Time of the Beast

Once the believers have heard about the image that every tree is being recognized by its fruits, for a bad tree cannot bear good fruits.
All of you are able to realize correctly enough that the principal feature of life activity of representatives of the animal world is based on the survival only at the expense of the weaker representatives both of their own species and other species of various organisms.
For those who are associated by man with the world of the beasts, this is really vital and this kind of life activity is elementary controlled by Harmony.

The significance of the beast is characterized by its physical characteristics, which are expressed either by bright colors, or by a large size and physical strength, etc., which, if naturally needed, it will willingly demonstrate.

All this represents the fundamental path of the beast, whose egoistic sensual world is balanced in such a way, that its physical manifestations would not exceed the admissible boundaries of Nature’s harmony.
The predator will not show aggression if he is not openly threatened and he is well fed.

The characteristic feature of the life activity of the representatives of the animal world can be designated as the Road of the Beast.

But the vital activity of man is designed to be characterized not by the animal qualities, but the human ones.

The Road of the Beast and the Road of Man have in their essence a very significant difference.

The biological organism of man is endowed with instincts by analogy with what all the other representatives of the animal world possess, but the very feature of man is intended to be characterized not by the physical characteristics, as it is unambiguously designed to happen in animals, but by the quality of his sensual world.

The sensual world precisely of man is unique and is able to manifest itself with an unprecedentedly greater strength and breadth.

Only if this unique potential is not being brought to the necessary harmony, then all this power, as an excessive force, not foreseen by the laws of nature’s balance, will inevitably be directed to the sphere of activity of the instincts.
And then, in what animals can feel the measure and easily keep themselves within the boundaries allowed by the harmony, it is the man who will inevitably acquire a very strong predisposition to strive to bring the satisfaction of his instincts to extremely ugly perversions.
That is, for a man with such a predisposition, the importance of satisfying his egoistic desire will become so great, that in his aspirations he will be able to allow himself to easily cross all the permissible reasonable and safe limits.

Within the limits of the harmony of the Nature of the Earth such a circumstance can only mean that whoever man thinks he is, with such harmful spiritual qualities, he, regarding his usefulness, cannot reach even the level of the representatives of the animal world!

Regrettably, we should truly admit that the human society on the Earth is still persistently trying to stay in the position of the most dangerous and harmful virus!

In its essence, the genuine animal need to assert its significance, which for animals is really vital, in humans, without a proper spiritual formation, can be displayed in wildest scales and consequences.

All of you now have ample opportunities to witness an avalanche of unbridled growth of all this abomination!

And if a society traditionally cultivates the necessity to prove and assert its significance, which is easily seen in the manifestations of both secular and religious society, then it can be interpreted as a landmark phenomenon unambiguously characterizing such a society as striving to follow the Path of the Beast!

Unreasonable, inadequately manifested aggression in relations in such a society will be as a matter of course!

I think that in this connection it will not be difficult to correctly characterize the entire history of human life activity as the Time of the Beast.
But this should not always be the same, for it is an apparent pathology in the development of human society!

The road of Man is absolutely incompatible with even the slightest need to demonstrate his egoistic significance, to which directly relate all the attempts at least a little to emphasize either his allegedly higher or advantageous position, or a certain inferiority of someone else!
Any attempt in thoughts, words, or any other actions to emphasize one’s supposedly higher or better position in relation to someone else is a clear sign of a narrow mind and spiritual scarcity!

Quo Vadis, man?
Isn’t it time to seriously consider the need to begin to fundamentally deviate from the Road of the Beast?

The less beast features you have, the more humane you will be!

But, in order that this could happen, all of you need now to thoroughly reconsider your understanding of the peculiarities of your spiritual development.

For any supposedly spiritual practices, rituals and other established traditional primitive ideas about God are not directly related to the peculiarities of the spiritual development.

Spiritual development actually includes any efforts of man, which he allows himself to show in respect to any manifestations of people, as well as the entire surrounding reality!
But above all, the most important thing is how you react to the actions displayed by any other person in any circumstances.

Precisely where you have begun to feel embarrassment and dissatisfaction with the manifestations of some person, that is where the next correction of your personal spiritual values begins!

From the way you allow yourself to react to something in the actions of those, with whom you have come into contact, in you will immediately appear some processes of either development or degradation.

And it will have absolutely nothing to do with how much and how interestingly you talk about God or how accurately and often you perform various rituals.

Therefore, spiritual development is very much like exact sciences and refers to the most favorable efforts that you need to manifest in relation to something that you have come into contact with in particular circumstances.
This law is one for all the people and does not depend on their national or any other specific features of their different beliefs!
Since for all the people on Earth without exception God is one, then to develop normally they will be able only by making proper efforts in moving together to one most accurate direction.
In all times, as a rule, you’ve been trying to follow the egoistic motives, which has been logical and inevitable, therefore the various tragedies happened to be unavoidable.
Now it is already of vital need to change this pernicious tendency, although it is extremely difficult!
And this is possible!
For the past thirty years (without a year), I have already managed to give you all an unprecedented amount of necessary knowledge concerning human behavioral characteristics.
The limits of this amount depend solely on your ability to touch upon something new in your life.

In the meantime, I have to wait for the moment when you will cease to be so stubbornly clever and engage in completely senseless discussions concerning both my personality and all sorts of Sacred topics.

I can assure you that regarding all this, you have not yet any correct ideas.

In your opinions you still have an opportunity to lean on extremely primitive traditional images and interpretations formed by a medieval level of consciousness.

Which has predictably become a fertile soil for the violent development of atheism.
The auspiciousness of the development of your destiny now depends on how quickly some of you will be able to get out of the pernicious embrace of the rapidly increasing and uncontrollably spreading avalanche of unlawfulness, lies and inhumanity!

And this now directly depends on your ability to undertake reasonable efforts to objectively reflect on the Knowledge provided to you and to make the corresponding efforts to retain yourself from the pernicious temptations of hardening your heart!

The choice can be made only by you!