Recently I began to frequently encounter with your questions about the alleged chipization of the global population, and now I see it favourable to touch upon this issue in a bit more detail.

For the more comprehensive understanding of what you are concerned about in these questions, I will answer on a slightly broader plane, and for this reason I will make a short tour to the times of the beginning of the development of human civilization.

In that distant period, conventionally designated as stone age, the young humanity began its life-activity according to the same principle, as many representatives of the animal world, possessing an instinctive predisposition to gather in flocks.

Man, in addition to this natural instinctive predisposition, has also in his soul a basic predestination, predetermining a full-fledged spiritual development only through collective interaction.

The principle of uniting in a collective, both in animals and in ancient people, has always depended directly on the presence of the greatest physical strength.

And depending on the presence of a special thinking and creative capabilities in man, the collectives of representatives of mankind inevitably began to acquire a multi-complex character.

But the principle of life-activity both in the animal flocks and in man’s society, has always been based on the cult for power!

The cult for power is always based on a natural regularity, designed to help the survival in wild conditions.

The formula “the fittest survives” is a norm in wildlife conditions.

This condition is intended to contribute to the successful development of all species of the animal world.

But man is not equal to the representatives of the animal world.

What in animals proceeds naturally in a strictly balanced manner, precisely in man can obtain dangerous perversions.

Based on the cult of power, human society should inevitably be formed totalitarian!

Under the conditions of survival, when there are potentially dangerous associations of other people around, who also, depending on the egoistic motivation, are inclined to consider only the representatives of their tribe worthy, and to view all the rest as a probable victim, the totalitarian system is the most viable.

Such a system implies strict control and an organization of egoistically motivated representatives of their society, prone to disobedience.

The strict organization is designed to compel for doing all, that the one who has the greatest power and is ruling this society considers most favourable for the society.

This is an indispensable rule of wild relationship, where there are predators and victims.

Precisely this totalitarian system in all societies throughout the Earth, with a varying success in overcoming the standard, easily predictable difficulties, has managed to survive till this fateful period.

All this historical period of development of the human society, where to this day are being manifested some monstrous deeds in human relationship, happened to be inevitable.

The essence of the existing system always needs to satisfy the egoistic interest of the representatives of the society, in order that they continued to preserve the integrity of the society and sustained its viability.

That is, the integrity of each such society is founded completely on compelling, based on the creation of dependence on the material values, with the help of both forceful and ideological influence!

And a characteristic feature in the foundation of a society on spiritual principles should be the complete absence of selfish motivation and any compelling.

In a society, based on spiritual principles, people do not interact on conditions of mutual interest, which is a priority in all conditionally civilized societies, but on an inner need to be useful for others.

Therefore, the existing totalitarian system in its essence is undoubtedly destructive for the true spiritual values.

But until in the world continue to exist various societies, separated from each other exclusively on the egoistic principles of the specific interpretation of their own significance, which creates conditions for preservation of the probability of arising a war conflict according to the formula “predator – victim”, the continuing of the existence of the totalitarian system can be in some way justified.

And so, the increase of the control over the activity of all the representatives of this society will continue to be justified, where in the specific psychological atmosphere will always be displayed disagreement, capable of bringing the artificially kept unity to disintegration.

The scientific and technical progress should invariably contribute to the extension and strengthening of the possibilities to control.

To put it simply, for the existing system and the continuing to exist specific attitudes to the whole surrounding reality, the discussed in the society chipization can be considered the most suitable for establishing the required for such a system balance and obedience.

Taking into consideration that such electronic devices can be constantly improved and programmed, any criminal activity can be very effectively suppressed in this way.

The chip itself, as any other device or substance, be it an implant or an artificial heart, is not able to affect directly the human soul in a negative way.

Moreover, such a chip should not be associated with some mythical seal of antichrist.

In this connection it would be more correct to draw a parallel between serving the antichrist and serving the mammon, which people have already been successfully doing for many centuries.

And what is connected to the subject of chipization opens up the most effective opportunities to deprive man of freedom of choice completely.

But there is one extraordinary life-defining circumstance, from which during this period of time the fate of all mankind begins to be directly decided.

The full-fledged spiritual development unequivocally implies the presence of a definite favourable degree of freedom of choice, which is difficult to be provided in the conditions of a totalitarian system.

Now, the scientific and technological development and the complete absence of correct guidelines in perceiving the true spiritual values, have created a very attractive temptation to establish at last a very convenient interaction in the totalitarian society, the way in which a certain group of spiritually immature individuals is capable of seeing this.

After all, somebody has decided, that such a situation will be convenient, being at that absolutely unaware of those values, solely on which depends the possibility of man to become a Man!

So, if with the help of some electronic influence people will be deprived of freedom of choice to such extent, that the favourable for continuing the normal spiritual development range of manifestation of freedom of choice can be lost, then the very necessity of continuing the life of mankind can completely loose its meaning.

Mankind has come close to the final milestone and has openly begun to challenge what is Predetermined by the Heavenly Father!

Everything has its price!

Time to scatter stones, and time to collect them!

The fate of the existing habitual system can only be one  –  destruction!

Time has come to begin to reconsider on a large scale the values of spiritual development!

Everything necessary for such a reconsideration is already available!

To continue to develop normally on Earth will be able only one People, which is able to realize, that only peace-making Uniform Humanity has the right to represent planet Earth, and not belligerent egoistic representatives of various nationalities!

The Heavenly Father is One and His children are one whole!