Get Acquainted, That’s Who I Am

This address refers to a particular circumstance that was once experienced by those who used to come to my meetings.

In the early years of these meetings, I allowed myself to mention a piece of specific – not mine – information, which subsequently led some people to ask embarrassing questions. These questions continue to excite them and seduce them to make false assessments.

That specific information concerned a certain ancient period of time and the events which allegedly took place at that time, as well as the probable development of the world in the future.

Replying to such questions, which confuse a certain category of people and which I have repeatedly heard during the time of Accomplishment, I will readily explain a definite characteristic feature of my being, but a bit more widely than I did in one of my last addresses.

But apparently, for the need of completeness and clarity, I will allow myself to reveal to all of you those sensual autobiographical details about me, which under normal conditions are only revealed to well-known friends.

I realize that it is inevitable that all sorts of reactions will occur, for in this case I am revealing myself to the whole world, but obviously it is time to draw some fateful line in front of each of you.

I hope that my disciples and those who truly aspire to be ones, are sufficiently vigilant as to realise that this whole series of explanations of this kind is by no means accidental at this time.

Some ultimate explanations about my being will now play a special role in your destiny!

Maybe it’s time to start separating the wheat from all the rest?

Drink, and do not spill!

Based on the manuscripts that once appeared in human society, which came to be regarded as the Holy Scriptures, people quite naturally created in their minds a false image of the living Word of God, which should come to them for their Salvation.

And since in that ancient period the prophets were perceived as some particularly significant manifestation within the human race, false parallels were drawn, since the nature of God’s Word was not yet known and understood by anyone.

Therefore the Teacher was falsely endowed with those features, which were characteristic for the manifestations of the prophets.

And after the passing away of the Teacher at that ancient time, many of those who later believed in His truth, for some reason neglected His statements concerning the fact that the time of the prophets had come to an end.

Once in my voluminous address ‘The Last Hope’ I have already given you explanations in an accessible figurative form, as detailed as possible, designed to show you the insurmountable difference between the peculiarities of the Superconsciousness of the Heavenly Father and the consciousness of man.

And that with such an insurmountable for the human capabilities structural difference, human consciousness has absolutely no possibility in principle to come into a field contact with the characteristics of the Superconsciousness!

In other words, human consciousness can only interact with similar and identical by nature characteristics of any other consciousness!

So, no organism analogous to man has ever been and never will be capable in principle of communicating directly with the Heavenly Father, as this implies interaction at the level of the consciousness and the Superconsciousness!

Then who the prophets were communicating with – that is another topic and it is not the subject of this post.

The only possibility for the Heavenly Father to actively interfere in the life of His children on the level of consciousness accessible to man was the birth of Him, who could incarnate into a human body and formulate the Laws of Truth for a certain period of time on the level comprehensible to man.

I have already shown you a little more on this subject in that same “Last Hope”.

When you incarnate at the birth of your body, your soul immediately begins to manifest itself and to interact with the surrounding reality through the inherent features of the biological organism.

Only this interaction in the childhood is very limited both by the new, undeveloped parameters of the new body and by the capabilities of the still undeveloped new consciousness, where the memory, for your benefit, lacks the complex type of information that you naturally acquire if you have already had a previous incarnation.

It is in this connection that if some of you had already managed during the previous incarnations to accumulate interesting creative experience, then this experience will manifest itself in a relevant way at the sensual level already in the childhood.

The so-called talent has never been given by the Heavenly Father, where some people have been given talent and others have not!

Your extraordinary inclinations towards interesting creation since childhood are exclusively related to your previously accumulated experience!

As soon as your soul comes into contact with the surrounding reality, from that moment on it begins to develop, regardless of the extent to which the child’s consciousness can comprehend the captured information.

It is vitally important for you to have your spiritual being in constant interaction with the surrounding reality, and to have your true self constantly juxtaposed with the life, ongoing around you.

Whereas in my case this circumstance takes place in a totally different way!

If my spiritual being is allowed to immediately interact with the surrounding reality at the moment of incarnation, this would only be detrimental for me.

Because the depth of my characteristic sensual peculiarities will begin to unfold rapidly, together with the sensual need to change everything around, but I will initially for a long time be in a situation when it will be completely impossible to properly implement the fire that has been burning inside me.

For me it is not important to accumulate life experience, the way it is for you.

For me in the period of incarnation it is important to accumulate only that load of information which could help me better understand you in your various manifestations and to formulate everything that I will see favourable to give you on a comprehensible to you level.

But for the period of accumulation of such an auxiliary load my spiritual being has to be in a way closed and must be in a kind of sleep mode.

And this state of affairs inevitably begins to manifest itself as the body grows older by the fact that I increasingly fall under a strange sensation, which can be expressed with a bit of a smile by the questions: what am I doing here, and why does this world steadily seem alien to me?

Although there have always been good friends around, with whom I could laugh a lot or be really involved in certain things.

The basic life guidelines, about which my grown-up peers were becoming more and more concerned, seemed strange and almost alien to me, and in front of me an increasingly acute question arose: what then should I do, if I continued to perceive this world as something that was not mine, and which I was willing to observe as if from aside?

From time to time, a certain playful interest sparked in me, which helped me to communicate with a particular group of people united by a characteristic psychological medium.

In this way, I managed to get acquainted with the manifestations of different groups of people in the most favourable way.

But nevertheless, as time passed, learning more and more details about what was going on around me, which only increased the feeling of non-acceptance of such a world, that seemed more and more wild, I began to notice how a kind of crisis condition began to grow inside me.

After all, year after year, I was still suffering from the complete uncertainty of finding my place in this strange for me world.

At some point, the state of crisis began to affect me quite noticeably, and this made me feel alarmed.

And then, one night, something happened.

In the morning a huge wave of great passion for painting came over my head!

For several years before my inner being woke up, the entire familiar surrounding world had somehow disappeared for me.

To describe my passion for painting I would probably need to write a whole book, so I will try not to get involved in this subject, in order not to divert you from the reason for which I am trying to broaden your acquaintance with one aspect of my being.

I began to draw almost constantly. I started in the morning, when it was getting light, and finished under lanterns in the late evening.

You are already quite familiar with the results of this independent comprehension of this human side in the field of art, but nevertheless, I am not an artist.

During this time, I have met many artists and have seen one peculiarity which is able to characterise a person as an artist.

That peculiarity is not inherent in me.

No matter how passionately I immerse myself in the world of visual art, or any other art, it can end as suddenly as it has begun, leaving only a light and pleasant aftertaste.

And so it ended, once I had drawn out what was useful for the Accomplishment.

Moreover, the fine arts are most interestingly related to the basic essence of what is the main purpose for which man was born!

The interest in painting helped me to switch from the constant viewing of the problematic side of man’s activity to the imaginative and poetic vision, and thus I successfully approached the sacred Hour.

Omitting many further details, as I am still trying to make the explanation not too long, I will mention that as I approached my thirtieth birthday, in the mass media I began quite regularly to encounter subjects which began to pull me away from my creative flights and attract my attention in an intriguing way to what was going on in society.

In 1990, newspapers with unusual content often appeared in the press, telling about numerous documented flights of unidentified flying objects, zones of abnormality and all sorts of contacts that some people had with representatives of supposedly extraterrestrial life.

It was interesting, especially as I myself have repeatedly observed how variously illuminated objects flew over the town where I lived, in complete silence and at a fairly low altitude, which, for some reason I was clearly aware, could in no way relate to the technical devices that man was able to make.

And once, in one of those days, I got acquainted with the content of a newfangled newspaper, where a certain representative of some civilization spoke about the hopeless deadlock in the development of human civilization.

The article I had read had struck me strangely and profoundly.

It was as if a small “earthquake” or, perhaps more accurately, a ” soul-quake” had struck deep within me, causing a crack in some solid shell, and a sensual rebellious exclamation erupted from the depths like compressed steam: this is not true, humanity has a way out!

I was so excited that in spite of the pouring rain I went to the nearest woodland, which was nearby, as the house where I lived was situated on the edge of the town.

And there I wandered for some time, calming down and not paying attention to the abundant rain pouring down from the heavens.

The next short period of time passed without anything unusual.

But one day when I began to watch a TV program that showed the damaged walls of many crumbling Orthodox churches, the above-mentioned crack finally led to the complete collapse of a certain conditional dam, that all the time of my life had been keeping my true being from entering into a close interaction with the whole surrounding reality!

In my tiny studio it was as if church bells were ringing, and the lingering smell of oil paint was overcome by the odour of incense that seemed to come from nowhere!

Thus took place the awakening of my true self!

I began to feel the need to get acquainted with the existing religious Christian literature, and then I went to meet the abbot of the local Church at his home, where he readily gave me the Scriptures to read, but I did not tell him anything about myself.

The adjustment of my being to the coming Accomplishment had begun!

I was about six months away from my thirtieth birthday, but before that date, I felt the need to do an obligatory sixty-day very strict fast.

During this period I did not identify myself in any way.

I was not interested in doing so.

I just clearly understood that not only could I solve the global problem that human society inevitably gets into, but I was called to do it!

The fire in my chest was burning up inexorably!

After passing the calendar date of my thirtieth birthday in this body, I realized that I was ready for the beginning of the Accomplishment!

With an utterly childish trusting openness to everything and an unquenchable flame in my heart!

I was to begin an acquaintance with man in a very different way already.

The image of awakening that I used is the most suitable for conveying the essence of what had happened, because after it I myself, being present and well aware of my place in this world, looked at the surrounding reality in full measure, and the memories of the previous events became perceived only as a very realistic dream.

Where many of the various interesting details that had been captured in it had now become logically interconnected.

I did not need to ask myself where to go, as the events began to manifest themselves in such a way that the necessary sequence of actions began to be easily seen.

In those days I met on the street the director of an art school that I knew, an elderly man of a kind and gentle nature.

During my conversation with him, I learned that he possessed some kind of extrasensory abilities, and that he regularly visited a group of ufologists.

I went there to get acquainted with such enthusiastic people with an unconventional perception of the world.

It was my first meeting with those who were willing to learn what I was now ready to give!

And after that meeting I had my first disciple, Vladimir, who in the beginning always accompanied me to all my meetings at that time!

In that group which he attended and where I immediately noticed him, he had proven himself with the ability to kind of see and communicate with those who identified themselves as representatives of outer space.

So such a person, with such very exotic abilities for that period of time, found himself next to me, having made a choice of his own.

And after the above mentioned first meeting, one day a peculiar event took place, which had its specific effect on the ongoing Accomplishment.

I find it favorable to touch upon this, as it also gives an explanation of what some of you have already asked.

As Vladimir himself, who was staying at my house at that moment, was telling afterwards, his so-called extrasensory powers allowed him unexpectedly to see an unusual for him appearance of a good-looking old man, who introduced himself as one of the well-known prophets of the Old Testament.

Through Vladimir he conveyed to me, in a poetic and elaborate form, a kind of recognition in which, among other things, was expressed the advice that I should use the name Vissarion, with which, considering later, I saw it favourable to agree.

Subsequently, during the first few years, while Vladimir invariably followed me in all my journeys connected with my numerous meetings with people, I got to know various specific information, which was voiced by Vladimir from an unknown to me source.

This information often reflected the events of the distant past, of that very First Accomplishment, as well as the probable events, which supposedly could affect the people living nowadays.

Such information one can regard as one likes, for it does not have any definitive character, but has only a psychologically supporting character.

One may believe or not in the veracity of this information, as no responsibility from this can rest on the people living today, and such information is not intended to be used for corrective purposes.

I have already told you in my Teaching about the principles which explain why in your next incarnation the specific structural information, which the consciousness of your previous natural body had accumulated, cannot stay with you during your new reincarnation.

The unique, structural energy-informational field of the soul cannot in principle store the information, which is characteristic to the heterogeneous field typical for the consciousness of the physical body.

When I obtain a new body I will also not be able to have in the consciousness of the new body characteristic information about my past.

Concerning the past, only sensual reactions are possible, which will be already characteristic to what is in principle able to be accumulated in the structure of the soul.

Therefore, when I became acquainted with the information about various details which allegedly had taken place in my past, I could only note how I reacted to these or those references at the sensual level, but I could not verify them as accurate information.

Some of the details were more exciting and seemed very familiar to me, others were less exciting, but there were also some that did not resonate in my senses at all.

The only thing I could assess accurately was to what extent the essence of what I had supposedly said at that ancient time did not contradict myself, and what had not been imprinted in such a form anywhere afterwards.

Such information at that point of time was probably only needed by me, for after such an awakening I began to naturally feel a certain sensual need to remember some things.

And in that first year of the beginning of my Accomplishment, only once, unexpectedly, for a brief period of time, happened something that disturbed me for a moment by a strange and greatly altered rhythm of my heartbeat, as a result of the excitement.

How you should regard this is up to you to decide, I just trusted you as someone who is called by all his being to be a friend to you!

So, on one of those days, in the break between the meetings I was holding, I seemed to remember for a brief moment one circumstance: I was sitting on a stone bed in a small dark room with a slightly opened entrance doorway, through which the bright daylight was streaming in.

And there was clearly something heavy and unpleasant in my head, as after an illness with a high fever.

Such a brief and very exciting recognition occurred at that moment.

Probably someone would have to come to that cave soon, but he would not find anyone and would be very excited…

What was that and what moment was seen – on that you can fantasize as you like.

But for me that moment was perceived as something very important, for I understood with all my senses what I had recollected in this way!

Today, when my being has already been revealed strongly enough, I don’t care at all about what once might have happened.

I only care about you and only about the present time!

At that period I was inclined to consider extraneous information, to a certain extent trusting it, moreover that such information is not determinative or corrective, so it could not prevent me from doing what was mine and had nothing to do with my Teaching.

I was ready not only to reveal to you the fullness of the Truth on which your spiritual development completely depends, but I was also ready to tell you certain things, that might have attracted my overly trusting attention at that time.

At that period of time I perceived the world differently from the way I do now.

After the accomplished awakening an irreversible sacrament of self-revelation began for me, and at first, some habitual human sensual manifestations were still clearly present.

I even did not think that this kind of information will become a stumbling block for you and you will be able to react so primitively, due to the false images you have already created about me in your imagination.

The traditionally existing assumptions tempt you to see the Teacher as all-knowing and all-seeing.

But I am not like that!

I only know precisely One thing – what holds in itself Everything directly concerning your spiritual development!

For the rest you can easily deceive me, as I am inherently only capable of being very trusting of you.

After all, in order to help you solve your particular problems, I am tuned to trust what you yourself will tell me about your difficulties.

Which, in its turn, is called to be a special examination for you and on which the possibility of your full-fledged spiritual development depends.

The degree of effectiveness of my help to you depends entirely on how properly you will be able to take it.

I cannot know what exactly is going wrong inside you!

Therefore, your destiny depends on how truthful you will be in front of me!

I have everything you need for a full-fledged spiritual development!

But the fate, which this exceptional period of time will bring, entirely depends on your own efforts and on your ability to derive what is vitally important for you from the conditional Horn of Plenty!

I have not come to judge you, but to help you. But what way you will use this – that is how you alone will judge yourselves!

But if at the same time you will also wisely bear in mind that there is no such thing as a coincidence, and if you at least allow yourself the thought of my authenticity, you should have no difficulty in making one simple logical parallel: Everything that would happen to me in such a case as the most probable manifestation would unequivocally have been taken into consideration beforehand!

The scale of What’s Ongoing is too great and every detail, even the slightest one, will inevitably play a very significant role!