A Letter from the Teacher /06.12.2020/

My dear and beloved friends, my large and wonderful Family, peace be with you!

At last I have the opportunity to express my great gratitude for your support and, most importantly, for your righteous work!

Earthly bow to you all!

I am eager to express my gratitude to my little friends who sent their colourful messages framed with cartoon images:

“My dears, your beautiful letters of wishes and dreams are like crystal bells ringing in the hands of angels. I was very pleased to read your magical letters. You helped me a lot!
Don’t be sad that I didn’t reply to you. I didn’t have the chance.”

I would also like to thank the older generation, who for various reasons have not actively participated in the life of the community and have even left for various parts of the vast country. They have not allowed themselves to remain on the sidelines and have taken a heartfelt and active part in standing up for the true values that are taking shape in the New Promise Land. Even if they continue to assert their life stance in some other way, they have been able to imprint valuable guidelines in their hearts. This means that the difficult years of the community’s formation have nonetheless been able to manifest real values.

My friends, with all my desire to respond to every letter you send me, I have found it very difficult to do so.

Circumstances are often not favourable enough to do this.
Do not wonder whether your letter has reached me. I have received many letters. I think all your letters have succeeded in getting through.

But it seems that for some reason not all my letters could be forwarded to you.
With a great deal of interest, I wish to continue to learn about what is happening to you and around you.
Even if you refer to a single event, many of you can notice some additional nuances accompanying those events.

Everything you point out is very interesting to me!
You do not repeat yourselves in such comments and you convey different significant details.
And as opportunities arise, I will try to respond to some of your letters at least.
Forgive me for my limited ability to participate in active correspondence.

Peace and happiness to you!