A Letter from the Teacher /28.01.21/

Dear friends, peace to you and your home!

I would like to express my great gratitude to all those who sent greeting rays of sunshine, which came to me in one bright stream of wonderful sunshine and warmth.

I have received many letters of congratulations not only from a certain person or his family, but also letters of congratulations expressed by large groups of people.

Deepest respect to all of you!

It seems favourable to respond to all of you with a single message.

I received a large volume of your letters of congratulations on the evening of the thirteenth, after a month’s interval, which made it possible for me to spend the festive day in contact with your hearty fireworks of bright lights.

When, on the fourteenth of April, when I for another time had spread out the multi-coloured snowflakes you had sent me on my tucked-in bed, and surrounded myself with your numerous letters, I plunged into reading them, intending to spend the day that way, at some point I was distracted by the voice of a genuinely surprised man who had found himself forced to share the same room with me.
Watching me from aside, he suddenly asked: “How on earth can you be so happy here!”

My kindred, you have indeed enabled me to experience feelings of happiness where pain, despair, bitterness and a complete lack of faith in prudence and justice reign.

You are the joy of this world!

And soon another flow of your letters about the celebration came, which allowed me not only to see many of you with lighted candles, but also to strongly feel your presence around me.

I am very happy that in your life the beautiful things about which you spoke so heartily and poetically in your letters took place.

I hope with all my heart and soul that you will continue to walk worthily on the chosen Path and that more and more of you who are ripe for such righteous work will join you.

The people who come again have already something to look at, which means that your efforts over the years have begun to pay off.

This is very encouraging!

Be active in spreading the News, but at the same time be fully aware of the responsibility for every step you take, so that it reflects the Light of Truth as fully as possible!

You, as the most experienced ones, should be seen as friendly, understanding and caring, and not as eager to instruct and teach!

Do not repeat the traditional mistakes made by your ancient predecessors!

You have had and will have only one Teacher and Master forever and ever!

All of you are brothers and sisters, children of one Father in Heaven, and thus are called to form One Common Family!

In One Family there should not be found different masters, just as in one house there should not be found different owners, for decay, division and destruction will inevitably follow.

The salvation of Russia and its spiritual flourishing, and subsequently of all other nations, had to begin with your union and your Unification on the basis of the Truth which has been revealed to everybody!

Bring forth the Light of Truth through righteous deeds, and let the gifts of grace become inexhaustible in your hands!

Bless you, children of the Living and True God, and let love be on your lips and in your hands!

Peace and happiness!