What is going on?

Over the last few days I heard from some believers, living in remote cities, that there has been shown some interest in asking me about the exciting events, taking place in the world today.

I am well aware of the fact, that the alarming events happening now, especially concerning the various circumstances related to the spread of the dangerous virus, can seriously disturb you.

But at first I did not feel a keen desire to answer the question you are raising, and only over time did it seem favourable to, nevertheless, touch a little upon this issue from a definite side.

Only in this topic I will rather remind of something, than reveal new things, which you are, as I understand, mainly inclined to expect.

The primary value of my creation does not refer to the need of focusing your attention on what dangerous difficulties are possible on your life path.

This kind of information can only be partially useful, but not for the spiritual development, which precisely for mankind is intended to be a priority.

My task is first of all to help you re-direct as much as possible your efforts in a vital, life-saving for you direction.

Not in the case, when you need to prepare in a definite way for certain temporary difficulties, characteristic of a particular place, like floods, fires or some sorts of corona-viruses, but when the very fate of your society should be decided.

If, in the cases with probable floods, fires or something like that sufficient narrowly focused characteristic professional efforts are required, then in the case, when the fate of mankind is to be decided, the main attention should be paid precisely to the psychological features of the relationship of a person with a person.

It will be vital to pay close attention to what the psychological well-being of the social formation depends on.

If such a circumstance will be properly solved (and this is possible exclusively when all kinds of probable actions in any relations among the people will maximally correspond to the Truth), then such social formation will acquire greatest possibilities to go through all kinds of probable extreme conditions with the least losses!

And this already means, that it does not matter what difficulties are awaiting you, but it is important that you have found true, favourable for your life values!

Therefore, I do not need to recognize in advance accurate information about probable cataclysms and certain insidious currents, forming in the society.

It is enough for me to appear among you at the right time, and I will immediately be able to determine everything, that you need to change in yourself in a strictly defined direction!

And it is almost for thirty years now, that I am trying to help you recognize all the negative features, concerning all your everyday-life nuances, which you reveal to me through your questions.

Life nuances, which are primarily connected to your relationship.

On this basis, an unprecedented amount of concrete explanations was captured for you, regarding everything that you were able to touch upon.

Your Salvation depends entirely on the necessary degree of goodwill towards each other, and not on pits and traps, which many people with unhealthy fascination dig and place around.

The narrow gates to a normal future will enter not fragmented among themselves wolf packs, continuing to prove to everyone the uniqueness of their national or some other characteristics, but the One Common Family of God’s children!

The righteous children do not feel the need to be divided among themselves, for the only destiny of a house or a kingdom, which divides in itself, is destruction!

A good parent will always care and expect peace and mutual respect between his children.

This means that if you, inter alia, try to highlight the importance of the social formation, which you belong to, thereby you already betray the faith in God!

God does not have a chosen people among you!

Do not feed your ego in such a primitive way on this occasion.

Out of ignorance, people have been doing this for many centuries, but the fate of this in the end will be doom!

You are One Common Nation on this Earth, even if you have been born with different skin colour and speak different languages!

The informational structure of your soul does not have any conditional national features.

Your true value is in the soul, but not in the biological organism.

The body of man is only an instrument, with the help of which you are called to influence the surrounding World of Matter in a peculiar way.

And the good master is characterized by his skills, but not by the presence of high-quality instruments.

So, regarding the disturbing development of events, which you are facing, I see it favourable just to tell you mainly about my sensations.

I have already mentioned, that I do not need to have accurate information about what is ongoing.

My sensations are quite enough.

I feel very well what is happening in the world, which inevitably creates definite difficulties, but this cannot be avoided.

This is a necessary given…

By the end of last year, I shared with some people, that in recent months I clearly feel from the world some pulling painful tension, figuratively comparable with an extremely stretched purulent abscess, which can either burst by itself, or it can be artificially pierced.

And already in the first months of the new year, I cannot mention the exact date, for I do not tend to pay attention to the numerical measurements of time, I quite tangibly began to experience new unusual sensations.

In an attempt to share this experiences, just one most accurate association was found – chaos.

And although soon I learned about the appearance of the now well-known corona-virus, I am not inclined to correlate the feeling of chaos only with its spread.

It is just like an insignificant tip of the iceberg visible above the surface of the ocean.

I think, that a whole chain of peculiar events will now already irresistibly pour as a purulent river out of the erupted abscess.

Take a closer look at the consequences, which are clearly prompted by the actively unfolding events.

And now I will remind those, who are actively participating in the fulfilment of the Predestined on this Siberian land, as well as those, who have been closely observing this for a long time.

In addition to the main efforts, which the believers had to make for changing their psychological predispositions in accordance with the Truth, the peculiarities of the multifaceted organization of the economic activity were being considered.

Once, a few years ago, the incentive for the necessary acquisition of the vitally important skills and capabilities related to the material well-being in the community was tied to the probable onset of a certain conditional extreme period, which with a smile was given the name “Zarnitza”.

So everything that you were called to learn for many years, can significantly minimize the probable difficulties in life, and not only those that you can already observe…

Of course, not everything that I have to see in the activities of the believers happens as I would like, but this continues to be solved.

I can say that those really serious difficulties, that begin to more and more distinctly manifest themselves in the human society, should not have a particularly negative impact on the lives of those, who in these last year has tried in every possible way to follow the guidelines, which I have been trying to show you comprehensively for almost thirty years.

And this positive result in varying measure some of you already notice, and others will be able to observe in practice later on.

It is quite possible that the game image of “Zarnitza” has now passed into a real embodiment.

If we take into account the predisposition of the responsible people to assess the ongoing reality primitively and standardly, from what the whole world’s society is drawing in – irresistibly, and now, apparently, already in an avalanche-like manner – I do not see an optimistic way out.

Such an exit – under the conditions of the specific features of an aggressive life and extremely harmful mistakes in the relationships, which people constantly create – simply cannot exist in principle.

What is only possible is the temporary smoothing of the sharp corners, which constant appearance is absolutely natural and inevitable.

But all this can only last for a limited period of time, after which the fateful choice can inevitably and massively confront the whole civilization!

But I have already told you a lot of things about that.

I would like to add a little, that should be quite useful for sane people, which still have the appropriate capabilities, to get to the ground as soon as possible, and it is particularly favourable to where there will be a large team of adequate like-minded people.

Mutual assistance, as a rule, is often vitally important.

Now for you a paramount necessity should become the healthy (non-store) food, and the friendly collective communication, where the dedicated mutual assistance will be highly appreciated!

Healthy confidence in life is possible only in conditions, when you feel around you those, who are trying to be friends!

But … this is something that the whole mankind has yet to learn …