On the Characteristics of Patriotism

One can regularly notice many bold statements about patriotism manifested in the daily life of human society.

Are those statements being made aptly enough, however, in regard to a variety of circumstances, assuming the normal development namely of human spiritual nature, on which really depends the harmonious well-being of entire human society?

Patriotism in human society is defined as a certain deep feeling related to one’s devotion to homeland, where, in turn, the concept of “homeland” necessarily implies not just a certain defined area on the surface of Earth, but the very human society inhabiting this subjectively defined area.

A society, which – due to certain primitive egotistical aspects – consciously strives to distinguish itself from among other similar societies through once-invented limitations of cultural self-expression.

When a human reaches a necessary initial level of wisdom, he or she begins to understand, that all processes  in the World of Being are based on one Law.

The full development of a human and hence of all human society depends exclusively on one Law for all people.

Harmony can be attained only while following the direction defined by that Harmony. And since Harmony is based on one Law for all, the direction for all people can also only be one!

All other directions inevitably involve disharmony, and therefore these directions unambiguously lead to self-destruction of anyone, who will not abandon such directions in time!

Over the course of history of the World of Being along the wayside of such false directions there have been accumulated substantial piles of remnants of those who in their time declared, with childish enthusiasm, the greatness of the society they belonged to.

The existence of societies on Earth that still continue to extremely actively assert their own exceptional significance and power, is the main indicator that all these societies are moving in false directions.

While various human societies continue the interaction based on the principle that compels them to compete among themselves over significance and power, these societies are inevitably doomed to woe and suffering.

The principle of normal spiritual development entirely excludes any competition, whatsoever.

Competition is typical only of the conditions of ego-natural development, and is based on primitive laws of instincts.

The life-organization of all human societies presently continuing to dwell on Mother-Earth, is entirely based on ego-natural principles, which unambiguously defines the false ideological direction in  the development of these societies!

In this regard, any mention of patriotism inevitably takes on only subjectively rational character, for a patriot in this case has to adhere devotedly to the conventional values of his or her society, regardless of the extent to which these conventionalities may contradict the true values of the harmonious formation of human spiritual nature.

It is rational to use the concept “patriotism” not in a narrowly national, but only in a universally human sense! When priority is given to concerns for the normal development of the Human rather than that of a community, distinguished by its national identity.

Any greatness always starts small.

And that is why, only having proficiently learnt the Truth – which principally defines the correct manner of interaction of one person with another, and where no tradition can unequivocally be considered for a vantage point – the issue of harmonious development of all human society is appropriate.

Reason and rational thinking in no means can bear any distinguishing national features!

National features may only mark a particular perception of an unfolding reality formed on the basis of certain contrived ideological norms which one is forced to adopt in a social environment of one’s upbringing, where one resides in and which one values.

If a view on an unfolding reality bears national features, such view is exceptionally biased!

Such view, in principle, cannot be rational! Reason and rational thinking are based on one Law.

Therefore, only when human civilization manages to present itself in such unity, which can be defined as one Family – indivisible in itself by ideology that compels it to see the same Law differently – only then this civilization can be rightfully defined as rational!

So far, human civilization can be perceived by an outside observer only as a pseudo-rational!

Do people remember the biblical clue telling that a kingdom or a house, if divided within, is inevitably doomed to destruction?

A united kingdom may be divided when two or more apparently equal rulers come forth, and, a house may be divided when more than one self-proclaimed owner appear within it.

The Heavenly Father is one for all people without exception!

The salvation of human society is in its unity!

And it is possible only on the basis of attainment of universal values, common to all people!

It would be wise if representatives of soundly-thinking groups of various societies demonstrated a deserving enthusiasm toward a multifaceted and necessarily objective consideration of this matter, carefully scrutinizing at all things appearing anew, without regard to dusty medals and banners, accumulated throughout history.

New realities are always accompanied by new clues!

November 2010