Christmas Address, January 14, 2022

Dear friends, peace be with you and your soulmates!

I see it favourable to bring to your attention certain key circumstances of which you have already heard from me in varying degrees over the years.

I think you have understood already well enough that a peculiar exam is taking place in your spiritual practice, which now requires you to display the maximum of the abilities you have gained during the years of striving to comprehend what your Heavenly Father has revealed to help you.

It should be added that this examination, which I a few years ago started telling you about, does not concern just you.
It is of a worldwide nature.

And although this concerns the whole mankind, I now have to appeal first to that small part of the great multitude, which comprises you, for you have not only made a particularly responsible choice once on your own, but, what is most worthwhile, you have maintained the desire and keep striving for a worthy comprehension of the Truth of God to the present day.

Many are called, but few are chosen…

The global process of extreme character that has actively started in the beginning of 2022 is now only going to intensify.

I believe that many of you were able to make one more correlation between what has recently begun to happen and how once in a peculiar training mode you repeatedly played out preparations for the onset of a certain conditionally extreme circumstance, designated with a smile as Zarnitsa.

At that time you began to consider and study with interest many really vital skills, and only the peculiar conveniences of the existing social system could for this long period of time greatly affect your interest, which was once properly manifested.

The temptation proved irresistible for many of you.
You have put aside what is very valuable and vital to you.
But now, the time has come…

The scale of possible complications and losses will depend on how well you are able to orient yourself now.
And all kinds of restrictions that are being established in the world society will play a useful stimulating role for you.

Global complications on an unprecedented scale are an emblematic feature of the nexus of the Epochs!

The Age of the Realm of the Power ends and the Age of the Kingdom of the Soul begins!

The nexus of the Epochs naturally implies the breaking down of the old and the beginning of the full-fledged development of the new.
The Realm of the Power is characterized by a considerable predominance of destructive actions, while the Realm of the Soul – of creative ones!

For this reason, the end of the Age of the Realm of the Power is inevitably connected with the critical exacerbation of circumstances that are extremely dangerous for the living environment.

In such a crucial for the life of all mankind period it is absolutely necessary to succeed in forming a Foundation of utmost importance, which is able to duly determine the further most favourable development of all human society on Earth.

All divisions amongst people are based on a false assessment of one’s own egoistic characteristics and the ways of fulfilling the corresponding egoistic desires!

Divide and conquer – the basic principle of the Kingdom of the Power!

All alliances that you may observe in your history have a character comparable to that of an animal pack.

The main motive for you to unite is still fear and the search for advantage, which is the primitive initial characteristic that is responsible for the survival of all members of the animal world.

If we take a closer look at the essence of human associations, we can easily see that they have been and are being created solely for survival in an environment where, in their interactions with one another, people themselves display a considerable unhealthy tendency to assign themselves the role of the hunter, designating at their whim some of the neighbours as game.

A true and therefore normal form of association will only be available when people learn to love and respect each other unselfishly!
So far you will only be able to talk about the unity of nations with slogans, forming ideological illusions.

The true unity of nations is not created on the basis of economic and military dependence, but solely on the basis of unconditional respect for one another and constant willingness to provide as much as possible selfless assistance, striving to be helpful to one another.

The Kingdom of the Soul will be characterised precisely by such peculiarities.
The massive, ever-increasing complications of planetary character in the present period of time, and all kinds of foreseeable specific efforts in the societies around the world, should inevitably extremely activate a process that could entail a significant separation of people among themselves.

If we use biblical images, we can say that this separation coincides with the emerging ideal conditions, when one can most effectively separate the sheep from the goats.

The masks will fall off everywhere… you will not be able to keep your uncharacteristic sheep’s clothing on…

Each one of you will now reveal his true face and show most brightly and completely his essential qualities!

The avalanche-like increasing extremity of life conditions will inevitably lead to a situation in which one category of people will become progressively fanatical about destructive ideas and practices, while another will feel an ever-increasing urgent need to affirm the qualities of humanity.

I’m sure the ongoing tendencies in the social life worldwide will inevitably motivate a reflection of this reality in such a way that a considerable amount of sober-minded people will begin to understand the benefit of leading a lifestyle similar to the one you have begun to lead.

In this respect, your experience, although there are many shortcomings, is already invaluable.
To such an experience will certainly be given due interest.

Without using the true efforts envisaged by the Law for building harmonious relationships, any emerging collective will inevitably gravitate towards a split within itself, creating a temptation to maintain unity by methods that have been traditionally used in human societies around the world throughout history.

And the final results of such traditional methods you can now all observe and experience on yourselves in every part of the world.

My friends, you have once heard the Good News and with great willingness you have stepped on a very difficult path, voluntarily taking on your shoulders a special responsibility.

Numerous challenges and enticements have actively tempted you, hindering you and preventing you in every possible way from fulfilling what you have been destined to do.
All these difficulties continue to harden you, helping you to recognise yourselves more fully and to strengthen your Faith.

The lengthy walk along such a Path chosen by you inevitably changed also the quality of challenges related to the naturally occurring age-related changes.

At this stage we can already say that many of you, who followed the predetermined Path of the spiritual development of this Accomplishment from the first years, might well have noticed that, as you grew older, your own strengths became insufficient to enable you to take an active part in many social endeavours as you did in the past.

This might easily become a convenient condition for the temptation to start thinking of themselves as having lost the ability to be useful to the Accomplishment.

In view of this and some other reasons, I consider it favourable to draw your attention to certain basic peculiarities which it is important for all believers to realize correctly – both the ones who are in the territory of the Community and those who are outside it.

First of all, it is important to realize that the Kingdom of God on Earth can be established not by striving to build more and more church complexes, but solely on the basis of your efforts to build up the right interaction among yourselves in full compliance with the true spiritual principles.

The Spirit of God on this Earth is primarily residing inside of you, the God’s children, and only depending on how interestingly you make efforts in the creation of the material Church and what will be there in your heart when you enter into its vaults, this Spirit of God will be able in a corresponding measure to be present in the Church.

The establishing of God’s Kingdom on Earth is directly dependent on the way you perceive each other and the steps you take towards each other.

This all depends on what is going on inside each of you: what thoughts you allow to be manifested inside you and what feelings you prefer to satisfy.

You have never been given the task to take care of the spiritual salvation of someone else.
The task which has always been set before you is to bring in order first your inner world in harmony with the Law of the Truth of the spiritual development!

The deeds of your hands and your words are not only meant to enable you to make a significant impact on your soulmates, but they also contribute to a peculiar rooting of the ongoing changes in your spiritual basis.
On the mental-volitional level, you have the ability to choose the direction of qualitative changes of your inner world, but the main changes occur only through the actions of your body.

It is in this connection that long ago in the ancient scriptures appeared a clue for you that faith without deeds is dead.

Trying to have righteous thoughts and to do righteous deeds, which is extremely necessary for each of you to do in the best possible way, you will invariably change in the required direction the quality of your own energy-informational field emanating from you and constantly interacting with the similar fields of all the people around you, whoever they may be.

This interaction is always going on, no matter whether you are aware of it or not, whether you believe in it or not, whether you are in the state of dream or awake.

The strength of this energy-informational field of yours does not depend on your physical strength or the age of your body.
As long as you live in a solid physical shell, you inevitably always take part in changing the quality of the general energy-informational field of all the Earth.

And with the help of certain peculiarities of the energy structure of your own consciousness you also have the possibility to selectively interact with the objects and events which you remember and particularly which you can observe in real time.

The level of the scientific and technical development of the present time can provide you with the opportunity to take quite a significant individual part in any event which can take place anywhere in the world and which you can observe in real time through the means of telecommunications.

But such technological achievements may contribute not only to an interesting diversion of beneficial energy currents and their healthy concentration in a certain area, but also to the formation of an extremely dangerous concentration of a destructive energy-informational field, which residents of a particular selected area would not have been able to form.

Energy structures that predispose to creation or disintegration are based on fundamentally different informational basis.
Therefore, the denser the uniformly structured energy-informational field becomes, the stronger it is able to influence the fields around it, feeding its homogeneous structure and reducing the effectiveness of the heterogeneous one.

The increase of the saturation of this or that type of energy structure surrounding man inevitably contributes to the emergence and intensification inside him of the corresponding sensual impulse in a certain way to manifest himself.

A figurative apocalyptic confrontation of Good and Evil takes place primarily and precisely at this level throughout the history of all humankind.
And this confrontation is now acquiring an increasingly acute and particularly dangerous character.

What choice all human beings will now make, what kind and quality of participation in any given event they will allow themselves to take, will determine the scale of tragedy and sorrow on this Planet Earth during this transitional period from the Age of the Realm of Power to the Age of the Realm of the Soul.

Once you have made a choice on your own and you began to come actively to Siberia, to the lands of the New Promise, where you began to learn to interact properly in harmony with the Truth that has been revealed to you.

The purpose of communal living together was to create not only the conditions for the most effective survival in the considerably more complicated extreme life circumstances, but also, and most importantly, to contribute to the formation of a uniform energy-informational field of a special quality and saturation.

What you are capable of creating with your hands is first of all intended to help those who will be in direct contact with the fruits of your hands’ labour, whereas the uniform energy-informational field which you actively create through comprehensive interaction with each other is to help all people in general and especially those who, like you, have made the choice towards creation and humanity their priority.

My dear friends, don’t lose vigilance and try, without slowing down your activity, to worthily continue to change the quality of your own unique spiritual structure, as well as to saturate and densify with spiritual grace the analogous structure of the common energy-informational field of the place which by predestination has manifested itself to you as a Shrine.

The Spirit of this area is called to help you by strengthening both those who live directly there and those who, from a distance, will interact with it in an appropriate way.

Strengthen the Spirit of your Shrine by righteous deeds!

I want to emphasize once again that for the successful establishment of God’s Kingdom on Earth, marking the beginning of the Era of the Kingdom of the Soul, not only your faith is important, but also the continuous development of your individual spiritual potential.

This potential in you is always capable of manifesting itself through sensual impulses of a creative character, and for its successful development it is imperative that you try to implement it in practice, trying to do so in the right way!

Of course, for perfectly natural reasons you may not be able to take part physically in many circumstances of which you may come to know.
But you will always be able to express at least one sincere sensual message with wishes for help, supported by appropriate thought-images.
And this will definitely be effective and helpful!

Remember, whatever physical limitations you might have, as long as you keep your mind sober, you always have the opportunity to develop spiritually, taking a useful part in the Accomplishment designed to predetermine the Path of Salvation and the further normal development of all humanity.

My dear ones, I feel worried for you and hope with all my heart that you will be able to reach the other Bank in the right place…

I have been able to give you what you need in abundance so that you can do this successfully!
Now you must be able to take something very important by yourself as well as be able to properly make a common effort in one and the same direction!

Be very restrained when you are tempted to make instructive assessments of the actions of your soulmates, when they themselves are not at all interested in your opinion on the matter.

If in dealing with someone you directly associate your own conclusions with what I supposedly meant by my words, then the other will also tend to erroneously associate your demands with what I am trying to teach you.
It is your inclination to expect your soulmates to fulfil what I have tried to prompt you, and especially to fulfil what you yourself have formulated on the basis of your own understanding of what you have heard from me, that has enabled many circumstances to come about, which served as a convenient foundation for the entire presently manifested absurd accusation!

Be careful not to scare away in this special period those who may now feel the need to drink of the Life-Giving Moisture!

To defend your Faith means also first of all to conduct yourselves in a dignified manner!

The final battle for your souls…
The battle at the walls of the Old City…

May you be blessed!
May the Flowers in your hands never fade!

Health and strength to you!
Peace and happiness!
See you soon!