The Share of the Weak Person

It’s freezing out the window. On the window glass in some places something intricate and elegant is being created in filigree strokes: either the Frost wants to cheer us up, or just to please. And the surface of the wooden constructions, when hit by the sun rays, sparkles as if covered in diamond crumb.
Soon there will be the sequence of festive days with their mysterious and fabulous evenings, illuminated by fluttering candle lights and sparkles from the Christmas tree decorations … Well, in the meantime, suddenly, I was slightly enveloped in a lyrical mood.
And so, being in the arms of this mood and browsing the news page from the expanses of the ubiquitous Internet, once again I came across a kind of soulfulness of one more sufferer about how Russia, where he had spent his life to a certain time, had allegedly turned into “…evil in its pure, unalloyed form”.
Apparently, Yuri Nesterenko, the author of a huge article “Exodus”, written in the spirit of the above quotation, has got very tired of the overwhelming burden of his own visionary conclusions, which has prompted him to move to the bright lands of the wonderful country of America.
In what a standard way does think a man, who has not yet succeeded in transforming his original egoistic features in the sense, that is predetermined by God for the beginning of normal life activity.

In my practice I have to observe this standard continuously for more than one decade!

Everybody likes to express in many words their anxiety about the well-being of all: mankind, the country, the like-minded people around, and even the Earth!
It’s nice to pamper oneself with such a fantastic image of your heart, ostensibly burning for the good of all.

But precisely this is the distinctive peculiarity particularly of the weak person!

And in the society on this basis is also built the whole electoral system, in order to elect the most significant of those who, for some reason, really want to rule.

Whither goest thou, man!
People are endowed with the unique property of unrepeatedness in the perceiving of the surrounding reality, and that means – of comprehending it.

Therefore, if you actively falsely accentuate your self-expression on the manifestation of this kind of concerns, then, in accordance with the laws of egoism, you will inevitably designate otherwise-thinking as potential pests!
A distinctive feature of a spiritually weak person is his inclination to unambiguously idealize his own conclusions, and if he puts forward his ideas for the good of all, then any other ideas he will necessarily perceive as harmful, and those who put forward these ideas as enemies.

A reasonable and sound comprehension of other ideas under such conditions, as a rule, cannot take place.

Isn’t it this, what many people can observe every day in an environment of peculiarly popular egoists, divided among themselves into ideological groups and noisily debating about the good of their common country?

However strange it may seem at first, the active and noisy concern for the good for all is based on spiritual weakness.

It is this weakness that is the main reason for the strong temptation to criticize all people who think otherwise, and even strangers in general, and thus at least somehow to highlight and emphasize one’s own importance!

A strong temptation to look for rubbish in the eyes of others, while in one’s own eyes have already been accumulated great deposits of all kinds of lumber.
There is a strong temptation to save those who have other ideological insights, when unable to provide them with any reasonable argument; a temptation to give wisdom to those who have taken the helm of some state power, when unable to establish normal order in one’s own yard; a temptation to give hints and instructions to professionals, when unable to do anything at all; even a temptation to criticize the national characteristics of the representatives of other peoples.
Just what kind of nonsense has not been displayed on the basis of the effort of the egoism of the weak human personality to assert its individual significance for the entire historical period of human life activity!
However beautiful the slogans with extensive and sublime appeals may look, you should always remember that the Divine can only be comprehended and manifested through modesty and humility!
The Divine does not appear when you try in every possible way to impose your supposedly right conclusions, accompanying them with convincing – in your opinion – arguments, but when your soulmates themselves, solely on their own will, will ask you to show them your correctness!
In other words, he who comprehends humility worthily will never try to criticize and teach his soulmates until they themselves ask him for advice.
The quality of every state, and of every country in general, fully corresponds to the quality of those who constitute it.
For you, your country is not someone else who lives there!

Your country – that is first of all you personally!

If you tend to give a negative assessment of the country of your residence, then you should first give the same assessment to yourself!
If you want your country to be really more interesting, then you begin to live interestingly yourself, but not in a way, that the saying about the bad dancer, whose pants are interfering, applies to you.

You always have the opportunity to not repeat the stupid mistakes of many others!

Remember that choosing a particular direction, you will inevitably have to accept the inherent characteristics of these directions, which may very well be in conflict with each other.
For example, when choosing the main life priority between the accumulation of standard material values for the existing society and the accumulation of true spiritual values, you will definitely be obliged to choose one of the opposite directions, and so, to expect the same success in one and the other will be completely inappropriate!
At the same time, you should not forget the historical experience, when regardless of how great is man’s material wealth or bread supply, it in no way guaranteed, and cannot guarantee at all, his spiritual well-being, but more often even the opposite.
Space can only be changed by a practical example of changing oneself, not by empty, albeit sublime, words about some universal good!
In conclusion, I would like to mention a humorous sketch that I have met, where someone from the tribune asks the multitude of people standing before him: “Do you want a change?” – and people indicated their agreement by raising their hands, and when this one asked: “do you want to change yourself?” – there wasn’t a single raised hand.
You who believe in the justice of your experiences and the sublimity of your concerns, save at least yourselves and let others do this noble work on their own!
Changing yourself for the better is just the only opportunity you have to make the World around you better!

The share of the strong person is to ennoble the surrounding space of his residence without trying to prove anything!
The share of the weak person is to criticize and complain loudly and verbally, trying to prove his own correctness!