Once Again About the Most Important

I wrote the beginning of this address after I started writing the text itself.

I saw the need to touch upon this subject back in November, but I was not allowed to approach it, if I may say so. I guess I was somewhat ahead of time (smile).

And now, the new year has begun. From the first days I felt a distinct need and a readiness to emphasize once again something very important and in so doing to draw some special line.

Soon after I began to write the appeal, I saw that it turns out to be peculiar, and when I touch upon such a topic it becomes more difficult for me to be sustained, because bitter emotions and heart pain begin to be clearly manifested.

Since the theme that should be particularly emphasized refers to the vicious characteristic on which the great variety of wildness of human manifestations is founded.

This characteristic is not just like a dangerous disease, but like a huge cancerous tumor that has infected the psyche of all mankind!

And if you do not pay proper attention to this matter, the dreams of prosperity will remain just a daydream.

Is it possible to draw a line beyond which faith in one’s own strength will unambiguously lead to perdition?

Confidence in one’s own strength and self-confidence concern a person’s belief in the availability of sufficient self-confidence, but in the first case a positive meaning is implied, and in the second – a negative one.

What becomes the reason of formation of psychological conditions for a man to display dangerous assessments of his own capabilities, given that in both positive and negative sense such assessments are equally sincere?

Once, in that distant time, the first disciples heard the instruction “be humble”, but they did not even imagine how serious and extensive theme was then touched by such a brief instruction.

It was not possible in antiquity to give a comprehensive explanation for this as well as for many other similar instructions within the time allotted.

Therefore, being preserved as recorded brief texts, these instructions have naturally been covered over the centuries by a variety of interpretations, both correct and false, to which the atheists ironically point fingers, even without knowing that they criticize something irrelevant to the Truth.

The main value of the sacrament of humility is its vocation to be a counterbalance to everything that man is able to manifest on the basis of his own egoistic self-affirmation!

And since the originally developed egoistic features of man inevitably began to play a leading role in all his life manifestations, then the theme of humility also quite naturally became connected with all vital efforts of man himself.

Hence, the theme of humility cannot be separated as a specific chapter in the Teaching of the Last Testament, for the very Teaching is the Teaching of humility.

Everything – now, in the Last Testament – that concerns the life manifestations of man, as a rule, is intended to help man either to believe in himself or to temper his self-confidence, which is always based on the aspiration for egoistic self-affirmation of his own significance.

To assert oneself in life, i.e. to find one’s own place of harmonious manifestation of one’s optimal usefulness and worthiness for others, is a normal manifestation.

But the assertion of one’s own importance among one’s soulmates is an effort that will never allow you to mature normally spiritually!

But after all, all established social institutions in the whole human society, which successfully continue to assert themselves to the present day, are unambiguously connected with the formation of the life arrangement of the human society on the basis of the principles of self-affirmation of one’ own significance!

Therefore, I openly announce to all of you: as long as the well-known to you life arrangement exists, and it is of the same type for everybody on Earth, you are doomed to self-destruction!

And the question is not even whether there will be any global war that could cause a global catastrophe.

The only question is when this is going to happen.

The technical level of development of mankind cannot be stopped, but under the conditions of a crazy striving for self-affirmation of one’s own dwarf significance, which is designed to help impose one’s own will and foolishness on the other competitors, such development will inevitably lead to disaster!

After all, the achievements of scientific and technological progress are primarily aimed at improving the weapons of destruction and suppression, and the current level of such weapons already threatens the existence of the human race!

Standard attempts to politically and economically resolve any conflicts – it’s just a game of unskilled doctor who, in the best case, can only skillfully choose a pill that reduces pain, but does not cure the disease itself.

The beginning of the salvation of mankind lies in the understanding that all people on Earth, without exception, are representatives of one Family of one Heavenly Father!

The sound understanding of this simple Truth can only be hindered by the primitive egoistic “show-off” of one’s own selectivity, uniqueness, or by some other delusional interpretation of one’s own imaginary significance!

All people on Earth are equally valuable!

It is time to grow up, representatives of the young human civilization, otherwise great woe awaits your senseless throws with loud revolutionary and equally senseless appeals!

Look into the eyes of those around you. How many of them are real friends of yours, who, smiling at you, do not seek to see the relationship with you profitable and convenient for themselves?

You are able to be lonely, even making family couples and having small children!

And at the same time, you are so eager to prove your significance to everybody, which your soulmates try to ignore with persistent capriciousness and malice.

In truth, anyone who out of blindness is able to claim the existence of injustice in the surrounding reality, is ignorant!

You cannot be normal friends with each other and communicate peacefully just because you are afraid of each other!

This fear quite naturally began to appear at the dawn of the beginning of the formation of the young human civilization, for the character of the beginning of life activity of the biological organism of man as well as of the animal organism is based on the natural principle of the survival of the stronger.

And in the life activity of man, by virtue of the uniqueness of his sensual world, this principle inevitably acquired an extremely perverted form, wherefore man – over the centuries of his existence – could not escape from the state, which was designed to be characteristic only for the representative of the animal world, but not for the representative of the higher mind.

Only in this state the worthiness of man is still much lower than the one of the representative of the animal world!

For no animal can bring as much sorrow and perverted violence as man does!

No animal is ever capable of leading the planet of its existence to such terrible consequences in relation to the natural values!

You perceive your soulmates as probable rivals, and are extremely afraid of being small in front of them, for you realize, and not without reason, that they, as a rule, will necessarily laugh at you and use you to their advantage!

But you are not aware that the presence of these fears unequivocally speaks about your inclination to react analogously in such conditions.

Remember, the one who aspires to be more significant than the others inevitably cultivates in himself a vicious predisposition to disdainfully ridicule and judge those whose thoughts and opinions differ from his own.

And if you do not start a righteous self-education of your spiritual being, you will be in principle unable to become one Nation – Family, and to keep you in the state of any order will still be possible only by a forcible influence and, forgive me for the expression, by muzzles.

But then – you are all doomed!

Without touching the already formed specific organizations, which naturally emerged as a characteristic fruit in the conditions of unhealthy development of the society, it is necessary to clarify that humility clearly implies the complete absence of any imposing on the soulmates of what you can assume as necessary for them!

This is only permissible in the case of child-rearing, where the measure of imposing naturally depends on the wisdom of the parent or the educator.

Humility unambiguously implies a complete absence in you not only of striving, but even the inclination to demonstrate to your soulmates either your cleverness, authority, or some other similar “nonsense”!

Such a demonstration is being easily displayed when you are trying to demonstrate your purported educational background and alleged competence in an environment where no one is interested in your opinion.

Humility unambiguously implies the complete absence of even the inclination in you to somehow recognize yourself as ostensibly superior to any of your neighbors, not to mention the primitive attempts to practically show it by means of words!

Humility unambiguously implies the complete absence of even an inclination to recognize the social group to which you belong as the best among analogous social entities, and, which is even worse and deceitful, as a God-chosen!

The Heavenly Father will never praise any group among all his children, because it will always be devastating!

And, of course, humility unambiguously implies the complete absence in those who call themselves believers of the Great God of even the inclination to somehow demonstrate their supposedly most correct interpretation of the Truth of God, for the correct sharing of such an interpretation is possible only if your soulmate, according to your doings, wishes himself to ask you about it!

Moreover, the humble man realizes clearly that his soulmate, who has a different understanding of the sacred mysteries, may well have a more perfect understanding.

The humble man also realizes well that if he himself cannot share the same understanding because of the possible scarcity of his mind, then, to continue to keep his previous faith will be a deed that pleases God.

Only time can help to better understand the Divine things, but not the emotional momentary egoistic fervor of a self-confident brainiac!

In evaluating the actions of the soulmates, especially if these actions contradict your comprehension, you tend to immediately viciously try to view such type of manifestation, which can only be characteristic of a pest.

But if you keep a predisposition to rush to see in the actions of the others hostile manifestations, it means that you will also be hastily perceived as an enemy.

The conflict between enemies provokes a war!

Therefore, if you have a tendency to hastily see the actions of your neighbors as hostile manifestations, then you are one of the real sources that actively fuel the beginning of the militant madness!

The desire to assert one’s own significance is manifested in almost every detail of life, in everyday life and family relations, as well as in the public activities, where with every successful affirmation man becomes more and more proud of such achievements of his own.

But exactly such your aspiration to the vicious self-affirmation inevitably and unequivocally forces you to see in your soulmate a rival and competitor!

And rivals cannot be friends in principle!

Therefore, the voice of each person sounds like a voice crying in the wilderness!

There are many soulmates around you, but you’re lonely!

The few specific characteristics of humility, mentioned above, can be listed very long, but this address was not created with such a purpose, for then it would be necessary to duplicate again the whole Last Testament, in which, for more than twenty years now, has already been captured a sufficient abundance of concrete instructions.

This appeal has been formed on the basis of the urgent need to place a special emphasis on the vitally important utmost concentration of your attention towards the realization of the sacrament of humility!

Without a practical comprehension of humility, there is no sense to speak about the success of the spiritual formation!

And the unique feature of humility is such, that no one has the right to teach his soulmates humility, by means of the consciously provided for this conditional training temptations!

In conclusion, I would like to add a little bit that humility unambiguously implies a complete absence of indignation in you about all the reality around you and, above all, about what your neighbors are doing!

The neighbors, in their carelessness, may well bring you bitter experiences, but you should not allow yourself to judge and scold them, and try to solve the problems that arise by reasonable and righteous methods.