Holiday message (18.08.21)

Dear friends, peace to your home and your loved ones!

This is the end of the time circle, when all major festive occasions you have spent on your own, without my direct, familiar to you, participation.

You have managed to cope quite well with the shock of the events that have occurred and to show to the world the image of a self-organised society.

For quite natural reasons, it began to be realized with many mistakes, but in the course of time you manifest more and more confidently and with steadier steps what refers to the essence of the Teaching revealed to you.

A normal, wholesome self-organization is possible only on the basis of a mature perception and thinking among all the members of the social formation.

From the entire history of the development of the whole human society you are well familiar with another type of life arrangement.

But the time has now come when your history will have to progress in a different direction!

Only the most favourable impetus for the beginning of cardinal changes in the system of the existing life order, characteristic to the level of development of all the people on Earth, happened to be only such circumstances, that are able to considerably shake the familiar feelings and expectations of conventional stability.

I understand that my attempts to define the painful events that have taken place as something predetermined, that is, directly linked to the Will of God, can still not relieve you from the soul pain you are experiencing.

The awareness that all this happened according to Heavenly Father’s Will is not at all meant to relieve from the characteristic emotional experiences.

Such an understanding is designed to alleviate mental anguish as much as possible.

The Heavenly Father does not possess a dense natural body, and so, the emotions and feelings characteristic of such a body are not inherent in Him.

It would be a great mistake to perceive God’s Will as a manifestation of His desire.

The Heavenly Father does not create the events of your life, but always creates conditions for their correction!

It is you who create the events themselves!

Those who wrongly understand this Truth inevitably fall into the temptation to criticise the actions or non-actions which they themselves erroneously attribute to the capabilities of God.

Your Heavenly Father cannot make you be righteous, but He can give you the opportunity to become acquainted with the Laws of Truth.

After that you yourself must take certain decisions and continue creating events.
Your Heavenly Father will always discreetly and caringly provide you with the opportunity to understand something important, but how you will allow yourself to proceed with it – this is always your own choice!

You can only be offered to understand the true direction of the Path of Salvation, but it is up to you to make the decision to follow it and save yourself.

It is foolish to expect that Salvation can somehow magically happen in spite of your persistent serving mammon and your own egoistic whims.

If you make the life-saving choice on your own and apply due efforts in following the Laws of Truth, you will also be able to confirm your real capabilities to carry worthily the Sacred responsibility, entrusted to you on the Path of Eternity.

It is possible to follow the righteous Path only if you wisely make truly righteous efforts, not if you only identify yourself as a believer by loudly praising the Name of God.

Faith without deeds is dead!

It is of utmost importance to realise that any ritual sacraments are not inherently directly related to righteous deeds.

All such ordinances may also be regularly observed by hypocrites.

Righteous deeds are based on your love for one another!

They are based on how sincerely and zealously you seek to be helpful to each other!

It is not the prayer that makes a man a believer, but his trust in God!

Trust, that everything you encounter along the road has been carefully delivered by God as something really important to your spiritual development and the acquisition of the wisdom you still lack, rather than something you need to assess, snort contemptuously and cast a stone.

You are all children of the one and only Heavenly Father and His Holy Particle exists in each of you!

The one who truly loves my Father is the one who strives to carefully and respectfully perceive His Particle in his soulmate!

Look into each other’s eyes…

Do you really strive to see a Particle of God in them, or do you primarily strive to see your own desires and aspirations there?

Remember, you people, children of your Mother Earth and children of your Heavenly Father, for you have a body from the Earth and an immortal soul from God, if you can regard any of your soulmates as unworthy of kinship with you, in truth you turn away with contempt from your Father in Heaven as well!

Isn’t it woe to be the fate of the one that goes this way?

Strive to take righteous and creative steps, but restrain yourselves from striving to be first, for at the Gates of my Father’s Kingdom such first ones will be among the last!

May you at last become worthy children of the Living God, the One Common God for all of you, who has given to all of you the unique opportunity to walk eternally the Path of Creation!
Be blessed!
Peace and happiness!