The Holiday Message of the Teacher – 31.05.21

Dear friends, peace be with you!

Another spring, new awakening…


One and the same flower in the conditions of different soil and environment can manifest its beauty in different ways: in some places it can be more expressive and showy, in other – sluggish and inconspicuous.

The soil, the environment and… the gardener…

My friends, you have been able to display a certain maximum, which is temporarily confined only to your actual capabilities for the moment.

But things have always changed and will endlessly change.

The soil in you and the environment around you, which you are now diligently forming, may well contribute to your wonderful flourishing. Except that the soil can either be fertile enough, or poor and even stony. Such foundations of varying quality inevitably produce different kinds of impacts on the seeds that fall on them. The fertile soil will produce an abundant crop, the poor soil will cause the young sprouts to dry out, and on a stony surface it is difficult for the seeds to survive at all. Crows and other birds can easily peck such seeds.

Short-sighted people are not apt to see the essence of the ongoing phenomena, but show a great disposition to arbitrarily hang up assessment labels on everything they come into contact with. Such labels with subjective evaluations are based on the characteristic peculiarities of hard-heartedness, for the very fact of having a desire to assess everything is inevitably connected with an elevated self-esteem and a thirst to assert one’s own significance.

In crucial life-changing periods, all such vicious predispositions are brought to their utmost activity and, as a result, quite quickly and on a large scale, a space of falsehood is being formed.

And then, where there is “darkness”, you can see a sign that says “light”, and where there is “light”, you can see a sign that says “darkness”.

Learn to distinguish between the spiritual values and the temptations attractive to egoism.

The social order which exists all over the world is capable of creating favourable conditions for the emergence of numerous flocks of “crows”. The representatives of these flocks are always prepared not only to nibble at what has not yet been able to germinate and establish itself properly, but also to plant their own seeds of temptation. Then man may already hear a subtle proposal to relinquish what is important for his soul in order to achieve what is comfortable for his body. Long is the road of repeating the same mistakes that have already become traditional a long time ago….

Having a characteristic false judgement, the persecutors sincerely believed that by removing me from you and skilfully using slander they could bring your association to disintegration, where you would find yourselves distracted, with no idea of what to do or where to go next? But it is precisely you that should not experience the confusion expected by your persecutors! Everything necessary for this I have managed to give you.

I have repeatedly heard, during various interviews, the question posed to me about what will happen to the community after I have to conclude this earthly activity of mine. This type of questions, as well as the standard judgements of the persecutors, are based on an understanding of that same features on which, throughout history, in different societies have usually been formed various kinds of associations.

And this circumstance naturally disposes to the emergence of confidence in the correctness of one’s own judgement, because the existing homogeneous life structure of human societies throughout the Earth has the same characteristic primitive feature, which is always admissible only at the initial stage of the development of a young civilisation.

This initial stage of development for all of you is now coming to an end!

Everything that throughout history has helped you to establish a precarious state of balance, both within a single society and between different societies, at this point of time will fall apart more and more noticeably, showing now its already complete inconsistency.

You already have an ample opportunity to observe these significant, emerging on a large scale characteristic features of the global crisis. The coming global disorder can no longer be handled by traditional methods! New times call for new thinking!

My friends, in this special and fateful period it was inevitable that you would begin to notice an ideological gap that was becoming more and more apparent. Under the present circumstances, if this gap is not filled, all kinds of cracks in society will inevitably multiply and deepen. They are capable of provoking the abundant birth of slander, resentment and separation.

Divide and conquer – the guiding principle of the one who is the enemy of the human race.

The unstoppable outpouring of such “pus” has always ended in large-scale sorrows and tragedies.

But now it will all happen with extremely significant consequences.

My dears, by the quality of your spiritual maturity you basically have that level of development, which allows you to understand quite well that the humanity will be able to save itself and start to develop normally only when all people on this Earth can come to Unity.

But this is only possible under the conditions of an ideology, based on common to all people spiritual principles, that is becoming more and more strongly affirmed.

At the same time, it is important to understand that the concept of “spiritual” does not at all imply everything that has traditionally come to be attributed to religiousness. True spiritual principles first of all imply an awareness of the very kinship and equality of all people on Earth! True spiritual principles completely exclude the artificial establishment of any division and distance between conditionally different groups of people.

An ideology based on the true spiritual principles always contributes to the creation of psychological conditions of a unifying character! The principles of the One Common Ideology for all mankind on Planet Earth are diametrically opposite in their essence to the principles which the enemy of the human race is inclined to impose.

Russia is the country on whose territory has been predestined to begin the establishment of an ideology based on true spiritual principles. If such ideology begins to be established normally in this country, it will not only successfully lead to the stabilisation of life processes within the country itself, but will also quite quickly lead to a significant change in the attitude towards Russia, granting it a special status.

But that is if…

For this to happen someone must stop chasing after imaginary witches, generating slander with an unhealthy fervour, and apply sensible, reasonable efforts to the objective reflection of what is already successfully happening in the Siberian land. It is a sign of the growing tragedy in the human society that people endowed with high responsibility are afraid to express their objective judgements and assessments. Such a circumstance clearly marks the loss by society of the moral and ethical reference points that spiritual values are responsible for. It is precisely the significant loss of normal moral and ethical reference points, which is the emergence of heart-scarcity, that inevitably generates slander and resentment on a massive scale. And then in the effort to assert slander, many miserable people begin to see the only possibility of survival.

My dear ones, the image of the ideological gap I have outlined in this address is destined to be filled by the characteristic fruits of the righteous efforts that you have begun to manifest in this world.

But this can be done most auspiciously when you are able to fully exercise your autonomy. You must have experienced a clear need to take your own independent steps. And certain conditions have become necessary for you to begin to do what is expected from you.

It may be necessary to push the fledglings out of the cozy nest to enable them to fly on their own. And then, having experienced the characteristic sensations of the first moments of falling, the chicks begin to fly safely. You have matured to the necessary level and have reached the milestone awaiting you…

You were in need of certain emotional experiences.

Now, to my great joy, I am beginning to see more and more those moves in you, which may show that you have the capacity for wonderful flight on your own!

My dears, fly bravely!

Spring will help you!

A beautiful flower can bloom in the best way only under certain characteristic conditions. Only a miser will seek to take advantage of the beauty and fruit of a flowering plant by separating it from its natural environment!

Cherish this environment and preserve it!

Continue to actively display what you have already begun to do in an interesting way!

You are the warriors of Light with Flowers in your hands!

Happiness to you!

See you soon!