all people without exception, it becomes possible to cognise it most effectively not during people’s usual discussions and persuasive statements, but only when a person has the desire to comprehend something new which has been able to interest  – as yet vaguely  – his sensual world.

Only the presence of such a sensitive interest can speak of the appearance of a favourable predisposition in man to abandon some elements of the outdated for him former beliefs and to step on the next level in his spiritual development through the comprehension of the new guidelines that are being revealed.

And the greatest probability of the appearance of such interest in man becomes possible in case of repeated contact with an attractive example of life practice, based on the correct fulfilment of the principles of the Truth by another person.

It is always necessary to know that a person’s coming to the Truth must be based solely on his personal efforts, made by his own free choice which no one has the right to influence by any attempts of persuasion!

In the end, all over the Earth there must inevitably be formed one-faith Humanity as One Family of the children of the One Heavenly Father!

But this Saving process for the whole human civilisation can be most successfully carried out only on the basis of life examples, when true believers are called upon to convincingly show by their life activity the validity of the Teaching which they piously and zealously adhere to!!!

Always remember that faith without deeds is dead!

Only beautiful and correct words about the Truth, told by someone who does not fulfil the principles of his beliefs every day in the practice of his life, are always the empty verbiage of a hypocrite!

Every tree is recognised by its fruit!

To pass – the most favourable and saving way – through the ever increasing extremity of life conditions in the current period of time will only be possible in full compliance with the principles of God’s revelation, that is now open to all mankind and is called to help form a beneficial psychological environment of mutual trust and selfless interaction, which is the main feature of the principles of true unity!

The normal process of people’s unity, predetermined by the Heavenly Father, can only take place when all members of the collective which is being created, can begin to apply joint efforts in one direction by their own will and desire, but not when they do it under compulsion and imposed agitation.

The process of catastrophic events for the whole world community, due to natural reasons, was initially launched by people themselves, and since all peoples, not knowing the Truth of spiritual development, inevitably set before themselves the same, in essence, ideological priorities, capable of satisfying only egoistic interests, the social problematic processes of all peoples inevitably began to proceed according to a similar principle throughout the history of development.

Ignorant of the Truth, the rulers of all such isolated from each other communities, initially being in similar for everyone psychological conditions, could only find similar in essence ways and methods of solving the standardly arising problematic processes in the social environment with anti-spiritual ideological priorities, where there will always be provoked the emergence of destructive tendencies for society, and the conditional order can only be established in a coercive way!

All such processes and methods in all nations still retain until these days the same type of manifestation!

In this connection, all the present leaders of the existing social formations will inevitably try today to solve the avalanche-like detrimental to all mankind life complications using political and economic methods that are familiar to everyone.

But only all such methods in their essence and quality, in fact, do not have any relation to the true spiritual values, and therefore, they will not be able to correct the psychological environment of the society which is going out of control!

During the current period of globally manifested catastrophic processes of natural and social nature, in the great majority of representatives of mankind everywhere will inevitably appear and steadily grow anxiety-panic moods, from which the organism always significantly activates the primitive instinct of self-preservation with the characteristic for it aggravated manifestation of mutual wariness, distrust and increased readiness to show aggression.

We are to observe everywhere that people in different societies are losing faith in governments, institutions, financial and economic systems.

Because of the standard political systems that have been established around the world, governments will not be able to provide the right response to international challenges.

Everyone will experience the need to seek God!

But to search for God truly, and not as they have always done before, limiting themselves to mere ritualism and pathetic and verbose statements about God!

In essence, the political and economic methods of correcting the emerging social problems can only be of a temporary cosmetic nature and are absolutely unable to have a healing effect on the very “disease” that causes all kinds of social problems.

Throughout the history of human civilisation, the process of improving the material status of man has never by itself been able to make man better spiritually and morally.

But the very same history has recorded many examples with the opposite meaning, when high achievements in spiritual development have been reached by those who have abandoned the habitual priority pursuit of egoistic goals associated with material enrichment.

Are you really still unable to see and realise that materially well-off people are not at all models of goodness and friendliness?!

All wars, global conflicts and large-scale sorrows, which all of you now have the opportunity to observe in abundance, have always been and are being provoked precisely by the actions of the wealthy people!

It is not the material wealth that determines the normal development of the inner world of man and the development of harmonious relationships between people, but only self-education on the basis of the true spiritual and moral values, designed to completely eliminate the possibility of conflict in man-to-man interactions!

In ancient times, the disciples who believed in the truth of the New Testament were told that it will be difficult for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God, just as it will be difficult to thread a rope through the eye of a needle.

And this problem is absolutely not connected with the presence of material values, but with the quality of self-education, on which directly depends the appearance of any unhealthy attachments and dependencies that determine the stable interest of man to make these or those efforts to achieve the priority goals he has set for himself.

The false ideological priorities will never allow the normal development of the main unique features of man, from the full development of which only a man can become a Man!

Now has come the momentous time of God’s predetermined necessity of manifestation of Russia’s special status!

The nation, which was to be formed exactly on this territory, had been predetermined by the Heavenly Father many years earlier to play a special role, called to manifest itself in the decisive fateful period for the whole human civilisation, about which, in order to help the living ones, appropriate hints were repeatedly given from various sources by means of peculiar prophetic predictions.

Exactly on the territory of Russia, and more precisely in the southern part of Central Siberia, taking into account the probable geopolitical and geophysical catastrophic tendencies which inevitably had to begin to take place all over the world in the current period of time, was considered favourable to implement in practice the God-ordained Accomplishment for the benefit of the entire human civilisation!

The Knowledge about the peculiarities of the human soul and the laws of its development, unique for the whole Universe, which is being revealed today with the obligatory consideration of the modern level of development of the consciousness of man and his educational level, is intended not for one chosen people, but for all peoples, because for God there can be no such kind of chosenness in principle!

In this epochal period of time, when the harmful consequences of the manifested geopolitics and the geophysical changes will acquire catastrophic for the whole world features, which will be recognised as apocalyptic by everyone in the course of time, a special structure of energy-informational environment must necessarily begin to be formed in a certain place!

This special field structure, which is to be formed by a community of spiritually mature people, is to become a kind of Saving Light in a world of increasingly thickening gloom that is destructive to man!

The benevolent influence of such a Beacon, which will be strengthened through the participation in its formation of more and more people aspiring to the Light, is intended to mitigate the effects of harmful social tendencies leading to universal catastrophe, based on the rapidly increasing anxiety and panic in man!

All peoples will inevitably have to see and appreciate this Light!

Ultimately, peace and psychological balance on the whole Earth will be established only thanks to the spreading of the Light from the emerging living environment of the Pole of Peace!

   Peace be with you!


       February 14, 2024