An Appeal to those who ponder, July 17, 2022

Peace be with you, children of the Living God!

I would like to begin with a small semantic digression.

From ancient times to the present day a reference has been preserved, concerning the life of Diogenes, the well-known eccentric thinker.

One day he was seen walking down the city street.

In broad daylight Diogenes was holding a lighted lantern in front of him and was peering intently into the faces of the numerous passers-by.

And when someone asked him what he was doing, Diogenes replied: ” I am looking for a man.”

Apparently, this process by that time has already been a considerable problem…

But many centuries have now passed.

It may turn out that Diogenes’ inquisitive and stubborn spirit has forced his ghost to continue wandering down the endlessly stretching streets of the great multitude of cities, where he, with a hope as unquenchable as the fire in his lantern, still gazes into the faces of the endless line of by-passers, asking himself the mute question:

“Where are you, man?”

I felt an urgent need to make this appeal to all of you.

I am well aware that some of you will be inclined to doubt my words, but this is precisely the time when I had to address all of you.

Regardless of how you are able to perceive me so far, I will always remain who I am, and I will always continue to do what depends on me to help you all, invariably leaving the complete freedom of choice to you.

Your destiny is being decided, and you cannot even imagine the scale of this process!

In the current period of time you will all have to make some especially important choice, which will directly determine the nature of the changes in the future destiny of the entire human civilisation.

The globally escalating worldwide conflict is taking a particularly dangerous form, and on the quality of the efforts which people will begin to apply depends the scale of the disasters that are now already inevitable.

You have already witnessed the beginning of it all…

The representatives of mankind, throughout their history, have been persistently wandering in the twilight of a hostile division amongst themselves, and now you all have predictably crossed a certain final line, beyond which the fate of the entire human civilisation should have begun to be decided.

And now let me ask you for some patience, as I should touch upon one circumstance that is especially important to all of you, which requires me to slide a little back into distant antiquity and touch upon some common truths well-known to many of you.

This is necessary so that it can be possible, albeit in a brief form, to be drawn a little more clearly for your understanding one exceedingly important feature, which none of you was aware of, but which underlies the reason why you with fanatical obstinacy throughout history constantly gravitate to destroy your own kind and barbarously ruin your habitat.

All the while, you do like to proclaim the high intelligence of your own kind, calling yourselves the crown of creation.

Until you get a correct view of this feature, you will not be able to turn from your vicious path and will be doomed to self-destruction.

But you have to turn away from such a vicious path!

I know everything about the feature I have just mentioned.

As I also know everything about all the other features, harmoniously related to it, about which you have vague and often contradictory assumptions.

I understand very well that such a statement of mine looks rather peculiar to you…

Yes, but the time that has come is especially responsible.

It would be wiser to try at least a little to admit: what if I really know all this?

As a matter of a fact, I am ready to give in detail all the necessary explanations, at the level of your understanding, characteristic to this epoch.

Moreover, I have been doing this successfully for thirty years now.

So, many of you may have noticed one primitive regularity.

When there is a threat to your life, you intuitively seek to unite with someone, and when there is an external threat to your individual community, you begin to feel the need of displays of patriotic solidarity within your society.

The predisposition to associate under the conditions of an external threat is not directly related to the spiritual values and is therefore equally characteristic of both people and all representatives of the animal world.

Such type of associations is based on primitive egoistic instincts and implies not just the regular, endlessly recurring presence of an external danger, but also the characteristic feature of interaction of all organisms on the principle of “hunter and victim”.

But the organisms of all representatives of the animal world are balanced by internal programmes in such a way, that the ‘hunter and victim’ principle can be manifested in an endless perspective, preserving favourable conditions for procreation and further development.

That is what you can observe in Nature.

Only the naturally strongest animals should survive, they will not kill when they are fed and there is no immediate threat to their lives and the lives of their offspring.

The human organism has at its core exactly the same primitive egoistic instincts, but the natural balance is not able to harmoniously manifest itself.

This inability has suddenly manifested itself since that historically significant period of time when members of your young reasonable civilisation on Earth became the bearers of a unique energy-informational hyperfine structure, which later was referred to as ‘soul’ and about which all the people now hold the most superficial controversial perceptions.

It is this soul that has become the most important distinctive value and the very essence specifically of man!

The human soul has in the core of its structure a fundamentally different type of programmes, designed to predetermine its own full-fledged development.

But since it has become the basic essence of man, so also, accordingly, these programmes predetermine the full-fledged development of man as a representative of a unique civilisation in the Universe.

The peculiar hyperfine energy-informational structure of the human soul is not subject to the processes of aging and is in principle indestructible, and therefore does not need the basic instincts that are characteristic of all biological organisms.

But through the sensual peculiarities of the biological organism of man, with which the soul structure is closely intertwined, the soul is capable of generating in man a special type of motivations that are radically different from everything that the egoistic instincts are able to characteristically push towards.

The appearance of a duality of opposite sensual motivations became a unique complexity in the inner world of man.

The instincts require the satisfaction of the egoistic interests, and the soul – the accumulation of spiritual values.

Two diametrically opposite motivations.

Once, in ancient times, the disciples heard an instructive explanation that no one can worship both God and mammon: if you bow to the one, you will inevitably turn away from the other.

The complexity of man’s spiritual development proved to be related to one regularity.

As long as the spiritual basis of man’s soul is undeveloped – and this is, basically, inevitable in all first incarnations – man will always feel very uncertain and confused about the impulsive signals of his soul, whereas the impulses of his instincts will be clearly and unmistakably perceived.

Only through spiritual development will man be able to develop an ever stronger orientation to follow the road of multiplication of the spiritual values, increasingly subordinating and organising the impulses of his egoism in harmony with the true values of his soul.

Man has real capabilities of learning to restrain himself from sinful actions and is called upon to lead a sinless life.

No man is originally born in sin!

Man can only become a sinner by his own free will and through his own efforts!

Initially, when man had no concepts of the spiritual values at all, it was inevitable that the need to satisfy only one’s own egoistic interests would become the main guiding principle of life.

All the representatives of the young human civilisation predictably began to form a social system and conduct their life activities based solely on the animal principle of «hunter and victim».

All egoistic guidelines became a priority and remained in many aspects unchanged to this day.

Without a proper understanding of the fundamental features of the true spiritual development, people began to use the animal principle in the same way both in the sphere which they named secular and in the one which they conditionally designated religious.

The harmonious balance in the interactions between the representatives of the animal world is based entirely on their characteristic natural capabilities.

Man, on the other hand, has qualities that are conducive to scientific and technological development and this, quite elementarily, disposes to a considerable expansion of the natural limitations in man’s capabilities to satisfy his egoistic interests according to the very same principle of “hunter and victim”.

Thus, in their interactions with others, people who are not yet spiritually mature are easily tempted to significantly violate the limits of the Harmony-ordained conventional zone of Balance.

Unfortunately, it can be fairly argued that so far humanity conducts its life activity worse than animals.

No animal can descend to barbarously destroy its habitat and harm someone for the satisfaction of its ambitious ideas and the whims of its own significance!

The life of the people on the principle of «hunter and victim» is a clear sign of a low level of spiritual development, from which inevitably the reasonableness of the efforts made by man begins to considerably suffer.

In the life activities of all representatives of the human race this principle invariably leads to a permanent outbreak of conflicts, and as long as you orient your behavior according to this principle, you will inevitably wage wars!

And in the conditions of the already existing military potential, which continues to be successfully improved, the death of the entire human civilisation will definitely become only increasingly realistic.

So when will you come to your senses?

As long as you choose the satisfaction of the egoistic interests to be your first guiding principle of life, the manifestations of each of you will always and in all circumstances be based only on the desire to derive personal benefit from everything that you will be able to come into contact with.

Such manifestations cannot enable the ennobling of the environment, but can only destroy it.

Please note that even in the presence of clearly expressed patriotic feelings, the representatives of the same community actively strive to compete violently with each other, trying to survive at the expense of those compatriots who can be deceived and suppressed by force.

This happens equally in all strata of the society and in all spheres of social activity.

In difficult times for the society, you, like hypocrites, speak loudly about the need for unity, while your actions undermine the integrity of your society in every possible way.

Whoever you are, whatever position you hold, if you allow yourself actions that give rise to distrust among the people around you, that is, you allow yourself to deceive, insult and otherwise harm someone for the sake of your own egoistic interests and ambitions, you are definitely creating a threat to the integrity of your society, no matter what bright slogans you try to justify your deeds with!

Look around you…

You seem to be together, but you are strangers to each other and constantly afraid of being tricked in your interactions with each other.

But all of you on Earth are children of one Parent, the Heavenly Father, the God of the human race!

Is it not one Family which you are called to be able to manifest through your life activity?

One Common Family on the entire Earth, and not a bunch of groups of people speaking different languages and ready to unite only against somebody!

As long as you continue to naively compete amongst yourselves as to which of you is “cooler” and more significant, you are doomed to sow tragedy and reap much sorrow like some beings who have never known the values of  reasonable activity!

At the moment the entire human civilisation is being fairly identified as an extremely dangerous civilisation of low intelligence, with undefined possibilities to deviate from the path of self-destruction.

The level of development of the human civilisation is to be determined not by its scientific and technological achievements, but by the quality of interaction of the people with each other!

What is the use of boasting about one’s education and scientific achievements if, just as in the distant wildish antiquity, anyone offended by someone, like an ancient barbarian, hastens to throw a stone and pour the filth of his own hatred on that person?

All such wild manifestations of the representatives of the so-called civilised society have begun – in the present period of time – to be symbolically demonstrated all over the world on a monstrous scale, marking the global triumph of soul-scantiness.

The threat hangs not over one particular society, but over the entire world community!

As long as you allow yourselves to perceive each other as an object of rivalry, and therefore suspect each other as a potential enemy, you will inevitably tend to show hatred.

And hatred and resentment represent the main active medium for the abundant birth of lies!

Developing mainly in scientific and technical terms, but having never comprehended the true spiritual values of Humanity, people have created all the conditions for the insane lie, in an endless series of devastating waves, to furiously flood the space of the different social formations of the people all over the Earth.

A kind of global flood…

But water can destroy just the body, while slander seeks to destroy the soul!

In the biblical texts of the Old Testament, among the wise parables of Solomon, revered by many peoples, there is one circumstance accurately reflected by him, which takes place everywhere, among all nations and during all times:

He who conceals hatred has a lying mouth; And he who utters slander is a fool.”

Is it not the time for you to come to your senses?!

Fools cannot have a bright future!

Their fate is the valley of woe….

Slander has been formed in the perception of man solely on the basis of his resentment, hatred and an unhealthy preoccupation with inflating his own significance.

But only the meek-hearted will inherit the Kingdom of God on Earth!

Be careful of information that provokes the rise of hatred.

If you allow hatred to settle in your heart, stupidity will become your constant companion.

In early spring this year, it was said from the highest tribune that there is an empire of lies out there.

It should be admitted that such target designation is very much in line with reality.

But is it only out there that there is an empire of lies?

The end of September 2020 has been historically marked by the beginning of an absolutely insane information harassment and psychological pressure on many truly respectable and law-abiding people who make up the world-famous Siberian Community, which has no equivalent in the world.

In the south of Krasnoyarsky Krai, in two vast districts, enthusiastic and creative individuals, freely coming from different cities and countries, for thirty years have been actively forming а type of community where they learn to build on a gratuitous and conflict-free basis all interactions and mutual assistance, to solve all vital issues on equal terms.

A few thousand people who do not smoke and do not abuse alcohol have created such a comfortable psychological environment in which, despite the meagre and unsustainable financial resources, a disposition to create large families has been manifested, and the birth rate of children has exceeded incomparably all similar indicators of any other region of Russia.

But for some unhealthy reason, an outright slander provoked at the top level, in its most monstrous form and perversity, like a raging flood was unleashed by all sorts of Russian media sources against those who had wholeheartedly aspired to fulfil what was predestined by God in the formation of the social interaction on the basis of the highest moral and ethical values of Humanity.

The totally fabricated accusation that, at the end of September 2020, led to the most absurd and inhumane persecution of innocents, which shocked a great many truly remarkable people, has this year symbolically predetermined the beginning of a large-scale slander already against the inhabitants of the country itself.

A huge number of Russians who happened to be outside their country suddenly found themselves in the position of pariahs just because they speak Russian.

In the context of these two symbolically interlinked circumstances, the question is quite pertinent: what for?

But there will not be a reasonable answer justified by really existing objective facts.

Ugly speculation on the vast expanses of soul-scarcity, formed abundantly on the basis of resentment, bitterness and unhealthy ambition, where everyone thinks that his own lie is more truthful.

Any slander is always a cause for strife and division!

Isn’t that what you observe all the time in your life?

Divide and conquer – the credo of the main adversary of everything that comes from God!

And what is your own choice and whom do you actually serve?

If there is time to scatter stones, then there will certainly come a time to collect them.

Mankind is well aware of the impulses for unity, based on the instincts of self-preservation.

But a true life-affirming Unity is possible not on the basis of anxiety in the face of some threat, but only on the basis of an ever increasing confidence in each other.

Such a Unity is destined to be necessarily formed, for it is the unique condition under which the normal and full-fledged development of the whole human civilisation can only begin.

And so far, at this moment, it is only possible to unambiguously state that for the entire history of human existence man’s inner world has undergone extremely minor changes in the spiritual direction.

What has changed is man’s informational level and the auxiliary scientific and technological capabilities, whereas the inner world has the same quality as the ancestors had many thousands of years ago.

You can easily verify this for yourself by referring to the surviving texts of ancient thinkers who were able to accurately reflect the characteristic vices that were often encountered in those distant historical times, and which are likewise found everywhere these days.

Thousands of years have passed, and you have almost not developed.

This should not have remained unchanged given the normal, initially predetermined nature of development of the human inner world!

Isn’t this a sign that all your traditional perception of what is going on, which you persistently nurture and support in each other, has a substantial fallacy?

The social formation will be able to develop harmoniously only in conditions of true Unity as predetermined by the Heavenly Father, which unequivocally implies totally conflict-free interactions between the members of the society, when in everyday life your deeds will be based on the highest moral and ethical principles and will be fairly named as good and decent.

Only in a society where the interactions give rise to and strengthen the confidence between the people can there be a real opportunity to overcome most effectively and favourably any extreme conditions for life!

And it is imperative that, precisely in the current epochal period of time, a thorough comprehension of this should begin not only on behalf of the citizens of Russia, but also by the rest of the sober-minded part of the world community!

The time has come!

The development of the human civilisation has approached that fateful milestone when there is a vital need for the unfolding of special processes, the development trend of which is able to gradually lead to the establishment of a saving balance in the social activity throughout the Earth.

When, in the end, all ideological disagreements in the understanding of the very same Law of spiritual development of man will disappear, because for all the children of the Heavenly Father this Law is unique, just as any other law of the exact sciences, designed to objectively and properly reflect the processes of development of the World of Matter, is also unique.

The global processes taking place nowadays on the world stage are predictable, as the whole course of historical development of all individual social formations on Earth has also been predictable.

In this respect there has long been seen the predetermination that at this point in time, when the human civilisation reaches the fateful milestone, the territory of Russia will happen to be the central link in the decisive for the fate of all mankind events, on the character of the development of which the scale of the inevitable global tragedy on the whole Earth will directly depend.

By the time when Russians should get into the hot phase of the rapid and avalanche-like catastrophic events of global scale, on the territory of Russia there should have appeared and should have been able to unfold in due measure a spiritual Teaching, designed to show the Path of formation of favourable psychological balance and true unity.

This, for objective reasons, was possible to begin first on the basis of that part of humanity which had sufficient spiritual maturity and disposition for progressive comprehension of reality.

The disposition towards a progressive understanding of a certain reality necessarily implies man’s willingness to look in a new way at many things that he has previously perceived as familiar and well established.

Such a disposition plays a very important role, since, at the particularly crucial moment of the fateful correction of the process of development of the human race, the Heavenly Father always gives, primarily, something New.

As it happened once in the course of the well-known Accomplishment that took place two thousand years ago, when it was of great importance to reveal something which definitely contradicted the traditional dogmatic views, and the Accomplishment itself could only be short-lived with tragic consequences.

In connection with this the New could only be opened a little bit, but it was necessary to do this exactly at that time and precisely among that nation!

The true spiritual values ​​are the Law which should not have a traditional interpretation characteristic of one particular nation only.

Therefore, the necessary fullness of the Word of Salvation for all can only be revealed in conditions, where for the different nations there can be an equal accessibility to the Truth which is being disclosed to all by the will of the Heavenly Father!

The predestined manifestation of the Word in this epoch presupposes a thorough revelation of the wholeness of the Truth, which is accessible to modern man’s understanding and which in ancient times could only be touched upon in figurative hints and parables, that has inevitably facilitated the subsequent appearance of many subjective interpretations, becoming later a stumbling block dividing all those who became believers.

But it was impossible to avoid this.

And now the time has come for the beginning of some changes which have been impossible in the course of the entire history of human existence.

Spiritual disunity, which is always destructive for human civilisation, must necessarily disappear on Earth, because it is capable of generating violent confrontation and intransigence.

From the territory of Russia should begin to take place a historically significant process which will unequivocally lead to the formation of a true Unity among all the peoples on Earth.

I am well aware that many of you may smile with disbelief and irony about this.

And at the same time I also understand very well that your irony will have nothing to do with the fact that you ostensibly consider the formation of such a Unity as being fundamentally unreasonable.

You have simply begun to realise quite well that goodness, prudence and general benevolence cannot prevail in the conditions of the familiar to all of you vicious system of life, which you have had to observe throughout history, and in this connection you have become steadily disposed to regard sublime ideas of universal Unity and unselfish coexistence as utopia.

But a fundamentally different type of living system, which will be fairly designated as the Kingdom of God, is about to be established on Earth.

But a characteristic feature of the specific changes taking place in the activities of the human societies has deprived humanity of the opportunity to be able to mature in a natural way to the acquisition of the necessary extent of self-awareness thanks to which it would be possible to form on the whole Earth the type of righteous life-arrangement of human interactions that was pre-ordained by the Heavenly Father.

People have managed to create means of global self-destruction and all the related circumstances continue to rapidly complicate in a critical direction.

Many of you were able to pay attention to one circumstance showing that when a person finds himself in the most difficult for himself conditions, when he becomes afraid for his life or for the life of someone of his neighbours, at such moments he might display an increased interest in looking for a contact with God.

And as long as everything seems satisfactory and stable, man tends to give priority only to his own egoistic interests and benefit.

So it turns out that in order to save the human race from self-destruction, towards which all the people on Earth are persistently moving, fanatically revering egoistic interests and trying hard to assert their own significance, something must force the representatives of the human civilisation to seek a way out in a strictly defined saving direction.

To draw your attention urgently to the vital necessity of forming a true Unity proved to be possible only in the period of globally unfolding dangerous processes of both technogenic and, especially, natural character, which, endangering all mankind, were bound to begin taking place all around the Earth.

Most regrettably, such processes cannot do without monstrous tragedies.

But the apocalyptic circumstances have nothing to do with the manifestation of the Will of the Heavenly Father, for He has never punished anyone and cannot do this in principle!

The apocalyptic deadline has been persistently formed by the people themselves according to their own will!

The Heavenly Father will always try only to preordain help to you, which is intended to facilitate a turn in the right direction, but you must always make your choice only on your own!

This is the Law!

You can only be offered the opportunity to take advantage of the saving conditions, but in no way will it be possible to save you by imposing something that you need through certain means of convincing.

It is not possible to call for and lead to the Unity of mankind all over the Earth on the grounds of the existing traditions of one particular nation.

To lead the entire human society to Unity is only possible on the basis of what is newly revealed by God, which has not yet managed to become a tradition among the nation where this Accomplishment has been manifested, but which is intended to become a tradition now already for the entire human society on Earth.

The soul of all people on Earth, irrespective of their nationality or religious and mystical beliefs, has in its basis exactly the same energy-informational structure and, therefore, it can also develop according to one and the same principle only, regardless of the diverse ideas about spiritual values, which have emerged and have become established in the form of traditional dogmas.

The Kingdom of God on Earth – and it is intended to be only established in the World of Matter – can imply just indivisibility and the complete absence of ideological division, for any kingdom divided in itself always loses its value and is doomed to oblivion!

The presence of such ideological division and the significant divergence in the ideas about the spiritual values ​​and about the Heavenly Father is an obvious emblematic sign of people’s lack of accuracy and completeness of knowledge about the true features of everything that actually belongs to the Spiritual World.

The establishment of God’s Kingdom on Earth, which has primarily been predetermined as the main Foundation from which only the human civilisation can fully develop, necessarily implies not only the acquisition by all the people of a correct understanding of the peculiarities of their soul, peculiarities of its interaction with the Heavenly Father, peculiarities of its development, but also, what is especially important, the acquisition of a proper understanding of the Meaning for the sake of which the unique human being has been purposefully formed.

A unique being, that has been formed as a result of combining the informational structure of the psychic energy field of the biological organism with the similar spiritual energy structure of what man began to perceive under the term ‘soul’.

The soul has been formed as an individual basic foundation and it is called to permanently imprint only the changing in quality sensual experience of each concrete person, and its normal and full-fledged development is always related to the way man tries to perceive everything that occurs in the surrounding reality and the way man tries to react to the manifestations of his neighbours during his interaction with them.

The true value of man’s Sacred Faith can be seen not during his stay in the Church, where a hypocrite and a true believer can happen to be no different from each other, but only in the everyday ordinary life.

The essence of the true Church of God is the benign unity of mutually respectful and caring for each other children of the One Heavenly Father, who do not think of distinguishing themselves among others as being special or chosen.

The worthy children of the Heavenly Father will never allow themselves to primitively compete with each other for His attention and love, naively believing that allegedly only someone of them might succeed to more correctly fulfil God’s Testament and glorify His name by means of services and rituals.

The true spiritual love does not tolerate divisions and preferences.

In the Siberian region of Russia there has already managed to manifest itself in a minimum-favorable measure Something, which is intended to contribute to the formation of a beneficial psychological environment, where it becomes possible to reveal and develop all the best that represents the true values of Humanity.

For some thirty years now in the evolving community of that region there have been increasingly manifested such fruits of relationships and upbringing of children, about which in the other parts of the country one can only find slogan-like appeals and dreamlike wishes.

One very wise proverb can be found in Russian society:

“It is better once to see than a hundred times to hear”.

If you really want to get the most accurate picture of something that is happening, try to see it first with your own eyes.

Beware of making hasty judgments based on rumours, gossip and someone else’s preconceived conjectures.

Do not forget that there is a great multitude of those about whom it was aptly written in the ancient Scriptures, “…and he who utters slander is a fool“.

Current times should inevitably be characterised in an emblematic way by the globally-spread unhealthy activity of a multitude of people in their efforts to hastily give out subjective critical assessments of things about which they themselves have generally no truthful knowledge at all.

I want to tell you that in the current period of epochal events the vicious weaknesses of man, especially those connected with the manifestation of indignation and aggression, should begin to considerably increase and provoke the appearance of a number of various circumstances which from outside can be perceived as either pronounced stupidity or insanity.

Be vigilant, try to show prudence and sobriety of mind when you come into contact with something that, for some unknown to you reason, somehow and for some purpose has appeared precisely on your way.

There is already some grounds to assert that on the Russian territory there is Something which, in case of a normal further development, is able to favourably influence the psychological stability not only of the country itself, but is also called to have a beneficial effect on the life processes in all the rest of the World, levelling in the future the consequences of the fateful events which will inevitably happen everywhere.

It would be particularly favourable now to promote the formation of a kind of a Pole of Peace in the above-mentioned Siberian region, where, precisely in rural conditions, a multinational community will continue to settle, building a space of friendliness, trust and unselfish mutual assistance, without imposing anything on each other and showing respect for the values that still remain dear for someone of the neighbours.

And also educating children in an atmosphere of peaceful interaction, teaching them all kinds of creative skills, which is already taking place in a rather interesting way.

And this is not a dream project, but an already existing reality which in a unique for the whole world version, without loudly declaring itself, has been successfully developing for thirty years.

I feel it necessary to tell you that it would be to your benefit and the welfare of the entire country that many of you tried to leave the cities and begin to actively master the conditions of the rural life.

But a significant difficulty in the realisation of such a vitally important to you aspiration will inevitably be the absence of a favourable number of like-minded people, ready to display friendly and unselfish mutual assistance in all aspects of life – of physical and, especially, of psychological character.

But there is already a real basis and there is no need to start from scratch.

You need to only make some normal reasonable efforts to objectively comprehend what the Heavenly Father – in help to all of you – has given in its complete auspicious fullness.

The emerging space of the Pole of Peace must become attractive to all progressively thinking people who cherish spiritual values and who will increasingly over time show an interest in moving from different countries to the territory of Russia for further life.

People all over the Earth, due to a characteristic feature inherent in their inner world, tend to expect the manifestation of the Will of God only in the form in which each one is individually inclined to imagine it.

But the manifestation of the Will of God cannot take place considering all the fantasies, wishes and whims of each of the representatives of the human race.

The manifestation of the Will of God can only take place considering the trends that have been steadily formed in people’s lives and are dangerous for their spiritual development, what is always the result of false interpretations of some aspects of the Truth.

Such false interpretations inevitably arise in conditions where one or another aspect of the Truth has not been revealed in the completeness required for an unmistakable interpretation.

This means that the Will of the Heavenly Father will first of all reveal new horizons and guidelines, but will not satisfy far-fetched egoistic aspirations.

And now the Accomplishment, predetermined by the Heavenly Father, is taking place the way He sees it as favorable, and not the way that many of you expect in accordance with ideas, contradictory in their diversity, that have long been formed among different nations.

I should have told you now that all of you, without exception, are being given the opportunity to come into contact with and comprehend such an amount of information and Knowledge, which is designed to help you see the complete fullness of the whole picture about everything that concerns the true process of human spiritual development.

Let me answer your cognitive questions and help you find Hope.

You still have a particularly valuable opportunity to receive pure information, unclouded by the retelling of intermediaries.

But given all my desire, readiness and abilities to help you, I do not have to convince you of anything, all the more to prove anything to you.

Such is the requirement of the Law!

I can only offer you what I hold inside and, at the level of your understanding, explain to you in detail what you are interested in, from what I am called to reveal.

I know the wonderful Purpose for which in distant antiquity your biological organism has been spiritualised in a unique manner.

I am ready to tell you about all the peculiarities of your soul, in connection with one of which at the present time you are forced to observe strange manifestations in some of your brethren that you cannot properly identify and towards which you are inclined to react aggressively.

I am ready to tell you about the mystery of your interaction with the Heavenly Father, about which, in fact, you know nothing yet and are confined by extremely naive notions.

I know who you are, where you are coming from and where you are destined to go.

I know why in the course of the entire history you gravitate into an absolutely wrong direction, why you steadily get into the same type of tragic problems and why you always tend to solve all serious difficulties using the same methods, the result of which has always been easily predictable and joyless.

But this pernicious, steadily manifesting itself in all human societies tendency cannot infinitely continue.

Having persistently moved in a direction that is well known and convenient for the satisfaction of the egoistic interests, it was inevitable that sooner or later people would create the means for global self-destruction.

And this is despite the fact that the readiness to use these means at someone’s egoistic whim was just as successfully preserved.

In the distant times, two-thousand years ago, the Teacher asked himself with sadness:

And when I come, will I find faith on Earth?

Today, however, the manifestations of the Sacred Faith on Earth are taking place at a depressing scale.

It is almost non-existent.

A great number of those, who are now trying to identify themselves as believers, do not realise at all the true principle and the meaning of the Sacred Faith, hence their manifestations as believers are more like playing religiousness.

They do not manifest their Faith in self-sacrificing service to God, but rather consider it in the habitual consumptive way as a mystical means for obtaining some kind of healing help and a guarantee, supposedly capable of unequivocally protecting against going to Hell.

A great multitude of miserable people, in their soul-scarcity, are mindlessly ready to worship any source, if there is a hint that it might make any illnesses go away or increase their financial well-being.

For all members of the different societies, or rather for the progressively thinking part of them, who have an interest in cognizing God, the need for a detailed revelation of the Truth of the Law of the spiritual development of man on Earth has become a saving necessity!

You all need to know that in your various religious perceptions you turned out to be guardians of different equally valuable Parts of the same Vessel.

In all your disagreements on spiritual matters, you could not even suspect that you have really been talking about the veneration of one and the same Sacred Vessel, but only you have been trying to compare its various Parts, which are really different from one another.

The Time has come to comprehend the Vessel itself, in the preservation of whose Parts you have all participated in an equally valuable and proportionate way!

This has been an Intent for your good, so that in the end you could not boast in front of each other, comparing the significance of your spiritual manifestations!

Your Heavenly Father is one for all of you, loves and values all of you equally, which means that His Intent could only concern all of you equally!

Now the extremely responsible stage in the development of the human civilisation and the magnitude of the probable tragedy depend on you.

I know what you need, but are you ready to go in an unaccustomed and highly uncomfortable direction as regards the satisfaction of your egoistic interests?

You have the complete favorable fullness of freedom of choice, and you have been given all the unique information and Knowledge that could have been provided only on the condition that the representatives of different societies will have the opportunity to touch upon this Knowledge and make their choice.

In anticipation of something especially significant, already awaiting you, my Father, the God of the human race and your Father, has prompted me to make this appeal to you at this particular time, with a proposal to help you.

And then…

Some of you will smile ironically, and some of you will start to look closely.

But you will have to make a choice and strive towards something that you, depending on your choice, will rightfully deserve.

It has always been that way, and that way it will be forever!

It has become important to me now that beyond the borderline, shown by this appeal of mine, you could no longer say that you have had no choice and have not known anything.

I said!

Now you know!

Be blessed!

And may the Glory and the Kingdom of God be established all over the Earth!

Peace be with you, children of the Great Heavenly Father!

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